Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

February 3, 2018


Immigration – “The first consideration in immigration is the welfare of the receiving nation.”  Thomas Jefferson.

Politics – A true American nationalism is grounded in our common citizenship, champions popular sovereignty, and exalts in our unique history, culture and ideals.

Politics – Democrats have evolved into a radicalized, leftist party, embracing the kind of burn-it-down tactics that repel many independent, educated, and suburban voters.

Politics – Trump’s State of the Union address showed the change of tone from a “ruling elite to a “nationalist leader;instead of saying “I” 96 times in a 72-minute speech, he chose to use “We” 29 times in an 80-minite speech,

Politics – The only crime that the Russia election investigation uncovered was the Democrat deep state conspiring to manipulate the election, but it is being dismissed as “conspiracies.”

Politics –Trump’s criticisms of the FBI were vindicated: His campaign was wire-tapped; FBI agents were plotting against him; Obama’s FBI director was leaking to the press; the FBI was collaborating with Hillary’s opposition researchers; the FBI exoneration of Hillary was rigged.

Politics – The confirmation of FBI and DOJ partisan machinations has confirmed the “deep state” and “ruling elite” hypothesis of permanent apparatchiks driven by political winds.

Politics – Trump has called for a renewed investigation of Hillary’s email debacle; a renewed investigation of the money-laundering by the Clinton Foundation; a renewed investigation into the Uranium One deal between Hillary’s State Department and Russia as classic Clinton pay-for-play, but all are being slow walked by the Deep State in the DOJ and the FBI.

Politics – Isn’t it time yet for the quadrennial Hillary Clinton “listening tour” as she assembles photo ops for her pre-packaged leftist platform to buy low information voters support?

Politics – Democrats were exposed at the State of the Union as sullen, ngry, partisan, anti-American sore-losers who still haven’t recovered from their 2016 election loss of power!

Media – The Democrat Media Industrial Complex (DMIA), particularly newspapers and cable television news networks, do not represent mainstream America’s values and culture.

Media – Trump’s State of the Union address earned a 75% approval rating in a CBS News poll, while CNN saw an alternative reality as they termed the speech “scary” and “terrifying.”

Media – Boycott the mainstream media: stop watching ABC, CBS, NBC Network News: stop watching CNN and MSNBC; cancel subscriptions to New York Times and Washington Post.

Immigration – “The separation of church and state, although a fundamental principle to which I fully subscribe, was never intended in my view to separate public morality from public policy." George Washington.

Wages – Wages are beginning to rise as companies boost pay for their workers in order to attract and keep productive, skilled employees in a tighter labor market.

Labor – In 22 states today, public employees can be fired for refusing to pay dues or “agency fees” to a union, despite disagreeing with the politically active union leadership.

Immigration – Historically, Immigrants came here for an opportunity where they prospered, worked, or starved, but today’s immigrants come and able to live off taxpaying Americans,

Immigration – A better way to finance the building of the border wall may be to crowd-source it, setting up a non-profit to escrow funds as tax-deductible contributions.

Family – More American women are now choosing to have children with 86% of U.S. women having kids, a 7.5% rise since 2006, and bearing more children with a fertility rate rising to 2.07.

Feminism – The so-called Women’s March excluded a large contingent of women, who dared to think differently from liberal ladies, since abortion support was a litmus test.

Feminism – Feminism is failing women worldwide, blind to the debilitating effects of face veils, child marriages, forced marriage, polygamy and female genital mutilation.

Feminism – Many men, the good ones, are eager to fight sexual abuse, but unwilling to lose their jobs over unfounded and minor accusations, especially from a hazy past.

Sexuality – According to the Gallup organization, the public estimates that 23% of Americans are homosexuals but the actual figure is less than 3.8%, a tiny but vocal minority.

Immigration – “Our immigration policy is focused in four areas: First, strengthening border control; second, protecting American jobs by enforcing laws against illegal immigrants at the workplace; third, deporting criminal and deportable aliens; fourth, giving assistance to states who need it, and denying illegal aliens benefits for public services or welfare.” Bill Clinton.

GWOT – The State Department announced that two Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood terror wings, Hasm and Liwa al-Thawra, have been officially designated as terror groups.

Middle East – Jordon and Israel were created in 1922 in the Palestine Mandate, so replacing the PLO with Jordan as the representative of “Palestinians” is long overdue.

Iran – Iran is an Islamic theocracy that despite an oil rich economy, they have mismanaged their economy condemning 40 million to poverty and 12-60% unemployment in some areas.



David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY