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October 6, 2012


Exceptionalism “The American people are the greatest people in the world. What makes America the greatest nation in the world is the heart of the American people: hardworking, innovative, risk-taking, God- loving, family-oriented American people.Mitt Romney.

Politics – If Mitt Romney campaigns over the next month in the bold, aggressive manner he debated, besting Obama in both tone and substance, Romney will be the next President. 

Politics – 31% of likely voters consider themselves TEA Party supporters, which represents an incredible voting bloc of 41 million TEA Party supporters waiting to cast ballots in November.

Politics – Voter Question:How did that vote for Obama work out for you? Are you better off today than when Barack Obama was elected? 85% of Americans said No!


November 2008

September 2012


Federal Spending




National Debt




Food Stamp Participation (000)




Labor Force Participation Rate




Employed (000)




Employment Population Ratio




Unemployed (000)




Average Weeks Unemployed




Unemployed - 27+ wks (000)




Unemployment Rate (U3)




Underemployment Rate (U6)




Average Price/Gallon Gas




Inflation Rate




Misery Index




Global Competitiveness Index




Economic Freedom Ranking




Politics – Voter Caution: Better than last month, we are still worse off than 4 years ago. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Once a mistake; Twice a fool!

Politics – Obama’s approval is a minus-3 (approve/disapprove) with strong feelings minus-14 (strongly approve/strongly disapprove), like 2010 when Dems lost 63 House, 6 Senate seats.

Politics Obama may be spared defeat because things have been bad for so long that Americans view the country’s abysmal condition as the “new normal.” (malaise, anyone?)

Politics Obama, our half-black President, has confirmed, in his 2007 speech, that he is a racist demagogue like the rest of the racialist cabal, who thrive on delusions of victimology.

Politics – Interesting parallel between 23 red (Republican leaning) states economically better off than 15 blue (Democrat leaning) states, with 12 swing states falling in between.

Politics – Democrats are giving new meaning to Lenin’s term “useful idiots” with their target voters being clueless welfare types only interested in what the government can give them.

Media – Pollsters have low response rate: 38% could not be reached, 53% were contacted but actively refused to answer, and only 9% cooperated and answered the poll questions.

Media – Newspapers continue to hemorrhage readers with only political ads in the 2012 election to save them, but I expect many newspapers will disappear after the next election.

Politics I expect that the 2012 Presidential election will be the most racist campaign, with baseless accusations used to distract voter attention from Obama’s record of failure.

Conservatism - “Conservatism has had from its inception vigorously positive, intellectually rigorous agenda and thinking. That agenda should have in my three pillars: strengthen the economy, strengthen our security, and strengthen our families. Mitt Romney.

Jobs – Government “jobs centers” are no help with jobs, but exist to sign people up for government handouts: food stamps, unemployment insurance, disability, and welfare. 

Labor – Michigan ballot includes amendment to constitutionally guarantee collective-bargaining rights to both private and public employees nullifying reform legislation. 

Debt – The Chicago teacher strike financial concessions triggered Moody’s to downgrade the school district credit rating for the second time this quarter, a harbinger of the future. 

Housing – With Fannie and Freddie on life support, the FHA now owns 30% of all new mortgage loans, with one-sixth of all FHA loans already delinguent (next bailout?).

Election – Indifference by the administration and the Defense Department will cause a record low military vote this year, particularly in the swing states (political agenda?).

Taxes – 79% of likely voters believe everyone should pay something, even as little as 1%, as a 63% majority agree Romney’s comments on dependence on government are mostly true.

Environment – The lies about the environment, the climate, and weather will continue so long as money continues to flow to a national and international cabal of income redistributors.

Welfare – Liberals changed the Universal Service (telephone) program from a low income household assistance program into a personal entitlement for the permanent underclass.

Justice – The US has 5% of the world’s population, 25% of its incarcerated people, and 50% of the world’s lawyers, while 97% of prosecutions are plea bargains and 85% at trial found guilty.

Debt I expect that the country’s credit rating will again be downgraded after Congress debt ceiling discussions again fail to find sufficient spending cuts to halt deficit spending.

DeficitI expect one or more states to declare bankruptcy by 2012 and seek assistance to recover from the bad economic decisions of the past under federal judicial protection.

Housing I expect that it will take four or more years at the current rate for the backlog of foreclosures to finally clear, before we see any signs of life of a robust housing recovery.

National Security – “We will strengthen our security by building missile defense, restoring our military might, and standing by and strengthening our intelligence officers. Mitt Romney.

Foreign Policy – There is now a near universal mistrust of the President among world leaders who cannot deal with Obama who has proven himself untrustworthy and unbelievable.

GWOT – Attacks on embassies are another act of anti-Americanism and the resurgence of al-Qaeda across the world refuting Obama’s claim of victory in the Global War on Terror.

Iraq The resurrection of al-Qaeda is a consequence of America’s failure to negotiate a long-term military partnership envisioned under the Strategic Partnership Agreement in 2008.

Afghanistan The resurrection of the Islamist Taliban, after being all but defeated in 2001, are having negotiations as a potential recipient of an American surrender as the U.S. leaves.

Sweden – From 1980-1983 Sweden found Keynesianism is voodoo economics and socialism hurt their country, and now since 1993 austerity, properly implemented, saves their economy.

Israel I expect that Israel will be attacked by Hamas again in 2012 and the IDF will retaliate by invading and then annexing Gaza based on the concept of defensible borders.

Israel – I expect that Israel will suffer a nuclear attack from Islamist extremists by 2012, and Obama will stand aside and not help defend this longtime ally.

Asia – I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea and attempt to reunite Korea by the 2012, and Obama will be an unwitting accomplice as he abandons this ally in a time of war.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY