Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

November 3, 2018


Washington – "Washington, D.C. is twelve square miles bordering by reality."  Andrew Johnson. 

Politics – The biggest advantage President Trump has in this election is that he is representing the entire USA, and not just select identity groups, as evidenced by chants of “USA” at rallies.

Politics – It is not a hard question next Tuesday: “Are you better off than you were two years ago?” and which party is responsible for this improvement: Republican!

Politics – Democrats act like cultists in the later stages of delusion, claiming the ideals of freedom, human rights, truth, and the rule of law, but their actions show them spitting in the face of all they believe in, all that's good about the American judicial and political system.

Politics – The Left has overplayed their hand again, as their crisis de jour has become routine to the point of farce and reveals them as a heartless, soulless monster with no limits.

Politics – The Left is the soul of deception and the heart of bigotry, as they slander all Republicans as racist when history shows Democrats with a long history of racism.

Politics – The Democrat resistance has morphed from opposing policies and appointees to undermining the presidency to the formation of mobs to harass opponents and families. 

Politics – Leftist campaign strategy is: Impeach Trump and Kavanaugh, obstruct any more improvement in the economy, and undermine American return to global leadership.

Politics – I feel sorry for liberal voters since they are intellectually vapid, allowing the party to do all their thinking, requiring only parroting of talking points and withholding contrary facts.

Politics – Despite miserable weather, over 5,000 showed up for the grassroots #WalkAway march expressing disillusion with Democrats; no surprise, the mainstream media ignored it.

Politics – It is strange that Cesar Savoc was a registered Democrat from 1980, but registered as a Republican in 2016, despite being a convicted felon who cannot vote in Florida.

Politics – Cesar Sayoc is cited as an example of Right wing violence while the Left nurtures its own mob of extremists in Black Live Matter and Antifa who attack anywhere and anytime.

Politics – Democrats have a convenient memory blaming President Trump and other Republicans’ words for violence, while conveniently forgetting the initial Democrat insults and rants inciting rage and violence that Republicans are forced to respond to.

Media – The Media Research Center confirmed the bias in network news media with 92% negative coverage, with achievements not covered and negatives blown out of proportion.

Media – It is ironic the excessive coverage given to bombs sent to Democrat leadership, especially considering the lack of coverage of attacks on Trump administration individuals.

Politics – "Mothers all want their sons to grow up to be president, but they don’t want them to become politicians in the process.”  John F. Kennedy. 

Economy – The economy is booming because President Trump reversed President Obama’s economic policies, not because Trump (Republican) furthered Obama (Democrat) policies.

Debt – Last fiscal year, on $21.5 trillion of gross debt, the Treasury paid net interest of $371 billion, and may never be able to pay this debt off without selling off government assets.

Taxes – Connecticut once had the nation's fastest growing economy, until it imposed income taxes in 1991, but now Connecticut ranks dead last in income growth.

Immigration - The 1986 amnesty was passed based on a promise of strict enforcement, but the amnesty ended up being much larger than expected, and enforcement never came.

Immigration – People requesting asylum are fleeing political, ethnic, or religious persecution; people fleeing economic depression and criminal violence are not eligible for asylum.

Immigration – Latin America represents 8% of the world’s population, but accounts for 38% of its criminal killing, which begs the question are these the “shithole” countries?

Immigration – President Trump is right to address closing the 14th Amendment “birthright” citizenship loophole, as a first step to reforming our immigration system.

Immigration – President Trump must also stop “rewarding” illegal immigration by ensuring only citizens are eligible for federal “safety net” assistance programs.

Healthcare – The far left of the Democrat party openly calls for the Unite States to abandon capitalism in our health care system in favor of unaffordable socialized medicine.

Energy – Renewable energy is a pipedream: intermittent and not reliable; hugely expensive and dependent on government subsidies; and as technologically efficient as physics allows.

Environment – Since science doesn’t prove it and politicians can’t convince enough of the public, the Left has resorted to lawfare as their latest attempt to redirect federal energy and environmental policies through the courts rather than through the political process.

Welfare – The federal Food Stamps Program, now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, last year, spent more than $68 billion on more than 42 million Americans.

Sexuality – Science determines one’s sex based on a biological determination while psychology identifies one’s gender based on social choice and behavior.

Religion – It should not be a surprise that the Catholic Church, in its haste to replenish retiring priests, opened up its seminaries to homosexuals is now plagued with pedophile priests.

President – “Being president is like running a cemetery; you’ve got a lot of people under you and nobody’s listening.” Bill Clinton. 

GWOT – There is no free speech in Islam, since Sharia forbids speech that insults or denigrates Islam, treating insults as blasphemy any expression that casts Islam in an unfavorable light.

Middle East – The United States should step aside and allow the Middle East to redraw their own national boundaries into religious onesSunni-stan (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain); Shiia-stan (Tran, Iraq); Kurdi-stan (Syria, Turkey); Alewite-stan (Syria, Lebanon); and Israel!

Brazil – Jair Bolsonaro, the Tropical Trump”, is the new far-right president playing to an electorate disgusted with politics as usual, running “with authority, but not authoritarianism.”


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY