Musings on the Week

Musings on the Week

December 28, 2013


Deficit – “What would you think of a person who earned $24,000 a year but spent $35,000? Suppose on top of that, he was already $170,000 in debt. You'd tell him to get his act together -- stop spending so much or he'd destroy his family, impoverish his kids and wreck their future. Of course, no individual could live so irresponsibly for long. But tack on eight more zeroes to that budget and you have the checkbook for our out-of-control, big-spending federal government. John Stossel.

Politics – Liberals are deluded by victories in Blue states (New York and Massachusetts) and interpret them as the harbinger of a mythical populist wave sweeping across the country.

Politics – The question for 2014: Will anyone ever be held accountable for Fast & Furious, the IRS mis-use, NSA domestic spying, Benghazi massacre, or the ObamaCare rollout disaster?

Politics – Barack Obama ends this year with a whole new set of adjectives: shallow, whiney, disconnected, incompetent, liar, ideologue, weak, blame-shifter, Teflon, and failure.

Politics – This week’s distractions from the stagnant economy and ObamaCare: more immigration reform hyperbole and continued attempts to undermine Israel’s security.

Politics – Hillary Clinton is a leftist ideologue stuck on the same failed ideas waiting for her turn, with no real accomplishments from Arkansas, Washington, New York or Foggy Bottom.

Media – As new technologies emerge, I expect Twitter will go the way of telephone party

lines doomed by personal privacy issues and a lack of any viable business case.

Diversity – Liberals love diversity. That's why they love to punish anyone who doesn't think, act, eat, drink, drive and speak exactly like them. Steve Stockman.

Economy During a recession, if the government does nothing, the economy recovers naturally in 18 months, but Obama interfered elongating the recovery by over 60 months.

Economy – The fallacy of communism is that diverting capital for government expansion hbenefits the state, but robs resources that would be better used for economic expansion.

Healthcare The latest ObamaCare band-aid fix amends the law in order to prevent the law from being a law that legally does precisely the thing the law was designed to do.

Healthcare – Obama approved the 14th unilateral change in the unpopular Affordable Car Act, but replacing with a single-payer alternative would only make ObamaCare worse.

Environment The “big lie” told by environmentalists is that CO2 is a pollutant, as a means to control all aspects of life by imposing a vast matrix of regulations on an unsuspecting public.

Energy Electricity is one of the most regulated goods in the U.S., and thanks to the EPA’s sweeping powers to regulate CO2, electricity is becoming a very expensive commodity.

Tolerance – Tolerance is not the same thing as acceptance, and acceptance is not the same thing as an endorsement, but homosexuals require everyone to endorse their lifestyle.

Culture – The Duck Dynasty political correctness suspension may be the tipping point when mainstream America finally rejects progressive morality as the arbiter of public behavior.

Debt – I expect that the country’s credit rating will be downgraded again when debt ceiling negotiations fail to cut spending enough to halt deficit spending.

Deficit – I expect one or more states to declare bankruptcy and seek assistance to recover from the bad economic decisions of the past under federal judicial protection.

Housing – I expect that it will take three or more years at the current rate for the backlog of foreclosures to finally clear, before we see any signs of life of a robust housing recovery.

Peace – One of the best peace speeches I ever read was one delivered back in the 1930s — by Adolf Hitler! He knew that peace speeches would keep the Western democracies from matching his military buildup with their own, or attacking him to prevent his buildup from continuing. Peace speeches by Iran today serve the same purpose of buying time — until they can create a nuclear bomb.Thomas Sowell.

GWOT – After tremendous expansions of missions and budgets, Actual instances where the government agency actually stopped an imminent attack on this nation: NSA- 0, TSA - 0.

Israel I expect that Israel will be attacked by Hamas and the IDF will retaliate by invading and then re-annexing Gaza based on defensible borders and 1920 San Remo Conference.

Israel – I expect that Israel will suffer a nuclear attack from Islamist extremists, and Obama will talk a lot, but stand aside and refuse to help defend this longtime ally.

Asia – I expect that North Korea will attack South Korea and attempt to reunite Korea, and Obama will be “unable” to support our troops and will negotiate for a stalemate.


David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY