Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 7, 2018


Law – If Hillary Clinton and Illegal aliens don’t have to obey the law, why should the rest of us respect the law?  Why shouldn’t we break the law any time we think we can get away with it?John Hawkins.

Politics – President Trump's approval has risen to 50%, which undermines the Beltway chatter about: "chaos" in the Trump White House is a non-starter; all the "Russia, Russia Russia" yak is a loser; all the impeachment talk is rubbish; and all the media coverage about gun control, terrorist attacks, America's lost influence in the world, and homelessness is utterly irrelevant.

Politics – The United States is the only nation founded on basis of natural or God-given rights, while the theory of communism can be summed up as “abolition of private property.”

Politics – The Democrat issues for 2018 (and probably 2020) appear to be: open borders, confiscate guns, raise taxes, single payer healthcare and abortion anytime in pregnancy.

Politics – There is an inverse relationship between trust and level in the government, with the higher you attain the less people trust your objectivity and expect political partisanship.

Politics – Never-Trumper’s criticism is usually about Trump’s style, but not the results, since the biggest mistake he has made is underestimating the breadth and depth of the Deep State.

Politics – Leftists love to punish those who don’t agree with them, but they squeal when these same tactic are used against them in Hollywood, TV, advertising, sports or specific products.

Politics – Is it just me or does the proposed Obama Presidential Center is not a library, but an indoctrination factory to produce the next generation of community activists?

Politics – If Congress makes rules for how it operates, why can’t the Republican Senate change the rules to eliminate the filibuster and cloture rules to eliminate its logjam.

Media – The Pope doesn’t believe in Hell” is more fake news embraced and distributed widely by the mainstream media without any checking, and quickly denied by the Vatican.

Media – A whopping 77% of respondents indicated their distrust for major news organizations in both television and print, and of those, 31% believe it to be a regular occurrence,

Spending – “If the government gives money to Planned Parenthood and PBS, why would it be wrong for the government to give money to the NRA or Heritage Foundation?"  John Hawkins.

Regulations – Since Inauguration, Trump has slashed over 1,500 planned regulatory actions, repealed 22 regulations for each new rule issued, and cut regulatory costs by billion.

Judiciary – “Forum shopping” to used to choose a court for a more favorable judgment is a practice to be used as impeachment proof when judges are routinely over-ruled.

Employment – Unions that are truly interested in representing workers rather than pushing ideological agendas should have no problem facing recertification votes.

Immigration – America’s success as a multiethnic society is the consequence of having been the destination of people who leave their former loyalties behind and adopt new ones.

Environment – EPA Chief Scott Pruitt has taken his job seriously and has returned to original mission of environmental protection, instead of advocacy for climate change theories.

Gun Control – Advertisers that withdraw their sponsorship from the Laura Ingraham show must accept that consumers may also withdraw from buying their products as a result.

Civil Rights – Socio-economic outcomes differ among individuals, groups and nations in ways that can’t be explained by any factor, whether genetics, discrimination or exploitation.

Abortion – Abortion is the number one killer of black lives, outnumbering the CDC’s reported top 15 leading causes of death among blacks in 2014 - combined.

Terrorism – “Shouldn’t we roll our eyes at people who come up with new reasons to be gratuitously offended most of the time?  Aren’t people who are offended by things that most people just shrug off, the ones with the problem, not the rest of the world?" John Hawkins.

Israel – Hamas called on Gazans to demonstrate in a “March of Return” seeking destruction of Israel, which became violent and 16 Palestinians died, putting them back in the headlines.

Iraq – 81% of Christians have disappeared from Iraq, and 94% of Sabeans, ancient Christian sect, have also disappeared, and even 18% of Yazidis left the country or been killed.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY