Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

January 17, 2015


Terrorism - The purpose of terrorism lies not just in the violent act itself. It is in producing terror. It sets out to inflame, to divide, to produce consequences which they then use to justify further terror. Tony Blair.

Politics - I wish a Republican would lead the effort to debunk and “drive a stake through the heart” of the liberal junk science based climate change hoax disguised wealth redistribution!

Politics - No need to fear Presidential vetoes, since passage of multiple bills the American people want that are then vetoed reveals the Democrat Party as the real “Party of No!”

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: government subsidized broadband and Pro-Free Speech (“Kumbaya”) March in Paris.

Politics - George W. Bush’s popularity has experienced a resurgence as the mainstream media cloud of misinformation and deceit has dissipated and the truth has been revealed.

Politics - Conservatives will no longer hold their noses to vote for RINOs which explains the decrease in the number of Republicans and the increase in the number of Independents.

Media - Obama recognizes the impending doom of the mainstream media which explains why he is giving exclusive interviews to YouTube personalities as another marketing channel

Terrorism -In a world of inhumanity, war and terrorism, American citizenship is a very precious possession.” Phyllis Schlafly.

Finance - Republican opposition to Dodd-Frank is simple: key provisions bore little relationship to the actual causes of the financial crisis of 2008 or the government role that caused it.

Debt - The federal debt under Obama has increased from 77.4% of GDP in January 2009 up to 101.3% as of the latest data release in July 2014, for a total increase of 23.9% of GDP.

Jobs - A shocking 31.9% of the unemployed, about 2.8 million, have been out of work for 27 or more weeks, and that figure remained virtually unchanged .

Immigration - Immigration is good with assimilation including adoption of governance and culture, but is cancerous when it creates separate indigenous enclaves within country.

Environment - The EPA is supposed to be about keeping our water clean and our air healthy, but under Obama, the agency has been an instrument of the climate change fanatics.

Education - Since the vast majority of students require remedial classes, Obama’s $60 bilion community college proposal effectively funds two more years of high school education.

Drugs - Teenagers under 17 who use cannabis daily are 60% less likely to complete high school or get a degree than peers who have never taken the drug, and nearly 7 times likelier to attempt suicide and are almost 8 times likelier to use other illicit drugs later in life.

Religion - Every religion believes it is the only true religion, so everyone’s religion is someone else’s blasphemy, but only the Islamic religion justifies condemning blasphemers to death.

Terrorism -Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this. As never before, it is vital to unite forces of the entire world community against terror.” Vladimir Putin.

Defense - Obama’s war with the Islamic State is not being fought to win, but rather not to lose; with no conditions of success or definition of victory to mark the end of the war.

GWOT - The nine countries with the most terrorist attacks in 2013 were, in descending order, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Yemen, Nigeria, and Somalia.

GWOT - The Obama administration has finally awakened to the fact that the Global War on Terror/Islamic jihadists/fascists is a long war with the Middle East as one of many regions.

GWOT - The United States was conspicuous by its absence from the Paris pro-free speech solidarity march, since Obama still refuses to accurately articulate who we are fighting.

GWOT - Just as the Obama administration skipped the Paris solidarity anti-terrorism march, countries can feel free to boycott Obama’s conference on “violent extremism” as ill-defined.

GWOT - The Guantanamo prison is a rational, moral, and perfectly legal institution to deal with foreign “illegal enemy belligerents,” not prisoners of war captured on the battlefield.

GWOT - Obama is anxious to fulfill his political pledge to close Guantanamo prison which will also mark his final surrender in the Global War on Terror.

Military - Morale in the military is swiftly sinking, with troops losing both a sense of mission and their faith in superiors, political leaders, and the nation with approval of the President at 15%.

Israel - Palestinian “right of return” is just a demographic strategy to overwhelm and eliminate the Jewish State in the Middle East, which has been the goal all along.

Iran - Despite a lack of any progress, Obama still advocates the use of diplomatic rhetoric to convince Iran that it’s not in their best interests to pursue nuclear power.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY