Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

February 27, 2016


Leadership -I can never consent to being dictated to.” John Tyler.

Politics – The big take-away from the primaries is that Republican turnout was huge, angry and anxious to “throw the bums out,” but the choice appears to be between an aging socialist who bought her super-delegates to sew up her nomination before the race began, vs. a blustering populist masquerading as a “Republican,“ thus squandering the opportunity for the GOP to breathe life back into the Party’s conservative and TEA Party base.

Politics – Democrats exhibit a strange affliction, ideological necrophilia, as progressives try to resurrect dead ideology programs from the past… perhaps “regressive” is more appropriate.

Politics – Democrat voter appeal is based on fear, paranoia, and identifying an enemy that only the politician can defeat, and promising to rescue them and all it costs is their vote.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: Zika infections found in the U.S. and plan to close Guantanamo down.

Politics – The economy is the central issue of this election, as growth was only .7% in the last quarter, millions of Americans out of the workforce, and consumer confidence plummets.

Politics – Considering the age of the Supreme Court Justices, this election is about two branches of government: the executive and the judicial (at least two new Justices).

Politics – It is time for Ben Carson and John Kasich to drop out of the Presidential race and let the three major Republican candidates sort out their differences head to head.

Politics – As more and more Republican candidates drop out of the Presidential race, their supporters will go to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio erasing Donald Trump’s initial advantage.  

Politics – RINO: Centrally managed finance industry, centrally controlled education industry, single payer healthcare system, eminent domain use for businesses, international tariffs, pro Planned Parenthood, assault weapons ban, politician influence buying Donald Trump.

Politics – Donald Trump needs GOP voters to make the same mistake that Democrats made with Obama, accepting his vacuous promises and attaching their own hopes and beliefs, and then will be disappointed when his real agenda does not deliver their personal dreams.

Wealth -Wealth can only be accumulated by the earnings of industry and the savings of frugality.” John Tyler.

Economics – Economics is complex and calls itself a science, but its inexact nature and inability to forecast behavior marks it as more of an art than a (“dismal”) science.

Economy – The BEA reports that real GDP grew by less than 3% in each of the 10 years from 2006 to 2015 for the first time since 1930 that the U.S. went 10 years without 3% growth.

Finance – Democrats proposes to do away with the hundred dollar bill, for no good reason and for no real benefit, with a goal of eventually doing away with cash altogether.

Finance – The biggest banks are still “too big to fail” and continue to pose a significant, ongoing risk to our economy, begging the question are they “too big to exist”?

Jobs – The current 5% unemployment rate is distorted by the massive wave of departures from the workforce and the 94 million Americans out of the workforce.

Jobs – Seattle’s experiment with $15 minimum wage an hour caused: city enrollment to fall, number of unemployed workers rose, and city’s jobless rate increased by more than 1%.

Taxes – Democrats are surprised when corporations seek to minimize taxes paid they abandon the U.S. that has one of the highest business income taxes rates.

Energy – Electricity prices have gone up, while the costs of coal and natural gas – the two major fuel inputs to electric production – have gone down due to government interference.

Environment – The theory of how climate changes and the associated impact of greenhouse gases, is not understood well enough to even reproduce the past climate, much less forecast future climates as the basis for government actions.

Environment – Climate computer models said that warming would continue, but much of the data turned out to be wrong or falsified, causing 95% of these climate models to “fail miserably,” with the global climate proving too complex for computer simulation.

Crime - Cities with the largest homicide surges were predicted by the Ferguson effect: high black populations, low white populations, and high preexisting rates of violent crime.

Civil Rights – Black Lives Matter is not merely a political movement, but a Marxist, anti-American, revolutionary cult whose members have declared “war” on law enforcement.

Abortion - Ten states, Wisconsin and Ohio being the most recent, have taken action over the past several months to cut taxpayer dollars from Planned Parenthood.

Foreign Policy -So far as it depends on the course of this government, our relations of good will and friendship will be sedulously cultivated with all nations.John Tyler.

Foreign Policy – It is a shame that President Obama reserves his toughness for domestic rivals and resorts only to incentives, concessions and appeasement when dealing with enemies.

Defense - CIA Director Brennan is willing to sacrifice security for diversity as he implements affirmative action quotas for hiring and promotions over competence and achievement.

GWOT – Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates have all banned the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), so why does the U.S. support it and hire MB advisors at the highest levels?

GWOT – Closing Prisoner-of-War camps only happens when wars end, but Islamic jihadists are still at war with us and continuing to spread their 7th century ideology through terrorism.

Syria – Syria is the intersection of Assad’s sectarian protectionism, ISIL’s caliphate expansionism, and Putin’s territorial influence building, costing 470,000 dead so far.

Middle East – Carving up the Middle East into religion based countries such as Sunni-stan, Shia-stan, secular Kurd-istan, secular Druze-stan, and Christian Alawite-stan might defuse the bloody civil wars but carve up Syria and Iraq (among others) into unrecognizable entities.

Europe – Watch for the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union in a June referendum, not wanting to submit to this unmanageable supranational bureaucracy.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY