Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

March 14, 2015


Fascism - Fascism was really the basis for the New Deal. It was Mussolini's success in Italy, with his government-directed economy, that led the early New Dealers to say, 'But Mussolini keeps the trains running on time.” Ronald Reagan.

Politics – Gallup found that for the fourth consecutive month more Americans identify the government is the nation’s biggest problem beating out the economy and unemployment.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the sluggish economy and ObamaCare: Hillary Clinton’s lame excuses for her email scandal and the Senate letter to Iran.

Politics Hillary Clinton offered a Trust Me” defense on her missing emails, but her excuses are all bogus: she broke rules, erased “personal” emails, then delivered emails with lapses.

Politics Hillary Clinton is suffering from “early onset Clinton fatigue” as her latest scandals are heaped on top of baggage from the “culture of corruption” from her husband’s term.

PoliticsFox News was the most trusted news: 29% trusted Fox News the most; CNN follows with 22%, CBS News and NBC News are at 10%, ABC News at 8%; and MSNBC at 7%.

Government -No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear.” Ronald Reagan.

EconomyThe economy continues to under-perform vs. historical recoveries because wage growth, long-term unemployment and workforce participation remain unchanged.

Economy Policies that weaken the dollar, like those the U.S. has followed since the early 1960s, may help the economy, and the labor markets in the short-run, but over the longer-run, more research is indicating that these policies can be harmful to economic productivity and consequently economic growth as the economy becomes less competitive.

Deficit – Entitlements will cause spending to surge while deficits will remain stable through 2018, but then will surge after 2025 and the deficits will return to $1 trillion-plus at that time.

Jobs – Nearly 22 million people want a job, or are working part-time and when labor force dropouts are included, the unemployment rate is much worse than reported.

LaborWisconsin has become the 25th right-to-work state, where workers will not have to pay dues to a union they have not joined, or as a condition of employment.

Energy – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations forced more than 72 gigawatts of electrical generating capacity to close, enough capacity to power 44.7 million homes.

EnvironmentAnother government agency, the NOAA, has been caught manipulating the historic temperature data downward to support their fictitious global warming conclusion.

Healthcare – The VA demonstrates systemic problems including long wait-times and out-of-control costs that happen in any government-run, single-payer health care system.

Civil Rights – Obama is stuck in the past, seeing 1950’s conditions disregarding any progress made, thus resurrecting the need for legislation that fixes problems from the last century.

Civil Rights – The Justice Department’s Ferguson Report branded the Police Department as racist based on disparate impact” which incorrectly equates correlation with causation.

Crime Apparently we must wait for the next President to acknowledge the epidemic of black mob violence and black on white crime, since this President is blind to this reality.

Family – A single parent is the new norm: at some point before they turn 18, a majority of all American children will likely live with a single mom and no dad.

Communism -He had a visceral dislike of Communists, but his ability to work with [people] led to the ending of the cold war.” Ronald Reagan.

Foreign Trade – The Obama administration polluted the much needed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement with global special interest trade and environmental requirements.

Defense – Administration environmentalists are using Defense Department mandates to keep renewable energy boondoggles afloat by wasting taxpayer dollars on green pipe dreams.

GWOT – Sharia is ‘God’s sacred law to be obeyed if a Muslim were to end up in heaven, and is also the constitution of the Islamic state implementing the religion on the state.

Iran – Barack Obama is pursuing a non-binding nuclear agreement, but its terms can not be “guaranteed” beyond the President’s current term, yet includes 10 year “commitments.”


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY