Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

February 20, 2016


Leadership -I can never consent to being dictated to.” John Tyler.

Politics – Just because some judge or court rules something legal only means that I must tolerate this behavior, but does not mean I agree with it and no guarantee that I support it.

Politics – The Republican Party main claim to fame over the last seven years is blocking many more intrusive, over-reaching, unconstitutional laws from being enacted by Barack Obama.

Politics – The TEA Party movement represents American, both Republican and Democrat, dissatisfaction with overbearing federal government and uncontrolled spending.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: Supreme Court Justice nomination process and North Korea saber rattling as economy implodes.

Politics – Bill, Hillary and Chelsea’s Clinton Foundation raises billions from corporations and foreign governments for one of the least effective charitable organizations (money laundry).

Politics – Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump are burning down their respective political homes of convenience, and the party identification has sunk to all-times lows (D-29%, R-26%).

Politics – The fact that Hillary Clinton is the Democrat Party establishment elite candidate is proven by her super-delegate lead 362-8 before the state primary elections even began.

Politics – Donald Trump has embraced the Democrat Talking Points that George W. Bush caused the 9/11 attack and lied to go into Iraq are both factually incorrect and partisan.

Politics – Choosing Donald Trump as the Republican candidate would be a mistake, since he lacks the character to be a trustworthy President and convictions to be a conservative one.

Politics – If voters chose just one conservative candidate (Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio), would Donald Trump quickly fall to second or third place in the Republican primary race?

Wealth -Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.” John Tyler.

Finance – The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 to maintain a stable banking system and supporting sound money, but instead the dollar has lost more than 90% of its value.

Finance – Six years of Qualitative Easing (QE) has failed to arrest deflation, and this policy intervention and financial repression” has saddled us with weak economic growth.

Employment – West Virginia, a coal mining state that traditionally been heavily unionized, has become the 26th state in America to pass a right-to-work law.

Environment – Since the Supreme Court approved a stay on EPA regulations referring to the Clean Power Plan, each state can now stop all ongoing implementation activities.

Judiciary – The Republican Party should assemble a list of the top dozen leading candidates for Supreme Court Justice and offer to Obama as acceptable conservative originalists.

Foreign Policy -So far as it depends on the course of this government, our relations of good will and friendship will be sedulously cultivated with all nations.John Tyler.

Military – The need for Selective Service conscription has outlived its usefulness and the system is obsolete and unenforceable, so it should be abolished.

GWOT – The Global War on Terror was created to defeat Islamic jihadists and focusing on al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Taliban, Boko Haram, or any other group is a “whack-a-mole” distraction.

GWOT – Another Muslim, screaming “Allahu akbar” attacking innocent civilians in Ohio is again being considered a “random attack” as opposed to another Islamic terrorism attack.

Syria The new Syrian “truce” deal, as negotiated by John Kerry, does not include Russian air forces in it, so the most devastating part of the fight will continue uninterrupted.

Iraq - The Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002, passed by majorities of both parties in both Houses, began with a series of 23 “Whereas” clauses justifying the war: 12 refer to UN resolutions violated by Saddam Hussein; 10 refer to the elimination of chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons or weapons development programs; 10 refer to support for international terrorism or harboring terrorist organizations; and 5 refer to the need for freeing the Iraqi people from a brutal regime – and all objectives were achieved during the course of this conflict.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY