Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

June 11, 2016


Recession - “It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.” Harry Truman.

Politics- Progressivism” is just marketing rebranding of leftism, because there is nothing new about their ideology, just repackaging of failed ideas from the past.

Politics – Conservatives have lost faith in the “scientific community” which has become subjective, while remaining true to faith in the “scientific method” which remains objective.

Scandals – The IRS has finally released (three years late) a list of 426 organizations that were targeted for unusual heavy investigations and delayed approval of nonprofit status.

Media – A whole cadre of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Microsoft signed a code promising to suppress “hate speech,” whatever they mean by that

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: Trump questioning fair hearing from a La Raza Lawyer and Puerto Rico economic bailout.

Politics – The 2016 Presidential election may be the first when people primarily vote against someone, since neither candidate is really liked except when compared to their opponent.

Politics – Hillary Clinton’s campaign strategy is to exchange a President who filters all his decisions through the melanin in his skin for one who filters decisions through her genitals.

Politics – Golda Meir, Indira Ghandi, and Margaret Thatcher are all outstanding political leaders who have already broken the female “glass ceiling,” but Hillary Clinton besmirches this honor while she embodies all that is bad in partisan politics and autocratic leadership.

Politics – The Trump rally protest was a planned and funded political riot by leftist anarchists to shut down American free speech and free assembly and attack law-abiding Republicans.

Recession - “Believing that a crisis is a useful thing to create, the Obama administration - which understands that, for liberalism, worse is better - has deliberately aggravated the fiscal shambles that the Great Recession accelerated.” George Will.

Economy – Federal government intervention was so pervasive that it impeded the normal, free market path to recovery, dooming our economy to a new normal of minimal growth.

Economy – Obama did inherit a bad economy, but contrary to the endless propaganda all his policies only served to prolong the recession and undermine any economic recovery.

Budget – The federal budget process is intentionally piecemeal and fragmented to obscure the total size and growth of national spending across as many departments as possible.

Jobs – A new Harris poll found that nearly half of unemployed Americans have quit looking for work, and 59% of those out of work for two years or more have stopped looking.

Healthcare – The Urban Institute, the left-of-center think tank, recently released a study that concluded that Medicare-for-All is an unaffordable fantasy that would triple the budget.

Healthcare – The autism definition has been expanded to include any child below average intelligence or social skills as an excuse to qualify for extensive and expensive treatments.

Insurance – The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation is a government insurance company operating on a failed business model, with assets of $88 billion, but liabilities of $164 billion.

Food – The National Academy of Science concluded that there is no substantiated evidence that foods from genetically engineered crops were less safe from non GE crops.”

Education – Many college graduate who can’t find suitable employment opt to return to college for advanced degrees, but their only guarantee from that decision is greater debt.

Civil Rights – There are 45.8 million slaves (someone owned, working as a forced laborer or prostitute, in debt bondage or in a forced marriage) worldwide today, according to Gallup.

Sexuality – There is no reason that a tiny fragment of the general population that are identified as some subspecies of homosexuality should recalibrate what is male or female.

Sexuality – Everyone is born with one biology-based sex and some can get confused while growing up, but some remain confused with their sexual identity their whole life long.

Sexuality – The progressive redefinition of sex into gender reference will destroy women’s athletics as bigger and stronger male athletes will overpower by choosing to be female.

Abortion – Contrary to abortion advocates, embryonic stem cell research has proven quite literally to be a bankrupt line of research, with unfortunate and dangerous results.

Abortion – Planned Parenthood has been caught harvesting aborted body parts for profit and providing access to patient private medical records, a violation of HIPPA.

Recession “America isn't breaking apart at the seams. The American dream isn't dying. Our new racial and ethnic complexion hasn't triggered massive outbreaks of intolerance. Our generations aren't at each other's throats. They're living more interdependently than at any time in recent memory, because that turns out to be a good coping strategy in hard times. Our nation faces huge challenges, no doubt. So do the rest of the world's aging economic powers. If you had to pick a nation with the right stuff to ride out the coming demographic storm, you'd be crazy not to choose America, warts and all.” Pew Research.

Trade – Free trade is good, but the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is bad due to all the appended provisions that are non-trade related and governance surrendering.

GWOT – Islam divides the world into the Dar al-Islam and the Dar Al-Harb, the House of Islam and the House of War, and hatred is the means to achieve conquest as its end.

GWOT – Jamaat al-Fuqra is a known terrorist organization (renamed “Muslims of God”) that was never been designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization despite a record of activities.

Latin America Nations across the region (Argentina, Brazil, Columbia, and Peru) have been ousting socialist governments in exchange for center-right candidates.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY