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January 26, 2019


The walls supposedly are always closing in on Donald Trump, and the end is always just beginning.  He’s going to quit; he’s going to be impeached and removed; or he’s going to decide not to run again.  This is the perpetual backdrop to media commentary about Trump.  Fake Washington Post editions recently distributed in Washington were about Trump quitting.  Such scenarios are a constant topic in private conversations.  The allure of all this is obvious; it is the promise of deliverance.  After tormenting his enemies for so long, Trump’s going to make it easy for them, and he’s just going to go away.  It is true that the odds of Trump somehow not serving out his term are, given his erratic personality and the wild card of the Mueller investigation, higher than those for a normal president serving in normal times, but they are still slim.  Perhaps Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will send a torpedo into Trump’s bow. It seems more likely that a report will contain damaging and embarrassing revelations that, whatever the initial shock, will be quickly absorbed by the political system and especially Trump’s supporters.  The velocity of the news cycle, driven in part by the sheer volume and pace of Trump controversies, works in his favor.   Trump will never quit; this is a man who has fought and clawed for every ounce of public attention, good or bad, he can get throughout his adult life, and now, occupying the biggest bully pulpit on the planet, so there’s no reason to walk away.  Despite media reports that Trump is perpetually furious and feeling besieged, he has never shown the slightest brittleness or sense of being overwhelmed in public.  He’s always his same ebullient, combative, outrageous self.  He’s the least likely president to get worn down by an impeachment fight.  What would discourage or deflate the normal human energizes him.  The same applies even more to his running for reelection.  Remember: All sorts of people tried to convince him he’d lose last time, and they were all wrong.  Having won the presidency once polling at a little over 40% in the RealClearPolitics average, he’d surely figure that he could do it again.  For any president, winning a second term is the highest validation.  Trump, so sensitive to status, must feel this imperative more than most.  Naked self-interest also counsels against retiring to his tent.  Back in New York, he’d have an enormous legal target on his back, and none of the institutional protections of the presidency.  Going from most powerful man in the world to a defendant in an embarrassing criminal trial would be a very unwelcome comedown.  Besides all this, no one should really hope for a premature end to the Trump presidency.  Whatever the exact circumstances, it’d be a trauma to the republic and not accepted by a significant plurality of the electorate.  The wish fulfillment of Trump’s critics is better directed toward the less spectacular, yet difficult-enough task of beating him in 2020.  

(“Get Over It – Trump’s Probably Not Going Anywhere” by Rich Lowry dated January 18, 2019 published by National Review Online at https://www.nationalreview.com/2019/01/trump-cannot-be-pressured-out-of-white-house/ )

Amidst all of the focus on the partial government shutdown and the national security and humanitarian crisis at the border, the fact that President Trump has now been in office for a full two years cannot be lost, and quite a two years it has been.  President Trump inherited an economy with low unemployment, but one where many Americans had been left behind with stagnant wages, manufacturing jobs off-shored, and a genuine lost hope for much of middle America.  Twenty four months later, more than 500,000 new manufacturing jobs have been created out of a total of 4.8 million new jobs nationwide.  The unemployment rate has been below 4% for eight out of the last twelve months.  To understand the significance of this, prior to 2018, the unemployment rate had fallen below 4% only five times since 1970.  The ability to get a job has reached across racial boundaries.  African American, Asian and Hispanic unemployment reached the lowest rates on record in the past year, and real wages have been increasing as the amount workers are paid has exceeded the inflation rate in 2018 meaning people are getting ahead rather than just fighting to stay even.  One real outcome is that 4.6 million fewer Americans are dependent upon food stamps.  This is the dignity and hope created by a job and the rising tide which lifts all boats in the Trump economy.  It is the beginning of breaking the stranglehold of the dependency cycle which has ensnared generations in some communities in the despair of constant poverty.  There are still problems to tackle as the labor participation rate for people ages 18 to 64, while rising, is still too low compared to prior generations.  The trend is in the right direction as more jobs are available than workers in the workforce to fill them for the first time since the Labor Department started tracking job availability.  People are now voluntarily leaving their jobs at a higher rate than when the President took office.  This freedom to move jobs without fear of not finding a new one had been lost over the past decade, and the Trump economy has restored it.  Cutting regulations at a record pace which restricted economic growth and only issuing new ones when absolutely necessary is a critical success factor.  Cutting bad trade deals which encouraged the off-shoring of American jobs is also key.  One of Trump’s first actions was to exit the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership, and he renegotiated NAFTA, the South Korean Free Trade Agreement, opening negotiations with Japan and the European Union while pressing China to engage in honest trade.  Trump promised America that he would Make America Great Again, and in his first two years, he has jump started a restoration of our economy that benefits all of America and not just those who live on the two coasts.  America is working, is more prosperous and Americans have renewed hope for our collective future.  That is the true Trump legacy, the renewed hope and vigor of a great people striving to make tomorrow better for their children benefitting from fewer government restraints, taxes and bad deals designed to transfer their opportunities overseas.

(“True Trump legacy renewed economy, restored hope” by Rick Manning dated January 21, 2019 published by Daily Torch at http://dailytorch.com/2019/01/true-trump-legacy-renewed-economy-restored-hope/ )


The behavior of our national media over the past two years has been contemptible.  We know now that, in conjunction with the Democrat Party, they colluded to bring down the Republican candidate for president and to ensure a Clinton victory, despite her many years of criminal behavior.  When that candidate won, they conspired to see him impeached.  The Obama-weaponized FBI, DOJ, and CIA broke nearly every law on the books in their effort to destroy Donald Trump.  They have failed every step of the way but have not given up.  They continue to demean themselves.  This past weekend was a two-fer.  The fake BuzzFeed story that should have been dismissed out of hand was gleefully embraced by every pundit on every news outlet.  They could not contain their joy at yet another "bombshell" that would lead to impeachment.  When Mueller's office released a statement that "the BuzzFeed story was inaccurate," they were devastated.  Next came the wholesale sliming of a group of Catholic schoolboys who did nothing but gather to wait for their bus after marching in the pro-life rally.  As they were verbally but viciously attacked by a group of black Hebrew Israelites, a black supremacy cult, with a string of profane, disgusting taunts in hopes of a response, an American Indian activist with a dodgy past got in their faces while banging his drum.  The short video clip that was released at first brought about an unending stream of execrable responses and tweets by people who should know better, and the verbal attacks were not limited to the usual suspects on the left.  The truth of the incident was quite the opposite of what they had chosen to see and make of it.  The young teens did absolutely nothing but remain calm.  They were quite likely frightened by the aggressive black Israelites and the American Indian Nathan, Phillips, banging his drum in their faces.  The boys are to be commended for their poise and refusal to engage with adults triggered by their MAGA hats.  The radicals among the American left have been driven to insanity by Trump's victory in 2016 and since then by his many successes.  They have continued to ignore the revealed facts of the Clinton-financed fake "dossier" and the participation of those at the top of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA in trying to illegally frame the president for crimes he did not commit.   So deluded are they by their Trump-hatred that they are unable to give up their hope of driving him from office.  The word "degenerate" means one has lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal or desirable, showing evidence of decline, which certainly describes our national media since Trump was elected.  They do not even pretend to be objective or honest, and leap to embrace any tall tale about Trump but refuse to acknowledge the truth about the criminality of the Clintons and the former leadership under Obama of the FBI, DOJ, and CIA.  They are so easily trolled, so gullible, and they no longer verify or confirm stories or sources.  Consider their behavior during the Kavanaugh hearings, when they did far worse than demean themselves; they acted as willing assassins of a fine man's life's work.  Let us hope the vile attacks on the boys from Covington Catholic High School will survive the weekend's smear with their good reputations intact.  The left today is so marinated in identity politics that its members cannot see the reality of America versus their single-minded focus on four things: skin color, their campaign to preserve the unimpeded right to abortion up to the moment of delivery; the criminalization of all faiths but Islam, which they always seek to protect from criticism; and their quest for open borders, no matter the horrific crimes visited upon innocent American citizens.  The mainstream media are traitors to the Constitution and to the values for which the Founders fought and died.  Our media and our left regularly mock honor, so we should not be shocked to find them as the traitors in our midst.  

(“Our degenerate media” by Patricia McCarthy dated January 22, 2019 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/01/our_degenerate_media.html )

No American president has survived the sheer volume of attacks and hostility that Donald Trump has endured, yet this president just keeps prevailing over his critics.  President Trump has been able to achieve so much of his agenda despite the coordinated campaign to defy him is astounding.  Whatever your opinion of Donald Trump, his success in the face of such rabid opposition is a testament to his tenacity and political skill.  Sanctimonious celebrities and supposedly-neutral journalists mocked and jeered his candidacy.  They demeaned and insulted his supporters.  They contrived savage smears and invaded his family’s privacy.  None of it worked.  Trump turned their attacks into publicity, and their smears into affirmations of his authenticity.  His deft handling of their criticism allowed him to upend the American political landscape and win the greatest election upset in presidential history.  The media attacks only intensified after Trump took office.  Over the last two years, about 90% of the news media coverage of the president has been negative.  In addition to the constant deluge of hit pieces in the media, the president has also had to contend with Democrat lawmakers, judges and unelected bureaucrats who are equally committed to seeing him fail, regardless of the consequences for ordinary Americans.  No other president has ever had to contend with such intense attacks from so many different directions.  Trump has survived the onslaught by staying true to the voters who elected him, delivering on promise after promise despite intense liberal resistance.  From the moment Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 presidential election, Democrats have spun wild conspiracy theories about supposed collusion with Russian intelligence operatives.  Hillary Clinton’s campaign staff invented this fantasy to explain how they suffered the most embarrassing loss in American political history, and rogue senior law enforcement officials and career bureaucrats quickly latched onto the theory to justify disruptive, open-ended investigations intended to undermine the Trump administration.  Meanwhile, activist judges have ignored the law to help liberal special interest groups delay and frustrate even routine presidential actions, issuing an unprecedented number of nationwide injunctions.  Liberal lawyers have scoured the country for the most anti-Trump judges, and thus far have succeeded in getting those judges to thwart President Trump’s travel ban, his zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration, his revocation of President Obama’s blatantly unconstitutional DACA order, and his Justice Department’s refusal to give sanctuary cities money that Congress specifically withheld from them.  Elected Democrats have behaved no differently, grinding the government to a halt simply to spite the president.  In the House, Democrats have kept the government shut down rather than fund the sort of border barriers they consistently supported before Trump’s election.  In the Senate, Democrats made a disgusting spectacle out of the confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s eminently well-qualified pick for the Supreme Court.  No other president has ever had to contend with such intense attacks from so many different directions.  The president has survived the onslaught by staying true to the voters who elected him, delivering on promise after promise despite intense liberal resistance.  Trump has rebuilt the federal judiciary by appointing judges committed to the true, original meaning of the Constitution, including two brilliant Supreme Court justices.  He has renegotiated unfair trade deals, passed historic tax cuts, and cut unnecessary job-killing regulations, creating the strongest economy and the lowest unemployment rate in generations.  Now, he is fighting to get the Washington establishment to give the American people the border wall they voted for in 2016.  The D.C. establishment has deployed every weapon in its arsenal against the president, and even after two full years, it still hasn’t been enough to stop Donald Trump from winning.  

(“Trump has survived a coordinated campaign to defy him – Two years later he’s achieved much of his agenda” by Michael Glassner dated January 20, 2019 published by Fox News at https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/trump-has-survived-a-coordinated-campaign-to-defy-him-two-years-later-hes-achieved-much-of-his-agenda.print# )

It seems that socialism is like an infectious disease that everyone has to get ill of to develop immunity.  As Alexander Solzhenitsyn pointed out, “For us in Russia, communism is a dead dog, while for many people in the West, it is still a living lion.  This dead dog, expelled from Russia, acquired a new life in the United States and regained vitality to become a living lion within the Democrat Party.  The 2018 midterms brought new Marxist arrivals to the House of Representatives who are interpreting the elections as an endorsement of socialist policies.  They dropped all the pretenses, no liberals, no progressives, they are proud Marxist-Leninists driven by the ideology and committed to converting this country into the United Socialist States of America.  This militant crowd is comprised of uninformed and misinformed people looking at themselves as unfortunate, underpaid, underappreciated victims of capitalism, overwhelmed with jealousy that there are people who are everything they are not.  The Democrat Party explicitly casts itself as an inheritor of Marxism.  The Democrats’ demands are almost total inversion of the Constitutional arrangements and traditional American values.  The economic redistribution, open borders, repeal of the Second Amendment, the abolition of the Electoral College, the election of a president by popular vote, voting rights and free health care to illegal aliens are just part of the comprehensive strategy of putting the harness of socialism around the necks of the American people.  The driving force of the Democratic Party is economic “inequality”, the argument socialists have never tired of invoking since the dawn of capitalism.  The seductive idea of wealth redistribution has proved to be irresistible to the masses discontented by the inequities.  The philosophy of envy and siphoning from the rich appeals to a large segment of the population that does not realize that the definition of “rich” is a spiral of devolution that eventually will reach every business and every individual who works for a living.  From the Democrats’ perspective, President Donald J. Trump is a disrupter of what had been a smooth transition to the bright socialist future.  In a concerted effort to denigrate the President and paralyze executive authority, they are branding him a racist and blatantly subvert every program on his agenda.  To render him ineffective, they actively support a collective mania for ever more sweeping investigations of dubious claims, rumors, unsubstantiated allegations and innuendos that has descended over the President, his family, his associates, and nominees.  People who cannot even spell “impeachment” demand one without any substantiation.  Unfortunately, the contemporary political thinking of the American people is more backward than that of the Russians or Chinese, and too many of them are living in a flat-earth, know-nothing, Jesse Watters’ world.  Neither education, nor upbringing, nor life experience prepares Americans for grasping the veracity of the socialist assault on the American way of life.  Thanks to the fatuity of the American public, there has not been any effective comprehension of the totality of the assault nor its enervating effect upon national vigilance.  We may surmise that the socialist dragon has come of age and socialism in America, be it democratic or otherwise, no longer looks like an exceedingly lofty ambition.  The great historical irony is that unlike the Russian people who understood the perils of socialism and fought the Bolsheviks in a bloody three-year civil war that by some estimates took fifteen million lives, the freedom-loving Americans keep voting themselves into socialism.  Communist leaders from Lenin to Brezhnev are sardonically grinning from hell and watching in disbelief as what was impossible for the Soviet Union to accomplish with all its military might and nuclear arsenal is being endorsed by the duly elected American legislators.  

(“America: The new Socialist frontier” by Alexander G. Markovsky dated January 18, 2019 published by The Hill at https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/425970-america-the-new-socialist-frontier )


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