Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

December 24, 2016


Freedom – “If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to.  This is the last stand ON earth.” Ronald Reagan.

Politics – Although his Hawaiian birth has never been disproven, Barack Hussein Obama’s released “Certificate of Live Birth” is clearly a fraud, or his birth certificate is a digital forgery.

Politics – I believe the polls that show Barack Obama with high approval ratings as much as I believed the polls showing Hillary Clinton winning the election is a landslide.

Politics – Hillary Clinton had three messages: the best-prepared candidate; my opponent is a dangerous alternative; and time for a woman President and none resonated with voters.

Politics – In this election, Democrats are revealed as spoiled, delusional partisans who are sore losers and cry babies who refuse to accept the reality of their political loss!

Politics – In addition to repealing Executive Orders, the 1996 Congressional Review Act is an oversight tool that Congress may use to overturn rules issued by federal agencies.

Politics – Donald Trump’s cabinet choices are a clear reflection of his policy positions, so don’t be surprised if they shake up their bureaucracies and dismantle some overreach.

Politics – There is precisely zero evidence that Russian hacking actually distorted the voting process, but ample evidence of systemic voter fraud in the states that examined the counts.

Politics – The Electoral College coup failed when only 2 GOP electors defected from voting for Donald Trump while 5 Democrats abandoned Hillary Clinton and 3 more tried to switch.

Politics – There have been 18 incidents of faked hate crimes so far, which begs the question Do Democrats think it is OK to fake “hate crimes” as a way to justify their “fake news”?

Media – The definition of Fake News is: “Those reports, even if based on verifiable facts or opinions based on those facts, that contradict the Left Media’s determination of what should and should not be reported.”

Media – The liberal media hasn’t learned anything from the election, since they continue to downplay Donald Trump’s popularity ignoring his victory tour and refusing to see the crowds.

Media – The low-information-voters who use Facebook as their primary news source will receive the approved” progressive narrative polished by their liberal “fact-checkers.”

Finance – Dismantling the decades of damage done by the politicized Federal Reserve will impede economic growth as interest rate increases have been delayed until after Obama.

Internet – “Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.” Abraham Lincoln.

Immigration – Under Obama, over 300 cities have provided safe haven for illegal aliens, and over 170,000 convicted criminals have been ordered to be deported remain at large.

Immigration – Congress passed a bill, signed into law by President Bush in 2006, ordering a wall to be built at the U.S.-Mexican border and more border Patrol agents to be assigned.

Immigration – The Obama administration has made a concerted effort to admit as many Middle Eastern refugees as possible before Donald Trump becomes President.

Social Security – In 2015, the Bipartisan Budget Act shifted money from Social Security’s old-age survivor’s fund to extend the solvency of the Disability Insurance Trust Fund to 2023.

Environment – In an analysis by the Office of Management and Budget, of the 30 least cost-effective regulations throughout the government, the EPA imposed 17 of them.

Crime – The homicide rate is up in 16 of America’s 20 largest cities, which is a trend of increasing murder rates that began last year, possible asa result to the “Ferguson Effect.”

History – “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln.

Trade - In 2015, exports had jumped to 12.56% of GDP, imports to 15.53%, and total trade to 28.09% of the U.S. economy, increasing dramatically in the last 60 years.

GWOT – Islam fragmented into numerous sects, each with unique interpretation of the Koran and Hadith, and each believing it is the one true interpretation and others must submit.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY