Musings on the Week

 Musings on the Week

December 17, 2016


Government – “Government must have heart as well as a head… solutions must conform to common sense and recognize the right and duty of local and state government normally to attack these at their roots before the Federal Government acts.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Politics – When Obama tries to piece together a legacy, he uses a “regal disease believing that if he says it, it is true, but many times it is just a personal opinion unsubstantiated by facts.

Politics – A liberal’s first loyalty is to their party, not to their country, so hurting national security is fine, but hurting Democrat’s chances of being elected is anathema and unforgivable.

Politics – The term popularism is used by progressives as a sneering, perjorative term to describe a politician who claims to support the interests of ordinary people.

Politics – Golf may have saved the country from more Obama damage, if he was working instead of counting strokes, he would have found ways to further cripple the economy.

Politics – Democrats lost badly in 2010, 2014 and 2016, but remember only 2012, when voters could not turn their back on Obama, though in 2016 they turned their back on his legacy.

Politics – The Russians stole the election” is about Democrats in denial and the refusal to admit their candidate was weak and her progressive policies were demonstrated failures.

Politics Liberals are unable to admit their own fault, so they blame someone else and when they don’t like the outcome they throw tantrums and demand others change their behavior.

Politics – There are a dozen senators and 36 House members so far who have agreed to co-sponsor and vote for a constitutional amendment for Congressional term limits.

Media – Harvard’s Kennedy School of Media, Politics and Public Policy found that political overage was overwhelmingly negative, with 77% negative towards Donald Trump.

Media – If the media had done its job, there would be no value to the WikiLeaks information, but instead they censored anything not supportive of the Democrat narrative.

Media – The Russian hacking conspiracy is one big “fake news” story designed to undermine and delegitimize Donald Trump’s election victory, with no factual evidence to support it.

Media – The best way to do away with 99% of the “fake news that is broadcast or printed is for liberals and their pet media to stop creating it.

Government – “The Individual is of supreme importance.  The rights guaranteed to him and the states by the Constitution and the ‘Bill of Rights’ must be jealously guarded by government at all levels.  The purpose of government is to serve, never to dominate.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Economy – In real world, the more the private sector weakens, the more people become dependent on government creating even greater government demand on private sector.

Finance – The Federal Reserve central bank has finally confronted reality that its unconventional monetary policy of ultralow rates has failed and must be painfully repaired.

Healthcare – 97% of new ObamaCare enrollments were a result of Medicaid expansion, so ObamaCare repeal will mean at vast majority of newly insured will remain insured.

Healthcare – ObamaCare is a failure by every objective standard. It doesn’t work, the voters hate it, and the Republicans have a mandate to put it out of its misery. No amount of Democrat obstruction, fake news, phony studies, whining from #SnowFlakes, or snark from #SoreLosers can save it. It’s time to pull the plug and move on.

Energy – Groundwater polluted by fracking has been proven to be a myth and the original “fake news,” since there never was any evidence to support the accusation.

Environment – Obama EPA “social cost of carbon” is the fraudulent scheme under which bureaucrats blame US oil, gas and coal for every climate and weather event, habitat and species loss, and other problem that they can possibly conjure up anywhere in the world – while completely ignoring the phenomenal and undeniable benefits of using those fuels, and important benefits of having more plant-fertilizing carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. .

Culture – The motion picture industry has jumped the shark” allowing a man who considers himself a woman can be nominated for awards in both male and female categories.

Education – Progressives no longer hide their intolerance and disdain for Caucasians and conservatives, inventing terms such as “white privilege,” “micro aggression,” “pathological bias,” “ordinary prejudice,” “pathological bigotry,” requiring collegiate “safe spaces” for their frightened progeny, the Snowflake Generation, telling them lies that all conservatives are racist and bigoted, and are going to harm legal and illegal immigrant children.

Education – Charter schools give marginalized students an opportunity for a better school choice, however, but there is no guarantee that the indoctrination into Marxism will stop.

Education – College campuses display their hypocrisy with their expressed tolerance for people who don’t look like them, but total intolerance for people who don’t think like them.

Education – Higher education in America is in crisis, not just because of spiraling tuition costs, but because of the toxic atmosphere on campuses, the disease of political correctness.

Elections – The one conclusion from election recounts was that election fraud was more pervasive than thought in Michigan, and Detroit in particular (37% precincts).

Drugs – As we travel down the slippery slope of drug legalization, we need to acknowledge the consequences: wasted potential, ramped-up overdoses, drugged driving, domestic abuse, drug-related property crimes, increased psychosis, suicides, and accidental deaths.

Government – “To be secure and stay free we must be strong morally, economically and militarily.  This combination of strength must be used prudently, carefully and firmly to preserve peace and protect the nation’s vital interests abroad.” Dwight D. Eisenhower.

GWOT – The Koran calls on Muslims to wage war against the “People of the Book,” a group that includes Christians and Jews, until they pay the jizya with willing submission to Islam.”

Middle East – Kurds, who number between 30 to 35 million, live in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Armenia are the fourth largest ethnic group but do not have a nation-state of its own.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY