Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

April 28, 2018


Politics – We have Democrats, Liberals, RINO Republicans and the Main Stream Media (MSM) who have all stopped even pretending to hide their efforts to help destroy our Constitutional Republic and replace it with a Communist/Socialist state. 

Politics – Republicans campaigned on and raked in donations with the promise that they would use power for real conservative change, but this change never seemed to happen, because the Republican deep state was far more entrenched than Trump realized.

Politics – Lacking better policies, the Democrat Party has embraced a lawfare strategy to tie up the Trump administration with numerous, sometime frivolous, lawsuits to distract the administration forcing them to defend themselves and “prove their innocence.”

Politics - As the Anti-Trump Resistance goes from one ploy to the next, it ignores its string of failed prior efforts, forgetting everything and learning nothing.

Politics – After a year-long investigation that found no evidence of any crime committed, the DNC filed a civil suit against President Trump’s campaign, Russia and WikiLeaks, alleging a vast (right wing) conspiracy to tip the election to Trump, but is just a fundraising scheme.

Politics – Democrats are resurrecting another failed idea on a government make-work program that elongated the Great Depression and was unaffordable and ineffective, and is endorsed by three leftist progressives: Bernie Sanders, Cory Booker, and Kirsten Gillibrand.

Politics – If Democrat really believe their predictive models pointing to Democrats winning control of the House, why are they already creating excuses why they will under-achieve?

Politics – The Working Families Party is a spinoff of ACORN that follows progressive (leftist) policies, but is really Marxist and anti-Semitic at its core.

Media – Some older Americans get their political information (narrative) solely from the TV, and don’t realize the bias, while some younger Americans get their political information (message) solely from social media with its own stealth bias.

Media – President Trump has begun rewarding fair and balanced media sources, such as Fox News, by giving them preferred, exclusive access (scoop) to his thoughts and ideas.

Media – The least reported Obama story was the Congress IT scandal that touched at least 80 different Congress persons, and the national security impact has yet to be quantified.

Elections – On Wednesday April 18, 2018 a Federal judge in Kansas ruled that the Kansas Secretary of State was in contempt of court for failing to follow HER order to “register people to vote that had signed up to vote at the DMV”, even though they did not provide proof that they were U.S. citizens when they were issued the license." 

Economy – Recognizing income and wealth disparities is healthy observations; aspiring to change ones personal income and wealth is healthy ambition; but aspiring to forcibly redistribute others income and wealth by government fiat is criminal theft!

Budget – A Balanced Budget Amendment is doomed to fail, unless spending changes, including entitlement (Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security) reforms, are also implemented.

Communications – Bias is so pervasive that the name, Search Engine Manipulation Effect (SEME), was necessary to explain how stealthy search engines skew voter opinions.

Taxes – The 2017 tax bill was a good first step reforming the bloated tax code, but more changes are needed, including making the existing changes permanent.

Demographics – Between 2007 and 2016, all but three of the 25 highest-tax states lost population and all but five of the 25 low-tax states gained population.

Jobs – Studies have found that when you combine wages and benefits, government workers got as much as 42% more than private sector counterparts, depending on the state.

Immigration – California is experiencing a rebellion within their insurrection, as individual cities (14) and counties (2) are opting out of being part of their immigration sanctuary state.

Judiciary – If judges legislate from the bench with their rulings, wouldn’t they be overruled on appeal and have a history of this behavior that could be used as grounds for impeachment?

Environment – A new study published in a peer-reviewed journal finds that climate models exaggerate the global warming from CO2 emissions by as much as 45%.

Gun Control – Unfortunately the five measures proposed by gun-control advocates: (1) magazine capacity limits; (2) an AR-15 or other long rifle sale ban; (3) gun-free zones; (4) universal background checks; (5) banning gun purchases by anyone on the government’s no-fly and terror watch list – none would have stopped any of the mass shootings.

Social Media – Facebook punishment of those on the Right is happening more and more by a platform that pretends to be neutral, but dominated by hardcore leftist Islamophiles.

Education – The 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress revealed our high school graduation rate is 80%, but only 37% of 12th graders test proficient or better in reading, and only 25% did so in math, which tells us we are graduating children with fraudulent diplomas.

Civil Rights – A little known fact is that England sent 100,000 Irish men, women, and children were transported to the American colonies as slaves as a cheap and plentiful labor force.

Civil Rights - Affirmative action involves favoring individuals of demonstrably lesser ability, skill, and qualifications when hiring for important jobs when merit is the only true selection criteria.

Drugs – Despite being illegal under federal law, marijuana is legalized for medical use in many states, nine allow recreational use and 13 others have decriminalized to some extent.

Drugs – The UK found cannabis is responsible for 91% of cases where teenagers end up being treated for drug addiction, and now high potency herbal cannabis, skunk, is available.

Government – Since the beginning of recorded history there has never been a case, of any form, of communist, socialist or dictatorial government that did not fail miserably!"

GWOT – The Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) no longer applies, so it is time for Congress to formally declare war on the ideology of Islamic extremism, wherever it exists!

GWOT – Muslims say they cannot separate Islamic religion from religious law (sharia) and ideology, so unless that changes, a War on Islamic Extremism is, in effect, a War on Islam!

Military – Nothing wrong with opening all military occupations up to anyone who qualifies, as long as standards are not lowered to artificially achieve some social engineering quotas.

Korea – Considering the North Korean track record of duplicity, any political agreement to denuclearize and demilitarize to secure peace must include verification mechanisms to ensure compliance and clear and enforceable consequences for non-compliance.

China – China is rolling out a politically correct system that assigns a “social credit score based on a range of behaviors and conformance to politically defined norms.

France - According to official figures, anti-Semitic violence in France increased by 26% in 2017 and criminal damage to Jewish places of worship and burial increased by 22%.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY