Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

September 13, 2014


Strategy – “Sound strategy starts with having the right goal.Michael Porter.

Politics – Leaders are not elected; politicians are elected; and their election in turn provides politicians with the opportunity to become leaders, if they display moral clarity and courage.

Politics – Vice President Biden tells supporters it is time to “take back America,” but after six years in office, he doesn’t realize that he is criticizing his own abysmal economic results.

Politics – President Obama believes his own BS emanating from his teleprompter, but unfortunately no one else believes his bluster anymore after six years of broken promises.

Politics – Mary Landrieu is the latest politician accused of getting elected and moving body and soul to Washington, and disconnecting from the constituents who voted her into office.

IRS – The DOJ has been caught by the House Oversight Committee coordinating media spin to prevent the American people from learning the whole truth about this political scandal.

Politics - This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare:  political timings of immigration announcement and drive-by strategy to limit ISIL Middle East progress.

Politics – If Republicans can win the Senate, they have the chance to refocus Congress on the nation’s priorities, rather than reacting to a succession of politically manufactured issues.

Strategy – The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.” Michael Porter.

Budget – Federal tax revenues hit a record $2.663 trillion for the first 11 months of the fiscal year this August, but the federal government still ran a $589 billion deficit during that time. 

Labor – A record 92,269,000 Americans 16 and older did not participate in the labor force in August, as the labor force participation rate matched a 36-year low of 62.8%. 

Healthcare – Health insurance and access to health care are not the same thing, as evidence mounts that ObamaCare is likely to make it harder to see a doctor or obtain care. 

Immigration – Immigration is not a policy problem; it is enforcement of existing laws problem; so Democrats treat it as a political lever which hurts them in 2014, but may help in 2016. 

Environment – Atmospheric heat is produced by the Sun, with carbon dioxide as a primary gas utilized by all vegetation, with more delivering greater crop yields and healthier forests.

Environment – EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy described her Clean Power Plan as “not about pollution control,” but rather an “investment strategy” to spur renewable energy.

Marriage - For the first time in American statistical history, the majority of American adults are single, with 124 million or 50.2% of Americans being single, and increasing numbers never will.

Feminism - A war against women is raging in Muslim-majority countries as Sharia law is increasingly asserted around globe as Muslim and non-Muslim women and girls are routinely brutalized, kidnapped, enslaved, forced into prostitution, raped, and butchered.

Sexuality – The gay lifestyle is based on the idea that we all have fixed sexual identities at birth, but there is no reputable scientific evidence that anyone is born gay.

Civil Rights – Advocates for black America can help them achieve their American dream is to stop re-enforcing a victim self image that keeps many dependent and enslaved to government; but instead push self-reliance, education, hard work and responsible choices.

Civil Rights – Race relations has degenerated into a flash mob of community agitators escalating any perceived offense into racial hate crimes despite any facts to the contrary. 

Crime – Public officials and reports are looking at racial violence through a PC lens, and every time an instance of mob violence is suppressed media credibility erodes further. 

Education – When blacks and whites are compared, the black students at every class level perform less well in school, because black achievement is based on lower expectations.

Religion – If black pastors are preaching Social Justice in place of the Christian message taken straight from the Bible, there is no wonder the black community is in so much disarray. If the black church fails to teach against the sin of fornication, there is no wonder 70% of black babies are born to single mothers. If black churches are teaching black Americans that there is structural and institutional racism instead of telling them that God is on his or her side, there is no wonder that there is so much anger and destruction. The continual destruction of the black family is a sign that black pastors need to put down the sociology books and pick up the bible.

StrategyGood leaders need a positive agenda, not just an agenda of dealing with crisis.” Michael Porter.

Europe – America accounts for 75% of NATO military spending with only four of NATO’s members (America is one) fulfill their obligation to spend at least 2% of GDP on defense.

GWOT – Al Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, etc. are all Islamist terrorists, who subordinate national identities to an Islamic identity, engaged in a war to define the identity of the region and its states.

GWOT – The administration is only now rediscovering that the Islamic fundamentalists never ended their Global War on Terror, despite Obama’s wish to declare victory and come home.

Middle East – Obama’s classic errors in his “ISIL Strategy”: lack of national interests served, inaccurate definition of enemy, unclear military objectives, and no completion criteria.

Libya – Previous Benghazi investigations found no evidence of any stand down” and abort a rescue mission, but multiple people who were there remember receiving such orders!


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY