Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

March 7, 2015


Government - Washington, or as I like to call it, 68 miles surrounded by reality.” Scott Walker at CPAC.

Politics – If someone were writing a book about America at this point in time, it would be titled "The Decline and Fall of Barack Obama's Presidency." Donald Lambro.

Politics – The Democrats have unwittingly created a new political tool, boycotting speeches (SOTUs?), that Republicans can use to express displeasure and disagreement.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: Justice Department report on Ferguson and attendance at Netanyahu speech to Congress.

PoliticsThe Department of Justice shut down an attempt to force the IRS to search for Lois Lerner’s missing emails at off-site facilities, revealing them complicit in the political cover-up.

Politics If being a female is reason enough to elect a President like Hillary Clinton, then Sarah Palin would be a better President since she was a better mother with more children.

Politics Hillary Clinton is not a very appealing candidate, offering neither charisma nor a compelling message, with no actual accomplishments to demonstrate any competence.

Scandals Hillary Clinton has been caught using a personal email account as Secretary of State which enabled her to shield her communications and coverup her Benghazi role.

PoliticsScott Walker is the runaway Republican favorite for President with executive experience and success, complemented by Ted Cruz as VP for deep conservative principles.

PoliticsIf Republicans were truly for limited government, their campaign promises would include plans for closing down entire Cabinet Departments and runaway federal agencies.

Media – Hopefully Scott Walker taught Republicans not to fear the MSM, because they are going to trash them no matter what the GOP does, so focus on pleasing their supporters.

Independence -You see, here in America there’s a reason we celebrate the 4th of July and not April 15th because in America we celebrate our independence from the government, not our dependence on it.” Scott Walker at CPAC.

Economy - The 2014 GDP growth was revised down to 2.4% (4Q was 2.2%) making this the longest and slowest recovery since the 1930s.


November 2008

February 2015


Annual Federal Spending




Total National Debt




Living in Poverty (000)




Food Stamp Participation (000)




Disabled – SSI (000)




Labor Force Participation Rate




Not in Labor Force (000)




Employment Population Ratio




Unemployed (000)




Unemployed - 27+ wks (000)




Average Weeks Unemployed




FinanceSub-prime auto loans are the next financial product to fail as auto loans were aggressively marketed to low income communities where defaults are already rising.

Debt – Moody’s Investors Service downgraded Chicago’s credit rating to Baa2, just two steps above junk and a warning the rating could fall further, will cost the city about $58 million.

TaxesEstate tax is less than .5% of tax revenues but impacts the middle class almost exclusively redistributing a lifetime of wealth creation to fund big government spending.

HealthcareState exchanges will spend over $1 trillion in the next ten years to mask the true cost of healthcare with individual subsidies, hiding the total cost of ObamaCare.

Internet – The FCC announced their power grab to regulate the internet like a government monopoly utility to replace their failed attempts to enforce net neutrality.

EnergyThe one who benefits the most from the Keystone Pipeline veto is Warren Buffet, one of Obama’s biggest supporters and donors.  who provides the railcars to transport the oil.

Education – Parents must express their displeasure with education tyranny and propaganda by refusing to have their children take the Common Core tests, which today are optional.

Education – Once a college education was an aspiration, but now it is a punchline due to left leaning indoctrination graduating loan-loaded future baristas with worthless degrees.

Immigration -We are not a nation of immigrants. We are a nation of citizens. I am sick and tired of the American citizen being demeaned and treated as a second-class citizen while anybody who crosses the border is treated as the most virtuous human being on the face of the earth.” Mark Levin at CPAC.

Foreign Policy The State Department must exercise the “power of the purse” increasing aid based on actions in our national interest, and decreasing based on negative actions.

Foreign Trade – The Trans-Pacific Partnership is doomed since it corrupts the agreement using the power of trade to raise the trade barriers for labor and environmental protections.

Defense – National defense must be funded based on threat-based-assessments, not budget-driven-strategies with long procurement acquisitions protected from tactical cuts.

GWOT – Islam had zero impact on America’s founding, aside from declaring war against the new country before the country had even convened its Constitutional Convention in 1787.

GWOT - “Iran and ISIS are competing for the crown of militant Islam. One calls itself the Islamic Republic. The other calls itself the Islamic State. Both want to impose a militant Islamic empire first on the region and then on the entire world. They just disagree among themselves who will be the ruler of that empire.”  Benjamin Netanyahu.

GWOT – The Islamic State is burning books, destroying churches, destroying artwork, and purging the historical record of inconvenient facts that don’t support their fascist narrative. 

Israel – Just as Hitler laid out in Mein Kampf prior to coming to power his plans to annihilate the Jews, the Islamic Mullahs have made perfectly clear their intentions to eradicate Israel.
Israel - The far left has been anti-Israel for decades, and
hostility to the Jewish state is increasingly becoming a mainstream sentiment within the Democrat Party.

David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY