Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 5, 2014


Capitalism – The ideology of capitalism makes us all into connoisseurs of liberty - of the indefinite expansion of possibility.” Susan Sontag.

Politics – The seven million ObamaCaresignups” are as believable as the seven million stimulus jobs “saved or created – both manufactured to hide government incompetence.

Politics – President is the first job that Barack Obama has held long enough to be held accountable for the actual results from his political actions, and they aren’t very good!

Politics – The House majority must vote to hold Lois Lerner in contempt and direct the House sergeant at arms to arrest and confine her until she answers questions about the IRS scandal.

Politics – The latest White House scandal may be of government complicity in the General Motors product safety cover-up and eventual recall that contributed to thirteen deaths.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: attempt to link natural disasters to global warming and more excuses why no Middle East peace.

Politics – Hillary Clinton benefits from the same base of liberal ideologues and useful idiots who are conditioned to vote for any leftist candidate the Democrat Elites nominate.

Politics – If the Party Elites get their way, the Presidential race will be between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, two tired retreads, both without any new ideas to solve America’s problems.

Politics – I am coming around to the view that I’d rather be disappointed by Republicans who periodically fail to live up to their principles than have my country pillaged and hobbled by Democrats who consistently live up to theirs.

Politics – The Republican Main Street Partnership PAC was founded by RINO Leaders and seeks “party unity,” but ignores the voices of conservatives and Tea Party members.

Culture – Echolight Studios produces and distributes high quality movies that accentuate the positives for families of faith, which continues to confound Hollywood by being profitable.

Capitalism – Big-government economics breeds crony capitalism. It's corrupt, anything but neutral, and a barrier to broad participation in prosperity. Paul Ryan.


November 2008

March 2014


Annual Federal Spending




Total National Debt




Food Stamp Participation (000)




Average Price/Gallon Gas




Labor Force Participation Rate




Employed (000)




Employment Population Ratio




Unemployed (000)




Unemployed - 27+ wks (000)




Average Weeks Unemployed




Unemployment Rate (U3)



- 0.1%

Underemployment Rate (U6)




Economy – The French voters dealt a severe blow to the Socialist government in municipal elections with deep losses for the Socialist Party, rejecting the liberal, multi-cultural agenda.

Finance – The Fed is diluting the U.S. dollar with its Quantitative Easing which artificially delays the inevitable interest rate hikes that will eventually bankrupt the national budget.

Inflation – The Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index (CPI) is so unreliable that even the Federal Reserve doesn’t trust it and won’t use it, since it is managed artificially low.

Budget – The House delivered its budget resolution ahead of Congress’s statutory deadline, while the Senate has already announced that it would not bother to deliver one this year.

Budget – The House plan saves $6 trillion over ten years, begins long overdue entitlement reforms, balances in ten years, and reduces the debt burden on future generations,

Budget – Considering the ongoing deficits, it is time to empower the General Services Administration to sell off empty government properties and excess assets.

Housing – Between the Federal Mortgage Insurance Corporation (FMIC) and the Dodd–Frank Act, the federal government is completely taking over the housing finance market.

Healthcare – Prior to ObamaCare, 85% of Americans were happy with their imperfect health care system, but no after ObamaCare satisfaction has cratered in their health care system.

Healthcare – Support for ObamaCare is languishing at its lowest level, 26%, since passage of the landmark legislation, with a new high of 41% saying it should be completely repealed.

Healthcare – No amount of advertising will make ObamaCare attractive to the young, since it is unaffordable, the coverage inappropriate, and can not mask its many shortcomings.

Healthcare – I do not expect to have reliable ObamaCare participation rates and cost figures until the summer, until the administration spin is dismantled and the truth emerges.

Environment – The EPA is using fraudulent standards, setting ridiculously low rates for ideological reasons and unsupported by any cost benefit analysis or health impact analysis. 

Environment – The newest environmental hysteria is the attempt to ban genetically modified or engineered foods as unhealthy based on emotion and anti-science misinformation. 

Energy – 94% of electricity in the U.S. came from nuclear reactors, dams, and fossil fuels, including petroleum, natural gas, and coal, while less than 5% came from alternative energy.

Elections – When the Board of Elections took a 28-state crosscheck of voter rolls, North Carolina found thousands of instances of widespread voter fraud, including double voting.

Immigration – Despite claims of a focus on public safety, administration prosecutorial discretion criteria are allowing political considerations, family relationships, or attention from advocacy groups to trump criminal convictions as a factor leading to deportation.

Social Security – The only change that can salvage anything from the current Social Security system for millennials is to begin the transition to a defined contribution funding model.

Capitalism – Capitalism is using its money; we socialists throw it away.Fidel Castro.

Foreign Policy – It is ironic that both Putin and the Pope felt they needed to release their own version of their discussions with Obama to ensure the positions were accurately reflected.

Israel – Palestinian Mahmoud Abbas never actually intended to sign a peace agreement, since we never recognized Israel’s existence and required an unconditional “right of return.”

Libya – The administration must be held accountable for the Benghazi dereliction of duty cover-up, in the Departments of Defense and State and the White House, that cost four lives?


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY