Musings on the Week


Musings on the Week

June 3, 2017


Government – “The answer to a Government that’s too big is to stop feeding its growth.” Ronald Reagan.

Politics – The liberal elite wants to fast-forward beyond the evidence (or lack thereof) and see President Trump sentence as pre-ordained and the verdict of dismissal inevitable.

Politics – Republicans should begin ridiculing the Russia probe as a baseless investigation to distract the American public from the legislative agenda where Democrats are clueless.

Politics - The only impeachable offense, high crime, and misdemeanor,” for which President Trump is guilty is defeating the Clinton-Obama machine in November, which is not a crime!

Politics – The Democrat Party seems to be “stuck on stupid resisting the Constitutional election win by Trump, confirmed by the electoral college, but unwilling to let go of a cry-baby, sore-loser delusion that the President is unfit to govern and conduct another election.

Politics - The traditional Democrat Party no longer exists, with the resistance Democrats and the progressive media having now formed a "fusion party," aka "the anti-Trump brigade."

Politics – The progressive ACORN group has morphed into “Indivisible,” an Astroturf Saul Alinsky, community agitator rent-a-mob, to resist the Trump agenda at all levels.

Politics – If trends continue, liberal basements will become crowded as more and more snowflakes move into their parent’s homes to cower from disagreeable facts and opinions.

Media – The mainstream media narrative is that President Trump is unpopular and Republican solutions do more harm than good, but the American people disagree!

Media – The Washington Post and New York Times appear to be covering up malfeasance by firing their ombudsmen to suppress evidence of bias and runaway political correctness.

Media – The decline and lurch to the left of Fox News provides an opening for conservative investors to create a news network intended to be the news source for mainstream America.

Government – “One of the big problems today is that politics is such a disgrace, good people don’t go into government.” Donald Trump.

Economy – Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes and Trends study, 66% of the people, from developing and advanced countries, believe people are better off under capitalism.

Economy - Socialism failed in Angola, Benin, Cambodia, China, Congo, Cuba, Ethiopia, Laos, Mongolia, Mozambique, North Korea, Poland, Somalia, the Soviet Union, Vietnam and now Venezuela.

Population – The overpopulation hoax (first by Thomas Malthus - 1798, then by Paul Ehrlich - 1968) resulted in billions of dollars being spent to fight overpopulation.

Judiciary – A partisan judiciary betrays the trust that their common responsibility is to uphold the Constitution and the rule of law, which upsets the core balance of government power.

Energy – The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is n excellent solution for a problem that no longer exists, so proceeds from selling off this petroleum can be used to pay down national debt.

Environment – Trump fulfilled another campaign promise to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, because it masked a redistribution of wealth with no environmental benefit.

Environment – Three states (California, New York, and Washington State) announced a climate coalition to abide by and build on the Paris Agreement, with all cost and no benefit.

Healthcare – America already has a universal health care system, the one provided by hospital emergency rooms under the EMTALA law and is paid for directly my patients.

Agriculture – From 1995 to 2014, 77% of USDA subsidies went to only 10% of farm producers, and 72% of farms did not receive a single farm-related government payment.

Labor – Today half of American union members work for the government, while less than 7% of private sector workers are union members.

Poverty – there are three major self-initiated behaviors that predict whether people will wind up in poverty: 1) finish high school; 2) get married; and 3) delay childbirth until after marriage.

Marriage – Pew Research looked at modern day marriages and found that one in six newlyweds are married to someone of a different race.

Abortion – Annual reports show Planned Parenthood declining in size and scope by 70%, but the number of abortions is one of the few areas to increase to 328,000 in 2015-2016.

History – Democrats have adopted fascist history revision tactics to erase and/or change Civil War history to conform to identity politics and class warfare narratives.

Government – “More than an end to war, we want an end to the beginnings of all wars.” Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Europe – The NATO agreement obligates the United States to pay 22% of NATO expenses, but has actually paid over 76% of entire NATO spending on military.

GWOT – President Trump must formally declare a War on Global Terrorism, by whatever name works, with formal rules of engagement, and legitimize whatever tactics are appropriate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY