Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 12, 2014


Tea Party – The Tea Party represents stakeholders in the American system; people who were never involved in politics or thought they had to be, yet realized that political corruption and incompetence threatened not only their families, but the future of the nation itself.” Tammy Bruce.

Politics – Barack Obama’s legacy was defined when he was inaugurated as the first black President, but his reputation has depreciated ever since as his incompetence was revealed.

Politics – Barack Obama’s demagoguery includes erecting straw men and knocking them down, shamelessly misrepresenting opponents, and encouraging contempt through ridicule.

Politics – Leftists can’t win the battle of ideas, so thought police attack to stifle any debate or argument as heresy or racism, threatening social ostracism and / or vocational punishments.

Politics – The First Lady and First Family have no role in government, so Barack Obama should reimburse the Treasury for $10 million per year to pay for their personal vacations.

Politics – Does anyone believe that Eric Holder, himself held in contempt by Congress, will aggressively pursue legal measures to hold Lois Lerner accountable for her scandal perjury?

Politics – Hillary Clinton biggest campaign liability is, despite occupying several government offices, she has no positive accomplishments of her own to cite as proof of competence.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: more equal pay demogoguery and defense of non-existent foreign policy achievements.





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Incompetence – Everyone rises to their level of incompetence. Laurence J. Peter.

Budget – With a vote of 413-2, the President’s 2015 budget that called for increased government spending fueled by tax increases was soundly rejected by the House vote.

Jobs – It's taken more than six years, but the private sector job market in the U.S. has finally gained back all the jobs lost during the Great Recessionworst recovery since World War II.

Labor – Providing 99 weeks of unemployment benefits amounts to paying people not to work, so when the jobless benefits were cut back, a lot of people went out and found work.

Labor – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, government workers remain by far the most unionized at 35.3%, while in the private sector only 6.7% are unionized.

Labor – Considering every student with an athletic scholarship an employee of the university ignores academic scholarships and grants given to deserving student achievers.

Healthcare – ObamaCare was designed to deliver healthcare to the “46 million uninsured,” but at most only 3% of signups were previously uninsured – a disastrous miss!

Environment – Warming or cooling cycles are natural events and both are tied to activity or lack of it of the Sun: humans have little to do with the climate other than enjoy or endure it. 

Equality – Democrats’ desperate War on Women meme is a manufactured, non-existent issue whose only purpose I to distract from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare disaster.

United Nations – The utter incompetence of the U.N. is literally incomprehensible.Malcolm Wallop.

Foreign Policy – The Arab Spring is Obama’s international version of ObamaCare: idealistic, unpopular, incoherent, indefensible, and makes everything worse than before he began.

Defense – Obama continues to unilaterally disarm our nuclear arsenal as part of his “commitment” to the New START Treaty, signed by Russia and already violated.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY