Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

June 21, 2014


Corruption – The first sign of corruption in a society that is still alive is that the end justifies the means..” Georges Bernanos.

Politics – Barack Obama, our Campaigner-in-Chief from Chicago is a product of his ideology and geography, so you can’t take failure and incompetence out of a Chicago Liberal.

Politics – Barack Obama is still driven to be different than George W. Bush which sometimes drives him to assume untenable positions which turn into blunders of his own making.

Politics – Americans' faith in Obama's basic competence as President and Commander-in-Chief is crumbling beneath the weight of accumulating scandals, overseas crises, and inept images in which Obama often seems surprised, unprepared, and easily out-maneuvered.

Politics – Nearly two-out-of-three Americans say the “country is on the wrong track” and 54% of Americans believe Obama is “unable to lead the country and get the job done."

IRS – The House slashed the IRS’ 2015 appropriations 15% for the agency’s targeting of political dissidents and ObamaCare enforcement activities – fiscal restraint, long overdue!

IRS – How many more “coincidences” must occur before an IRS cover-up is “discovered” (lost e-mails?) and the need for a Special Prosecutor is finally acknowledged?

VA – The problems at the VA are sneak previews of what single payer health care will look like under ObamaCare, so it is fortuitous that we see how it operates before it is too late.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare:  Redskins getting their trademark yanked and release of more terrorists from prisons in Afghanistan.

Politics – Hillary Clinton is trying desperately to generate some buzz with her new book, but recycled pabulum and rewritten history has just served to surface more of her political warts.

Politics – Democrats accuse the GOP of obstruction thwarting Obama’s agenda which Republicans brag is their greatest achievement, stopping further damage from being done.

Politics – The TEA Party is a movement of decent, hard-working Americans from quiet communities who are no longer willing to accept freedom and opportunity disappearing.

Politics – The problem with today’s TEA Party is that they have become decentralized, focusing on state and local politics, which effectively de-fangs them as a national power.

Media – Public confidence in television news is at an all-time low with only 18% of Americans surveyed expressed a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in this news medium.

Corruption – No science is immune to the infection of politics and the corruption of power..Jacob Bronowski.

Jobs – The employment rate, not the unemployment rate, has become the more accurate indicator of the nation’s sluggish and perhaps permanent incomplete economic recovery.

Jobs – The number of young Americans working or looking for work has fallen by 4% over the course of the recovery, and those between 16 and 25 experienced the largest decline.

Jobs – There are a million less Americans working today than there were the day Obama took office, and in addition the people who are working are making less money on average.

Immigration – In 2012, the administration made it clear that unaccompanied illegal minors would not be deported, so now we have 47,000 caught since October (90,000 by yearend).

Immigration – A simple immigration reform may be to adopt reciprocal immigration agreements with host countries, equalizing the rules governing legal immigration.

Energy – Coal, oil, and natural gas continue to supply 87% of all global energy because those sources provide the energy the world needs at prices consumers can afford.

Environment – It is becoming obvious that environmentalism has negligible climate impact, but tremendous economic cost, and is just a stealth attempt to control the energy industry.

Education – Since government has assumed control of issuing and servicing federal student loans, student loan debt has topped $1 trillion and Obama offers an election year gimmick.

Civil Rights – Slave owners and slave traders should make reparations to those whom they enslaved, but the slaves, slave owners and slave traders are all dead so no longer an issue.  

Civil Rights – Discrimination (affirmative action) is discrimination irrespective of any noble intentions it tries to implement, whether it discriminates based on race, sex, or class.

Family – More Millennial mothers (ages 26-31) are single than married, while the poverty rate of children under five years of age living in female headed households is 57%.

Corruption – When leaders are no longer beholden to the people who elected them, corruption results and the recruitment of extremists becomes easier..Iqbal Quadir.

Defense – Wars only end when both sides acknowledge that one’s desired end state has been achieved, not when one side leaves – one side wins and the other side loses!

GWOT – Only in Bizarro-land can Obama declare war over as he leaves the battlefield, but in real life, global terrorists declared war on the U.S. and they are far from finished!

GWOT – Releasing captured terrorists will have deadly consequences to the United States in  the future as they return to their global jihad, and the only question is WHEN, not IF!

Iraq – The fall of Iraq to al-Qaeda is Obama’s wish-fulfilling prophesy to throw away all gains made in “Bush’s war” as a lesson for the rest of the Arab world to emulate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY