Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

January 9, 2016


Media - “MSNBC has been mocked for years, and it has become an object of pity.  At this point, its boilerplate liberalism, ham-handed racial pandering and endless water-carrying for Obama have become passé, even for liberals.  It’s like the VHS of cable news, insisting that there’s nothing wrong with its format while everyone else is moving on.”

Politics – The best ways to pretend to be President without actually doing anything are to issue executive orders and travel, because neither requires dealing with anyone who doesn’t work for you, and everyone will be courteous but no expectation of any tangible result.

Politics – Obama blames his failing policies on poor messaging, going back to 2010, not realizing that the American people have finally woken up to the fact he is the problem!

Politics – Single party, centrally controlled communism, which murdered 100 million people and enslaved man times more, is the political ideal that progressives strive to achieve.

Politics – Leftwing billionaire George Soros claims that the West cannot win the Global War on Terror, so he blames the victim’s “hysterical anti-muslim reaction to terrorism” for helping jihadists groups recruit more fighters to their cause.

Politics – Republicans used the budget reconciliation process to pass the ObamaCare repeal and Planned Parenthood defunding bills for Obama’s signature.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: Oregon wildlife refuge occupation and China expansion of territorial waters in South China Sea.

Politics – I find it strange that Hillary Clinton blamed a video no one saw for the Benghazi attack, and now blames Donald Trump for an ISIS recruiting video that no one saw. 

Politics – Virginia’s Governor McDonnell was convicted of quid pro quo corruption no worse than the Clinton Foundation facilitated for Hillary Clinton while she was Secretary of State.

Politics – Donald Trump has declared war on political correctness, and seems to be winning the war, which is a war that could not be won soon enough!

Politics – When you listen to what Donald Trump has said on the issues, he can best be characterized as a populist RINO, with positions closer to Democrats than conservatives.

Politics – Marco Rubio, the young Senator from Florida, is now the establishment candidate of choice controllable by the Republican elite.

Demographics – American families are leaving large cities for the suburbs and smaller cities, based on housing affordability, income growth, commute times, and middle-income jobs. 

Media – I can’t wait for the first primaries, so we can have real quantifiable data vs. the partisan push poll results that are manufactured to convince voters what to think.

Media – The “media narrative” is that Hillary Clinton is a lock for President in 2016, because Donald Trump is a buffoon, Marco Rubio is a weak candidate, and nobody likes Ted Cruz,; but fortunately the reality is that Hillary Clinton is a flawed, dishonest, corrupt politician with no chance to win and a true conservative like Ted Cruz will win in a landslide.

Environment - “Al Gore had a banner year this year, but he said we had ten years left to save the planet. January 25th is D-Day for his prediction and… well, nothing of significance has changed since then. Even Al Gore hasn’t changed because he’s still making tons of money hawking global warming silliness.”

Housing – The White House rolled out HomeReady: a low-income program for first time home buyers with poor credit and little ability to repay (sub-prime mortgage - sound familiar?).

Environment – A review of the four main studies documenting alleged climate “consensus” found that only 1-2% of respondents agreed with the IPCC declaration on global warming.

Environment – The GAO found the EPA broke the law multiple times through several social media campaigns that lobbied for and promoted its own actions on the clean water rules.

Crime – Gun violence is at its worst in the cities that Democrats won in 2012, places like New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, St. Lois, Kansas City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Chicago

Crime – In 2015, contrary to the media narrative of the 965 people killed by police shooting, only 90 were unarmed and only 40% of those were black, each a tragedy, but no epidemic!

Gun Control – Obama admitted that his latest gun control proposals will do nothing to prevent a single gun crime nor would they have prevented any crime in the past.

Education – Flawed No Child Left Behind is being replaced by the flawed Ensuring Student Success to rewrite federal micromanagement of education at state, local, and school level.

Religion – Muslims are faking anti-Muslim hate crimes across the country to prop up the fiction that Muslims are victimized (Islamophobia) in the United States.

Foreign Policy - “Like his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry has been habitually ineffective as Secretary of State.  But even Hillary Clinton didn’t respond to a terrorist attack in Paris by taking James Taylor there to sing ‘You’ve Got a Friend’.”

GWOT – Saudi Arabia outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and Egypt has cracked down on them, while American leadership (Obama and Clinton) both have advisors with MB ties.

GWOT – Guantanamo is a Prisoner-of-War camp for incarceration of combatants in the Global War on Terror, not a United States federal prison for criminals.

Middle East – Saudi Arabia and Iran have escalated tensions in their Sunni-Shiite conflict and it is not in United States national interests to take a side in this regional, religious conflict.

Europe – German press cover-up of Islamic men assaulting and raping German women sounds like American press cover-up of black mob violence and rape in American cities.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY