Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

September 28, 2013


Freedom – Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth.” George Washington.

Politics – American’s confidence in the federal government’s ability to handle foreign and domestic problems has reached an all-time low! (How’s that Hope and Change working?)

Politics – 2012 polling data shows the Democrats are the party of the rich, the Republicans are the party of the middle class, and Republicans have a slight lead representing the poor.

Politics – One of the biggest blind spots that Democrats have is that they mistake all change for progress, not admitting that some change makes matters worse, such as ObamaCare.

Politics – The biggest impact of Ted Cruz’s ObamaCare mini-filibuster was to highlight the divide between true conservatives who value principles and moderate Republicans.

Politics – Conservatives really are fed up with both parties in Washington, D.C. so now is the time for FreedomWorks and/or Tea Party Patriots to organize a 2014 Tea Party Reunion Rally.

Politics – Hillary Clinton is a leftist ideologue stuck on the same failed ideas waiting for her turn, with no real accomplishments from Arkansas, Washington, New York or Foggy Bottom.

Media – As new technologies emerge, I expect Twitter will go the way of telephone party

lines doomed by personal privacy issues and a lack of any viable business case.

Freedom – The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. Louis D. Brandeis.

Budget Since the 1930s, the welfare state has grown dramatically, and federal spending has gobbled up an increasing share of the economy during both peacetime and wartime.

Budget The House passing a Continuing Resolution that does not fund ObamaCare is a perfect example of the fiscal checks and balances described in the Constitution.

Budget If Congress did their job and passed a consolidated budget each year, there would be no need for any Continuing Resolutions or Debt Ceiling negotiations.

Debt Democrats have increased the federal debt by $6 trillion which has been wasted on bailing out insider bands and green companies, growing the federal workforce, regulating the private sector into stasis, and subsidizing those who are not working.

Debt – The Treasury has accumulated more Treasuries and Mortgage Backed Securities than the total value of the publicly held debt amassed by all U.S. Presidents though Bill Clinton.

Economy The Federal Reserve Quantitative Easing is a national level Ponzi scheme that will collapse the economy bringing runaway inflation, once “easy money” is no longer available.

Economy Democrat “temporary” measures are considered permanent, such as student lean interest rates, unemployment extensions, and Federal Reserve quantitative easing.

Economy The U.S. continues to fall in the Economic Freedom Index, dropping from 2nd in 2000, to 8th in 2005, and latest to 17th in the current report as government continues to grow.

Finance None of the government/political culprits who caused the 2008 financial crisis have admitted their culpability, apologized for their role, or been held accountable.

Healthcare – 53% of the American people disapprove of ObamaCare and expect impact to be negative, but only the Republican representatives are listening to their constituents!

Healthcare Most Americans actually support partially shutting down the federal government until funding for the administration’s controversial healthcare takeover is cut.

Welfare – In 2012, government spent $916 billion on more than 80 different means-tested welfare programs for poor and low-income Americans, with food stamps being about 10%.

Welfare – Entitlement reform has finally begun as work requirements, which are limited to able-bodied adults under 50 without dependent children, are required for food stamps.

Energy The EPA’s rules on coal-fired power plants rely on an unproven and extremely expensive technology, Carbon Capture and Sequestration, to stop any future coal plants.

Environment The EPA is trying to calculate an artificial social cost of carbon (SCC) for be imposed on all government programs in order to institutionalize this environmental hoax.

Elections Georgia has the oldest voter identification requirement in the nation and the result has been high voter turnout and no examples of voter disenfranchisement.

Deficit – I expect one or more states to declare bankruptcy and seek assistance to recover from the bad economic decisions of the past under federal judicial protection.

Housing I expect that it will take four or more years at the current rate for the backlog of foreclosures to finally clear, before we see any signs of life of a robust housing recovery.

Freedom – “We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.Edward R. Morrow.

United NationsJohn Kerry has signed the Arms Trade Treaty despite repeated indications that it would be dead on arrival” in the Senate with no need to outsource gun control.

DefenseIf you are an American who “talks of individual liberties, states’ rights, and how to make the world a better place,” the administration may term you a enemy of the state.

Middle EastOverlooked in all the publicity about the Arab Spring is the persecution and murder of Christians being waged by Islamists to encourage submission or mass evacuation.

IranWhile at the UN, the Iranian President Rouhani diplomatically snubbed Obama three times and wouldn’t even respond to an invitation for a photo-op handshake.

Israel Despite being hated by Arabs and in the Muslim world at large, the Israel population is imbued with hope and confidence in their society, sure of its values and core beliefs.

Libya – There is no justice, no accountability for Benghazi with government-sanctioned cover-up and whitewash, and media-sanctioned burial of politically inconvenient scandal.

Israel I expect that Israel will be attacked by Hamas and the IDF will retaliate by invading and then re-annexing Gaza based on defensible borders and 1920 San Remo Conference.

Israel – I expect that Israel will suffer a nuclear attack from Islamist extremists, and Obama will talk a lot, but stand aside and refuse to help defend this longtime ally.

Asia – I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea and attempt to reunite Korea, and Obama will be “unable” to support our troops and will negotiate for a stalemate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY