Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

July 6, 2019


Leadership - “No country can long-lead the free world if it does not protect its industries and care for its people and protect its borders.”  Donald Trump. 

Politics – Democrats view common sense values like honor, work, commitment, personal responsibility and self-reliance as "old school,” while lying, blaming others, criminal behavior and government dependence are not just tolerated but enabled!

Politics – Democrats have morphed from the party of the working man to the party of contempt for the working man.

Politics – There have been 15 documented incidents of left-wing Antifa assaulting members of the media, but the mainstream media is committed to defending them as “heroic.

Politics – Once you leave the bi-coastal democrat urban ghetto and venture into flyover America, there’s noticeably less snarkiness, whining, self-entitlement, and virtue signaling. 

Social Media – Reddit has joined Google, Twitter, Paypal, Facebook, and Amazon censuring specific genres of speech, which is a money losing proposition to affect a political outcome.

Media – Democrats are making the classic error of polling, listening only to supporters, and confusing the ravings of the Twitter mob with public opinion.

Immigration – “We send our troops to foreign countries to defend THEIR borders, but our politicians refuse to defend OUR borders.” Donald Trump. 

Debt – Annual deficits will continue to rise as long as the federal government only tries to control taxes (revenue) and continues to grow spending (expense) to balance the budget.

Wealth – On the 2018 Forbes Magazine list of wealthiest Americans, 43% were not on the list 10 years ago and 67% were self-made and “created their own fortunes.”

Labor – National Institute for Labor Relations Research report that right-to-work states have private sector job growth rates 1.3x higher than in states where workers have no choice. 

Transportation – It is time to end mandates and subsidies and put electric vehicles to the market test, letting them prosper or fail based on perceived market value and free choice.

Energy – The Energy Information Agency's annual outlook states that wind (and solar) energy contributed only 3% of total energy consumption, despite consuming $50 billion in subsidizes

Education – Busing was a failed social engineering experiment that forcibly mixed races to improve education for black children, but all it accomplished was white flight from the cities. 

Foreign Policy – “The days of the United States being taken advantage of are over.”Donald Trump.

United States - A Gallup survey notes that 150 million people, or one out of 25 adults on the planet, would move to the United States if they could.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY