Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 9, 2016


Liberty - “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty” Thomas Jefferson.

Politics – Democrats know they can count on the Millennial vote, because this generation has been indoctrinated in the public schools to believe that socialism, communism, and Marxism are no threat to society but the long coveted alternative to free market capitalism.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: punishing American companies for limiting tax burdens and President Obama’s Apology Tour II.

Politics - Hillary Clinton is vulnerable to three felony counts under the Espionage Act based on her unauthorized transfer of classified documents to her private email server.

Politics – The FBI knows its investigation of Hillary Clinton must wrap up before the convention otherwise it may disenfranchise millions of voters who may not have anyone to vote for.

Politics – With prospects of an unpopular Hillary Clinton vs. an unpopular Donald Trump race, the idea of a Libertarian candidate has once again surfaced as a potential alternative.

Politics – Hillary Clinton is so weak as a Democrat candidate that she is losing in national polls vs. her token opponent, despite locking up enough delegates for nomination months ago.

Politics – Donald Trump has a 68% unfavorable rating among women, but 58% of women say they view Hillary Clinton unfavorably, which is two points higher than among men.

Politics – As more and more liberal celebrities threaten to leave the country if Donald Trump becomes President, their threats actually transform into endorsements for his Presidency.

Politics – The difference between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz supporters is that Trump supporters follow the man, while Cruz supporters follow the set of ideas and ideals.

Politics – If the Republican convention has no candidate with the required majority of delegates, Donald Trump will probably only lead in the first ballot and decline from there.

Politics – As a Presidential candidate running as a Washington outsider, the fact that few GOP Senators will endorse Ted Cruz sounds like high praise and a tacit endorsement.

Politics – Once you leave the incestuous liberal beltway, very few voters trust Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz is the overwhelming favorite to win the 2016 election, probably by a landslide.

Media – Mainstream media liberal partisanship is once again revealed by lack of coverage of the manipulation of the nomination process with establishment super-delegates.

Liberty - “As government expands, liberty contracts” Ronald Reagan.

Economy – With declining chances of retaining the White House, Democrats will topple the debt-heavy financial industry “house of cards for the new administration to try to repair.

Taxes – There are many ways to encourage companies to keep their headquarters in the United States, and so far the Obama administration has ignored them all: 1) lower corporate tax rates; 2) go to a territorial tax system; 3) enact tort reform; and 4) reduce regulations.

Taxes – Soda tax proposals have failed in New York State, Sa Francisco, and Philadelphia twice, with Berkeley, CA as the only American city to pass a soda tax.

Energy – The shale revolution is a miracle of American problem-solving and ingenuity, that happened in spite of President Obama’s obstructionism and industry-killing regulations.

Energy – The EPA’s Clean Power Plan requires a 32% reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from electric generating sector below 2005 levels by 2030, costing $39 billion a year with no effect on climate change, and reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide by less than 0.5%.

Energy – China ordered its wind operators to stop increasing its wind power four times in the last five years, because wind unreliability was costly and damaging the country’s power grid.

Jobs – When it comes to job growth, a slow and steady economy ends up leaving millions of workers in the dust.

Healthcare – The Department of Health and Human Services has taken steps to kill health savings accounts (HSAs) in the ObamaCare state health insurance exchanges in the future.

Justice – Every single Justice Department lawyer hired into the Obama Civil Rights Division has an intensely ideological background creating a leftist law firm of fringe advocates.

Culture – Secular extremism has defined the contemporary political scene while Christianity was the primary motivating force behind the great human rights movements in America.

Speech – The self-proclaimed champions of free speech, Democrats, are the architects of today’s censorship of opposing views and attempts to criminalize global warming deniers.

Civil Rights – In a CNN poll, 86% of blacks said family breakdown as a reason for difficulties of African-Americans, and 77% cited “lack of motivation and unwillingness to work hard.”

Liberty - “I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy” John Adams.

Trade – Businesses and consumers transact (trade) with other businesses and consumers, but protectionism is corporate welfare by other means.

GWOT – Since the rise of the Islamic State in 2012, Sunni jihadists have targeted Christian, Yazidi, and Shi’ite communities for eradication but only recently acknowledged by the U.S.

GWOT – The death toll from Muslim terrorist attacks has soared nearly 800% since Obama took office, killing nearly 30,000 people per year since 2010 when death toll was 3,284.

GWOT – Neville Chamberlain claimed Hitler lied to explain his appeasement, but Barack Obama has no such excuse to explain his appeasement since Iran openly threatens the U.S.

Europe – From 1949 to 1976, NATO members’ defense expenditures rose slowly but steadily, but then shrank during 1985-89, when NATO members became complacent under the American “nuclear umbrella” that protected them from Soviet aggression.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY