Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

March 18, 2017


Media – “If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed, if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.” Mark Twain.

Politics – History will label Obama “The Zero” – zero accomplishments, zero achievements, zero return on America’s eight-year investment in fake hope and change for the worse.

Politics – The root cause of political partisanship is that Congress is populated by lawmakers who feel beholden not to their constituents, but only to their political supporters.

Politics – Trump has flushed the Democrat Party’s agenda into the open, unfiltered by the complicit mainstream media who also are being exposed, the American people don’t like it.

Politics – The collapse of the Democrat claims and insinuations that Donald Trump was improperly connected to the Russian government was due to no evidence of collaboration.

Politics – Democrats pilloried Republicans for shutting down the government when Obama was president, but Democrats now threaten to shut down the government themselves.

Politics – As an early TEA Partier, we tried to stop ObamaCare, then voted each election to repeal ObamaCare, now once again we must chant “Maybe next election...”

Media – Despite hysterical reports packed with drummed-up outrage, vague accusations, anti-factual fact-checking, and "no evidence"-based conclusions, Americans like Trump more than Democrat Party, Republican Party, Congress, the media, or Hillary Clinton.

Taxes – “The only difference between a tax man and a taxidermist is that the taxidermist leaves the skin.” Mark Twain.

Economy – During the Obama years, the economy always underperformed economists’ predictions, while Trump’s early record is the opposite exceeding economic expectations.

Economy – Democrats complain about no instant results, but realistically it will take more than 50 days to reverse the damage “progressives” have done over the last 100 years.

Economy – The Business Roundtable survey of 141 CEOs not only found chief executives more optimistic, based on promise of relief from the anti-business agenda of Obama years.

Finance – Not a question of if, but when, the Federal Reserve raises interest rates and the house of cards collapses, because our economy depends on artificially low interest rates.

Debt – The underlying cause of today’s high debt is not a one-time crisis like a war, but rather a chronic pattern of failure by politicians to control spending growth across many programs.

Budget – President Trump’s budget proposal is based on the principle to meet the simple, but crucial demands of our citizens, a Government must put the needs of its own people first.

Time – The biannual time change was originally implemented to save energy, but studies find that changing clocks has either minuscule or nonexistent effects on energy use.

Jobs – Employed Americans are quitting their jobs, a sign of confidence in the economy, since folks are unlikely to quit a job unless they are confident they can get another one.

Taxes – The federal income tax is based on the premise that all income is subject to definition, taxation, and redistribution by the federal government – REPEAL 16th AMENDMENT!

Healthcare – There is no need to replace ObamaCare since a free market will deliver better solutions and the federal government has no role (10th Amendment) in healthcare market.

Immigration – Critics cite the cost of immigration enforcement as prohibitive, but it is more than offset by the reduction in crime and cost of federal welfare benefits.

Immigration – Of the current 1,000 current Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) terrorism investigations, 300 of them involve foreign refugees.

Energy – The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards were created as a means to conserve gasoline in 1975, but now has been taken over by lousy environmental policy.

Energy – The U.S. provides subsidies to wind and solar power that are 5 times higher than for nuclear power and 20 times higher than fossil fuels, while they are still less than 5% of energy.

Environment – EPA Administrator Pruitt is setting the stage for a long overdue and critical debate about how much of the impact CO2 really has on global warming.

Feminism – The Feminism movement has sold its soul to the leftism movement, abandoning the ideals of equality and self determination for the “sacrament” of abortion.

Education – Men of all races and ethnicities are dropping out of the work force, abusing opiods and falling behind women in both college attendance and graduation rates.

Civil Rights – An Obama legacy is that 42% of Americans say they personally worry a "great deal" about race relations, up 7% from 2016 and a record high in Gallup's 17-year trend. 

Civil Rights – From practical and moral perspectives, the idea of racial reparations is economically impossible, socially destructive, and deadly for race relations in our country.

Government – “Suppose you were an idiot.  And suppose you were a member of government.  But then I repeat myself.” Mark Twain.

Foreign Policy – Peaceful coexistence is possible only if we all leave each other alone, since attempts to unite the world under one set of rules always fail, and are steeped in blood.

GWOT – America’s longest war is the Global War on Islamic fundamentalism which began either with 1984 Beirut bombing, or 1815 Barbary Wars, or 630 explosion of Islam which is based on jihad conquest as the tactic to force conversion or submission to the ideology.

GWOT – Saudia Arabia, Russia, Syria, Bahrain, and the UAE have officially designated the Muslim Brotherhood a foreign terrorist organization (FTO), so the US must learn from others.

GWOT – European nations refuse to report Muslim refugee attacks as related, despite identical profiles, similar criminal results, and shouts of “Allahu Akbar” during the attacks.

North Korea – North Korea’s labor camps have now existed twice as long as the Soviet Gulag and about twelve times longer than the Nazi concentration camps.


David Coughlinc

Hawthorne, NY