Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

July 13, 2013


Economy – Government's view of the economy could be summed up in a few short phrases: If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. And if it stops moving, subsidize it. Ronald Reagan.

Politics – It is obvious to the casual observer that If Obama thinks like a socialist, talks like a socialist, and pushes a socialist agenda there can be no doubt that Obama is a socialist.

Politics – The Russian Imperial Family had Grigori Rasputin, a Russian mystic and advisor, and Barack Obama has Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago zealot and advisor to the Obama’s.

Politics – Hillary Clinton is not a “has-been;” she is a “never-was” more liberal caricature than serious politician with 19th century ideas, to the left of Obama, in a 21st century campaign.

Politics – Sarah Palin revealed that she will run for Senate from Alaska in the 2014 election, delivering another conservative voice to a heretofore “do-nothing Democrat Senate.”

Media – Network TV is not worth watching anymore: too boring and predictable, so I now only watch A&E, Discovery, Hallmark, History, Lifetime, Reelz, Spike, TBS, TNT, and USA.

Media – As new technologies emerge, I expect Twitter will go the way of telephone party lines doomed by personal privacy issues and a lack of any viable business case.

Media – The MSM downfall has already begun, but I expect this avalanche to continue more layoffs at the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the TV Network News departments.

Economy – “The Great Depression, like most other periods of severe unemployment, was produced by government mismanagement rather than by any inherent instability of the private economy.” Milton Friedman.

Economy – The Heritage Foundation, the EU Central Bank, and the Research Institute of Industrial Economics all agree that increasing government spending shrinks the GDP.

Deficit – When the U.S. credit rating was lowered they warned that unless significant progress was made, further downgrades may follow – When should we expect the NEXT downgrade?

Jobs – The underemployment U-6 rate including those who quit work as well as those who took part-time jobs even though they’d rather work full-time remains high at 14.3%.

Jobs – The number of people who want to work full time but only could find part-time work leapt to 8.23 million, with part-time work up by 432,000, more than double net new jobs.

Healthcare – Full defunding of ObamaCare would halt the law’s new entitlements before they start, preventing new regulations and mandates, and eighteen separate tax increases.

Abortion – Gallup found that 64% of Americans believe abortion should be illegal in the second trimester, 80% support a ban in the final 3 months, which hasn’t changed since 1996.

Justice – Our justice system has become corrupt with which laws enforced, which people prosecuted, and amount of punishment based on political considerations and connections.

Crime – As the Zimmerman prosecution falls apart, we find that the Department of Justice actually helped organize demonstrations and protests against George Zimmerman.

Civil Rights – I am a Caucasian and I am offended that one’s race is catalogued and used to enforce race-based institutional reverse discrimination and affirmative action.

Feminism – I am a heterosexual man and I am offended that a tiny minority is redefining the meaning of marriage and changing the culture to accommodate a minority lifestyle choice.

Religion – I am a Christian and I am offended that freedom of religion has been redefined as freedom from religion, stripping away the Judeo-Christian principles that formed this nation.

Deficit – I expect one or more states to declare bankruptcy and seek assistance to recover from the bad economic decisions of the past under federal judicial protection.

Housing I expect that it will take four or more years at the current rate for the backlog of foreclosures to finally clear, before we see any signs of life of a robust housing recovery.

Economy – “I find that because of modern technological evolution and our global economy, and as a result of the great increase in population, our world has greatly changed: it has become much smaller. However, our perceptions have not evolved at the same pace; we continue to cling to old national demarcations and the old feelings of 'us' and 'them'.Dalai Lama.

Foreign Policy – Obama’s foreign policy is consistently hovering somewhere between incompetent and ineffectual, led by his latest “sock-puppet” Secretary of State.

Foreign Policy – Is it any wonder that Obama’s foreign policy is consistently incompetent and ineffectual, when one third of ambassadors are political patronage for campaign bundlers?

GWOT – Islam is not just a religion, but also a totalitarian ideology that dominates every aspect of society and a governance system that rules all aspects of life.

Middle East – Barack Hussein Obama is the best American friend the global Islamic caliphate has ever had, encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood in every government change.

Libya – When will Congress get around to asking the military leaders who gave them the explicit order to stand-down and abandon the Americans under attack in Benghazi?

Israel I expect that Israel will be attacked by Hamas and the IDF will retaliate by invading and then re-annexing Gaza based on defensible borders and 1920 San Remo Conference.

Israel – I expect that Israel will suffer a nuclear attack from Islamist extremists, and Obama will talk a lot, but stand aside and refuse to help defend this longtime ally.

Asia – I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea and attempt to reunite Korea, and Obama will be “unable” to support our troops and will negotiate for a stalemate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY