Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

June 13, 2015


Power - “As we have throughout this century, we will lead with the power of our example, but be prepared, when necessary, to make an example of our power.” Bill Clinton.    

Politics – The Obama administration has blocked more than half a million Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests in the last six years, after claiming to be transparent.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the sluggish economy and ObamaCare: Bruce Jenner’s sexual confusion and feminist views on ISIS.

Media – A new propaganda tool, used both by governments and political organizations, is trolling: creating perception of support by a few generating many social media messages.

Politics – If American voters wanted a female President, they would have flocked to Sarah Palin last election and Carly Fiorina this election, but liberals just want an excuse for a liberal!

Politics – Hillary Clinton has name recognition, but her resume is fluffed with titles and devoid of accomplishments, and to top that she’s a horrible candidate and a scandal machine.

Politics – The only purpose for Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley (“Dumb and Dumber”) joining the Democrat presidential primary is to prop up Hillary Clinton’s failed campaign.

Politics – Barack Obama has done wonders for George W. Bush’s reputation, resurrecting his favorability rating from only a third of Americans when he left office to 52% today.

Politics – Depending on the poll, Scott Walker and Ted Cruz continue to lead the Republican race for President with many other excellent candidates rounding out the field.

Elections – Claims of voter suppression are not true: automatic registration enables increased voter fraud; early voting does not increase turnout; black registration and turnout went up in states that required voter ID; lack of registration was due to lack of interest in elections.

Education -We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Economy – North Carolina is the poster child for conservative economics, where tax rate reductions and gutsy unemployment insurance reform supercharged the state’s economy.

Finance – The IMF told the Federal Reserve to delay any rate hikes until next year, because of fears of a slowing economy and lack of need to tighten while inflation remains low.

Jobs - The "headline" (U-3) unemployment rate is 5.6%, but all but 0.1% of the decline from the June 2009 high will have been the result of falling Labor Force Participation rate.

Income - The permanent super-rich class in America is a myth, because most don't last much beyond the founder's generation, and then the wealth is recycled at a blistering pace.

Environment - Climate-change catastrophes (droughts, tornadoes, coral reef sinking, sea level rise acceleration) have all failed to materialize as CO2 increased 10%.

Environment – When the raw temperature data did not support the global warming scare, the NOAA went back and “tortured the data to support their pre-conceived conclusions.

Environment – The United Nation’s Framework Convention on Climate Change is a thinly disguised forced retribution of wealth from prosperous nations to developing countries.

Environment – The EPA, in an unconstitutional overhaul of the Clean Water Act, is trying to expand its jurisdiction to every piece of land that can channel, pool, or absorb water.

Healthcare – Obama over-sold ObamaCare and has lowered expectations ever since, with actual enrollment lagging original expectations for the second year in a row.

Healthcare – After five years of forced implementation, 54% of Americans still oppose ObamaCare and see it as tired and failed redistributionism.

Healthcare – ObamaCare rate increases are just beginning, since two programs that are designed to stabilize rates, risk corridor and reinsurance, are set to expire next year.

Welfare – There are new generation of global experimental programs focusing on helping the poor and indebted to save more, live better and scramble up in their own way.

Welfare – When states do welfare reforms like work requirements, times limits for benefits, and sanctions for those who fail, individuals escape poverty and become self-sufficient.

Abortion – The total number of abortions is down for nearly every state that keeps statistics averaging 12% nationwide, reflecting a broad cultural shift away from teen pregnancy.

Crime – Some of the anger in the streets that has turned into rioting and looting sprees is concocted, bought and paid for by radical anti-American financier George Soros. Much of the rest of it has been inspired by the community organizer in the White House and his minion, the former Attorney General Eric Holder. The mainstream media has been playing a supporting role, turning every police shooting of a person of color into a cause célèbre, regardless of the circumstances leading to the shooting.

Education – The new AP U.S. History curriculum has been rejected by seven states so far, because it forced history through the four guilt prisms: class, gender, ethnicity and identity.

Honesty - “Nations do not mistrust each other because they are armed; they are armed because they mistrust each other.Ronald Reagan.                               

Trade – ObamaTrade” is an example of everything bad in one package: developed in secret, many details to be developed by bureaucrats after passage, most Congressmen have not read bill, significant non-trade content, may be enhanced later without review.

Trade – The six trade chapters in the Trans-Pacific Partnership are good, but the other 19 are stealth political and economic union that is bad, so voting NO on the deal is the only option!

GWOT – Al-Qaeda is a Shiite terrorist group that is slowly dying out while ISIS is a growing Suni group, and both yearn for their own Islamic caliphate and view the U.S. as the Great Satan.

GWOT – Al Jazeera America is self-destructing as an Islamist propaganda arm to brainwash Americans with a miniscule market share, abandonment by key female executives, a rash of lawsuits, and a public relations disaster.

Israel – Hamas has resumed rocket attacks on Israel and the media ignores these attacks, but notes the Israeli Air Force response in Gaza.

Iran – In the 36 years since the Iranian revolution, there is not a single instance in which diplomacy has succeeded in changing Iran’s course of action, and no reason to believe the nuclear development deal will be any different.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY