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January 10, 2015


We are one year closer to ending the Obama years and it cannot come soon enough since he has been one of the worst Presidents this country has seen.  When Obama came into office the economy was in shambles, but instead of rebuilding it, he threw all his attention on his healthcare law, which was unpopular then and still remains unpopular today.  There is no doubt in my mind ObamaCare will either fall apart on its own or be repealed.  We now know that everything he told us about Obama-Care was a lie, it seems this President has a hard time telling the American people the truth.  People wanted jobs, but he chose to shove healthcare down our throats.  We now have an unemployment rate of 5.8%, but many economists say the real number is still in the double digits.  He passed a Trillion dollar stimulus package that was supposed to create shovel ready jobs.  He then created tons of new regulations that only kept our economy from growing.  Then, there was the 2011 S&P downgrade: the first time the government was given a rating below AAA and then was downgraded again to AA-.  The National Debt is now up to 18 trillion dollars and is expected to reach 20 trillion by the time Obama leaves office.  The debt was at $10.6 trillion when Obama took office in 2009 but has increased by 70% during his roughly six years in office.  From the day that Obama first walked into the White House, he has done nothing but drive a wedge through the heart of America; we are a more divided country then I have ever seen.  Incomes have decreased since Obama took office.  Obama twice ran for the White House promising to reduce the gap between rich and poor, but instead it expanded across the board.  The rich are getting richer and the poor, poorer because of his failed policies.  Obama has done great harm to this country.  Some thought he was incompetent, but he knows exactly what he is doing.  On October 30, 2008 he said, We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”   Most people believed he meant for the better, but many of us knew exactly what he meant, he wanted a more Socialist type of society, which he has worked hard to achieve.  He has divided the nation and always passes the buck when things go wrong.  The only way America can recover after Obama is to repeal everything that he has done and start over, otherwise we may be doomed.

(“Can America Come Back After Obama?” by Chris Vaca dated December 15, 2015 published by Conservative Daily News at http://www.conservativedailynews.com/2014/12/can-america-come-back-after-obama/ )

Study human history sufficiently and you will soon see that the majority of governing entities have been what could be called autocracies, monarchies or oligarchies, with many, if not most exhibiting authoritarian characteristics.  While there were brief flirtations with democratic systems such as the Athenian and Roman republics, the trend continued with political / military strongmen, divine rights monarchs, religious authorities and up until the 20thCentury.  American government split with the former trend when it adopted a new and radical philosophy of popular sovereignty, while Britain took a gradualist course in which Parliament gradually weaned the monarchy of its authority and left it as little more than a figurehead capable only of moral suasion.  At the turn of the 20th Century American popular sovereignty began to erode.  Woodrow Wilson was the first President to declare the U.S. Constitution outdated and opine that the courts should remove the restrictions placed on the national government.  Someone said of Woodrow Wilson that he had no friends, only devoted slaves and enemies.  That description comes all too close to describing Barack Obama, with his devoted political palace guard in the White House that he listens to, in contrast to the generals he ignores on military issues and the doctors he ignores on medical issues.  Wilson’s assault on the Constitution came via amendments.  Obama has essentially stated, when it suits his purpose, that it is irrelevant.  Wilson and Obama are both academics with little or no knowledge of the real world in practical terms.  Both of these men have asserted a smug superiority throughout their associations with others; particularly the American Public.  This attitude betrays the same essential characteristics of royalty and aristocracy in past centuries.  Instead of having ancestry as the basis for this supposed superiority, it is now based on political philosophy and educational background.  It is this attitude that shows the underlying hypocrisy of the average modern self-appointed “elite.”  It is their seeming compassion for the “poor and underprivileged” that leads some to mistake their intent.  Their true attitude is contempt for everyone who does not fit their personal model of social propriety.  The rest are to be used, if acknowledged at all because they are not part of the elite crowd.  The socialist ideology has merely been an excuse and a cloak for their authoritarian ambitions.  The current U.S. government paradigm appears built on a partnership between controlling interests in the major political parties, large business interests and the investment banking (Wall Street) community and assorted hangers on who profit from political machinations; particularly those who run “not for profit” organizations that depend heavily on government largess.  The national debt has exploded and the economy is largely static.  Growth projections or pronouncements have become suspect due to evidence that the books are being cooked.  Much of the economic stagnation is easily traced to government intervention including ObamaCare, and destructive regulation of the energy sector.  If the majority of the population can be forced into an impoverished condition while the relative few maintain excessive wealth, then a situation similar to that of the old Soviet system appears.  The Soviet political-economic system by virtue of its intense class based hierarchy and lack of social mobility created what was essentially a modern feudal state.  This created the ability of one generation to pass social status on to the next, as long as they were capable of performing the duties of such positions and the result was stagnation and destitution.  In modern America the “big government political” class sees itself benefiting from such a model.  It will create a “divine right of political eliteswho are qualified for such position because they have personally declared it so.  They are totally wise, so in their wisdom they always make the correct decisions.  The rest of us are simply unable to function at their level and such opportunities would be lost on us anyway.  We are better off as serfs, doing their bidding without questioning their authority.  Thus is born the ideal of the modern feudal state.  One of the adages applied at the outset of the 2009 Obama administration was “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  It seemed reasonable to posit that creation of crises in order to take advantage of them was also a possibility.  A manufactured crisis with its federal response could suspend the constitution and Presto, the new feudal state is in place which is what the elites are after; privileges that cannot be taken away.

(“Setting the Stage for the Modern Feudal State” by Steven Laib dated January 2, 2015 published by Intellectual Conservative at http://intellectualconservative.com/setting-the-stage-for-the-modern-feudal-state/ )


Democrats have lost the working class, especially white, lower-middle-class voters.  There are several obvious reasons.  For one, high-profile progressives are largely rich, and their relatively small numbers live in a gentrified cocoon.  Politicians, academics, media personalities, celebrities, and other Democratic-aligned professionals had just the sort of academic brands or technological, linguistic, cultural, and service skills that were well-compensated during the transition to globalism.  Their out-of-touch privilege, however, led to agendas (radical green politics, hyper-feminism, transgender advocacy, forced multiculturalism, open borders) that were not principle concerns of the struggling working classes.  High-speed rail, expensive graduate degrees, and European-level gas prices are logical aims for elites.  They insist that the planet is cooking, that cities are the sole generators of cultural advancement, and that tony academic stamps are proof of knowledge superior to the kind absorbed through religious instruction or pragmatic experience.  In the short term, liberal elites had little clue how the ramifications of their own unworkable ideology always fell on distant others.  ObamaCare, with its higher average deductibles and premiums, is far more of a burden than a bargain for the working class.  Race proved a second Democrat Waterloo.  The constant push for identity politics, open borders, expanded federal entitlements, and inflated government was based on the idea that an increasingly non-white America would soon swallow up the old European majority, and that would ensure a new Democrat century.  But class is always a more telling divide than race.  In contemporary straitjacket Democrat orthodoxy, there is no concession that a white male mechanic could face more economic difficulty than a Latina journalist, an African-American federal employee, or Asian dentist.  Lockstep obedience to the mantras of diversity, affirmative action, and preferential hiring does not allow that race can be increasingly divorced from class.  Moreover, race is not always either absolute or easily definable.  To the working class, Democrats appeared to reward Americans not just on the basis of their race, but also on the assumption that some sections of the population have an easily identifiable racial pedigree, and that it has resulted in a proven need for reparations.  In a multiracial America, that orthodoxy appears untenable, and unfair to those without claims to the correct genealogy or the money and privilege to navigate around such rules.  Finally, Democrats are now easily caricatured as both snobbish and condescending in the same way bluestocking Republicans used to be.  If Hillary Clinton, Al Sharpton, or the masters of Silicon Valley wish to talk about how growing inequality and the unfairness of American life demand more regulations and higher taxes, they should at least show some symbolic class solidarity by now and then flying commercial, eschewing limousines, and avoiding Martha’s Vineyard.  The new bifurcated Democrat party of rich and poor shows a sort of contempt for those who do not share the privileged tastes of the elites and can’t earn their easy sympathy by being dependent on liberal government largesse.  Democrats’ problem is that the working classes are large and know that they no longer fit into what liberalism has become.

(“The Party of Snobbish Elites” by Victor Davis Hanson dated January 8, 2015 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/395904/party-snobbish-elites-victor-davis-hanson )


These are troubling times for many Americans.  The economic recovery since the Great Recession of 2008 has been the slowest in U.S. history, with millions of out-of-work Americans so discouraged they are no longer even trying to find a job.  Forbes puts the real unemployment rate at 12.5%.  Consumer confidence about the future, according to the University of Michigan, stands at a limp 73.7, similar to past recession lows.  The national exit poll taken after the November elections found that 78% of the people feel that you can only “sometimes” (60%) or “never” (18%) trust Washington “to do what is right.”  Aldous Huxley was right: The true danger is not a totalitarian government ruled by Big Brother, but a hedonistic society tranquilized by drugs, sex, and mass media.  We are bombarded on all sides by pernicious messages.  The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule are fusty and old-fashioned and should be cast aside.  Smoking a cigarette is banned, but smoking a joint is celebrated.  Same-sex marriage is protected by our legal system, while traditional brides and grooms are patronized.  Cohabitation is the new norm for young couples.  In the past decade, the percentage of children born outside of marriage grew by almost 7%; the unwed birth rate for African Americans is over 70%.  A solid majority of Americans believe in God and go to church.  Americans remain the most charitable and connected people on earth.  They belong to countless voluntary associations (social, religious, educational, racial) that solve problems without government prodding or regulation.  So the bothersome question, “Is life worth living?” is bothersome because it forces us to consider not only our own life but the lives of others.  Aristotle said that happiness is the purpose of human existence.  Since man is a rational animal, Aristotle said, human happiness depends on exercising reason, not being ruled by fleeting passions.  What do modern American thinkers say about what constitutes a good life, a worthwhile life?  We have not yet lost the culture wars.  Only 7% of Americans say that abortion is morally acceptable, only 4% say extramarital affairs are morally acceptable, and 50% think that homosexual activity is a sin.  Overall, 72% of adults are still married to their first spouse. The sinews of a good society are there, if atrophied.  Ronald Reagan said “Every individual is unique, but we all want freedom and liberty, peace, love and security, a good home, and a chance to worship God in our own way; we all want the chance to get ahead and make our children’s lives better than our own.”  Above all other places, Reagan wrote, America “gives us the freedom to reach out and make our dreams come true.” 

(“Is Life Worth Living?” by Lee Edwards dated January 8, 2015 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/395915/life-worth-living-lee-edwards )

Choosing to hate people simply based upon the color of their skin is despicable, and likewise, presuming that all whites are inherently racist based strictly upon the color of their skin is appalling.  Unfortunately, many blacks today have hindered their own progress by blaming "the man" for their socioeconomic status rather than themselves.  Racism in America has moved to the back of the bus because of desegregation and public shaming.  This "institutional racism" not only ignores the fact we have a black President, they've neglected to realize blacks occupy government jobs more than any other ethnicity by percentage.  Racism doesn't have to deter you from being all God created you to be.  Here are five easy steps to eliminate racism:

·    Remove "conversations" on race from the national limelight: Victims can become angry people if they're unwilling to forgive and move forward; anger makes it harder for anyone to move forward.  As long as you hold onto a grievance you will feel entitled to recompense whether it's justified or not.

·    Stop with the "Color Blind" Nonsense: We're doing each other a disservice by perpetuating sameness at the expense of diversity-in the true sense of the word.  Our differences can help us to appreciate one another if we let them.

·    Learn from our kids: America is less racist now, not more.  Our kids aren't as concerned about who's racist.  They're concerned about who is safe, trustworthy and fun to be with.

·    Eliminate Political Correctness by confronting the cause rather than the symptom: It's beneficial to stereotype and racially profile, particularly when chasing down criminals and terrorists.  Single parent homes, absentee dads, promiscuous "baby mamas," joblessness, low high school graduation rates and high crime rates aren't going to be solved by pretending the American dream is nonexistent for minorities.  The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one.

·    Differentiate prejudice from true racism: Everyone has natural prejudices towards others due to fears, unknowns and stereotypes.  Prejudice can easily be overcome through education, integration and humility, but racism is largely a spiritual issue that deals with pride and other matters of the heart. Jumping to conclusions rarely helps matters.

We shouldn't be so quick to pull the trigger on the "R" word; it might come back to bite you. That's certainly been the case for black Americans.

(“Five Easy Steps to Eliminate Racism in the New Year” by Carl Jackson dated January 6, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/carljackson/2015/01/06/five-easy-steps-to-eliminate-racism-in-the-new-year-n1939381 )


Six years ago, America cast its lot toward a young, first-term U.S. Senator from Illinois to lead the greatest nation in the world.  However, you realize the social experiment of electing an unqualified, former professional antagonizer has been an economic disaster.  The quantitative evidence, and it abundant, is overwhelming and ever-growing.  Remember the fanfare of January 2009: Change was coming; All families, not just the rich, would rise in wealth, but especially those with the lowest of incomes; and African-Americans would see their lot improve, as would other minority groups.  Obama seemed the type of leader we needed to right the wrongs of the past and deliver all Americans into prosperity.  Now, six years later, the degree to which Barack Obama has failed, as seen in the data, is quite staggering.  Consider the wealth gap: According to a report from the Pew Research Center, in 2014 upper income households had almost seven times the wealth of middle class households.  That is the largest gap between these respective groups in the three decades the Fed has collected such data.  Closing the wealth gap is a Utopian goal of liberals and Obama was no different.  He campaigned on it.  Lower and middle class Americans, groups with which Democrats so often claim allegiance, have fallen further down the economic ladder under President Obama.  Consider this staggering comparison: In 2007, the average household income in America was $55,627; and in 2014, that figure had slipped to $53,880 - Americans earned less on average than they did seven years prior.  What has happened is the average American family has been earning less than it did when the great Recession began, and over that same period prices of practically everything else we buy rose.  According to government data, in 2007 the lowest quintile of earners in America made up 3.4% of total earnings.  That means the lowest 20% of earners in America only collected 3.2% of the total earnings pie in 2013.  Over that same period, the highest earning quintile’s slice of the pie actually swelled from 49.7% in 2007 to 51.0% in 2013.  Those are official government numbers.  Under your Messianic President, the rich literally got richer and the poor got poorer.  Even The New York Times, cited a National Employment Law Project study in which it was noted that a million jobs in middle-income industries were lost during the Great Recession.  The article added that those million workers then often found themselves either unemployed or flipping burgers at a minimum wage job.  Is that the American Dream that was being ballyhooed by so many when they cast their lot for the Community Agitator from Chicago back in 2008?  The African-Americans fared just as poorly under Obama.  Their unemployment rate has dropped from 12.7% when he took office to 11.1% as of November 2014, the latest reported month.  However, the reason that figure has dropped is because so many African-Americans have actually dropped out of the labor force.  Meanwhile, the latest data indicate that some 46 million or one in seven Americans are on food stamps.  Practically any way you slice the data, Obama's economic and labor grades are woeful.  Without a hint of shame, six months ago President Obama boasted, "I think you’d have to say that we’ve managed the economy pretty well."  It looks like the economic illusionist that is Obama is finally losing his touch because folks are finally starting to question him.  An October CNBC poll found that a mere 24% of Americans were confident in Obama's economic policies and goals.  As for the other 76% of Americans have seen through the smoke and mirrors and realize that indeed the Obama reign over the economy has resulted in nothing other than disappearing jobs and earnings.

(“The Obama Economic Record is Even Worse than You Realize” by Chad Stafko dated January 5, 2014 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/01/the_obama_economic_record_is_even_worse_than_you_realize.html )


As January 2014 arrived with a blast of cold air ominously dubbed the polar vortex”, the White House released a video in which the Chief Science Advisor to President Obama managed to get on both sides of it, declaring the “extreme cold” to be “a pattern that we expect to see with increasing frequency as global warming continues.”  How the Earth is getting both colder and warmer at the same time defies reality, but that is of little concern to Dr. John Holdren and the entire global warming, now called climate change, hoax.  The White House intends the last two years of Obama’s term in office to be an all-out effort to impose restrictions and find reasons to throw money at the hoax.  The “Climate Action Plan” called the “Climate Education and Literacy Initiative” is primarily directed at spreading the hoax in the nation’s classrooms and via various government entities as the National Park Service so they can preach it to the 270 million people who visit the nation’s 401 parks each year.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will sponsor five regional workshops for educators and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, along with the American Geosciences Institute and the National Center for Science Education will launch four videos likely to be shown in schools.  It adds up to a massive climate change propaganda campaign, largely paid for with taxpayer funding.  There’s $2.6 billion in the budget for the United States Global Change Research Program.”  Dr. Holdren has long held the view that the U.S. should “de-develop” its “over-developed” economy.  That likely explains the Obama administration’s attack on the use of coal, particularly in utilities that use it to generate electricity. In the six years since the policy has been pursued by the EPA, coal-fired utilities have been reduced from providing fifty percent of the nation’s electricity to forty percent.  Arnold reported that “Holdren wrote his de-development manifesto with Paul and Anne Ehrlich, the scaremongering authors of the Sierra Club book, ‘The Population Bomb.’”  Every prediction in the book has since proven to be wrong, but it was clear then and now that Dr. Holdren is no fan of the human population of the planet. Like most deeply committed environmentalists, it is an article of faith that the planet’s problems are all the result of human activity.  It is obscene that his administration devotes billions of dollars and countless hours to spreading a hoax that is an offense to the alleged “science” it cites.  The North and South Poles are not melting.  The polar bear population is growing. The seas are not dramatically rising. Et cetera!  One can only hope that a Republican-controlled Congress will do what it can to significantly reduce the money being wasted and reverse the EPA war on coal and the utilities that use it to produce the energy the nation requires.

(“White House Climate Lunacy” by Alan Caruba dated January 4, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/68720 )

Old Europe has been experiencing a tidal wave of violence and terror in recent years correlating to and in direct proportion with the growing influence of Muslims in the western part of the continent.  The massacre in Paris by Muslims screaming “Allahuakbar” represents a culmination of growing Muslim power and even dominance in France.  Britain, Sweden, Belgium and the rest of the sorry lot are not too far behind.  European Muslims have successfully accomplished what the Nazis could not accomplish in World War II.  They have sown an irreversible dread into Europe and implanted a fascist-like Islamist seed that has taken firm root.  It is ironic that France has been the recent target of most of the violence.  France of all the countries of Old Europe is one of Islam’s greatest appeasers.  For all its official rhetoric, France has done precious little to stem the growing tide of Jew-hatred and anti-Israelism that has gripped that country.  The sign of a sick and diseased country can be measured by its treatment of its Jews and by that paradigm, France’s condition is terminal.  Mass emigration of French Jewry, prompted primarily by French Islamists, is met with muted response and inaction by French officials who appear either indifferent to their plight or at a loss to devise a coherent strategy to effectively deal with the phenomena.  Since the mid-1960s, the French, motivated partly out of greed, partly out of a need to needle the United States and partly out of genuine dislike for the Mideast’s only democracy, have done everything in their power to appease tyranny rather than fight it, to prop it up rather than obliterate it.  In May 1967 France was the first Western power to unilaterally impose an arms embargo on Israel at a precarious time when Israel was facing existential threats from its Arab neighbors.   The French, who barely had time to shed the stench of their collaborationist Vichy past, chose to abandon and betray the Jewish State in a transparent effort to curry favor with the Muslim world. The French sold their morality for oil and a few Francs.  France’s duplicitous foreign policies when it came to appeasing two-bit Arab dictators only went from bad to worse.  They helped Saddam Hussein construct an atom bomb plant and supplied the tyrant with massive quantities of Mirage fighter jets, missiles, tanks and artillery.  Successive French governments have developed a penchant for coddling up to the most vile Islamic dictators and terror sponsoring states.  Close relationships were forged with Hafez Assad of Syria and arch terror chieftain Yasser Arafat, a despicable murderer who was always warmly greeted by adoring and fawning French officials.  Rather than fighting and combating Islamic terrorists, the French have a nasty habit of paying them off.  They released frozen Iranian assets in exchange for cessation of Iranian-backed terror attacks against France and paid Palestinian groups protection money in an effort to spare their commercial airliners from the scourge of Palestinian skyjackings.  France’s abominable foreign policy reared its ugly head yet again when it backed a Palestinian resolution at the UN Security Council that imposed dictates on Israel, compelling the Jewish State to withdraw to pre-1967 borders without addressing Israel’s security needs and territorial claims.  To the leaders of France, composed of Neville Chamberlin lookalikes, adopting the Palestinian narrative and coddling up to the Mideast’s Muslim dictators, is good for business and insulates France against Islamic-inspired terror attacks.  The barbaric Muslim massacre of French political satirists, journalists and policemen in Paris proves there is no insurance and should compel French leaders to reevaluate their foreign and liberal domestic policies. 

(“Appeasement Comes Back to Haunt France” by Ari Lieberman dated January 8, 2015 published by Front Page Magazine at http://www.frontpagemag.com/2015/ari-lieberman/appeasement-comes-back-to-haunt-france/ )


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