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January 3, 2015


The men behind Obama took a calculated gamble in 2008 that the nation was ready for the first post-American President, a man with no meaningful cultural roots in the nation he would profess to lead.  They relied on the intrinsic good-heartedness of the electorate to show their lack of prejudice in voting for a man with an exotic Arabic/Muslim name only seven years after the atrocity of Sept. 11.  Democrats counted on the innate good will of the American people, judged that the time was right for a black President, and then went out and found the only half-black candidate who had absolutely nothing to do with the black American experience and ran him as an avatar of black America.  And they won, twice, both times against half-hearted Republican candidates with no skin in the game, married to interchangeable blonde wives.  One was a half-crazy former prisoner of war/political accommodationist and the other a Mormon whose religious faith was guaranteed to lose him some much-needed votes.  If they had tried to throw both elections, they could not have done a better job, both of them refusing to go after Obama head-on, and neither of them apparently realizing the danger he posed to the republic.  Neither could fathom a new kind of Democrat candidate, one who observed the surface appearances of a traditional candidacy, but who was brimming with new, extra-Constitutional ideas about how to effect his political program.  Shortly before his first election, the president promised a “fundamental transformation” of the United States of America, and it is instructive to note the tone in which he made that pledge.  Since that day he has waged unremitting war on the country as founded, pillorying the nation, putting it in the dock, and making us all atone for its sins.  Obama’s is a presidency-as-payback, and the “transformation” is meant to ensure that it is permanently hobbled.  Obama’s turnaround in recent weeks, seizing the offensive with a series of controversial executive actions and challenges to leaders in his own party on the budget, can be attributed to a fundamental change in his political mindset, according to current and former aides.  He’s gone from thinking of himself as a sitting (lame) duck, they tell me, to a president diving headlong into what amounts to a final campaign – this one to preserve his legacy, add policy points to the scoreboard, and to inflict the same kind of punishment on his newly empowered Republican enemies, who delighted in tormenting him when he was on top.  Now we are past both the presidential election and the ’14 midterms, and have arrived at the inflection point. Change will come thick and fast now, in a flurry of “presidential memoranda” and occasional executive orders, and no one in Congress or the courts to stop him.  With the Congress in the hands of the opposition party, Obama will simply ignore them when he’s not using them as a collective whipping boy.  Beholden to his hard-left supporters, the president is likely to increase the racial divide, use the agencies like the EPA and the IRS to further his punishing rule by bureaucracy, and continue to employ the Justice Department as an instrument of his policy preferences.  This is the future as we see it, straight down to realms never before charted in the American experiment, and it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Never forget; the Left never stops, they never sleep, and they never quit.

(“With Two Years Left, the Inflection Point of the Obama Presidency” by Michael Walsh dated December 26, 2014 published by PJ Media at http://pjmedia.com/michaelwalsh/2014/12/26/with-two-years-left-the-inflection-point-of-the-obama-presidency/ )


Even at an elementary level, Obama often doesn't know what he's talking about.  It isn't so much his analysis of global events that's wrong, the deeper problem is the foundation of knowledge on which that analysis is built.  Time and time again, both domestically and globally, Obama warns against generalization and then generalizes, then cites an example which isn't representative or talks about a trend line but get the direction of the trend wrong.  Every administration tries to spin events its way.  Every President gets things wrong.   Obama is not exceptional in those respects but where he stands apart is in his combination of ideological rigidity and fathomless ignorance. What does the President know, and the simple answer is: not a whole lot!

(“What Obama Knows” by Bret Stephens dated September 22, 2014 published by The Wall Street Journal at http://www.wsj.com/articles/bret-stephens-what-obama-knows-1411425811 )

The most long-lasting damage by the Obama administration is the cavalier attitude towards constitutional separation of powers.  Three areas of Obama going it alone stand out: 

·    Immigration - Legalizing and eventually providing a path to citizenship for the estimated 10-12 million illegal immigrants is a top administration priority.  That priority hit a roadblock in the form of the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, and soon, Senate.  Obama announced executive action focused on those who were in the country illegally but whose children were U.S. citizens by virtue of their birth here.  This immigration end-run creates a class of people who effectively are exempt from the immigration laws, without Congress ever having recognized such an exemption, a usurpation of legislative power.

·    ObamaCare - There have been dozens of unilateral actions including individual and employer mandate delays, waivers of certain fees for unions, and the IRS passing rules allowing purchasers on the federal exchanges to obtain subsidies the legislation reserves for state exchanges.  These changes were undertaken not as a proper exercise of discretion as to how best to implement the law as written, but to push much of the pain of the law beyond the 2014 elections.

·    Environment - EPA regulatory authority has been used expansively to scale-back the coal industry and shutter coal burning power plants.  Those regulations have cost Democrats politically in states like West Virginia and Kentucky, but the damage to the coal industry may be irreversible.  The administration has moved to implement national carbon-emission reductions even though Congress has not approved such a national reworking of our energy policy.  The exploitation of environmental regulatory authority not to implement laws, but to create a regulatory equivalent of legislation, is an abuse of executive discretion. 

At every level, the Obama administration has signaled that going it alone is the only way to get things done, but that is not how our constitutional system is set up.  Midterm election exit polls showed trust in government near historic lows. Dissatisfaction with government is the top non-economic public concern.  The Obama administration's relentless expansion of executive power through extra-constitutional means only further fuels the public's distrust of government.  Will our next President be a king, queen or a constitutionally-limited president - that is the question for 2016.

(“Constitution’s horrible, no good, very bad year” by William A. Jacobson dated December 29, 2014 published by USA Today at http://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2014/12/28/constitution-damage-obama-cavalier-2014-legalizing-citizenship-repatriation-supreme-court-column/20814561/ )


Every single thing liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.  We conservatives always knew it, but 2014 was the year when the rest of America began to understand.  2014 was the year that Americans had to choose sides – would they stand with the liberal liars or with us conservatives?  Last November, they chose us conservatives, and maybe the truth will be enough to stop Hillary Clinton and save our country in 2016.  The truth is poison to liberalism, so no wonder liberals hate the idea of a free press. Conservative magazines like National Review long fought the fight alone.  But it is only recently that we saw the rise of a truly free press as technology put a camera in everyone’s cell phone and conservative new media (including social media) created a path around the gates that the liberal mainstream media kept.  The mainstream media used to get to decide what was and was not the truth.  But the truth has been set free, and the mainstream media has been revealed as the guardian of the lies that the liberal establishment needs to fool normal Americans just enough to secure their votes.  That’s why we should laugh and cheer at the mainstream media’s agonized death throes.  Let’s look at a few of the lies we saw collapse in 2014:

·    How about the Grubering of America? ObamaCare was built and sold on a foundation of lies, buttressed with contempt and condescension toward normal Americans.  We saw Jonathan Gruber on tape giggling about how the Democrats knew it.  

·    How about the “rape culturelie of radical liberal feminists desperate for relevance in a world that has passed beyond their bitter whining and fussy psychodramas? Liberal media darling Lena Dunham claimed to be raped and the “Jackie” case at UVA, both sounding too perfectly attuned to the feminist narrative and both turned out to be lies.

·    Don’t forget Al Sharpton’s Tawana Brawley rape lie that never seems to come up in the liberal media. If a conservative President cavorted with a demonstrated liar, a racist, and a multi-million dollar tax cheat, don’t you think you might hear about it in the mainstream media? Sharpton already had a track record of inspiring murder, but don’t look for a discussion of Freddie’s Fashion Mart in the New York Times whose real motto appears to be, “All the News That’s Fit to Print in Support of the Liberal Narrative Du Jour.”

·    The mainstream media didn’t tell you the truth about these cop-hating marches; they are full of scumbags and losers, with commies of every stripe calling for the destruction of America and death to Israel.  You never see that in the news; all you hear is talk of generic “activists” and carefully selected photos that never include the creeps with signs calling for “Socialist Revolution Now” or “Kill the Pigs.”

So when the liberals come to us wanting us to trust them and give them more power and money to fight global warming, remember: Everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.  The lies of the liberals and their media toadies no longer work.  We’ve breached the walls and the gatekeepers are left guarding forgotten gates.  While the dying dinosaur media won’t run them, in 2016 there’ll be plenty of pictures in the new media of Hillary Clinton slobbering over her pal Al Sharpton.  The truth is out there and out of liberals’ control.  2014 was the year when the rest of America saw the truth.  The truth will force normal Americans to choose sides.  Do they stand with a President who lies to them about his health scheme, or with conservatives who seek to dismantle it?  Will they stand with liberal feminist radicals who want to ruin their sons’ lives to score political points, or with conservatives who demand due process for all?  Will they stand with the cop-hating, anti-American degenerates, or with those of us who support the men and women who ran into the burning World Trade Center?  It’s an easy call.  We saw a preview last November.  Will the Silent Majority stand with the flag-burners, the looters, and the bums, or again choose those who love this country and believe in self-sufficiency as well as self-determination?  It will be a very easy call in 2016 since liberals can no longer hide the truth, and everything liberals say is a lie. No exceptions.

(“2014: The Year the Liberal Lies Died” by Kurt Schlichter dated December 29, 2014 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2014/12/29/2014-the-year-the-liberal-lies-died-n1936031 )


A look at political donations shows that the big-dollar contributors put their money on the Democrats.  Democrats have been getting away with portraying Republicans as hateful men who do the bidding of the wealthy at the expense of the country's poor and middle class.  What's more, "the two biggest super PACs of 2014," the "Senate Majority PAC and House Majority PAC," were both backed by Democrats.  Among the 183 groups that wrote checks of $100,000 or more to another group, Democrats had a 3-to-1 cash advantage.  Overall, for the campaign season that just ended, donors who gave more than $1 million sent roughly 60 cents of every dollar to liberal groups.  Among the 10 biggest donors, Democrats outspent Republicans by an almost 3-to-1 margin.  Among groups that funneled more than $100,000 to allies, the top of the list tilted overwhelmingly toward Democrats, a group favoring the GOP doesn't appear on the list until No. 14.  in Congress, the wealthiest among us are more likely to be represented by a Democrat than a Republican.  Of the 10 richest House districts, only two have Republican congressmen.  Democrats claim the top six.  From 1989 to 2014 rich donors gave Democrats $1.15 billion, $416 million more than the $736 million given to the GOP.  Modern-day Republicans have become, quite simply, the Party of the 1%, the “Party of the Rich."  Truly this is a myth that has become widely accepted as fact.  Likewise, a CNN/ORC International poll conducted found that 69% of the country thinks "the policies of the Republican Party generally favor the rich."  Democrats won't stop tarring the GOP with the party-of-the-rich tag, since they long have had the country believing it and will keep doing so even if it is untrue, because it's a lie that works.

(“Party of the Rich? Not the One Most Think It Is” dated December 26, 2014 published by Investor’s Business Daily at http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/122614-732240-party-of-the-rich-is-democrats-not-gop-republicans.htm )

Over and over again, the compliant lapdog media repeats that the economy has been has been fixed and we can thank Barack Obama and his leadership for this terrific feat.  However, even modest scrutiny of our economic state will reveal that we are a nation resting atop a house of cards as we remain insurmountably in debt to the tune of $18 trillion and are saddled with a bitterly divided political system that squabbles over a meager proposed cut of 2.4% to expected government spending.  This administration’s only go-to answer to economic issues is to punish the job creators in a misguided attempt to meld economics with a warped understanding of social justice, so it’s easy to see that even if Obama and his minions can tout inflated and manipulated stats, such illusions are not reflective of actual economic reality.  Real unemployment in the U.S., measured by traditional definitions that include an estimate of those forced to drop out of the labor force because jobs are lacking and those seeking full-time employment who are forced to take part-time employment is closer to 23%, rather than the 5.8% the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in November, confirming Donald Trump’s accusation that Obama’s jobless numbers are “phony.”  Adjusted for inflation, orders for durable goods declined by 0.62% in November, versus a revised decline of 0.12% in October, and a revised September monthly decline of 0.68%.  Sales of existing homes showed a seasonally adjusted decline of 6.1% in November, with 9% of November sales of existing homes in distress (6% foreclosures, plus 3% short sales).  U.S. economic activity is turning down anew, despite overstated growth in recent GDP reporting.   At worst, the bloated growth estimates reflect heavy political massaging.  Current BEA revised estimates of third quarter growth will “suffer heavy downside revisions” in the July 30, 2015, benchmark revision with early indications predicting an outright contraction in fourth quarter 2014 GDP.  The miraculous “Obama recovery appears to be simply another example of the Obama Administration’s mantra of “repeat the lie until it becomes the truth.”

(“Obama’s ‘Economic Recovery’ is Built on Lies” by Greg Campbell dated December 26, 2014 published by Tea Party News Network at http://www.tpnn.com/2014/12/26/economic-expert-obamas-economic-recovery-is-built-on-lies/ )

The administration is making race relations worse, inflaming hatred, and dividing the nation along racial boundaries.  Attorney General Eric Holder insisted to MSNBC that “we are in a better place than we were before” in race relations since Barack Obama was elected President.  The President doubled down in an interview with NPR when asked if race relations were worse since he took office, he said, “No, I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.”  That’s not what the American people see. A Pew Research Center poll found that only 40% of Americans approve of the way Obama is handling race relations.  Black approval is down to 57%, while approval among whites is down to 33%.  More young people under age 30, the age group who were most enthusiastic about electing the nation’s first African-American President, now disapprove of his performance on racial issues than approve.  Eric Holder has one of the lowest approval ratings of any public official.  Law-enforcement officials are appalled at the way the Obama administration exploited tragedies in Ferguson, Mo., and New York City to appeal to its political base.  Holder, who thinks we are “a nation of cowards” on race, has infused the Justice Department with the “racial justice” movement that falsely argues the police “subconsciously” discriminate through the use of “disproportionate” means such as traffic stops.  It has forced 15 cities into consent decrees to end such practices, for which it has almost no evidence.  Even honest liberals agree that Holder’s Justice Department has been confrontational and polarizing.  Thanks to direct support from Holder and Obama, Al Sharpton has now become the nation’s leading civil-rights leader.  Far from becoming the “refined agitator” his apologists now claim him to be, Sharpton is the same racial charlatan and rabble-rouser of the past using slightly new tricks.  In 2009, it dropped charges against the New Black Panther Party for intimidating voters at a Philadelphia polling place because the defendants were black.  In 2013, the Inspector General of the Justice Department filed a report criticizing its Civil Rights Division for allowing the harassing and bullying of conservative employees.  No disciplinary action was taken.  Meanwhile Holder has filled the ranks of the office at DOJ responsible for policing the police with radical lawyers hostile to law enforcement.  Since President Obama took office, “racial justice” ideology has been allowed to trump common sense and saying we “are in a better place” when it comes to race relations may be true for the Al Sharptons of the world but not for ordinary Americans.

(“Holder and Obama are making race relations worse, inflaming hatred” by John Fund and Hans Von Spakovsky dated December 28, 2014 published by New York Post at http://nypost.com/2014/12/28/holder-and-obama-are-making-race-relations-worse-inflaming-hatred/ )


The Tea Party is disorganized and lacks sophistication and cohesion because this lack of organization has benefitted the Tea Party in some ways, but the time has come for this passionate but underdeveloped movement to reach its full potential.  The Tea Party's goal for the new year should be to once again become a visible and vocal actor in American politics.  The Tea Party needs to return to its origins as a protest movement that exerts pressure on establishment politicians.  The movement has had an influence at the ballot box, taking the House away from Democrats in 2010 and the Senate in 2014.  However, electioneering has become the main, if not only, function of the movement.  Instead of switching back and forth from protest to electioneering mode, the Tea Party needs to become a multi-faceted movement that constantly and relentlessly attacks its opponents from all angles.  Although the Tea Party is still a recognizable entity in American politics, it has begun to lose its identity as a vibrant, independent actor.  Because of the constant attacks on the movement, from both Democrats, Republicans, and the IRS, actual membership and activity by Tea Party groups has dwindled.  Perhaps Tea Partiers have become disheartened, but the reality of politics is that it is a numbers game and the numbers work in Tea Partiers' favor.  According to Gallup, 38% of Americans self identify as conservative while only 23% self identify as liberal. This gap has tightened in the last couple of years, but it is still huge. Furthermore, since 2009, support for the Tea Party has fluctuated between 20 and 30%. This fact is especially impressive considering the movement has faced constant headwinds since its inception.  To regain its influence, local Tea Party groups and "umbrella" groups like Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express need to reconnect and start to build a more formal organizational infrastructure.  Furthermore, there needs to be a more proactive push in three areas: messaging that clearly identifies what the Tea Party is and what it wants; a proactive recruitment program; and a fundraising push that will allow its candidates to overcome disadvantages in primary and general elections.  Republican politicians need to know that if they act like Democrats, they will be replaced.  Perhaps the most profound effect the Tea Party could have is to pressure their state legislatures into participating in an Article V Constitutional convention, an idea originally hatched by conservative author and radio host Mark Levin.  In his book, The Liberty Amendments, Levin writes that states should reclaim their authority by convening and writing and passing amendments to the Constitution.  This would circumvent federal gridlock and bring real changes that are so vital if our republic is to survive and succeed.  The Tea Party is the best vehicle to bring this type of convention about because it has the size and it has the energy.  In sum, the Tea Party has the potential to become the political savior of this country, and to accomplish this, the movement needs to revamp and revitalize by returning to its origins as a political protest movement.

(“It’s Time to Brew: the Tea Party Needs to Come Alive” by Layne Hansen dated January 2, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/01/its_time_to_brew_the_tea_party_needs_to_come_alive.html )


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