Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

July 2, 2016


Terrorism - “Americans are too smart to fall for Obama’s strawman argument blaming guns instead of the terrorist. They know if a terrorist doesn’t have a gun, he’ll use a pressure cooker, a knife, a plane, a car, a rock, his bare hands.” Anonymous tweet.

Politics – The true face of Progressive ideology is that voting and democracy only counts when the “right” result is reached, otherwise results must be contested as illegitimate.

Politics – The First Lady is not elected and has no formal role in government, so all costs for her or her family’s personal travel or vacations should be the President’s personal expense.

Media – Most MSM reporters are “Democrats with Bylines,” since 90% are registered Democrats and their writing reflects liberal orientation mouthing the political talking points.

Language – The Progressive movement is tolerant of every idea and thought that conforms to its narrative, and intolerant and seeks to suppress any idea that conflicts in any way.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the economy, ObamaCare, and terrorism: Supreme Court rulings with 8 members and details of British exit from EU.

Politics – The problem with Hillary Clinton is, considering her proven track record of serial lying, everything she says must be considered at most a half truth with only a subtext of fact.

Politics – The Benghazi Select Committee report shows how domestic politics drove foreign policy decisions, confirmed her parade of political lies, covered up political incompetence with more lies, and treated Americans dead as inconvenient, political collateral damage.

Politics – Benghazi demonstrates why Clinton is not qualified to be President: she supported government sanctioned gun running (illegality), then abandoned Americans under attack (dereliction of duty), and then covered up her actions and justifications (official lies).

Politics – The FBI is performing a disservice to the nation by allowing Hilary Clinton to delay and obfuscate their criminal investigation of her emails until after the Democrat Convention.

Politics – President Obama selected Joe Biden as Vice President to make himself look better in comparison, so now we see Hillary Clinton trying the same thing with Elizabeth Warren.

Politics – The 2016 Presidential election has degenerated into Hillary Anything but Trump Clinton vs. Donald Anything but Hillary Trump in a referendum on the country’s direction.

Politics – A new “silent majority” now exists composed of those who don’t like Donald Trump, but will vote for him anyway, but refuse to talk to political pollsters (see Brexit vote).

Politics – The Brexit vote was a cry for independence to “Make Britain Great Again” which is a direct parallel to Trump’s cry to limit government to “Make America Great Again.

Media – The Brexit polling was another example of the liberal media off by 5-8% trying to influence the outcome ignoring the reality of the voters and predicting wrong results.

Media – The mainstream media has a blind spot on mainstream American, and will no doubt predict a Hillary Clinton victory and, like Britain, be surprised by a Donald Trump victory.

Media – The primary bounce is over with the latest Quinnipiac poll showing Clinton and Trump neck-and-neck nationally, tied on negatives; Trump as more honest and trustworthy.

Terrorism - “The President, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are more concerned about protecting militant Islamic terrorists than LGBTQs.” Anonymous tweet.

Economy – Obama claims that his economic policies avoided a second Great Depression, but in actuality if he did nothing in 2009, the economy would have recovered naturally.

Economy – The reason Obama has such an abominable record is that he smothered innovation and investment under the weight of increased taxes and regulation.

Pension – Illinois now has ten cities, including Chicago, where the entire property tax payment goes only to pensions, not services. 

Government – There are 200,000 federal, non-military personnel (IRS?, EPA?, VA?) with the authority to arrest and carry firearms, exceeding the number of active-duty Marines.

Land – Federal government owns 25% or more of land in 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

Immigration – Democrats are the only political party that benefits from illegal immigration, segregating Hispanics into communities in big cities where they serve the party by filling classrooms for the Democrat-supporting teacher unions, and voting Democrat in elections.

Environment – Obama’s signature climate policy, the Clean Power Plan, will have almost no impact on the climate, promising to reduce temperatures by 0.023 degrees (F) by 2100.

Environment – Democrat’s thought police have embraced legal Inquisition-like tactics to suppress any questions on their climate change religion punishing any and all dissent.

Healthcare – While 69% in the U.S. say physicians should be allowed to end patients' lives by painless means, fewer Americans (51%) say they would consider ending their own lives.

Gun Control – Democrats will continue to lose every gun control argument until they push legislation that will actually prevent gun violence in the future like their cause célèbre.

Civil Rights – The Black Lives Matter movement is based on the lie that the ills of America’s inner city can be blamed on a racist criminal justice system and “prison industrial complex.”

Abortion – Less than 1% of abortions are due to rape or incest and 3% are due to possible maternal health problems, so 96% are not the hard cases that were used to sell abortion.

Terrorism “The American people can distinguish between peaceful, law-abiding Muslims and those who hate. Why can’t the President and the Democrats?” Anonymous tweet.

GWOT – Islam can be viewed different ways: 1) an ideology with tightly linked religious legal code; or rigid political radicalism with a religious veneer.

GWOT – Maybe the next President will finally acknowledge that the United States is already at war with Islamic jihadists and pass a declaration of war on this non-state based opponent.

Britain – Terrorism, immigration and concerns over sclerotic economic growth contributed to the decision by the majority of British voters to re-establish their national independence.

Iceland – Iceland elected an anti-establishment president much like the United States and abandoned their bid to join the European Union along the lines of Great Britain.

Trade – Much like Brexit, the Trans-Pacific Partnership began as a free trade agreement with wide support, but morphed into a extra-legal bureaucratic governance system.

Iraq – In 2009, Obama vowed a “responsible’ end to the Iraq War with a starting point being the safety of American people, but safety was the first casualty of his foreign policy.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY