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January 19, 2019


What the leaders of both parties fail to recognize is that President Trump did not win because he was a Republican or even that he ran under the Republican Party.  Trump won because Trump was the only one willing to confront America’s biggest problems head-on.  He knew what our priorities were and he had a plan Americans could get behind. Everyone else was just spouting the same lies they spouted every 2 years.  The truth is most of Trumps voters don’t think much of the Republican Party and frankly, he could have run under any banner and gotten elected.  In their great wisdom, a great many elected officials within the Republican Party are still, even now doing everything they can to “get rid of him.”  Trump’s voters see that.  Trump voters don’t marry parties for life.  Trump attracted voters from every political party, not just Republicans, in fact, he could not have won nor could anyone else solely on Republican votes.  It is clear that the Republican Party has been on a downhill slide for a very long time.  Though it is true the voters got rid of several bad players during the last election cycle by voting for anyone else, a hefty percentage of the Republican hierarchy is still lazy and shiftless and apparently only occupying their chairs for an opportunity to fleece the American taxpayer and acquire insider information for investment trading.  For the last 27 years, the Republican Party has been the party of do nothing and corruption.  We could probably handle some of the corruption as we have for 250 years already but can no longer afford to do nothing.  Trump has a plan the Republican Party has a scam.  If the RNC wants to survive post-Trump they’d better get on board with his program and support them because if they don’t, there may come a day not long after Trump is gone when the Republican Party won’t be a party consequence anymore.  

(“The RNC is a Dead Elephant” by Patrick McCarthy dated January 14, 2019 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/the-rnc-is-a-dead-elephant/  )


For almost three years, bureaucrats from the Obama administration, including those at the FBI and Justice, have tried to take out candidate and then president Trump with no actual evidence.  Robert Mueller knew that Michael Flynn didn't violate any laws by talking with a Russian after the election, knew that Comey tried to entrap Flynn, knew that FBI agents didn't think he lied but badgered and sought to destroy and bankrupt Flynn and his family until he caved to plead to perjury.  Now we learn that the FBI started a secret investigation into whether President Trump worked for Russia even though there was no evidence that he did.  Of course, they found nothing.  Somehow, the Times, other media outlets, and Democrats have absolutely no concern about the abuse of power by the FBI and say it is Trump who should be investigated, even though there is no evidence that Trump did anything wrong.  Tyranny creeps in on secret FBI investigations, leaked when it is convenient to the plotters seeking to oust a duly elected president of the United States.  Let's see how all this fake news from the media started over two years ago and continues to this day:

The DNC and Hillary couldn't figure out how to beat Trump based on facts and by promoting their policies, which consisted mainly of making government bigger and more people dependent on government, so they contracted out and paid over $10 million to create a fraudulent dossier about Trump and Russia.  They committed a crime by filing false reports with the FEC about these expenses.  They shopped the fraudulent dossier and found welcoming hands at the FBI from powerful government officials who also wanted to defeat Trump and elect Hillary, no matter what they had to do.  Even though these agents couldn't verify any of the garbage in the dossier, they used it to get FISA warrants to listen in on Trump and people surrounding him.  They pretended they were concerned about Russian collusion, but not once did they seek to investigate the Russian connections of Hillary, Podesta, and others.  The Russian collusion story was made up from the start.  Obama even gave a stand-down order to his cyber-security chief in the summer of 2016 to stop investigating Russian hacking.  The FBI, intelligence agencies, the Justice Department, and others in the Obama administration colluded to insert spies into the Trump campaign to entrap them, including George Papadopoulos.  While these partisan hacks at Justice and FBI were targeting Trump at every turn, they were protecting Hillary, her aides, Obama, and others from prosecution, no matter what they did.  James Comey listed the crimes that Hillary and her aides committed and yet had exonerated her before she was even interviewed.  Comey lied when he said no prosecutor would take her case.  Not once did these partisan hacks take the criminal actions of Hillary and her aides to a grand jury for them to decide.  President Obama also violated the law by corresponding with Hillary on her non-secure computer, and then he lied about it.  While the media and Democrats spew forth about pretend obstruction by Trump when there was no underlying crime, they overlook many cases about actual obstruction during Obama's eight years.  The computers at the IRS were destroyed, and Obama publicly said he didn't see a "smidgen" of evidence that the IRS had done anything wrong as its agents were stifling the political speech rights of political opponents.  Hillary and her aides destroyed emails, smartphones, and computers.  The Mueller team destroyed text messages and evidence of partisan hack agents who were fired.  The DNC wouldn't let government agencies examine their computers, yet government agencies, the media, and other Democrats universally said Russians hacked the computers with no physical evidence.  The most obvious case of obstruction was when Obama put a stop to drug-running by Hezb'allah to appease Iran.  The FBI and Justice also didn't care about multiple perjury cases with Obama, including Holder, Clapper, Brennan, and Rice.  They didn't care when Obama officials illegally unmasked names.  The abuse and tyrannical nature of the Obama administration has been completely obvious, yet the NYT, the WaPo, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, and others haven't cared; they supported them at every turn as they set out to destroy Trump with fake news from anonymous sources without any evidence.  Despite the clear evidence that Obama controlled the Justice Department and that many people associated with Obama, including Hillary, violated many laws, the media and other Democrats say the Justice Department operated independently and no one was above the law.  

The Democrats continuously call Trump an authoritarian, but he is trying to go through Congress to get funding for the wall that Democrats have voted for before.  He is trying to return the power and purse to the people as fast as he can, the opposite of an authoritarian or dictator.  Compare Trump to Obama, who dictatorially and unconstitutionally rolled out DACA as Democrats, including the media wing of the party, cheered.  I did not see Obama go to Congress for money to implement DACA even though it had to cost billions in benefits.  When Obama came up billions short for ObamaCare, he did not go to Congress to get an appropriation.  He just illegally and dictatorially stole money from other sources to pay for the shortfall, and the media and Democrats did not rip him for being an actual authoritarian and thief.  A tyrannical government is dangerous to our freedom, with a complicit media complex that continuously supports an increase in power for those who abuse their power.  They were willing to absolutely destroy Brett Kavanaugh without evidence just because they were afraid of how he would vote on the courts.  Several people running for president in 2020, including Warren, Booker, Harris, and Gillibrand, participated in the public hanging of Kavanaugh with no evidence.  Why would anyone trust the Democrats to treat the rest of us respectfully and equally?  

(“What the FBI was willing to do to take out Trump with no evidence” by Jack Hellner dated January 15, 2019 published by American thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/01/what_the_fbi_was_willing_to_do_to_take_out_trump_with_no_evidence.html )

Another week, another feverish contest among Democrats to see who can drag the party faster and farther to the left.  The new year is beginning with a blistering pace, with wild and crazy ideas popping up across the country.  Start in Washington, where Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi made a lasting impression by saying no, no to President Trump’s sensible proposal for barriers and other security at the southern border.  Their rejection, and implicit denial that there is even a problem, serves as an invitation to hundreds of thousands of more migrants to cross illegally.  Each new wave guarantees that future Dems will be able to demand amnesty for successive generations of “Dreamers,” thus roiling America for years.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, already the left’s congressional rookie of the year, added to her appeal by making a push to tax the richest Americans at 70% of their income. She also continues to campaign for a Green New Deal, a set of ideas so big, and vague, that a Vox writer said it aims to do nothing less than “decarbonize the economy and make it fairer and more just.”  Meanwhile, new California Governor Gavin Newsom signaled his virtue by promising his state would be a “sanctuary to all who seek it.”  He also expanded free health care for illegal immigrants, apparently hoping to attract more of them.  The competition, then, was stiff, until New York City Mayor de Blasio blew them all away.  He wins first prize by vowing womb-to-tomb handouts and a permanent push for more free stuff.  Appearing well-rested from months of doing nothing, de Blasio lapped the competition with three days of come-and-get-it giveaways.  First he vowed free health care for 600,000 New Yorkers, half of them here illegally.  Next came a plan to force private employers to give nearly all workers 10 paid vacation days a year.  Then, in his State of the City speech, de Blasio secured victory by making even more promises, such as seizing private apartment buildings from bad landlords, and laying out a vision for a city that would bury capitalism.  Finally, a tease about a glorious future in Havana-on-the-Hudson: “This country has spent decades taking from working people and giving to the 1%.  This city has spent the last five years doing it the other way around.  We give back to working people the prosperity they have earned.  And we are just getting started.  In normal times, over-the-rainbow rhetoric could be dismissed as window dressing.  However these days, Democrats, raging at Trump and emboldened by Bernie Sanders’ campaign in 2016, are deadly serious about a hard left turn.  Even with the total collapse of Venezuela before their eyes and the undeniable horrors of life ­under communism and socialism, American leftists are no longer embarrassed to espouse ideologies that have failed miserably every place they’ve been tried.  De Blasio has nothing to lose.  He can be reckless with both his rhetoric and city finances because his main goal is influencing his national party’s tenor and direction.  So, for one week at least, de Blasio takes the cake as the most radical Democrat in America, and in these days, that’s quite a feat.  

(“Democrats are battling to see who is the most radically left” by Michael Goodwin dated January 12, 2019 published by New York Post at https://nypost.com/2019/01/12/democrats-are-battling-to-see-who-is-the-most-radically-left/  )

So far, 2019 seems to be establishing itself as a year in which the cultural Marxists are intensifying their war on traditional masculinity.  But it may turn out to be the year in which the misandrist tide begins to turn.  Meanwhile, the American Psychological Association (APA) caused a stir by declaring traditional masculinity “marked by stoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggression” to be a “harmful” mental disorder.  Toxicity is not an inherent feature of masculinity, just asstoicism, competitiveness, dominance and aggressionare not inherently bad.  Without those propulsive masculine qualities, which the APA deems harmful, humankind would never have elevated itself from cave to civilization.  Unfortunately, the term “toxic masculinity” has become deeply embedded in our cultural consciousness now and is being conflated intentionally with traditional masculinity.  The most controversial assault on masculinity was razor company Gillette’s release of a two-minute promotional video called “We Believe: the Best Men Can Be.”  Down-votes on YouTube were originally running at a 10-to-1 ratio over up-votes.  We believe in the best in men,” the voiceover intones unconvincingly, after shaming men collectively for the worst in men.  Encouraging men to aspire to their best character is actually an admirable message: Men should strive to be the best husbands, fathers, sons, the best men they can be. Bullying and sexual harassment (neither of which is exclusive to men, by the way) are unacceptable.  But consider the context in which this ad appeared: the aforementioned APA report labeling traditional masculinity harmful; the ongoing demonization of men via the out-of-control #MeToo movement; the relentless messaging that masculinity is an outmoded cliché, something that must be discarded for us to evolve; and behind all this, literally decades of vicious browbeating from feminists whose goal is not equality but the eradication of masculinity.  Then along comes this virtue-signaling Gillette ad stating that only “some” men are decent and the rest are pigs.  For many, that may have been the last straw.  Social media swarmed with men swearing off Gillette products.  Op-eds defending masculinity, and denouncing the ad as ill-advised at best, abounded.  Some have put forth the argument that Gillette, whose tagline used to be “The Best a Man Can Get,” was making not a political statement but simply a calculated marketing move for publicity, much like Nike did last year by making the cop-hating Communist Colin Kaepernick the face of a highly controversial “Just Do It” campaign.  Presumably the motive for the Gillette ad was more activism than profit, although of course the company hoped to score the same net boost in customers that Nike’s Kaepernick ad did.  Of course, the Left embraced the ad.  Men weren’t threatened by the ad; they were insulted by it.  It sparked widespread anger because men are fed up with being demonized; fed up with having masculinity equated with bullying and sexual harassment; and fed up with being told that their very nature is poisonous and that redefining masculinity means acting like stereotypical women.  Countless good men who are quietly leading lives as protectors and providers and role models and unacknowledged heroes are fed up with the cultural insistence that masculinity is a dire problem instead of a dynamic life force.  The pushback against the Gillette ad and the APA report are evidence that the Marxist assault on Western masculinity is finally beginning to be met with resistance.  Men and the women who love traditional masculinity (i.e., the majority of them) are getting mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore.  

(“Gillette: The Worst a Man Can Get” by Mark Tapson dated January 19, 2019 published by Front Page Magazine at https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/272588/gillette-worst-man-can-get-mark-tapson )


Lost in all the headlines about the federal shutdown and the war over the wall is some hugely important news: The US economy has taken a seriously worker-friendly turn.  America is enjoying its best job market in decades, with unemployment at a nearly 50-year low, people rejoining the workforce in droves and hourly wages continuing to rise.  The December jobs report showed an astonishing gain of 312,000 jobs across nearly all sectors of the economy.  Manufacturing added 284,000 jobs last year, up 12% over 2017.  Hispanic unemployment is at a record low; for African-Americans, nearly so.  During the 2016 campaign, for example, then-President Barack Obama claimed you’d need a “magic wand” to reverse America’s loss of manufacturing jobs.  President Trump found the wand, in the form of sweeping tax cuts and deregulation that dramatically boosted business and consumer confidence.  And, again, given hope to those who’d given up on looking for work: Unemployment would measure even lower if millions of Americans weren’t rejoining a workforce they’d decided had no place for them.  Even the stock market, despite a few weeks of setbacks, is headed back up and still stands 27% ahead of where it stood when Trump won the White House.  The US economy still has plenty of catching up to do after the doldrums of the Obama era.  All this might have been more obvious if Trump and Republicans had campaigned last year primarily on this remarkable record.  That they didn’t is a big reason Democrats took the House.  Cross your fingers that Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Co. don’t kill the golden goose.  

(“US workers ar winning, big time” dated January 11, 2019 published by New York Post at https://nypost.com/2019/01/11/us-workers-are-winning-big-time/  )


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