Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

August 26, 2017


Success – "For one true measure of a nation is its success in fulfilling the promise of a better life for each of its members. Let this be the measure of our nation." John F. Kennedy.

Politics I applaud President Trump for removing bad choices from his White House staff, after probation conditioned on performance, a best practice long overdue in government.

Politics – All things considered, President Trump is off to a slow start but can still achieve greatness if Republicans stop posturing and act like a political party.

Politics – Frequent political rallies may serve as a more effective tool for President Trump to push legislation than relying on Capitol Hill insiders to do the job.

Politics – In the 2016 Presidential election, Democrats won fewer than 500 counties, most of them urban, out of 3,100 counties nationwide, so Democrats must protect this urban support.

Politics – President Trump’s short time in office has revealed that the Republican Party is morally bankrupt, no longer standing for its core principles, as the GOP has sat on its hands as the Republic, created as a representative republic, has descended into mob rule.

Politics - The “Russian Collusion” excuse has collapsed, as did the “misogyny” claim before it, so now Democrats have returned to old faithful “Republicans are racist” narrative.

Politics – The National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazis) used their “Brown Shirts” to suppress dissent and disrupt opposition, and now we have the National Socialist Party (Democrats) using their “Anti-fa” to suppress dissent and disrupt opposition.

Politics – The Battle of the Monuments is really about the Democrat Party and their domestic terrorist wings (including Antifa, BLM, La Raza, WWP etc.) undermining the President with an ongoing narrative that Republicans, conservatives, patriots are racists.

Politics – The Democrats’s pet anarchists may be spinning out of control as an armed Anti-fa group in Philadelphia is calling for revolution, seizing property, and violence against police.

Media – This year’s Battleground Poll again found America a profoundly conservative nation, outnumbering liberals by 57% to 43%, which is the same picture of America for twenty years.

Media – Mainstream Americans continue to love Donald Trump for “fighting for us” and his refusal to give an inch to CNN or “Cryin’” Chuck Schumer or even to Congressional Republican leadership; and the specifics of what he’s fighting about are irrelevant.

Media – The best thing that President Trump does is to not let any leftist accusation go unchallenged, either in a Tweet or a speech, every malicious falsehood is rebuked.

Media – Once again, President Trump took his message directly to the American people in Phoenix, and found a receptive and appreciative audience outside the incestuous beltway.

Media – The Left employs the “Big Lie” technique: when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it, then keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous but this approach failed in the Russia collusion lie, the Trump is a misogynist lie, and now the Trump is a racist lie.

Media – On CNN there’s this idea that they’re neutral, but nobody likes CNN because they know that’s a fraud, and is actually a political message dressed up as nonpartisanship.

Media – The Southern Poverty Law Center is a fraud that uses its hate group' list as nothing more than a political weapon targeting people it deems to be its political enemies.

Media – The anti-everything brigade (anti-fa, BLM, WPP, etc.) is transported to any location to overwhelm local support “creating impression of consensus” for national change. 

Media – It seems like every week the media is trying to convince America that rumors of President Trump demise are imminent, but once again they are greatly exaggerated.

Media – The leftist Mainstream Media are burying the results of their own opinion polls showing that Americans oppose Anti-fa, BLM, and taking down statues.

Jobs – "This country cannot afford to be materially rich and spiritually poor." John F. Kennedy.

Infrastructure – The nation’s "infrastructure crisis" is not about infrastructure needs, but rather infrastructure priorities, what gets done first, and most importantly, who pays? 

Energy - Trump should refrain from propping up inefficient and ineffective solar energy companies that can’t survive on their own with trade tariffs and tax subsidies.

Environment – One measure of success is all the federal employees leaving the EPA and NOAA now that the Trump administration no longer supports the “climate change hoax.”

Homeland Security – Anti-fa, BLM, and WPP were revealed as violent anarchists in Boston when police were attacked even after the right wing demonstrators exited the park.

Homeland Security – The petition to the White House to formally classify Anti-fa as a terrorist organization has hit 300,000 signatures.

Justice – President Trump should pardon Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who a Clinton-appointed judge arbitrarily and without a jury, convicted him for enforcing the law.

Drugs – If marijuana can be legal, why not legalize all recreational drugs, with a caveat that all federal aid (welfare, healthcare, etc.) is forfeit by those who abuse these drugs.

Peace – "Our goal is not the victory of might but the vindication of right...not peace at the expense of freedom, but both peace and freedom, here in this hemisphere, and, we hope, around the world. God willing, that goal will be achieved." John F. Kennedy.

Military – The last time America decisively won a war and achieved all their objectives was World War II, because of overly-restrictive rules of engagement and meddling politicians.

Defense - America’s existence is dangerously threatened from an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) either politically from another nation or ideology, or naturally from a solar superstorm.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY