Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

September 14, 2013


Policy – Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere as long as the policy you've decided upon is being carried out.Ronald Reagan.

Politics – Obama’s strategy of distraction has gotten out of control weakening his Democrat cronies ability to mobilize a combined front in the upcoming Congressional fiscal battles.

Politics – The public opinion on Syria highlights the fight between the American people and the Washington elites over national interest vs. political considerations.

Politics – The only credibility at risk in the Syria decision is not the United States in general, but only the President’s personal credibility will suffer due to his own incompetence.

Politics – Norway and Australia voted out their leftist parties that push higher taxes, increasing debt, open-border policies, welfare spending, more regulation, and environment restrictions.

Politics – Hillary Clinton has no shame, on the anniversary of the Benghazi where she caused four men to die by her dereliction of duty, she accepted a so-called “Liberty Medal” award.

Politics – Congratulations to Colorado demonstrating how grassroots voters can recall non-representative politicians, in this case because of unwanted gun control legislation.

Media – As new technologies emerge, I expect Twitter will go the way of telephone party

lines doomed by personal privacy issues and a lack of any viable business case.

Domestic Policy – We must promote upward mobility, starting with solutions that speak to our broken education system, broken immigration policy, and broken safety-net programs that foster dependency instead of helping people get back on their feet. Paul Ryan.

Debt – Again in August, the CBO reported a deficit ($146 billion) because outlays ($331 billion) exceeded receipts ($185 billion), but no increase of federal debt (fire accountants!).

Debt – Now the SEC punished the credit rating agencies for their practices, it is about time for them to reassess U.S. debt posture and probably downgrade further due to non-progress.

Jobs – Obama broke the record for the worst rate of participation in the job market, most Americans out of work, working part-time, on disability, and on food stamps.

Healthcare – The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) does not provide healthcare but is a healthcare bureaucracy which is more expensive and cumbersome.

Healthcare – The CRS reports that the President has signed 14 laws that amend, rescind or change parts of his health care law, and he's taken five independent steps to delay it.

Deficit – I expect one or more states to declare bankruptcy and seek assistance to recover from the bad economic decisions of the past under federal judicial protection.

Housing I expect that it will take four or more years at the current rate for the backlog of foreclosures to finally clear, before we see any signs of life of a robust housing recovery.

Foreign Policy – Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us.” John F. Kennedy.

Defense – The United States has never suffered a military defeat on military terms, but politicians continue to lose the peace like they did in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Syria – Americans are not “war-weary,” just “war-wary since there is no national interest at stake, no support consensus, no clear objectives, and no completion or exit criteria.

Syria – The war in Syria is part II of the Benghazi debacle, because Americans were in Libya procuring arms for Syrian rebels, requiring the political cover-up of administration complicity.

Syria A unilateral attack on Syria, even if to enforce an international convention, is not in self defense and thus may be a violation of international law and condemned by the UN.

Israel I expect that Israel will be attacked by Hamas and the IDF will retaliate by invading and then re-annexing Gaza based on defensible borders and 1920 San Remo Conference.

Israel – I expect that Israel will suffer a nuclear attack from Islamist extremists, and Obama will talk a lot, but stand aside and refuse to help defend this longtime ally.

Asia – I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea and attempt to reunite Korea, and Obama will be “unable” to support our troops and will negotiate for a stalemate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY