Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

March 22, 2014


President – To President Carter, I want to issue a sincere apology. It is no longer fair to say he was the worst President of this country in my lifetime. President Obama has proven me wrong. Bobby Jindal.

Politics – It is time to convene a select committee to investigate Fast and Furious, the Benghazi attack, and the IRS enemies list as criminal activities and subsequent cover-ups.

Politics – As Obama’s second term unfolds, people from both parties owe Sarah Palin an apology as her fears and predictions, both at home and abroad, are proven correct.

Politics – The First Lady or First Family have no role in government, so Barack Obama should reimburse the Treasury for $10 million per year to pay for their personal vacations.

Politics – Hillary Clinton has a campaign money machine and a stable of failed leftist ideas from the past to continue the progressive “transformation of America” into a socialist utopia.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: climate change empty theatrics and conspiracy theories on Malaysia Air flight 370.

Politics – As long as Republicans treat the Tea Party movement as political competitors and not conservative partners, the GOP will continue to under-achieve at the polls.

Politics – After contentious primaries, Tea Partiers will hold their noses and vote for the GOP, but Republicans would rather lose elections than to have to vote for a Tea Party candidate.

Media – It is time for Republicans to boycott the MSM, since their partisan complicity masked the malfeasance of the Obama Administration, enabling the second Obama term.

Media – Surrendering control of the internet to the “global community” subverts U.S. freedom and the rule of law and provides another path to global redistribution of wealth.

Immigration – It’s not like illegal immigrants didn’t know what they were doing was wrong. Ann Coulter.

Economy – For decades, you could count on the GDP growing about 3% a year, but over the last decade, the U.S. has grown an average of just 1.6% a year.

Finance – When an institution is considered "too big to fail" there is an expectation the government will bail it out in the event of a crisis, enabling more risk and subsidized rates.

Budget – The Constitution defines mandatory programs, such as courts, defense, and treasury, with all other government activities, including welfare, as discretionary.

Taxes – When the state confiscates and redistributes resources, it is government obfuscation to distract that it is legal theft from the capable few to enrich the kleptocracy of the unable.

Healthcare – Almost four years after ObamaCare was signed into law with a party line vote, a higher percentage of Americans are uninsured than before the law was passed.

Healthcare – Ezekiel Emanuel designed ObamaCare to disconnect employers from health coverage, and replace with government bureaucracy instead of patient centered care.

Healthcare – There is no credibility on the administration’s Potemkin enrollment figures, since as much as 20% of those signed up had not actually paid their premiums and not enrolled!

Healthcare – With this under-enrollment, ObamaCare premiums will double in some parts of the country, and the question is whether the news can be suppressed until after the election.

Education – Sixteen states have withdrawn from the Common Core Standards, downgraded or paused implementation of the standards, or introduced measures against the standards.

Family – The OECD found that 25.8% of children (72% of black children) in the U.S. are raised in a single parent household as compared to 14.9% in other industrialized countries.

Justice – Eric Holder, the Attorney General, has is encouraged state Attorneys General to selectively enforce laws based on their partisan interpretation of the Constitution.

President – We don’t need a head of state who guts our defenses and draws phony red lines with a pink crayon.Oliver North.

Foreign Policy – Obama, an empty suit, is delivering empty threats which are ignored and the price you pay when the United States is neither respected nor feared.

United Nations – The Security Council met eight times on Ukraine, accomplished nothing as a toothless debating society with “all talk, no action,” and is a waste of international funding.

GWOT – Much like a malignant cancer, al-Qaeda is decentralized, autonomous, and expands wherever there is weakness, dissatisfaction and poverty to exploit.

Defense – Obama is so obvious: if mission was successful, Obama was fully informed and in command, while military failures Obama claims to be uninformed and out of the loop.

Iraq – Iraq stands on the brink of a renewed Sunni insurgency against the Shia Maliki government, with over 9,000 people killed in fighting in 2013.

Russia – Vladimir Putin is a Cold Warrior, Barack Obama is a Class Warrior, and Europe is all talk and no action, so Russian empire ambitions can proceed unchecked until at least 2017.

Ukraine – Obama’s Alinsky tactic of personalizing opposition by sanctioning 11 Russian and Ukrainian officials is laughed off by Russia as ineffectual political grandstanding.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY