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January 14, 2012

Views on the News*  

After a few of the latest Obama assaults on the US Constitution and liberties of We-the-People, some in the media appear at last to have come to the realization that Obama is and has been a dictatorEven some members of our feckless and Obama-accommodating Congress are at last saying that Obama is acting in an “extra-Constitutional” (aka “illegal”; “unconstitutional”) and “dictatorial” manner.  Even though it seems to have taken an inordinate amount of time for even these to ultimately admit that we are in a police-state crisis, I applaud them for having the insight, albeit VERY delayed, to admit the destructive force that is working daily to eliminate the United States of America.  Obama’s latest shredding of the US Constitution and replacing the USA’s three-branch-equal-powers federal government system with his own dictatorship include, but are hardly limited to, the following:

·    Removing local police presence from communities and replacing them with a federally-paid (that’s US taxpayer-paid) Obama-controlled National Police force

·    Obama is stepping up his issuance of illegal Executive Orders, INCLUDING the Dream Act that was voted down by Congress and opposed by a majority of the American people.  Nevertheless, Obama issued an Executive fiat to ‘create’ it. 

·    Obama is now making “recess appointments” of unacceptable candidates when there is no Congressional recess. 

·    The Obama/Holder “Operation Gunwalker: Fast & Furious” was and is directly attributable to Dictator-in-Chief Obama.  The Deputy Attorney General Ogden’s statement said that he was “directed by the President to take action” against the drug cartels.  It was developed as a means to fight against the US citizenry to remove legally-owned guns from US citizens under the Obama-manipulated premise that guns were being illegally sold to the drug cartels by Americans.

·    Obama announces plan to share military secrets with Russia, which in earlier times used to be called and prosecuted as Treason. 

Today, too many still refuse to believe what’s happening in our country.  Instead, they choose to believe the lies that are being perpetrated by a now wholly antagonistic-to-the-people government, even though its actions belie its words.  Too many people still choose to believe the lofty although-proven-to-be-lies rhetoric that drips steadily and daily from the mouth of Dictator Obama and they ignore what he’s actually doing to destroy them.  The plain truth, no matter how uncomfortable or painful it may be, is that we have already lost our country to a band of thugs who have looted our treasury, burned our US Constitution and is in the process of decimating the rest of the USA at and on every level.  The biggest problem is that some of us have allowed, even welcomed, it to happen.  The country that my ancestors fought and died to build has been annihilated.  The only question remaining is:  Are there real humans left who crave liberty, freedom and God enough who want to fight for and rebuild it? The results of the November 2012 election will answer this question.

(“Final Implementation of Obama Dictatorship in Progress at All Levels” by Sher Zieve dated January 8, 2012 published by Canada Free Press at http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/43765 )

Only a little more than eighteen months after President Obama had packed the mall in Washington for his historic inaugural, the TEA Party held it's own inaugural Rally in which nearly the same size audience had attended to protest Obama’s policies, but over the last  year the air has leaked out of the TEA Party movement.  The initial rallies catapulted a state by state tsunami-like momentum where grassroots, low tax, small government, pro-founding principles, pro-life, pro-national security, and pro-God forces aligned and an election victory of historic equivalence shook America in 2010.  The driving force of that agitation then as it is still today was the effect of a poor economy, government intervention, federal overreach, bureaucratic mandates, and punitive taxes on the nation's beleaguered small business community as entitlements, bail-outs, and criminally reckless spending ensued.  The TEA Party believed that the buffoons authoring the mess should be dealt a blow, and in 2010 they leveled power in the Congress.  Some very good people got elected in 2010 to attempt to help lay the groundwork for the complete repeal of ObamaCare.  Yet only a little over a year later and the goal of the TEA Party to complete it's work and overturn ObamaCare is all but dead.  During the election season of 2010, there was a schism in the Republican Party between populist Tea Partiers and more politically-sensitive establishmentarians.  Today those two factions have been reshuffled into the Romney voters and the Anyone-But-Romney voters.  The true enemy of freedom, liberty, and all we hold dear is Barack Hussein Obama.  This election is about stopping a man who is committed to ending America as we know it.  The two biggest priorities for primary voters are to decide which candidate can make Washington DC as inconsequential to the life of the average American as possible, and who can challenge President Obama directly on the worst legislation of our time - ObamaCare.  It is almost impossible to believe and violently sickening to accept that in light of the clear mandate of the TEA Party that the GOP stands on the cusp of returning to "establishmentism."  However it appears that for all the big talk, tens of thousands of local rallies, and the single largest non-inaugural event to ever occur on our nation's mall, the TEA Party is on the verge of becoming inconsequential and dying.  The 2012 election is serious business, and Obama must be stopped.  If not, the concept of Classic Americans (tough, hardworking, and doing whatever needs to be done without complaining) will be lost forever, while Obama aggressively transforms us into a “Needy Everyone is Equal America.”  A third party, not voting at all, or any other nonsense will insure Obama's re-election and the end of America.  Each and every member of our TEA Party family must rally around whoever becomes the Republican nominee because four more years under Barack Obama will do irreparable harm to this country that may never be repaired, and let the Party leadership discussion wait.

(“Dear Tea Party Patriots: We Are Family” by Lloyd Marcus dated January 7, 2012 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/01/dear_tea_party_patriots_we_are_family.html

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President Obama has made clear his desperate path to re-election: he plans to run against Congress and, by seizing unconstitutional powers, go about governing this year with or without the legislative action required by the Constitution.  He'll issue executive orders, have his bureaucracy regulate as may please his ideology, and generally do whatever else he can get away with.  Obama apparently thinks he can get away with a lot, and judging by the response of the Republican congressional leaders to his actions, he's probably right.  This President may have crossed over from socialistic extremism into lawlessness and, perhaps, impeachability.  The Founding Fathers were obsessed with any form of government that could become too powerful, too willing to use force to oppress citizens and they had cause.  The Constitution was designed to ensure that the President could not rule by edict and defused power among three branches of government.  We now have a President currently running for reelection against Congress, Wall Street, Republicans, and the right of citizens to be free of an overly intrusive government.  President Obama has announced several new appointees, all clearly a challenge to the Senate and all clearly a tyrannical power grab, by making four "recess appointments," three to the National Labor Relations Board and one to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a regulatory monstrosity created by the ill-conceived Dodd-Frank financial "reform" act.  Obama announced these four appointments purporting to exercise his power to do so under Article 2, Section 2 of the Constitution, but, according to Article 1, Section 5, the Senate was not in recess because it hadn't obtained permission from the House to adjourn for more than three days and because the Senate was in de facto session.  This is the same Congressional maneuver that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi repeatedly used to prevent George W. Bush from making recess appointments last term.  What’s next, appointing nominees when the Senate takes a lunch or bathroom break?  Evidence of Obama’s narcissism and drive for complete power is ample.  He is on record as saying the Constitution is composed of “negative” limits on power.  Others regard the Constitution as the ultimate protection against the unlawful use of power.  This is particularly evident in the Bill of Rights which was appended to the Constitution because several of the first States would not ratify without it.  There is a long list of usurpations of power that endanger the nation domestically and internationally.  Whether it was done out of stupidity or a deliberate effort to harm the nation can be debated, but the most outstanding attribute of Obama has been his continual lying and Machiavelli notes that “the deceiver will always find someone ready to be deceived.”  In this effort, Obama has been greatly aided by the mainstream media with a few notable exceptions.  The trust that once reposed in the nation’s print and broadcast media has been eroded and will be hard to regain.  The trust given Obama is long gone by all but a few ignorant and lazy citizens content to have their lives ruled by an over-reaching executive branch of government.  The House and the Senate each have the power, and the duty, to block or overturn a president's unconstitutional action.  The House's only real power is the power of the purse.  It can cut off funding for anything it wants to stop the Executive Branch from doing.  Unfortunately it can't and won't because its Republican leadership lacks the courage to stand their ground after the first whiff of the grapeshot.  The unconstitutional appointments satisfy the "case or controversy" requirement.  To invalidate those appointments and require the people appointed to give up their offices is an immediate, and clear, issue for the courts.  Unfortunately, the only people who have standing to sue right now are the members of the Senate whose constitutional power of "advice and consent" on appointments was violated.  The election process will rid us of Obama and likely many of those Democrat legislators who have supported his policies.  The House is controlled by the Republicans and the Senate is likely to follow.  Meanwhile, we must guard against the present occupant of the White House.  The only unanswered question is whether Congressional Republicans can rediscover their courage and push back, or whether Impeachment may be the only way to harness this out-of-control President’s usurpation of power.

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You have to give President Obama credit because it takes serious gall to tell the American military to its face that you are putting this country on the road to second-class status, because behind the euphemistic vocabulary and the strategic veneer is a simple truth: This is a retreat.  That’s exactly what our Commander-in-Chief did, as he announced nearly half a trillion dollars in new spending cuts, after already chopping $480 billion during his first three years in office.  To the left having a sizable military creates the temptation to use it and the only way to check that temptation is to dismantle and weaken it as much as possible.  The half trillion in cuts, which will affect everything from next generation fighter jets to troop numbers, will certainly do that.  Yet this President’s plan would reduce the size of the Army and Marine Corps by a combined 10–15%, taking force levels back to roughly where they were at the end of the Clinton administration.  He also set out plans for drastic reductions in our force size and continuing weapons programs, including the F-35 fighter, our last best hope for maintaining American dominance in the skies.  This is the first time that a President has voluntarily eviscerated the armed forces of the United States and redeployed what remains so as to create acute vacuums of power in time of war.  Obama’s been trying to reassure Americans all this won’t endanger our national security or our strategic interests.  It is sad that this President is unable to learn from President Clinton’s false economy gained from his “peace dividend” that proved illusionary had to be repaid by the next President when we were attacked.  The Obama administration’s defense cuts will translate into more spending as a future administration finds itself rebuilding the military that Obama’s people junked.  Everyone in or out of uniform who’s free to speak knows better, with a full-scale war still underway we are standing on the brink of our weakest military posture since Jimmy Carter, and our smallest forces since before World War II.  Part of Obama’s rationale is his declared belief that America no longer needs to have a military big enough to fight two wars at once, even though that’s been our historical experience more often than not (think the European and the Pacific theaters in World War II, Vietnam and the Cold War with Russia, Iraq and Afghanistan).  More important, President Obama doesn’t understand that our military’s role isn’t just fighting wars, but also providing a strong strategic presence that will influence events in our favor, and away from that of adversaries and rivals.  The perception and appearance of overwhelming strength will make the actual need for that same overwhelming strength unnecessary.  The appearance of weakness, on the other hand, is as much an invitation to aggression as pasting a "kick me" sign to your own back.  The United States has real enemies who will test just how much weakness there is in actuality, and compare that against their perceptions.  The sad fact is that Obama’s new “strategic guidance” does not even fulfill the missions included in his own 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review (QDR) that drives the military strategic planning, which in turn is supposed to drive military budgets.  Obama has been consistent in his three years as President.  He has followed fiscal, judicial, legislative, and military policies that have weakened, constrained, and threatened our nation.  Another $500 billion in across-the-board “sequestration” cuts will take effect in 2013 unless Congress repeals them.  The lasting damage the Obama chainsaw does is not to our military’s present, but to its future.  Luckily the Republican Presidential candidates have seen the danger coming and have urged keeping the defense budget at 4% of GDP and want to expand the Navy’s desperately endangered shipbuilding program.  Until Congress and the American public wake up to the peril lying ahead, Obama will continue his program of unilateral American disarmament and our only hope is that the 2012 election will stop our military retreat cold and return to “peace through strength.”

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Libertarians believe in personal freedom and personal responsibility because they believe that power corrupts, and the way to preserve freedom and limit government corruption is limited government and avoidance of foreign “entanglements” but isolationism is not practical in today’s global environmentWhen our government goes beyond very narrow limits, it inevitably fails at the cost of money, lives, and freedoms.  It also loses moral legitimacy, a critical component of just government.  Libertarians believe rights flow from the individual and that government's powers are extremely limited.  The major criticism of Libertarians is that it endorses isolationism, which generally translates into "we don't want to go to your war," but the current party platform includes maintaining a sufficient military to defend itself.  Some Libertarians think the U.S. should adopt a "Fortress America" foreign/defense policy: withdraw all of its troops from all foreign countries, end all aid to foreign governments, and withdraw from all alliances.  A "Fortress America" policy became obsolete during the early 1920s and 1930s, when fascist regimes were established in Europe and began to threaten the world.  Unfortunately, the U.S. continued this obsolete, ridiculous policy right until December 7, 1941.  Once we were attacked at Pearl Harbor, I think that most Libertarians would agree that we needed to defend ourselves.  Seventy years later, we still have troops in Europe and Japan as a result of our entangling alliances.  There are global threats to global peace and to the U.S. itself; threats that won't stop targeting the U.S. even if it declares neutral status tomorrow.  This is because the rulers of China, Iran, and North Korea, and the leaders of al-Qaeda, do not recognize "neutral states."  China's goal is global hegemony and expelling the U.S. from Asia and other regions of the world completely.  Iran is the world's largest sponsor of terrorist organizations.  Al-Qaeda and other jihadi terrorist organizations aim to establish a global caliphate, and they won't spare the U.S. regardless of American foreign policy.  Libertarians argue for imposing embargoes as the best foreign policy alternative.  The question then becomes whether an economic embargo will have the desired result short of armed intervention?  We embargoed North Korea, and they still developed intercontinental missiles and nuclear warheads.  Embargoes have been equally ineffective influencing Iran, particularly with limited global support.  If the U.S. withdraws from global affairs and adopts a "noninterventionist" (isolationist) foreign policy, it will only shoot itself in the foot, because this way, it will make its enemies' job easier while failing to convince them not to target it.  The isolationist proposition, that the U.S. can simply withdraw from world affairs and live happily forever afterward, is ludicrous and dangerously naive.

(“Why Not ‘Fortress America’ Policy” by Zbigniew Mazurak dated October 14, 2010 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/10/why_not_a_fortress_america_pol.html

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