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January 5, 2019


Given all the political fervor of 2018, Americans may easily lose sight of the policy achievements of the past 12 months.  Impressive accomplishments of President Trump:

·    Increasing Minority Jobs – People of color have thrived under the pro-growth policies of the Trump Boom.  Black joblessness in 2018 reached the lowest levels ever recorded.  For Hispanics, in history there have been a total of 14 months with a jobless rate under 5%.

·    Record American Oil Production – In 2018, the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil. through aggressive regulatory relief and pro-energy moves, Trump paved the way for an independent energy future.

·    Middle-Class Wages Rise – Incomes in general soared in 2018, with average hourly earnings finally eclipsing 3% growth for the first time since before the Great Recession. The news is even better for blue-collar workers, who now realize wage growth above that of white-collar workers for the first time in nearly a decade.

·    Confronting China – American workers have found a champion in Donald Trump, who slapped serious tariffs upon Beijing and finally forced the regime to negotiate fairly. America now embraces its strong bargaining position and demands reciprocity in trade and an end to rampant industrial theft and piracy.

·    Ending the Iran Nuclear Deal – Instead of counting the billions of dollars of cash sent via secret nighttime flights by the Obama administration, the Tehran regime now faces a U.S. leadership determined to thwart its tyranny and prevent its nuclearization.

·    Moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem – Past presidents promised but never followed through, but only Trump made good on his pledge, honored our ally, and recognized the obvious reality that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Israel.

·    U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal – Trump proved that America welcomes equitable global commerce by cementing a badly needed modernization of NAFTA.  The USMCA provides a template for other such trade pacts and effectively isolates China’s increasingly untenable posture.

·    Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – This messy and unfair confirmation secures another conservative jurist with an originalist constitutional approach and a restrained view of judicial power, enabling Trump to keep his promise to remake the high court with young, conservative thinkers.

·    Holding the Line with Migrant Caravans – Trump took a tough and principled stance against would-be trespassers.  Lawless caravans assault our sovereignty and abuse our generous asylum statutes, further justifying the need for a border wall. 

·    Smashing the ISIS Caliphate and Exiting Syria – Trump smartly dispatched limited U.S. troops to help our partners erase the territorial caliphate that had inflicted unspeakable human rights abuses, and promptly announced the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria. 

Good news abounded in 2018 as America reaped the benefits of a commander-in-chief committed to restoring the greatness of our republic.  The intelligentsia of the permanent political class may howl, and complicit pseudo-journalists will balk, but the reality of the Trump track record reveals a country growing in prosperity and security.  

(“Trump’s Top 10 Achievements of 2018” by Steve Cortes dated December 30, 2018 published by Real Clear Politics at https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/12/30/trumps_top_10_achievements_of_2018_139046.html  )


We hate everything and each other.  We can’t settle our own personal disagreements without calling the police.  America sucks; those other races suck; the other sex sucks; being straight sucks.  We hate our own people, and some of our deepest hate is to our own families.  Where does it all end?  Back in the ’50s and 60’s men and women tended to get married and have children much earlier in life and often straight out of high school.  This was common among all races and cultures.  Divorce was something that wasn’t liberating it was humiliating and a stain on the entire family and extended family.  Children were raised by their own two biological parents.  And most of the nation was some kind of church-going Christian.  This was the very fabric of America.  A predominately Christian Caucasian nation that one way or another invited members of other races and cultures to join them on the land they had conquered and/or purchased.  A stark change from the way most conquerors in history behaved.  The wrong people have been the loudest voices in the room for far too long.  Wrong think has brought us to this point in time and it is time for the adults to be the loudest voices in the room and for the kids to go upstairs to their rooms without dinner.  Most of us sit around waiting and hoping for someone else to do what we know we should be doing.  We have been telling ourselves this kind of crap for decades and look where we are.  The wrong people, even after all their epic failures, continue to be the loudest voice in the room).  If America goes down in a ball of flames you know whose fault it will be don’t you?  You can blame international banking/corporations, the Deep State, the media, Hollywood, and they all share in the blame but it is we the people who shoulder most of the blame.  We allowed it to happen in our country, and we continue to allow it to happen.  So many interests want to divide us and make us feel guilty for who or what we are… normal.  It isn’t just ok to be straight, have children at a young age, build your own legacy, be faithful to your spouse, have a job, look and act like you have class, it is freaking awesome.  It is the dream, so don’t let people within earshot poison that well without calling them out. 

(“Stop the Hate” by Patrick McCarthy dated December 28, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/stop-the-hate/ )

The complete and total implosion of the Democrats, especially the majority in the House, will be the story of 2019.  It may not be covered that way by CNN and MSNBC, but the towers will start falling soon.  We already see cracks in the so-called "Women's March," a phony parade that should have been called "the march of the anti-Trump women."  Organizers of a Women's March rally slated for Northern California next month have canceled the event, saying they were concerned that participants would have been "overwhelmingly white."  Isn't the country 72% white?  Is that crazy or what?  We will see the implosion over two issues: health care and the mad impulse to get Trump.  On health care, the Democrats are deeply divided between the socialized medicine crowd and a realistic wing that knows we don't have the money to do it.  Many of this "realist wing" were elected in competitive districts and have a tough re-election waiting for them in 2020.  On "getting Trump," they will find that impeachment is about "high crimes and misdemeanors," not defeating Hillary Clinton or appointing conservative judges.  By the fall of 2019, the cracks will be evident on those two issues and a few others.  The good news is that all of this craziness will convince Michael Bloomberg to run as an independent, and that will re-elect President Trump in a three-way race.  Bloomberg will be the Teddy Roosevelt of 1912 or Ross Perot of 1992, and President Trump will win 400 electoral votes, so there is one prediction for 2019. 

(“The coming Democratic implosion” by Silvio Canto, Jr. dated December 31, 2018 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/12/the_coming_democratic_implosion.html )

The Democrats don’t want strong borders, for one reason: because Donald Trump wants it!  President Trump is on to something, so Democrats seem determined to stop his plans for a southern-border wall as revenge for beating Hillary Clinton.  They hate Trump’s guts more than they love America.  In Fiscal Year 2018 alone, federal officers apprehended 396,579 illegal aliens on the southwest border.  The Left loves the fact that those who were caught are released, and others who break into America undetected, likely will become Democrats.  Meanwhile a few Senate Democrats say if Republicans call it anything but a wall, they’d be all for it.  Building “a fence” seems less than what Trump promised.  Perhaps, erecting a “barrier” would let Democrats believe that they kept Republicans from getting what they want while Republicans just might find that they got what they need.  Such a linguistic compromise could end the nearly week-old partial shutdown.  However, even that might not satisfy today’s Democrats.  They seem committed to keeping a quarter of the federal government shuttered, if that’s what it takes to stop President Trump from fulfilling his biggest campaign pledge.  So, as Democrats just say, “No!” to President Trump’s wall, they are colluding in several serious, deadly ills, until they support a wall:

·    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to fentanyl - CBP seized 1,377 pounds of fentanyl in Fiscal year 2017, which equals some 208.2 million lethal doses of this potent opioid.

·    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to heroin - CBP captured 4,579 pounds of heroin in FY 2017, enough to kill 69.2 million men.

·    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to human trafficking - The National Human Trafficking Hotline received 7,572 reports of such exploitation in 2016, 37% above 2015’s 5,544 complaints.

·    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to rape - DHS reports. “Sixty to 80% of the women and girls who cross Mexico to get to the U.S. border are raped along the way.”  Sometimes sex is used as a form of payment, when women and girls don’t have money to pay bribes.

·    Democrats just say, “Yes!” to MS-13 - On December 20th, CBP arrested a previously deported 24-year-old Salvadoran member of MS-13.  Two days earlier, Border Patrol  caught an already deported Honduran MS-13 gangster in Texas.

If Democrats want these evils to continue, then they should remain on their current course.  If they prefer to limit or end these horrors, they should cease their hatred for Trump, approve the House’s $5.7 billion in barrier funds, and conclude their partial government shutdown. 

(“Democrats Hate the Wall because Trump Loves It” by Deroy Murdock dated December 28, 2018 published by National Review Online at https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/12/border-wall-immigration-debate-democrat-politics/ )


At what point do the American people wake up and realize that many of their elected officials, both Democrat and Republican, aren’t actually serving their interests?  It’s staggering to watch the debate over our immigration system and the building of a southern U.S. border wall play out, but it also highlights how deeply immoral many of our leaders are and the alternate reality of Washington, D.C.  In the real world of common sense, any sovereign nation would, and should, assert its right to secure its borders.  It would assert that it had the right to understand who wants into the country and to ask why those people are coming.  It would then make a judgment as to whether it was in the nation’s best interests, economically or otherwise, to accept any of those seeking entrance, or whether it was detrimental.  Ultimately, every decision regarding immigration would be made to further the interests of the actual and current citizens of that nation, the ones who fund every last penny of the government and its elected officials.  This is because the priority of every nation and its leaders should be to promote and protect the interests of its people, whether in trade or immigration or national security.  That is nationalism, and nationalism is the epitome of morality for any national leader, or leaders.  Nationalism is about promoting the national interests of the people who comprise that nation.  What we have in Washington, D.C. among our ruling class is deeply immoral behavior that has existed for decades in which the government of the people, by the people, but most importantly, for the people has become a government of the ruling class, by the ruling class, and protecting its interests.  Our ruling class has decided that the current immigration system, the one that almost doesn’t even qualify as one since it’s so broken, is in their best interests.  Democrats want to maintain the status quo because of political power, and Republicans, kowtowing to their corporate donors who want cheap labor, don’t want to endanger their reelection donations.  The result of all of this is the American taxpayer is ignored, because the arrogance of the detached elite and their sycophants allows them to think they know better than the people they supposedly serve.  The American taxpayer funds the government, the elected officials, funds foreign aid, and then, insult to injury, funds the consequences of our broken immigration system to the tune of tens of billions every year, but God forbid any of those facts should be taken in to consideration by our elected officials.  The election of Donald Trump was in many ways a reaction to this ruling class.  Finally the American people might have a champion for their interests, a person who would actually stand up for them and say “enough!” to the status quo and “enough!” of abusing the American taxpayer and not prioritizing their interests.  Trump’s approach in all things isn’t in keeping with the traditional Republican way of handling issues, and that in many ways is the beauty of it: it’s not a rigid party-for-party’s-sake approach, but an appeal to common sense and the questioning of everything.  As a country we have been living in defiance of common sense with respect to our trade deals, our immigration policy, our national security, and our out of control spending. There is a freight train named “Reality” barreling down the tracks headed straight for us.  The choice in a democratic republic is in many ways up to us, but the question still remains as to whether we’re actually going to do anything about it. 

(“Question the Ruling Class and Embrace Common Sense Again” by Ned Ryun dated December 28, 2018 published by American Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2018/12/28/question-the-ruling-class-and-embrace-common-sense-again/ )

Americans are being sold the fairy tale that the whole world has a constitutional right to come here, give birth, and get a free American passport.  We’re told its “un-American” to say otherwise, but the growing phenomenon of “birth tourism” is the real affront to American values.  There are hundreds of companies offering rich foreigners all-inclusive birth vacations to beautiful American tourist destinations.  Astonishingly, pregnant jetsetters from around the world step off planes, clear customs with their tourist visas, and are whisked from airports to specialty birth tourism hospitals that exist just for this purpose.  The hotel accommodations are luxurious, the post-partum cocktails expertly mixed, but the greatest allure is provided free of charge by the U.S. government: citizenship in the greatest country on Earth.  For the price of a travel package, these wealthy foreigners get lifetime membership in one of the most exclusive clubs on the planet.  This subversive industry exists for one reason: to exploit our laws and literally sell American citizenship, and business is booming.  The most visible cohort has been communist China’s new ruling class, which sends tens of thousands of its expecting mothers to “maternity hotels” in California and U.S. Pacific territories like Guam.  With just a quick trip in and out, their children, more than 60,000 of them every year, automatically become American citizens, with all the attendant benefits.  Lately, Russia’s upper class has been getting in on the action, too.  South Florida is the birth tourism destination of choice for Vladimir Putin’s cronies, and Miami’s passport merchants are catering to their desires in style.  For $50,000, Russian oligarchs can get luxury beachside accommodations and professionals to take care of all the paperwork necessary to mint their own little American citizens.  What’s particularly galling about this phenomenon is how flippantly these wealthy birth tourists treat the concept of American citizenship.  These oligarch babies may never need welfare, but they will be as eligible as any American for government assistance and the many other benefits that are due any citizen of our country.  Our ancestors fought and died to secure the rights we enjoy as American citizens, enduring terrible hardship to make a new life here and claim the mantle of “American citizen.”  Countless millions have risked their lives just for a chance at American citizenship, yet birth tourists treat it like a simple vacation perk before returning to a life of luxury in their home countries.  These birth tourists are a far cry from the impoverished single mothers Democrats like to talk about when they’re arguing against border security, but they benefit every bit as much from the radical open-borders lobby that holds sway in the Democrat Party.  These liberals tell us that the 14th Amendment to the Constitution mandates birthright citizenship, and that it’s “un-American” for us to complain.  Whatever you think of the approximately 300,000 “anchor babies” born to illegal aliens in the U.S. every year, the prevalence of birth tourism is indefensible as a matter of either law or morality.  As more and more legal scholars recognize, birthright citizenship is simply not what the drafters of the 14th Amendment intended.  The policy actually puts the U.S. at odds with most of the world, since only 30 countries, mostly in South America, recognize birthright citizenship, and Canada is the only other developed country to do so.  Luckily, President Trump is doing something about this sorry state of affairs. On the campaign trail before the midterm elections, he called out the birth tourism industry by name and revealed that he’s contemplating using either an executive order or legislative action to clarify that the 14th Amendment doesn’t require American citizenship be on sale for the price of a plane ticket.  Valuing American citizenship is not “un-American,” and neither is dispelling the fairy tale of universal birthright citizenship. 

(“The Birthright Rip-Off Is Another Affront to American Citizenship” by Jan Brewer dated December 29, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/janbrewer/2018/12/29/the-birthright-ripoff-is-another-affront-to-american-citizenship-n2538236 )


During recent months, President Trump has been assailed by shrieking critics within the U.S. and overseas regarding Trump's enthusiastic endorsement of the concept of American nationalism.  Many NeverTrumps and neocons are charging that nationalism in America equals white supremacy, a forerunner to Nazism.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  Their hysterical assertion is extremely misguided, or a deliberate attempt to once again besmirch Trump, just as they did when they blamed him for the anti-Semitism and massacre at a Pittsburgh synagogue, despite the fact that the shooter was anti-Trump and the president has been the most pro-Israel and genuinely Jewish-friendly president we have ever witnessed.  Loving America is a good thing inasmuch as America is a good country.  As with any institution, including marriage and family, nothing is perfect, but America was founded on highly moral and workable principles and has consistently provided more fair pay, opportunity, and decency than any country in the history of the world.  America is the first choice for those around the world seeking a haven or place to find work and dignity, and it deserves to be loved.  It is a badge of honor to identify with America as a nation.  Loving this nation and its people is highly proper and commendable inasmuch as the American people themselves are a good people.   Being a super-patriot, or putting America first, is what we should do.  In the Pledge of Allegiance, we Americans refer to ourselves as one nation under God. Nationhood and nationalism are normal, natural instincts.  On the contrary, to equate American nationalism with something evil is strange and purposely inflammatory, revealing the accuser's deep insecurity and discomfort with America itself.  When candidate Trump spoke of America First, an array of critics arose to accuse Trump of being a follower of the anti-Semite Charles Lindbergh, who used that phrase almost a century ago when asking that America not get involved in a far-off European war.  Just as American nationalism does not mean white supremacy or Nazism, America First is, similarly, not a call to anti-Semitism.  Those who may wish to politically tarnish President Trump may try to convince us to read it that way.  Those who feel insecure and lack confidence in the inherent goodness of the majority of the American people may feel threatened by such phrases.  The preponderant meaning of nationalism is patriotism and love of country, and the basic reading of America First is exactly what President Trump has in mind: placing American workers first, placing America's military and American lives first, putting America's security and the protection of its citizens first.  When asked to choose, we should always place our families and country first.  The opposite of that is globalism or trans-nationalism.  Those who purposely conjure up Nazi phraseology of "blood and soil" to describe American nationalism are propagandists.  The left, and neocons, should stop hijacking and redefining the American language.  In contrast to Trump, France’s Macron and Germany's Merkel are globalists, European socialists.  They are strong advocates for a European Union that erases borders between European countries so that when a jihadist enters one country, he is free to enter another country or city like Strasbourg.  The leaders of these countries willingly forfeit their economic autonomy to bureaucrats in Belgium who decide everything, from business regulations to weights, measures, and slogans.  It is a total loss of national sovereignty, which has resulted in a severe diminution of those cultural and traditional values and rituals that determine a country's identity and end up erasing its history.  President Trump, as most Americans, doesn't want this for America.  We are not trans-nationalists; rather, we are nationalists who love our history and identity and are proud of who we were and who we are.  Those on the left are not proud of our history and identity.  Macron's turn against nationalism is part of a surrender and appeasement.  Due to decades of vast, unfettered immigration into France from Islamic countries, Macron sees how Islamic culture and sharia outlook are overwhelming and overriding what was the French culture.  He is unwilling to undertake the politically incorrect fight to reverse this awful trend.  In an act of appeasement, masquerading as a lofty call against nationalism, Macron is announcing that France (he) will not make the immigrant community conform to French values.  Rather, he is allowing the destiny of France to be determined by the most contrary and aggressive: the North African immigrants.  France will be what it will be forced to become.  Nationalism, according to Macron, is no longer vital.  The "new" France will be unrecognizable; it will morph into how the non-nationalists and sharia-ists decide France should look.  France's destiny, its future, will not be tied to its past.  Macron, the anti-nationalist, the universalist, has thrown in the towel...and with it, French patriots.  So did Obama, and so, most likely, will anyone chosen to run as a Democrat presidential candidate.  The job of a courageous leader is to stifle those on the extreme who would hijack the necessity and majesty of nationalism for a racist cause.  The much larger focus and intent should be to put one's country first and inspire a nationalism that ushers in a great era, and President Trump is on track doing that. 

(“Three Cheers for American Nationalism” by Rabbi Aryeh Spero dated January 2, 2019 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/01/three_cheers_for_american_nationalism.html )


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