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January 20, 2018


By every measure of personal and national prosperity, the nation is better off than it was a year ago, and it's thanks to the integrity of our leader.  President Trump promised in his first inaugural address that his administration would be guided by one “crucial conviction: that a nation exists to serve its citizens.”  He went on to say that “every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs, will be made to benefit American workers and American families.”  His first year in office has been the story of promises kept.  While the president’s critics reflect on a year full of sound and fury, he and his supporters will take satisfaction in a year of successes despite unyielding opposition.  By every measure of personal and national prosperity, the nation is better off than it was one year ago.  The Trump administration has overseen a renewed respect for citizenship.  Gone is the lofty sounding rhetoric of globalism that led to unwinnable foreign wars and open borders. Back is talk of what we can do together as Americans.  You’d hardly know of his accomplishments by watching cable news, which continue indulging its perverse obsession with Russian conspiracy theories, West Wing intrigue and the president’s Twitter feed.  Also conspicuous were the dogs that didn’t bark. These are the predictions of imminent calamity certain to accompany a Trump presidency that have failed to materialize.  For one, nuclear war did not break out, despite this being one of the Trump detractors’ favorite predictions.  Nor did the president sell the country down the river to Russian President Vladimir Putin; he didn’t ignore court orders; didn’t shut down the free press; and didn’t fire special counsel Robert Mueller.  After a year of peace and prosperity, more people are likely to believe that such outlandish predictions tell us less about the president and more about the temperament of his critics.  Trump appointed an all-star Cabinet that has been quietly and dutifully implementing the president’s agenda even as their boss runs interference for them, taking the slings and arrows of a hostile media.  He has appointed more judges to the federal bench in his first year than any president ever, including Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, and they are constitutionalists, which will resound for the next few generations.  Under Trump, construction has begun on the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines even as the United States will soon achieve oil production of 10 million barrels per day, becoming a net exporter of oil sometime in the next decade, and set to rival Russia as the world’s largest oil producer by 2019.  Add to that low unemployment, rising wages, a booming stock market and a tax cut that will put more money in middle-class pockets and you have the makings of a very successful presidency.  At the border, illegal crossings are down as much as 60%, showing that a willingness to enforce the law and end incentives to enter the country illegally will change behavior.  Trump has also overseen a change in national security policy from the globalist moral imperialism of his predecessors to the interests based in realism that he calls America First.  His speeches in Poland, and Saudi Arabia, were triumphs. They encouraged our friends and put our enemies on notice.  After all the talk of Russian conspiracies, Trump has taken a tough stance with Putin, willing to work with him where it advances U.S. interests but also arming Ukraine in its ongoing fight with Russia.  In the Middle East, ISIS has gone from a burgeoning caliphate stretching from the Atlantic to the Levant to a failed pseudo-state, while Trump has revitalized our decades old alliance with Saudi Arabia and its new, reformist crown prince.  Trump’s appointees are quietly cutting regulations pursuant to one of his first executive orders, which instructs them to cut two regulations for every new one they put in place.  There is much yet to be done. There is a wall that the president has promised to build and infrastructure he has promised to rebuild.  There are more judges to be appointed and a swamp yet to be drained.  To Trump’s critics I say, go ahead, keep talking, because while you’re doing that, Trump is governing.

(“While Trump’s critics keep talking, our president is fulfilling his promises” by Christopher Buskirk dated January 18, 2018 published by USA Today at https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2018/01/18/while-trumps-critics-keep-talking-our-president-fulfilling-his-promises-christopher-buskirk-column/1041117001/ )


President Trump’s stature is only growing in the eyes of the people responsible for American job creation and wage growth.  No matter what spin the media put on the first year of the new administration, the numbers don’t lie, that the Trump rally in November 2016 has turned into the Great American Economic Renaissance.  Since Trump was elected, the stock market has skyrocketed to never-before-seen highs, setting records and creating $5 trillion in wealth for pensions, retirement and savings accounts.  The economy’s ongoing expansion already is the third-longest in U.S. history, with a chance to surpass the record set by the 1990s economic boom.  American businesses have created nearly 1.5 million new jobs this year, as the economy expanded by at least 3% for two quarters in a row after eight years of lackluster growth.  We are seeing a turning of the tide in public opinion, especially with our tax code overhaul expected to increase the pace of growth.  The president is doing exactly what he promised during his campaign: Make America Great Again.  Our nation’s business leaders can clearly see the impact of his efforts to slash government regulations, restore the balance of trade and unleash American prosperity.  A byproduct of the president’s work in his first year is shoring up America’s relationships with its allies.  Trump’s America First energy policy has freed domestic producers to export more of our rising supply of crude oil to customers around the world, allowing oil buyers to avoid patronizing hostile regimes.  These strengthened ties will make the world a safer place, emboldening investors to continue contributing to our nation’s historic economic growth.  Trump’s first year in office has been revelatory, showing everyone who is paying attention what his policies can do to spur the American economy, but the best is yet to come.  We still have at least three more years, and hopefully as many as seven, to enjoy the fruits of the president’s labor: a resurgent economy that will create new jobs, higher wages and unprecedented prosperity for all Americans.

(“Trump’s First Year: Historically Good for America” by Harold Hamm dated January 12, 2018 published by Real Clear Politics at https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2018/01/12/trumps_first_year_historically_good_for_america_135994.html )

Can you believe those crazy Liberals from Hollywood are screaming for Oprah Winfrey for President?  They must perceive the requirements for the office of President of the United States to be popularity and fame.  Yes, Oprah is popular and famous.  She is a great entertainer, and I always enjoyed her show.  I respect her for her accomplishments and her abilities, but I do not believe she is a Public advocate type.  I see Donald Trump as a Business Politician.  To succeed in Business as he did required the ‘art of the deal:, the ability to read and know people; the ability to understand Human behavior; to know how to speak in the proper manner; and most of all to know his audience.  Now, most professional Politicians know their audience when publicly speaking, but what they do not get is how to make promises that you can keep; promises that the entirety of those you need support from will expect you to keep.  Donald Trump did his homework.  He knew before he even started, what the voters needed and wanted.  He knew and accepted just who the majority of voters would be: their frustration, their hopes, and what they wanted for their Country.  He saw how his predecessors only said what their current audience wanted to hear, and how they ignored everything they promised, and only did what their financial supporters wanted.
He knew from his research, and understood the actions and reactions of their decisions.  He saw their mistakes.  Trump was criticized for not being more Presidential.  He understood the people didn’t want another “political” President: they wanted a leader that could get things done; that would keep the promises; and would get America back on track.  We, in this Country, do not need any more Political nonsense out of Washington, D.C. We need someone who knows his way around the World, and knows his way around Washington.  Trump was an active supporter of the right people in Washington when it was needed for his particular business agenda.  During his campaign for President, he knew how to play the field.  He knew the Middle Class and the minorities. He was a businessman from New York, saw first hand how the Politician’s verbally catered to them; promised them the world, and delivered nothing.  New York State is a premier Socialist governed community.  He saw the despair among the minority communities, and he saw the anger and frustration within the middle class.  It wasn’t difficult to know how to organize his campaign with a good agenda, a good solid understanding, and, of course, his money was helpful, and his family.  We, the United States of America, have made the right choice.  Our Founders would be proud.  We have chosen someone who can get the job done, without procrastination, without false promises, and with strong leadership.  President Trump has certainly made his share of verbal gaffs.  One must consider he has been operating in “back room Boardrooms” for several years.  In the heat of battle it is more than understood such words are possible.  Previous Presidents were so shielded and protected from embarrassment they had no worry.  The Media was quick and loyal to “bleepout mistakes.  Trump is very transparent and we must consider that such verbal mistakes may happen.  If President Clinton can be forgiven for his disgusting  and sickening behavior with a young Intern in the Oval Office, I would proffer we can forgive anything.  President Trump has worked so fast and deliberate on carrying out his promises, there must be room for forgiveness.  He and his family have suffered from outrageous attacks from the Media and the Liberal faction, that it would only be understood that in his endeavor to control his words in the anger of dealing with such people that he must, it is easy to slip with the tongue.  Previous Presidents were afforded the luxury of the Media blanking out mis-spoken words.  Our President is not God; he is only human; and we must treat him fairly, and be thankful for the progress he has made.

(“We are Gaining – and the Others are defeating themselves” by Jean Coulard dated January 12, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/gaining-others-defeating/ )

What a sad commentary; nasty and ill-tempered comments in the mainstream media, political class, and the rest of a rogues gallery of the usual suspects, were out with their venomous inflammatory rhetoric following the publication of the Michael Wolff book “Fire and Fury”.  Your first inclination is if none of the accusations made by his detractors in the Democrat party, media, Hollywood and the universities, on multiple issues that have surfaced over the past year against the president have had no effect, then let’s try mentally incapacitated and bring to floor of the Congress consideration for the enforcement of the 25th Amendment.  They’ve thrown everything at him, but the kitchen sink; Russian collusion, confronting dictatorial regimes, his tweeting, bravado, brash sometimes ineloquent language, and now questionable mental state.  These are all part and parcel of their plan that began back on November 2016 when their world collapsed around them and they began an effort to undermine and hopefully remove Trump from office at any expense, while at the same time distracting the American people from the more important issues.  These excuses to destroy this president were all for one main reason, and that is his vision for America is antithetical to their morally corrupt hedonism, and self-serving agenda.  Following the recklessness, the acquiescing, and sometimes unconstitutional and questionable policies and executive orders of Barack Obama, a course correction down the Right path was necessary to save America from the ravages of the radical left wing.  Damage had been done, but with the right person in office it was not irreversible.  Trump has made numerous course corrections, reversing or replacing the radical social and international changes made by the previous administration.  With each of these efforts his detractors realizing their agenda of open borders, unfettered abortions, dismantling of traditional values and institutions, have screamed and shouted their hatred and dismay.  They have proven they will do anything, stop at nothing to bring this president down.  The pathetic and hysterical Trump haters, because of their insults, invective, uncontrollable outbursts, and hate-filled rants have allowed their inner most demons have surfaced thus threatening Americas’ goodness.  As for Wolff’s book, even some of the president’s harshest critics have dismissed much of its contents as mere observations and fabrications and not to be taken too seriously.  If anyone needed their head examined, let’s start with the entirety of the Democrat Party, mainstream media, Hollywood, and a few psychiatrists and university professors.

(Who’s Unfit?” by Bob Pascarella dated January 12, 2018 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/whos-unfit/ )


Nothing scandalizes a leftist like the truth.  Point out that women and men are different, that black Americans commit a disproportionate amount of violent crime, that most terrorist acts are committed by Muslims, and the Left leaps to its collective feet in openmouthed shock.  This is racism!  This is sexism!  This is some sort of phobia! I’m shocked, shocked to find facts being spoken in polite company!  This is simply a form of bullying.  The Left has co-opted our good manners and our good will in order to silence our opposition to their bad policies.  The idea is to make it seem impolite and immoral to mention the obvious.  Here in the states, the First Amendment has so far allowed old-fashioned American loudmouths to fight the system whenever they could find ways around our monolithic corporate media.  But the Empire of Lies is quick to strike back.  Google/YouTube now stands charged by multiple accusers of singling out conservative voices for censorship, “fact-checking,” and demonetization.  Hidden-camera videos released by Project Veritas this week show Twitter employees conspiring to “shadow ban” conservatives on their system.  On campus, intelligent conservative speakers of good will like Ben Shapiro, Charles Murray, and Cristina Hoff-Somers have faced violent protests meant to shut them up.  No person of importance on the right seeks to silence anyone on the left.  The Left, on the other hand, is broadly committed to ostracizing, blacklisting, and even criminalizing right-wing speech.  Enter President Donald Trump.  He is a rude and crude person.  He speaks like a Queens real estate guy on a construction site.  Because he does not have good manners, he thoughtlessly breaks the rules with which the Left has sought to muzzle those who disagree with them.  If Donald Trump’s boorishness crashes like a bull through the crystal madhouse of their leftism, well, good, it’s about time.  I don’t know exactly what Trump said in a closed-door immigration meeting with senators at the White House.  Unnamed sources say that he referred to some African countries and Haiti as “shitholes.”  In any case, when it comes to a chance to attack Trump, our journalists don’t waste time with fact-gathering or source-identifying.  Let’s state the obvious: some countries are shitholes.  To claim that this is racist is racist.  They are not shitholes because of the color of the populace but because of bad ideas, corrupt governance, false religion, and broken culture.  Further, most of the problems in these countries are generated at the top.  Plenty of rank-and-file immigrants from such ruined venues ultimately make good Americans, witness those who came from 1840s potato-famine Ireland, a shithole if ever there was one! It takes caution and skill to separate the good from the bad.  For these very reasons, absurd immigration procedures like chain migration, lotteries, and unvetted entries are deeply destructive.   Trump’s suggestions to vet immigrants for pro-American ideas and skills that will help our country are smart and reasonable and would clearly make the system better if implemented.  So, when it comes to the Great Shithole Controversy of 2018, my feeling is: I do not care, not even a little.  Sorry that it takes someone like Trump to break the spell of silence the Left is forever weaving around us.  I wish a man like Ronald Reagan would come along and accomplish the same thing with more wit and grace, but that was another culture.  History deals the cards it deals; we just play them, and Trump is what we’ve got.  For all the bad language, I would rather hear a man speak the truth to the press than have him neutered and gagged by a system of good manners that has been misused as a form of oppression.  Better impoliteness than silence.  We have seen the effect of uncontrolled immigration on Europe, and it is very, very bad.  Some countries are shitholes, and I don’t want the U.S. to become one of them.

(“Of Crudeness and Truth” by Andrew Klavan dated January 12, 2018 published by City Journal at https://www.city-journal.org/html/crudeness-and-truth-15668.html )


Donald Trump is not an ideological man.  He appealed to the sentiments that unite most working-class Americans, much like Ronald Reagan did in 1980.  Working-class voters from factory employees to plumbers and electricians appreciated the themes Trump ran on during the 2016 election.  Promising to “Make America Great Again” through cultural renewal, economic revitalization, and military strength, Trump ran as a fixer.  In 21st century America, the greatest threat to our quality of life is not terrorism or Russia.  Rather, it is bad government.  A major reason that America’s government has gone bad is that the Democrats and Republicans have stopped talking to each other.  They did this because both parties have been captured by special interests with radical agendas.  A dynamic of winner-take-all politics has become the norm, and nomajor issues have been addressed in at least a generation.  The government of the United States was not created to operate under such a zero-sum paradigm.  Essentially, America’s pipes were clogged and the country needed a plumber, not a politician.  Donald Trump is America’s plumber.  A plumber has no ideological motivation either for repairing or for not repairing a stopped pipe.  If he doesn’t repair the pipe, sewage gets everywhere, and then we really have a mess.  The saddest thing about present-day America is most of our problems could be easily surmounted if our two political parties weren’t so consumed with sniping at each other and appealing to a monied donor class with interests that often don’t comport with the common good.  One of our biggest problems is immigration.  Most Americans favor immigration enforcement; they want a border wall, and most are willing to give the beloved “Dreamers” amnesty.  Trump invited both parties to sit down at the White House, and have a public discussion about immigration reform.  Unfortunately, Democrats haven’t produced their own version of a plumber yet.  So they remain uninterested in sharing ideas on reform; preferring instead to stick to their partisan agenda, pleasing an ideologically driven and extreme base (as well as self-interested donors), but doing no good for their country or the majority of Americans who want a sane immigration reform.  For decades both parties have known that immigration was a problem in need of repair.  For years, both parties promised to do something about immigration policy.  Neither party, however, was motivated to work toward a solution.  They lacked the leadership to overcome the problem.  It’s not unlike when one knows their pipes need repairing, but no one wants actually to go through the trouble of calling a plumber, waiting for the guy to show up, and paying the bill.  After all, they reason, water is still coming through the faucets; most of the toilets are still flushing… maybe things aren’t bad enough yet to call the plumber.  In Congress, the legislative pipes have been clogged with money from special interests and ideological extremism for years.  Necessary legislation that could ease the immigration problem has been delayed, clogging the system, and choking America on a ceaseless wave of economic uncertainty and political instability.  What Trump is doing is unclogging the pipes, so that he can push the sludge through.  Trump offered that he’s willing to allow the “Dreamers” to stay, so long as America gets a physical border wall and real immigration enforcement.  Like any good plumber, Trump assessed the damage to the pipe and offered the Democrats a solution at a fair price, but, the Democrats thought that solution was far too costly for them politically.  So, naturally, the Democrats have taken to lying and exaggerating about what Trump said behind closed doors to undermine the president’s reasonable case for immigration reform.  America’s Founders established a government that governs least, but, they certainly didn’t envision a government that didn’t govern at all.  For years, the government has failed to govern in a way that protected American interests or served the majority of Americans.  Trump recognized that trend in 2016 and is repairing the damage, starting with immigration.  Rather than accept Trump’s reasonable offer, the Democrats are trying to make it impossible for Trump to govern.  The question remains: will the American people let Democrats distract them, and prevent the pipes from being repaired again, especially when there might not be another plumber available again for quite some time?

(“Trump is America’s Plumber” by Brandon J. Weichert dated January 14, 2018 published by American Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2018/01/14/trump-americas-plumber/ )

Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy.  Contrary to popular supposition, the Left loathes Trump not just for what he has done, but rather, it despises him mostly for what he superficially represents.  Trump is also the Prince of Anti-culture: mindlessly naïve American boosterism; conspicuous, 1950s-style unapologetic consumption; repetitive and limited vocabulary; fast-food culinary tastes; Queens accent; herky-jerky mannerisms; ostentatious dress; bulging appearance; poorly disguised facial expressions; embracing rather than sneering at middle-class appetites; a lack of subtlety, nuance, and ambiguity.  There is not even a smidgeon of a concession that some of Trump’s policies might offer tens of thousands of forgotten inner-city youth good jobs or revitalize a dead and written-off town in the Midwest, or make the petroleum of the war-torn Persian Gulf strategically irrelevant to an oil-rich United States.  Yet one way of understanding Trump, particularly the momentum of his first year, is through recollection of the last eight years of the Obama administration.  In reductionist terms, Trump is the un-Obama.  Republicans have not seriously attempted to roll back the administrative state since Reagan.  On key issues of climate change, entitlements, illegal immigration, government spending, and globalization, it was sometimes hard to distinguish a Bush initiative from a Clinton policy or a McCain bill from a Biden proposal.  There was often a reluctant acceptance of the seemingly inevitable march to the European-style socialist administrative state.  Few Republicans in the executive branch sought to reduce government employment, deregulate, sanction radical expansion of fossil-fuel production, question the economic effects of globalization on Americans between the coasts, address deindustrialization, recalibrate the tax code, rein in the EPA, secure the border, reduce illegal immigration, or question transnational organizations.  To do all that would require a president to be largely hated by the Left, demonized by the media, and caricatured in popular culture and few were willing to endure the commensurate ostracism.  Trump has done all that in a manner perhaps more Reaganesque than Reagan himself.  In part, he has been able to make such moves because of the Republican majority (though thin) in Congress and also because of, not despite, his politically incorrect bluntness, his in-your-face talk, innate cunning, reality-TV celebrity status, animalistic energy, and his cynical appraisal that tangible success wins more support than ideology.  Even his critics sometimes concede that his economic and foreign-policy agendas are bringing dividends.  In some sense, it is not so much because of innovative policy, but rather that he is simply bullying his way back to basics we’ve forgotten over the past decades.  It took the efforts of a 24/7 redistributionist agenda of tax increases, federalizing health care, massive new debt, layers of more regulation, zero-interest rates, neo-socialist regulatory appointments, expansionary eligibility for entitlements, and constant anti-free-market jawboning that created a psychological atmosphere conducive to real retrenchment, mental holding patterns, and legitimate fears over discernable success.  Obama weaponized federal agencies including the IRS, DOJ, and EPA in such a manner as to worry anyone successful, prominent, and conservative enough to come under the federal radar of a vindictive Lois Lerner, Eric Holder, or a FISA court.  Trump has sought to undo all that, point by point.  The radical upsurge in business and consumer confidence is not revolutionary but almost natural.  The same about-face is true on the foreign-policy front, as the ancient practice of deterrence replaced the modern therapeutic mindset.  Obama blurred, deliberately so, the lines between allies and hostiles. America experienced the worst of both worlds: We were rarely respected by our friends, even more rarely feared by our enemies; loud rhetorical muscularity was backed up only by “strategic patience” and “leading from behind.”  On the supposedly friendly side, Europe assumed that the United States would fawn after the virtue-signaling Paris Climate Accord.  The Palestinians concluded that there was no shelf life on victimhood and that America simply would not, could not, dare not move its embassy to Jerusalem as the Congress had chronically showboated it would.  NATO just knew that endless subsidies were its birthright and prior commitments were debatable.  The West apparently lapped up Obama’s Cairo speech: But when even the European Renaissance and Enlightenment were seen as derivatives of Islam, there is not much left to boast about.  On the unfriendly side, China sensed there was little danger in turning the Spratley Islands into an armed valve of the South China Sea.  Russia understood that America was obsequiously “flexible” and ready to push a red plastic reset button in times of crisis.  The common denominator was that the Obama administration, in quite radical fashion, had sought a therapeutic inversion of foreign policy, in a way few other major nations had previously envisioned.  Trump’s appointees almost immediately began undoing all that.  There were no more effective avatars of old-style deterrence than James Mattis and H. R. McMaster.  Neither was political.  Both long ago embraced a realist appraisal of human nature, predicated on two ancient ideas: We all are more likely to behave when we accept that the alternative is far more dangerous to ourselves, and the world is better off when everyone knows the laws in the arena.  Just as Obama’s pseudo–red lines in Syria signaled to the Iranians or North Koreans that there were few lines of any sort anywhere; so too the destruction of ISIS suggested to others that there might be far fewer restrictions on an American secretary of defense anywhere.  On the cultural side, the Trump team figuratively paused, examined its inheritance from the prior administration, and apparently concluded something like “this is unhinged.”  Then it proceeded, to the degree possible, to undo it.  Open borders, illegal immigration, and sanctuary cities are the norms of very few sovereign states.  They are aberrations that are unsustainable whether the practitioner is Canada, Mexico, or the United States.  Calling a small pond or large puddle on a farm’s low spot an “inland waterway” subject to federal regulation is deranged; undoing that was not radical, but commonsensical.  Trump sought to revive the cultural atmosphere prior to Obama’s assertion that he would fundamentally transform what had already been a great country.  It was Byzantine that a country would enter an iconoclastic frenzy in the dead of night, smashing and defacing statues without legislative or popular democratic sanction.  The Un-Obama agenda was not simply reflexive or easy given that Obama was the apotheosis of a decades-long progressive dream.  After all, in year one, Trump has been demonized in a manner unprecedented in post-war America, given the astonishing statistic that 90% of all media coverage of his person and policies has been negative.  Obama was a representation of a progressive view of the Constitution that about a quarter of the population holds, but in Obama, that view found a rare megaphone for an otherwise hard sell.  One would have thought that all Republican presidents and presidential candidate would be something like the antitheses to progressivism.  A President Nobama could prove to be quite a change.

(“President Nobamaby Victor Davis Hanson dated January 16, 2018 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/455453/president-trump-undoes-obama-legacy-commonsense-nobama )


Journalists are forever harping on Trump’s “lies,” but what really bothers them is his blunt truth-telling.  His refusal to conform to their political correctness infuriates them.  Political correctness is just one big lie: a denial of reality in the name of this or that “sensitivity” or ideological demand of the moment.  The media devotes almost all of its coverage to policing deviations from those lies. That is why Trump’s ruthlessly reality-based approach to politics is such a shock to its system.  The media had grown used to skittish Republicans jumping to attention and discussing issues only within the parameters of decreed lies.  A “responsible” Republican wasn’t supposed to notice the problems of illegal immigration from high-crime, high-poverty countries.  He wasn’t supposed to notice the militancy of Islam. He wasn’t supposed to notice any number of problems.  Rather, he was expected to second the lying sanctimony of the media. Trump came along and exposed that charade, and the media has never forgiven him since.  The media goes on and on about the importance of “facts” in the age of Trump, but it could not care less about facts.  It operates entirely in the realm of feelings.  It spends most of its energy suppressing facts in the name of feelings.  Almost every single controversy it has ginned up against Trump revolves around some fact or truth the media wishes suppressed for the sake of protecting the feelings and interests of a liberal constituency.  Go down the media’s feverishly assembled lists of Trump’s “racism” and all you will find are dissents from the approved lies of the media.  CNN’s hosts recite these lists like robots, then crowd their shows with panelists who call for the most color-conscious policies imaginable.  The casual reverse racism contained in the remarks of guests fresh from this or that “black pride” rally are never questioned.  Foul-mouthed journalists get to pronounce on Trump’s “vulgarity,” pundits who wish him dead comment on his “hate-filled” heart, and pols and celebrities who announce their desire to beat him up are nevertheless treated as experts on presidential “temperance.”  In politics, a confederacy of dunces and demagogues always forms against the rare politician who tells the truth.  The Democrats, having become the foreigners first party, saw a chance to silence Trump by casting hearsay as evidence of racism.  Their real objection is not to his crude word but to his clear thought, a truth they simply don’t want to hear: that high immigration from destitute and dysfunctional countries weakens America.  For Dick Durbin, who has never seen an illegal immigrant he didn’t want to turn into a Democrat, Trump’s truth had to be discredited at all costs.  He had to shift the discussion from the validity of Trump’s concern to the propriety of his language.  Naturally, the tactic worked in a media climate that is saturated with cheap emotion and thrives on sanctimonious grandstanding and the endless recitation of PC pieties. Talk show hosts choked up as they offered misty-eyed tributes to their underpaid nannies and gardeners.  None of this can be taken seriously, except as evidence that the Democratic-media alliance favors unlimited illegal immigration for the most cynical and frivolous of reasons.  It hypes up any introduction of common sense into immigration standards, the common sense that every functioning country on earth uses, as “nativism” and “racism.”  For Trump, an irrational immigration system is a problem.  For the Democrats and the media, it is a solution.  That is one of the principal reasons why Trump won.  He understood the power of rudimentary nationalism against a failed and phony ruling class that denies the existence of problems and forbids anyone from speaking seriously about them, much less solving them.  The American people can forgive an obscenity from a president who is fighting battles others are too cowardly to confront, but what they won’t forgive is a party that preened about “shitholes” while America turned into one.

(“Government by Sanctimony and Smears” by George Neumayr dated January 17, 2018 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/government-by-sanctimony-and-smears/ )


A Pew survey revealed Americans trust our media even less than the Russians trust their media.  Trump has drawn attention to the constant biased “errors” in mainstream reporting, referring to them as fake news.  Almost every week there’s another story about false reporting, with a biased media organization forced to issue a retraction. We’re at a crossroads, where the mainstream media has lost so much credibility it may never recover to its former lofty status.  CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS dominate TV news.  The New York Times and The Washington Post dominate print media.  Everywhere you turn you can’t escape their presence.  CNN is carried in far more markets than Fox News.  President Trump complained about having CNN but not Fox News when traveling in hotels overseas.  Google News artificially elevates The New York Times and The Washington Post on its homepage and in search results.  Since the Fourth Estate is so powerful, the best way to combat it is from multiple angles. First of all, stop sharing articles on social media from left-leaning publications, because more than two-thirds of American adults get news from social media.  Forty-five percent get news from Facebook.  Eleven percent get news from Twitter.  If you find a news article you want to share, look and see if Fox News, Townhall, or another site on the right has also written on the topic.  Start sharing multiple sites and authors on the right, not just the most well-known ones.  We need to get people used to seeing a full spectrum of sites on the right to choose from; have them become household names.  Stop watching left-leaning network and cable news.  Cable news is rapidly losing subscribers as people switch to streaming.  Fox News has shows available to watch over streaming TV, including live over YouTube, which can be watched on TV with a PlayStation.  There are conservative news stations that are generally online-only like NewsMaxTV.  The Sinclair Broadcast Group partners with local TV stations to provide conservative leaning content.  Find out which station in your area hosts their content and stick to that station if you’re going to watch a local TV station.  There will need to be some larger steps taken by wealthy conservatives on the right.  Sites competitive with Google, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter will have to emerge.  Right now there are a few minor competitors but none that are large enough to be effective.  With the increasing censorship of conservatives on the big tech media sites, it is becoming even more imperative that alternatives emerge.  There are already some signs it is happening.  The rise of fake news exposed the fact that conservatives on Facebook are far more likely to share articles from conservative sites than liberal ones.  Conservative Facebook groups are powerful and have escaped Facebook censorship.  The left-leaning media is helping to do itself in.  The New York Times and The Washington Post only provide a few free articles before putting up a paywall.  They have not adjusted to the reality of internet advertising and so are losing readers.  While the Drudge Report still frequently links to those sites, sending over generous amounts of traffic, the average American, and the average conservative, doesn’t subscribe so they’re not reading and sharing.  Once Trump started praising Fox & Friends regularly, the show shot up in TV rankings. It is the number one cable news morning show.  GQ calls it “the most powerful show on TV,” but Trump can’t do it all.  If every red-blooded American just says enough and replaces the dishonest media with alternate sources, we can greatly diminish one of the most powerful left-wing influences in society. 

(“Replacing the Mainstream Media” by Rachel Alexander dated January 15, 2018 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/rachelalexander/2018/01/15/replacing-the-mainstream-media-n2434513 )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY