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January 9, 2010

Views on the News*

Obama has suddenly become very sensitive to polls and sinking approval ratings, fearing that Americans have finally woken up to his vapid words and leftist agenda. Last January, Democrats were streaming into Washington eager to celebrate not just the inauguration of Barack Obama as president, but also their party's ascendancy from coast to coast. "Yes, we can," a triumphant Obama trumpeted, and the country seemed to cheer in agreement. Now, the country seems to be yelling back, "No, you can't," and putting the Democrats on the defensive heading into next fall's elections. People are starting to feel promises were not fulfilled and we did not see a huge shift in values that would favor the Democrats in the long term, so Party plans to build a durable political majority are stalling. On December 26th Rasmussen’s daily tracking had Obama’s approval at a new low of 44%, with a disapproval figure of 56%. Democrats have started attacking Rasmussen Reports polls that reflect a different, far worse appraisal of Obama’s popularity and a host of other issues, claiming a flawed polling model focusing only on voters. A Real Clear Politics compilation of other pollsters is not that different showing Obama with an average approval figure of 49.5% and disapproval of 45.1%.  More damning is the end of year daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows that 24% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President while 42% Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -18%. Only 32% of voters are even somewhat confident that their representatives in Congress are actually representing their best interests, which explains why 58% of U.S. voters now say Congress is doing a poor job. 50% of Americans believe the country will still be in recession at the end of 2010. New data shows that 47% of voters think states should have the right to opt-out of whatever health care plan Congress adopts while 40% disagree. 78% say it’s at least somewhat likely that the proposed health care reform legislation will cost more than projected. Only 32% of U.S. voters say the country is heading in the right direction, while 62% believe the nation is heading down the wrong track. The biggest 2009 trend expected to continue in 2010 is the President’s popularity will continue to sink and his legislative agenda popularity will sink even faster.

(“Low favorables: Dems rip Rasmussen” by Alex Isenstadt dated January 2, 2010 published by Politico at http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1209/31047.html

Riding high a year ago, Democrats now fear disaster ahead” by Steven Thomma and David Lightman dated January 6, 2010 published by McClatchy Washington Bureau at http://www.mcclatchydc.com/227/story/81804.html )


Few things focus the attention of politicians as much as approaching elections and Democrats are aware that spending and deficits are big reasons Republicans have a nine-point lead on the Rasmussen Poll's generic ballot. Independents are particularly important to this administration since they were the key swing voting block. They are sensitive about deficits, spending and taxes, whose growth they see adversely affecting jobs and the economy and give Obama only a 21% approval on handling the deficit. Discretionary domestic spending now stands at $536 billion, up nearly 24% from President George W. Bush's last full year budget in fiscal 2008 of $433.6 billion. That's a huge spending surge, even for a profligate liberal like Obama, and the $102 billion spending increase doesn't even count the $787 billion stimulus package, of which $534 billion remains unspent. Now that the banks are repaying, with interest and dividends, the $240 billion the Bush administration lent them, the Obama administration is considering recycling those dollars into new spending on "green" technology and more “stimulus,” despite provisions Congress wrote into the law creating the Troubled Asset Relief Program that requires that repaid TARP funds be used exclusively for deficit reduction. Meanwhile, defense spending is being flattened, rising 3.6% while nondefense discretionary spending climbs 12%. There are also those pesky entitlements which have grown to 66% of the budget, up from 29% in 1965. Serious budgeters understand spending cannot be brought under control unless these mandatory outlays are part of the mix. One idea on Capitol Hill is to create a commission to provide Republican cover for Democrat tax increases and a permanent increase in the size of the federal government. At the beginning of his term, Americans believed Obama would follow through on his campaign promises about "cutting wasteful spending" and going "through the federal budget, line-by-line, ending programs that we don't need" and putting "an end to the run-away spending the record deficits." After a year of living in Obama’s fiscal fantasy world, Americans realize they have a record deficit-setting, budget-busting spender on their hands, so voters are now reading the fine print on all that Obama proposes and as they do, his credibility, already badly damaged, suffers.

(“Obama’s Fiscal Fantasy World” by Karl Rove dated January 6, 2010 published by The Wall Street Journal at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704842604574642212271767466.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_MIDDLETopOpinion )


President Obama is a victim of his upbringing and training which causes him to see America through leftist glasses which is the only explanation that makes sense on his destructive legislative agenda. Asked by Oprah to grade his own performance during the first year of his presidency, Barack Obama did not hesitate to pat himself on the back: "a good, solid B-plus." The conservatives are genuinely puzzled by the president's blithe confidence. His performance can be judged as nothing short of calamitous only if he is seen as honestly trying to be true to his presidential oath of office "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."  Barack Obama is a lifelong radical, and his ideology compels him to see the world through a revolutionary prism. Based on Obama’s standards, he has indeed earned a solid grade for the first year of his presidency. Let's try to evaluate Obama's performance from the leftist perspective. He has piled up trillions in new spending, saddling the generations to come with a crushing debt burden. While the Keynesian prescription of spending one's way out of the recession has been widely discredited, it is still gospel on the left. Obama has done nothing to help business, the only reliable job-generator, while bemoaning high unemployment and putting vast swathes of the U.S. economy under direct government control. For the left, capitalism is the ultimate enemy, its destruction by any means necessary the Holy Grail. Wealth must be taken away from the greedy plutocrats and redistributed to the "rightful owners" -- the poor. From their viewpoint, nationalizing everything in sight is the only solution to America's problems -- the only true path to secular salvation. Regrettably, it cannot be done in one fell swoop; the resistance is too stiff. So the ultimate goal will have to be reached step by painful step, and Obama deserves plaudits for his initial efforts. When two-thirds of the U.S. auto industry, for years encumbered by unreasonable union demands, finally went belly up, President Obama put GM and Chrysler under direct government control. Big Labor is one of the president's most important and valuable allies deserving a handsome payoff, so he gave a piece of the action to the UAW in spite of its prominent role in steering both auto companies into the ditch. The president has been trying to convert the country's energy sector to the "green" creed, which is sure to take the wrecking ball to the American way of life and dramatically reduce our standard of living. Pushing the cap-and-trade legislation, Obama is doing his part. The same goes for the crown jewel of Obama's agenda: health care reform designed to give the government absolute control over one-sixth of the U.S. economy. Admittedly, Obama could not get everything he wanted, but even partial success would be a stupendous achievement, giving him hope to build on it in the fullness of time.  Obama's diplomacy essentially boils down to preening like a peacock on the world stage. Endlessly apologizing for America and appeasing her enemies looks like a joke -- but only to his critics. Obama appeases tyrants of all stripes and consistently tries to ingratiate himself with the Muslim ummah -- only to lose everyone's respect and turn himself into the butt of jokes. But it only looks like a foreign policy disaster to his enemies on the right. As far as the progressives are concerned, bowing down to the third-world despots is exactly the right and proper thing to do. Summing up, from the viewpoint of the progressives, while arguably deserving an "A" for effort and audacity, Obama's actual performance, even though not as good as it could be, certainly merits the grade he generously awarded himself: "a good, solid B-plus." From the conservative perspective Obama has been an outright failure and will continue to undermine the American economy and prestige and power abroad.

(“Obama’s Progressive Goose and Our Conservative Gander” by Victor Volsky dated January 8, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/01/obamas_progressive_goose_and_o.html )


This Democrat Congress will be remembered for two efforts that will damage the economy for years to come: government health care "reform" and the $787 billion stimulus plan. The federal deficit ballooned to $1.4 trillion and national debt increased to over $12 trillion in 2009. The binge of deficit spending is all but guaranteed to be the excuse for coming tax hikes that will have to hit a far wider swath of Americans than those fabled rich Obama promised to target. The Democrats' health care plan already includes numerous and onerous tax increases. The deceptively named stimulus plan contained a decade's worth of pent-up Democratic spending wishes on everything from $50 million in National Endowment for the Arts grants to $500 million for "leading edge biofuel projects." The twin disasters of government health care "reform" and the "stimulus" tend to blot out some of the other sins of last year's congressional session, but here are 11 more reasons to remember this Congress less than fondly:

·    shredding the Constitution by failing to stand up to the Obama administration's power grab in appointing a record number of policy czars;

·    failing to protect the public from terrorism by punting the reauthorization of the Patriot Act until next year;

·    damaging the economy and costing us jobs by leaving the U.S.-Korea and U.S.-Colombia Free Trade Agreements in limbo;

·    further crippling the U.S. auto industry by interfering with General Motors Corp.'s and Chrysler's reorganization plans;

·    boosting funds for international "family planning" (i.e. lots of abortions) by $100 million after President Obama rescinded the Mexico City Policy;

·    hurting D.C. children by suffocating the District's Voucher program, which is slowly dying as no more students are allowed to join;

·    undermining faith in democracy by refusing to hear their constituents' fears at town hall meetings in August;

·    slashing the Congressional Budget Office's credibility by gaming the timing to force the CBO to proclaim that Democratic plans to expand spending will lower the deficit;

·    gumming up the courts with a "hate crimes" law that will force judges, prosecutors and juries to search criminals' minds for unauthorized thoughts, but won't put criminals in jail any faster;

·    socializing yet one more aspect of the U.S. economy by taking over the school loan business; and

·    making the rest of their failures that much more appalling by raising their own Congressional budgets in the midst of a recession when everybody else has to cut theirs.

This Congress will go down in history for the damage it has done to America with wild deficit spending and the takeover of one seventh of the U.S. economy. Unless and until the Democrat majority is thrown out of office, this Congress’s disastrous policies will prove to be only the beginning of their perfidy on Capitol Hill and on the American people.

(“Congress horribilis” dated January 4, 2010 published by The Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2010/jan/04/congress-horribilis/ )


Now that America has elected a bi-racial President, we should not be surprised that racial politics are guiding many policies and practices in this Administration. Obama promised us unity and clearly implied that he would govern in a color-blind way, but this promise, like so many others, has quickly been broken. The administration and Congress have passed policies clearly based on favoritism. They have further appointed, approved, and empowered key officials who have displayed a strong desire to benefit African-Americans over the interests of all Americans. There are two ways this agenda has been promoted: steps that have a disparate impact in favor of African-Americans, and those that are designed to specifically favor African-Americans (disparate treatment). Disparate impacts are outcomes that benefit African-Americans because they are compose a higher proportion of a particular group. These include:

·    efforts to gut the workfare requirement that was the signature achievement of Bill Clinton in the area of welfare reform;

·    giving a blank check to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Federal Housing Authority to expand home "ownership" among lower-income people and income redistribution on a massive scale; and

·    health care "reform" despite all the polls showing that most Americans are happy with their own medical care and do not want the intrusion of government, the massive deficits, and the tax increases that will come with such "reform."

Because African-Americans make up a high proportion of the disadvantaged, they will disproportionally benefit and this is an agenda at work. Barack Obama revealed this strategy when he said: “If we have a program, for example, of universal health care, that will disproportionately affect people of color, because they're disproportionately uninsured.” Obama expressed support for reparations (retracted during the campaign) and expressed frustration that the Constitution and the Warren Court presented roadblocks to redistributing wealth to blacks. The Senate health care reform bill has been ginned up with a raft of provisions that will send money flowing to medical schools that offer preferential admissions to underrepresented minorities (read: quotas that exclude Asians) and that are geared towards sending doctors and nurses to "vulnerable populations" in "underserved areas" or "populations experiencing health disparities." Six federal agencies must create an "Office of Minority Health." ObamaCare institutionalizes racial discrimination to such an extent that the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights was compelled to send letters to the president and congressional leaders warning about the "racially discriminatory provisions" in the Senate's health care bill. Attorney General Eric Holder's Justice Department shields the new Black Panther Party from punishment for intimidating voters during last year's campaign, suddenly dropping three of the four charges in a layup of a case and penalizing the final one with a laughable tickle on the wrist. Then Holder stonewalls Congressmen and the Civil Rights Commission, who want to get to the bottom of this miscarriage of justice. Meanwhile Justice has ruled that ACORN is eligible for federal aid, despite all the scandals surrounding the group. There was a reason this White House broke all precedents when it sought to bring the census operations under its own control. Funny numbers are a White House specialty -- especially when they are under the control of Chicago politicians who can manipulate the process to benefit one group over another. Sampling and estimating, rather than an actual enumeration, for example, has the prospect of greatly enhancing the counting of minorities (at the expense of accuracy). Obama's Labor Secretary Hilda Solis has announced that affirmative action will be a focus of her department. Obama created something called the Chief Diversity Officer and the first person to hold this position is Mark Lloyd, who has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to "step down" in favor of minorities. This "new racial spoils system," is emerging both from the Oval Office and Capitol Hill. If there is any politician who knows how to work a spoils system, it is one hailing from the Windy City. We should not be surprised, since Democrats (and Republicans) always reward the special-interest groups that help elect them: unions, trial lawyers, teachers, and of course African-Americans. Despite the near-total media silence on this topic, maybe people are beginning to suspect the worst. Barack Obama's approval rating has plummeted among white Americans (almost in a free-fall), yet it holds steady among African-Americans. What we have seen so far certainly belies Obama's claim that he would unite us or that he was the symbol of post-racial politics. The agenda seems to reflect a shift of priorities to bring health care, stimulus money, housing, jobs, voting power, and a range of other benefits to African-Americans as African-Americans, not just as Americans. This administration is on track to be "the most polarizing administration we have seen in matters of race since the 1920s" and is just more destructive policies that must be undone when this current group is voted out in 2012!

(“Racial Spoils in Obama’s America” by George Picard dated January 6, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/01/racial_spoils_in_obamas_americ.html )


In terms of U.S. output contractions, the so-called Great Recession was not much more severe than the recessions in 1973-75 and 1981-82, yet recovery from the latest recession has progressed very slowly. We believe two factors are behind this rather tepid rebound. An obvious one is the severe financial crisis that precipitated this recession, with many major financial institutions receiving large bailouts from the federal government. The confidence of bankers and venture capitalists has been shattered, at least for a while, and it will take time for them to recover from the financial turmoil of the past couple of years. The household sector also faces a difficult period of financial retrenchment in the wake of a major collapse in home prices, overextended debt positions for many, and high unemployment. The second factor is less obvious, but possibly also of great importance. Liberal Democrats won a major victory in the 2008 elections, winning the presidency and large majorities in both the House and Senate. They interpreted this as evidence that a large majority of Americans want major reforms in the economy, health-care and many other areas. So in addition to continuing and extending the Bush-initiated bailout of banks, AIG, General Motors, Chrysler and other companies, Congress and President Obama signaled their intentions to introduce major changes in taxes, government spending and regulations—changes that could radically transform the American economy. The efforts to transform the economy began with a fiscal stimulus package of nearly $800 billion. While some elements served the package's stated purpose and helped to soften the recession's impact, the overall package was not well designed to foster a speedy recovery or set the stage for long-term growth. In terms of discouraging a rapid recovery, other government proposals created greater uncertainty and risk for businesses and investors. These include plans to increase greatly marginal tax rates for higher incomes. In addition, discussions at the Copenhagen conference and by the president to impose high taxes on carbon dioxide emissions must surely discourage investments in refineries, power plants, factories and other businesses that are big emitters of greenhouse gases. Congressional "reforms" of the American health delivery system have gone through dozens of versions. The separate bills passed by the House and Senate worry small businesses, in particular. They fear their labor costs will increase because of mandates to spend much more on health insurance for their employees. The resulting reluctance of small businesses to invest, expand and hire harms households as well, because it slows the creation of new jobs and the growth of labor incomes. In its efforts to combat the financial crisis and recession, the Fed created over $1 trillion of excess reserves at banks through various bailout programs and open market operations. When banks draw on these reserves for loans to businesses and households, there is a potential for the money supply to grow rapidly, possibly producing a substantial inflation. How hard the Fed will fight inflationary pressures through open market sales and other actions that raise interest rates is a significant source of uncertainty about future inflation and about the potential for monetary policy tightening to choke off the recovery. Even though some of the proposed anti-business policies might never be implemented, they generate considerable uncertainty for businesses and households. Faced with a highly uncertain policy environment, the prudent course is to set aside or delay costly commitments that are hard to reverse. The result is reluctance by banks to increase lending—despite their huge excess reserves—reluctance by businesses to undertake new capital expenditures or expand work forces, and decisions by households to postpone major purchases. The weak economy is far and away the most prevalent reason given for why the next few months is "not a good time" to expand, but "political climate" is the next most frequently cited reason, well ahead of borrowing costs and financing availability.

(“Uncertainty and the Slow Recovery” by Gary S. Becker, Steven J. Davis and Kevin M. Murphy dated January 3, 2010 published by The Wall Street Journal at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703278604574624711732528426.html )


The $200 billion in federal stimulus cash was supposed to save the states from fiscal calamity, but the reality is that all that free money has set the states up for an even bigger mess this year and into the future. For example, the stimulus offered $80 billion for Medicaid to cover health-care costs for unemployed workers and single workers without kids. But in 2011 most of that extra federal Medicaid money vanishes, and the states will have one million more people on Medicaid with no money to pay for it. Second, stimulus dollars came with strings attached that are now causing enormous budget headaches. Many environmental grants have matching requirements, so to get a federal dollar, states and cities had to spend a dollar even when they were facing huge deficits. The new construction projects built with federal funds also have federal Davis-Bacon wage requirements that raise state building costs to pay inflated union salaries. So when states should be reducing outlays to match a new normal of lower revenue collections, federal stimulus rules mean many states will have little choice but to raise taxes to meet their constitutional balanced budget requirements. This is the opposite of what the White House and Congress claimed when they said the stimulus funds would prevent economically harmful state tax increases. Now Congress wants to pass another $100 billion aid package for ailing states to sustain the mess the first stimulus helped to create.

(“The States and the Stimulus” dated January 2, 2010 published by The Wall Street Journal at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704152804574628633460370644.html )


The U.S. Senate also passed an $871 billion health care reform bill on Christmas Eve through shady, sweetheart backdoor deals… while you were cutting your Christmas spending because of the recession, Congress charged you and your children's national credit card with another $2 trillion plus. For those who missed the bloated bureaucratic holiday news, President Obama exclaimed that congressional Democrats "scored a big victory for the American people," but, in fact, it was actually our senators who scored big time through political and personal payoffs. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid passed out Christmas bonuses, what I call perpetual pork, gifts that keep on giving, unlike those familiar single hits at the public trough. He initiated a new frontier in pork-barrel politics. His corrupt and creative diversions included giving out Medicaid and Medicare credits like another round of pork projects. Rarely has the corruption of a program been so exposed while it is still awaiting final approval in Congress. The special favors and vote-buying are so gaudy that some of the corrupt deals even have their own names: the "Cornhusker Kickback" and the "Louisiana Purchase." In 383 pages of changes to the 2,076 page Senate bill HR. 3590, there are dozens of these types of pork rind provisions for Senators:

·    Senator Ben Nelson sold out with a government bribe (“Cornhusker Kickback”) that covers Nebraska's Medicare expansion costs to the tune of $100 million;

·    Senator Mary Landrieu bragged about receiving a $300 million increase in Medicaid funding for Louisiana (“Louisiana Purchase”);

·    With Obama telling the AARP that he considered Medicare Advantage an example of "wasteful spending," Senator Bill Nelson obtained a sweetheart deal for an exclusion of some 800,000 policyholders all across Florida from cuts to Medicare Advantage;

·    Senator Patrick Leahy finagled $600 million in additional Medicaid benefits for Vermont;

·    Senators Byron Dorgan and Kent Conrad secured additional Medicare payments for their North Dakota rural hospitals;

·    Senator Tom Harkin openly confessed putting in an increase in Medicare payments to eight Iowa medium-sized hospitals;

·    Senator Max Baucus secured extra Medicare benefits for select Montana residents;

·    Senator Bernie Sanders agreed to a $10 billion increase for community health centers;

·    Senators Daniel Akaka and Daniel Inouye will receive a Disproportionate Share Hospital, or DSH, extension for Hawaii;

·    Hospitals in Senator Joe Lieberman's home state of Connecticut will have the option to benefit under provisions if it means higher payments;

·    Senator John Kerry won deals for more generous federal payments under the Medicaid program for Massachusetts;

·    Senator Chris Dodd inserted a $100 million kickback in the bill to construct a new hospital for the University of Connecticut; and

·    Senator Roland Burris of Illinois won the super-loser award for claiming credit for the provision in the Reid bill that could eventually provide federal funds again for ACORN!

And to secure its shady deals so that no one can avert its actions, Congress has inserted one of the most unconstitutional sections ever written in a piece of legislation: Section 3403 of Reid's amendment on Page 1,020 reads, "It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection." Senator Orrin Hatch posed to his colleagues, "Who will pay for these special deals?" "The answer is simple – every other state in the union." The fact is that the average American citizen would be thrown in jail for embezzlement and dirty laundering if they were to conduct their business as Congress does our country. Amazingly, under pressure, the Democrats are not scaling back on the corruption of this bill. They're doubling down; they are trying to salvage a corrupt product by adopting a corrupt process, canceling the traditional conference committee that would harmonize the House and Senate versions of the bill, in favor of closed-door Democrat only negotiations to produce an even more complicated and opaque compromise. This is being done in flagrant violation of a number of President Obama's major campaign promises: to make the health-care negotiations available to public and specifically to broadcast them on C-SPAN and to return bi-partisanship to Congress. Those corrupt crime bosses we call Congressmen have caused enough damage! In November 2010, all 435 House seats will be open for re-election, and one-third of the Senate seats will be open for re-election as well. The time is now to eject the unconstitutional corrupt Congressmen, and it's time to let them know what's coming. I agree with TEA Party leaders, who are delivering bold ultimatums to all congressional candidates in 2010: "Pledge to repeal the health-care reform bill in its entirety – or you will be booted from office."

(“If the price is right” by Chuck Norris dated January 3, 2010 published by World Net Daily at http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=120837

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Someone needs to wake up President Obama that the Global War on Terror (GWOT) is still very active around the world and the United States remains the number one target of opportunity. The war is hot and deadly around the world: decreasing in Iraq, increasing in Afghanistan, occasional drone strikes in Pakistan and Somalia, and currently quiet in Malaysia and the Philippines. Yemen has put itself on the GWOT radar training future combatants. In 2009 the United States has been attacked twice on American soil: first at Fort Hood and now at the Detroit airport, and five other plots were thwarted before execution. Connecting the dots” on Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab , the Christmas bomber, should not have been that tough since intelligence about terror threats rarely comes on such a silver platter:

·    his Nigerian banker father went to the U.S. Embassy in Lagos to warn that his son had fallen under "the influence of religious extremists based in Yemen" and was a security risk;

·    this came after months of U.S. intelligence intercepts about al Qaeda plans for an attack using a Nigerian man; and

·    he paid for his ticket with cash, didn't check any luggage, and didn’t leave any contact information.

We were spared the horrible consequences of our incompetence, only because of his technical incompetence. Abdulmutallab’s name went onto the list of 400,000 people who might have links to terror, but not the list of 14,000 subject to multiple screenings before boarding an airplane nor the list of 3,400 people who are not permitted to fly. The FBI's Terrorist Screening Center's "reasonable suspicion" standard reads: "Reasonable suspicion requires 'articulable' facts which, taken together with rational inferences, reasonably warrant a determination that an individual is known or suspected to be or has been engaged in conduct constituting, in preparation for, in aid of, or related to, terrorism and terrorist activities, and is based on the totality of the circumstances. Mere guesses or inarticulate 'hunches' are not enough to constitute reasonable suspicion." This “political correctness” to not tag him as a person of interest raises questions not only about airline security, but about how we are fighting the real war we are in. Unlike the war on crime, or the war on drugs, this is not a metaphorical war, and there is no presumption of innocence, rather a presumption that he is a terrorist and did not act alone. The immediate imperative was not to read him his Miranda rights, but to subject him to intense and hostile interrogation so that U.S. forces can quickly find, fix, attack and kill his comrades and camp followers. The first 100% truthful thing that President Obama said was that “U.S. intelligence had enough information to uncover the terrorist plot to bomb a Northwest Airlines flight but failed to piece it all together before the suspect boarded a plane for Detroit armed with explosives.”  Look for Obama to throw Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, Counter-Terrorism Czar John Brennan, and/or National Counter-Terrorism Center Director Michael Leiter under the bus for incompetence to cover his own cluelessness! Bush's premise that Islam would negotiate with the West was false, but Bush loved America, and he protected America, even if he refused to see the enemy for who and what it was. It was no accident that America was safe for eight years post-9/11, but our security is now being unraveled by a weak and pro-Islamic president. I fear the jihadi attacks on America in 2009 were staggering, and it has only just begun. Maybe now Homeland Security will finally begin profiling for actual terrorists like El Al Airlines has done successfully for years, and stop focusing on such dreaded implements of terrorism as nail files and shampoo bottles!

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The nation's most important New Year's resolution is to remove the Marxist majority in Washington and the Republican Party has the best, if not the only chance to unseat the current majority. There can be little doubt that the national sentiment opposes the Marxist policies being imposed by the current majority in Washington. Poll after poll, parade after parade, TEA Party after TEA Party vividly demonstrate the nation's frustration with Obama's "fundamental transformation of America." There are dozens of conservative political parties, each shouting for attention, each working to restore American values, and each being largely ignored by most Republicans, and all Democrats. On their own, none of the conservative parties, including the Republican Party, can remove the Marxist majority in Washington. Working together toward the common goal of changing the current majority, the conservatives cannot fail. Like it or not, the Republican Party is the best tool available to do the job that needs to be done, but it is not sufficiently powered, nor even aimed in the right direction to accomplish the job that must be done. Voters increasingly see the two parties as different and Republicans must seize the opportunity to articulate the difference. In 1994 House Republicans unified behind a clear and written mission statement for the midterm elections called the “Contract With America.”  Although this bound only those House members who signed on for those ten stated objectives, Americans connected the Contract with America to Republicans at every level, from state legislative races to big state Senate races. The “Contract With America” dealt primarily with bringing to vote specific popular measures. This year what enrages and infuriates Americans is that the very process of government seems divorced from the will of the people. What Republicans should do in 2010 is to write a very short, very clear and very definite pledge for what the Republican Party will do if given power (aka Contract With America 2010):

·    prohibit voting on any bill unless the entire language of the bill has been made public at least thirty days prior to the vote;

·    guarantee short, uncluttered congressional bills;  

·    end all hidden dealings on federal legislation and last-minute amendments;

·    disallow adding pork into crevices of vast bills as a means to buy votes;

·    repeal all health care legislation passed under Obama;

·    Republicans should propose a very short health care reform bill which accomplishes, without political payoffs or backroom deals, many good and popular changes; and

·    require a two-thirds majority to pass any federal legislation with earmarks in it. 

It will take disgruntled Democrats, Third Party advocates, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Free-marketers, TEA Party marchers, and even formerly apathetic couch-potatoes, all working together, to take control of the Republican Party, and to run the Marxists out of town. The people who want to return America's government to the vision set forth in the U.S. Constitution must seize control of the Republican Party and transform it into an unbeatable political power focused on restoring the Constitution, free markets, private property rights, and individual freedom.

(“Resolved: remove the Marxist majority” by Henry Lamb dated January 3, 2010 published by Renew America at http://www.renewamerica.com/columns/lamb/100103

“A Brief 2010 Republican Midterm Platform” by Bruce Walker dated January 5, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/01/a_brief_2010_republic_midterm.html )


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Hawthorne, NY