Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

September 16, 2017


Economy – "The wages of labour are the encouragement of industry, which, like every other human quality, improves in proportion to the encouragement it receive." Adam Smith.

Politics – I supported Ted Cruz, not Trump, for the GOP presidential nomination, but when Trump was victorious, I supported him against Hillary Clinton, with no regrets because though Trump sometimes disappoints, Clinton would have been a wholesale nightmare

Politics - Hillary Clinton never recovered from her election loss and lashes out to blame everyone and anything, never once seeing herself as the real problem: a lying, robotic, inauthentic politician tainted by corruption and could not relate to average Americans.

Politics – The “Do Nothing” Republican Congress has still not gotten to its week one agenda items, with no balanced budget, no tax reform and no border wall.

Politics – Republican members of Congress were elected to get things done, but must realize that excuses are no longer acceptable, so they must produce, or get shoved out of the way.

Politics – Trump is unbound by loyalty to the party that nominated him, to the contrary, he regards them as foes in a cold war against a political establishment he neither likes nor trusts.

Politics – The large Never-Trumper contingent amongst elected Republicans is contributing to the biggest blown political opportunity in recent history.

Politics – A backlash is growing against the radical-Leftist “Antifa movement, but the question remains whether authorities will ever use effective force against Antifa’s violence.

Politics – The Democrat push for single-payer could hand Trump a second term, because Americans will not take big chunks out of their paychecks for socialized medicine.

Media – The difference between rightwing pundits and leftwing pundits is that right-wingers will always compare the two ideologies side-by-side, while left-wingers will always present their own ideology and tell their brainwashed minions to not listen to the Right. 

Media – The MSM tells us that Trump is a failure and the country is in the toilet, but this is the same bunch that predicted Clinton would win in a landslide – WHY DOES ANYONE LISTEN?

Media – Voters still support Trump believing the economy is moving in the right direction, support for free trade and immigration control, and resent Democrats attacking its progress.

Economy – "It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker that we expect our dinner, but from their regard to their own interest." Adam Smith.

Insurance – Congress has no place in insurance (Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, Crop Insurance, Flood Insurance, Windstorm Insurance, Terrorism Risk Insurance) because it sets its premiums according to what is politically convenient rather than actuarially sound.

Environment – Predictions of melting polar ice caps, rising sea levels flooding cities, droughts, and super-storms are based on computer models that can’t predict the past accurately. 

Environment – Miss America contestants were quizzed on political questions and the winner answers were politically correct on the climate change hoax.

Healthcare – ObamaCare was always a Democrat bait-and-switch to wreak so much havoc on the health care system that the voters would eventually become so frustrated by the chaos that they would accept “single payer” socialized medicine to make the pain stop.  

Elections – The first election in which more than half the incumbent members of the House were re-elected was in 1898, but since then, the majority have been returned except in 1932.

Elections – A return to paper ballots would sacrifice speed for reliability, can't be hacked, and provide an independent record of each ballot cast, which computerized systems lack.

Education – By misinformation and propaganda Leftists are indoctrinating America’s youth to reject the truth, ignore the facts, and embrace the false ideology of 21st century American liberalism, which is just a façade for totalitarian socialist Nazi Communism

Education – It is only right that colleges that have surrendered to radical activism are suffering decreased enrollment and as a consequence suffering financial difficulties.

Feminism – The Left has made flirting a capital crime and that all sex is rape even in marriage to procreate, caused by a sickness of the Feminazis and LGBTQ who hate men

Defense – "The first duty of the sovereign [is] that of protecting the society from the violence and invasion of other independent societies, [which] can be performed only by means of a military force.” Adam Smith.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY