Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

February 11, 2017


Elections – “If God had wanted us to vote, He would have given us candidates.” Jay Leno.

Politics - Conservatives, who believe we should sit back and let the left be embarrassed by their own actions, are naïve and suffer from wishful thinking to believe with each protest, riot and absurd comment, conservatives will look better while liberals implode.

Politics – Progressive Groundhog Day has Sen. Chris Murphy emerging from his liberal Bizarro-land to proclaim two more months of anti-Trump anarchy with more protests and riots.

Politics – It is interesting that the Left is using 1984 as a warning of dangers of Trump, but it was written as a warning against socialism, whose inner dynamic tends towards totalitarianism.

Politics – The last time Democrats were this upset about an election was Abraham Lincoln, and now California wants to repeat history like a South Carolina succession mistake.

Politics – Democrat confirmation resistance is futile, as Democrats have been unable to stop any but bragging about confirmation “slow walking” as a triumph… politically pretty lame!

Politics - During the presidential campaign, many brainless Hollywood stars were so upset at Donald Trump that they promised to leave the country if he won, so why are they still here?  I am sure Cuba, Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Yemen would welcome their emigration.

Politics – Democrat strategists are doubling down on the anti-white racism and identity politics that marked the past eight years of Obama race-baiting and guilt-tripping.

Politics – Democrats claim to be pro-choice, but legislate everything to remove choice: free speech, God, bathrooms, salt, soda sizes, cigarettes coal, guns, car size, and school choices.

Politics – Many Democrats/liberals/progressives seem to have a tenuous grip on reality, seeing conspiracies where none exist and projecting grievous thoughts onto any opponents.

Politics – The perfect punishment for tone deaf Democrats is to make the same mistakes again and expect different results pushing a Chelsea Clinton election, even less qualified.

Media – Two weeks into his Presidency, the media narrative is that Trump is disliked and getting worse, but removing the inherent bias reveals a President whose popularity is growing quickly as he delivers on the promises he made during his election campaign.

Media – The negative media narrative is that Trump can’t handle criticism, but the positive reality is that he refuses to accept inaccurate reporting or let partisan lies go unchallenged.

Media – Virtually all the protests are nothing more than organized spontaneity to garner media coverage such as the “instantaneous” demonstrations at airports when Trump announced his temporary suspension of refugee immigration from seven Islamic nations.

Education – You know there is a problem with the education system when you realize that out of the 3 R’s only one actually begins with R.” Dennis Miller.

Finance – The Fed tried to solve the debt crisis by creating more debt (QE) which suppresses the signals that financial markets send about excesses and scarcities, risks and rewards.

Finance – The government is unwilling to nationalize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac because it is unwilling to admit the mortgage market is already dependent on government support.

Healthcare – Republicans promised for seven years to remove the metastasizing malignancy that is ObamaCare, and anything less would be a huge betrayal of trust.

Judiciary – It might be time to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, since eight of ten cases are overruled and it has one of the highest reversal rates of the 13 appellate courts.

Immigration – Refugees who want to move to the U.S. to pursue the American Dream are welcome, but refugees who come to recreate the country they left need not apply!

Immigration – A UC Berkeley poll found 74% of Californians wished the state would end “sanctuary” practices: 82% of Republicans, 74% of Democrats, and 65% of Hispanics!

Environment – As the underlying assumptions are disproven one by one, environmentalism has morphed into “sustainable development” as the latest strategy to assume global control.

Environment – Climate change is a “hoax” based on “fake science,” inaccurate computer models treating carbon dioxide as a “pollutant” and imposing a carbon tax that is “all cost and no benefit” and is basely just another example of government redistribution of wealth.

Entitlements – The only way to reduce the long-term debt is to reform entitlements, since Medicare and Social Security are the main drivers of the debt, but it was taken off the table.

Elections – Voter fraud long has been an ugly element of American politics, and it has been almost exclusively the dominion of Democrats, from Tammany Hall to ACORN.

Education – Since the Department of education was created in 1970, there is little correlation between money and quality of education, as reading scores have remained flat.

Crime – Within the American Left is an active element that is not only deeply illiberal, but also openly violent, because historically there is a failure of will to prosecute to full extent of law.

Abortion – Planned Parenthood advertises prenatal care, but verification found they did not offer prenatal care so it was now been removed from their web site and literature.

Intelligence – “It’s a scientific fact that if you stay in California, you lose one point of your IQ each year.” Truman Capote.

Trade - Trade deficits are just symptoms of poorly negotiated Free Trade Agreements and tariffs and “border adjusted taxes” are just bandaids covering underlying problems.

Trade – Trump should craft an Anglo-Alliance Free Trade Agreement between the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, and Australia to cement relations among English-speaking democracies.

GWOT – Islam is a religion of submission rewarding conquered people with the choice of conversion, submission, or death and punishing those leaving Islam with death.

Israel – The Trump administration is shunning the PLO, a marked departure from the policies of its predecessor, since they are viewed as irrelevant since they refuse to negotiate.

GWOT - Kuwait has had a “ban” in place since 2011 to stop visa issuances to citizens of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and Afghanistan to protect the country from national security threats. 

Europe – First Britain, then the U.S., and now other European common sense conservatives are revolting, by ordinary people for their ordinary freedoms with no liberal media support.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY