Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 23, 2016


Opportunity - A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Winston Churchill.

Politics – The only ones who still think Barack Obama is a great President are: racially homogenous blacks, liberal Jews, and the ideological blind.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: primary election shenanigans and censored 9/11 report on Saudi Arabia.

Politics – Hillary Clinton has no real experience, no real accomplishments, isn’t trusted by a majority of Americans, and she is so weak she can’t even beat Bernie Sanders, a socialist.

Politics – Pre-primary Donald Trump identified himself as a Democrat, being pro-choice, pro-same-sex marriage, pro-government land grabs, pro-ObamaCare, and anti-gun. 

Politics – Donald Trump must be paranoid to think that Republican primary rules that were rewritten more than nine months ago were designed to thwart his Presidential campaign.

Politics – The 2016 Presidential election is shaping up as an unpopularity contest, with Donald Trump the only candidate with a lower favorability rating than Hillary Clinton.

Politics – The 2016 election may be between the two most disliked candidates to ever run for President: Hillary Clinton, a serial liar, vs. a vulgar and crude Donald Trump.

Media – The mainstream media narrative that Ted Cruz to too conservative to win the general election is reminiscent of the Ronald Reagan narrative, and he won in a landslide!

Socialism - Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” Winston Churchill.

Economy – The Federal Reserve chiefs for the past seven years have predicted 3% annual growth, which never materialized.

Economy – Letting Puerto Rico declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy would clear the way for states and municipalities using the same approach to return to fiscal solvency.

Jobs – The recovery does not feel real: 1) the labor participation rate discounts millions of Americans out of work over six months; 2) “the 1099 economy” refers to the huge number of temps, contractors, freelancers, and often involuntarily self-employed workers; and 3) a surge in low-wage service jobs, with a corresponding decrease in middle-class jobs.

Taxes – Income taxes are by definition not fair, because the richest 20% of households pay 88% of federal income taxes and 45% of households pay no federal income taxes.

Immigration – The United States has no legal or moral responsibility to accept any refugees, but Obama has admitted close to 3,000 Syrian Muslim refugees, with about 350 more arriving each week, who refuse to assimilate and drain taxpayer money for government benefits.

Immigration – The number of unaccompanied alien children apprehended on the U.S. border attempting to immigrate illegally has surged more than 1,200% since 2001.

Immigration – 80% of the unaccompanied alien children who came into the U.S. during the border surge in 2014 and 2015 were placed in custody of illegal aliens already residing here.

Healthcare – McKinsey found that in the individual market, which includes ObamaCare marketplaces, insurers lost money in 41 states in 2014, and were only profitable in 9 states.

Energy – Obama’s response to the oil price roller coaster ride is politics as usual: when production is high attack fossil fuels and when production is low also attack fossil fuels.

Energy – The global renewable energy market is estimated at over $600 billion, with annual spending around $39 billion, has an end game of a global carbon tax as a revenue source.

Environment – The problem is not human intervention in the climate; it’s improper political intervention in climate science, which has corrupted scientific findings from the beginning.

Environment – The “Green 20” state attorneys are setting themselves up to be the modern equivalent of the Catholic Inquisition courts to punish dissent to the “environmental religion.”

Culture – Democrats claim that racism is in the DNA of white people, which is a “Bizarro-world” attempt to rewrite history making whites feel ashamed of centuries of progress.

Family – The Census Bureau reported that 2010 was the first year in our history that fewer than half of all households were married households, and 40% of births were out-of-wedlock.

Crime – In response to accusations of racism and hostility in the streets, police have pulled back from making investigatory stops and enforcing low-level offenses in many urban areas, resulting in violent crime in cities with large black populations shooting up by 17% in 2015.

Allies - “There is only one thing worse than fighting with allies and that is fighting without them” Winston Churchill.

Foreign Policy – Obama’s foreign policy has been to bully allies and ingratiate ourselves to enemies, hoping that appeasement will convince them that they have nothing to fear.

GWOT – The sad truth is that Islam has the will to conquer the West, but not the way; while the West has the capacity to triumph, but not the will.

GWOT – “After Saturday comes Sunday” is a Muslim battle cry warning Christian minorities throughout the Arab world that once Muslims do away with Jews, the Christians are next!


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY