Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

March 3, 2018


Politics – “Conservatives spend an inordinate amount of time trying to explain what they really want to do to the general public while liberals spend an inordinate amount of time trying to hide what they really want to do from the general public.”

Politics – According to Pew Research, only 3% of Americans say they trust that the government will do the right thing “all the time.”  

Politics - Voters rejected Obama’s radical vision of a “fundamentally transformed” America which was a disaster for the Democrats, and the price of this extremism was the loss of a record number of seats at the federal, state, and local level.

Politics – The racial politics of the Left is part of a larger spectrum of “identity politics,” which has been embraced by the Democrat Party and is better understood as “cultural Marxism.”

Politics – Corporations have resorted to “virtue signalingaligning with political positions, but has unintended consequences alienating half their customers, as the NFL and NBC learned.

Politics – The latest Russia collusion probe revelation, the Nunes memo, proves that the Clinton campaign colluded with the Russian since 2014 to influence the presidential election.

Politics – It is time to unleash the Justice Department Inspector General to investigate illegal acts in the FBI, including but not limited to Mueller’s witch hunt investigation abuses.

Politics – In 2016, Democrats thought the nation needed a female president, even if she was flawed and polarizing, and now Democrats are poised to make the same mistake in 2020 by pushing  Elizabeth Warren, Kamela Harris, or Kirsten Gillibrand each weak and ill-prepared in their own wayor possibly long-shots like: Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson, or Mark Cuban.

Media – A Gallup-Knight survey found fewer than half of all Americans could think of a news source that “reports the news objectively,” rating their belief in the news at an abysmal 37%.

Government – “Every time the government “fixes” a problem, a new problem is created by that “fix.” That leads to new calls for the government to “fix” the problems it created by the last “fix.” After this process is repeated a few times, you end up with massive, intractable problems caused by government interference while most of the public has no idea that government interference in the marketplace is at the root of the issue."

Economy – The federal government has $23.9 trillion in liabilities includes $7.7 trillion in veterans benefits and retirement benefits earned by civilian employees, another $200 trillion from various guarantees, including commitment to backstop private pension plans.

Finance – Qualitative Easing (QE) was not successful producing real money growth, because the preponderance of QE funds ended up as “excess reserves” in the banking system.

Transportation – Tesla, which has failed to turn a profit despite average vehicle-transaction prices of $100,000, has made money only by selling carbon credits to companies that can’t meet government mandated Electric Vehicles sales mandates.

Infrastructure – Over 98% of U.S. streets and highways are owned by state and local governments and the federal government has no role to build or maintain this infrastructure.

Information – YouTube, which is owned by Google, is using the Southern Poverty Law Center, a left-wing activist nonprofit to assist in policing content on its video-sharing website.

Elections – It is ironic that the politicized Pennsylvania Supreme Court is replacing Republican gerrymandered election districts with electoral maps redrawn to favor Democrats as their solution to the partisan gerrymandering problem.

Welfare – Universal basic income” proposals fail because they direct resources to people which increases dependency, and is a work disincentive for this truly needy population.

Education – The soft bigotry of low expectations is producing a crop of young people who are functionally illiterate, historically ignorant, and frighteningly incoherent.

Feminism - Feminism is really a kind of status envy, which tries to compensate for the deep loss of value mankind has suffered since the decline of religion, the family, culture, and work.

Feminism – The term “feminism” has been hijacked by anti-male, pro-abortion extremists who use this litmus test to exclude women who disagree with the entire political agenda.

Crime – The Treatment Advocacy Center found that untreated mentally ill are responsible for 10% of homicides, 20% of jail and prison inmates, and more than 30% of the homeless.

Crime – Unfortunately we find that the Parkland school murders were preventable since law enforcement had multiple opportunities to intervene before and during the actual attack.

Crime – Two-thirds of the racist mass shootings in the past 5 years were carried out by murderers with ties to the Nations of Islam, a racist hate group that had connections inside the White House, whose leader had met with members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Economy – “The more capitalistic a nation is, the richer it becomes.  The more socialistic a nation is, the poorer it becomes.”

GWOT – There is no country where Muslims reside that is in peace with Islam, since it is not a religion, but a political ideology which incites hate, violence, intolerance, and terror.

Military – Defense Secretary Mattis is putting military readiness first implementing a new policy that if a service member has been non-deployable for the past 12 months or more, they’ll be removed from the military, except for those wounded to be handled as a special category.

Israel – Mahmoud Abbas, 82, is now in the thirteenth year of his four-year term as president of the Palestinian Authority (P.A.) asserted that the United States is not an honest broker on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but contradicts himself and his own commitments.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY