Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

January 14, 2017


Change – “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek..” Barack Obama.

Politics – Barack Obama’s farewell speech showed himself as a “legend in his own mind” as he spun his disastrous record: underachieving economy, increased racial discord, discredited complicit media, and a weak and disrespected reputation abroad.

Politics – President Obama, despite a supposedly full docket, managed to squeeze in more than 300 rounds of golf, take 217 days of vacation, and attend more than 450 fundraisers.

Politics - President Obama awarded Vice President Joe Biden his own “participation trophy, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in America. .

Politics – The Libertarian Party received only 3% of the votes because their platform and candidates did not resonate, even in an election of both candidates have high negatives.

Politics – Russians have influenced U.S. elections for decades, described in The Naked Communist” by W. Cleon Skousen and read into the Congressional Record in 1963.

Politics – Obama is punishing Russia for trying to influence the U.S elections, despite Democrats sending people and funding in attempts to influence the Israeli elections.

Politics – Hillary Clinton’s failed Presidential run cost $1.2 billion, including all spending by the campaigns, PACs, and party committees, which was roughly twice what Trump spent.

Politics – Democrats now have someone less qualified for political office than Chelsea Clinton, and that is Michelle Obama with no relevant work experience, no personal achievements, and no independent ideas of her own… at least she is angry!”

Politics – One of the first things Trump is pursuing is the return of the bust of Winston Churchill that Obama removed from the White House, so the return will be evidence of his restoration.

Media – It is a sad state of affairs when the only way to get the complete truth is from WikiLeaks, since politicians routinely lie, tell at most half truths, and never admit wrongdoings.

Media – Trump doesn’t receive any professional respect from the mainstream media, so it would only be fair that he give them all the respect (or lack thereof) they deserve.

Media - Most American news institutions as "mainstream” are no longer nonpartisan and no longer deliver the “news”, so instead they should be termed: Ministry of Propaganda (MoP).

Media – Now CNN and BuzzFeed are revealed as purveyors of fake news, why not banish them from press conferences or at least place them in the rear with other second-teamers?

Change –That's the good thing about being president, I can do whatever I want.” Barack Obama.

Economy – Historically, the deeper a recession, the more robust the recovery, but the economy’s rebound under Obama was the worst in seven decades, a feeble 2.1%.

Jobs – According to the BLS, a record 95.1 million Americans were not in the labor force at the same time that the labor force participation rate increased to 62.7%.

Healthcare – ObamaCare did not exist prior to 2009, it is needless government oversight based on lies, so why “replace it when we can return to pre-2009 free market healthcare?

Healthcare – The same people who predicted Britain would collapse after Brexit and Hillary Clinton would win a landslide victory, are predicting doomsday after repealing ObamaCare.

Elections – There is no known impact on election results from Russian hacking, and the only impact was positive removing the veil of secrecy from Democrat legal obstructionists.

Elections – The Department of Homeland Security has declared state election systems “critical infrastructure giving DHS control over local, state, and national elections in the U.S.

Environment – The U.S. government spent some $11.6 billion in 2014 on climate change research, technology, international assistance, and adaptation according to the GAO..

Education – Grade inflation” is universal, from kindergarten through college, and is the most visible symbol of defining education down but is revealed when compared to other nations.

Education – Twenty-five years after Minnesota passed the nation's first charter school law in 1991, nearly 7,000 of these independently operated public schools of choice exist in forty-three states and the District of Columbia, enrolling nearly three million students.

Civil Rights – At every opportunity to quash racial division, Obama's rhetoric instead amplified it, peddling the notion that America is a deeply racist, unjust vessel of oppression. 

Crime - The FBI reported that the total number of homicides in 2015 was 15,696, with blacks being 52% of homicide victims and over 90% of the time, the perpetrator was another black.

Religion – “It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaeda. We will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust.” Barack Obama.

Trade - The U.S. enjoys a manufacturing trade surplus with Free Trade Agreement partners, while about 60% of imports are for intermediate goods that lower costs for U.S producers.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY