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 February 4, 2017


Early on, President Trump demonstrated the ability to think outside the Beltway.  He recognized what most Americans did, that the political establishment in Washington D.C. and its obsequious media were insular, self-serving and self-preserving, a crowd of co-conspirators that was only getting better at doing the wrong things.  We found ourselves in that unhappy circumstance because solutions benefitting the American people conflicted with the financial or ideological interests of the Democrat and Republican establishments, the media and their wealthy financiers – the oligarchy.  It had become the perception that the ruling elite, not the American people, who “every four years hire a President.”  We also became the victims of a federal bureaucracy composed of a well-networked, professionally in-bred group of perpetual-presidential-appointees-in-waiting, living in and around the Beltway; Congressional staff lifers and the denizens of lobbying firms, consultancies and think tanks, who recycle the same old ideas packaged in newly-minted buzzwords and acronyms that comprise the conventional wisdom.  They are the government’s revolving door, the worker bees of our permanent political establishment, the purveyors of policy common denominators and the architects of the impenetrable intellectual bubble that is Washington D.C., where innovation suffocates and ideas go to die.  It was clear to all but the politically tone-deaf that Americans were not only fed up with the incompetence, divisiveness and political correctness of the Obama Administration, we were equally disgusted with the two political parties, who represented only themselves and were identical in their practice of crony capitalism, political expediency and lying.  Donald Trump was elected largely for who he was not.  A healthy majority of Americans still view the main stream media outlets as nothing more than propaganda machines for the establishment using disinformation and manipulation in a fashion comparable with Soviet-run journalism, collaborators in perpetuating a corrupt status quo.  President Trump exploited already-existing sentiments, spawned by non-representative government and an out-of-touch media, but a movement lacking a leader around whom we could rally, someone who would express our views and, if elected, implement those views as policy.  Americans flocked to Trump because the country had a de facto one-party state, where all the traditional means for the people to seek the redress of grievances were blocked by the self-absorbed, unaccountable, permanent political-media elite.  The situation will not change until the political-media establishment begins to “just listen for a while,” but that is, listen not to just themselves. 

(“This is Why Donald Trump is President” by Lawrence Sellin dated January 31, 2017 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2017/01/31/why-donald-trump-is-president/ )

Barely a week into the Trump administration, and half of the country that opposed him during the election is quivering with rage.  He’s building the wall!  He’s banning immigration from some Muslim countries!  He’s wrecking ObamaCare!  He’s sacking top officials at the State Department!  He’s threatening sanctuary cities! What’s going on here?  It’s called: “keeping his campaign promises.”  We’ve become so inured to politicians lying to us to get elected that we find it hard to believe that the new man in the White House actually meant what he said.  Not since the heyday of Ronald Reagan have the Democrats been in such shock and disarray.  First, they, and their “never Trump” collaborators on the right, said he’d never get the nomination.  When he did, they assured themselves there was no way he could beat the Hillary Clinton juggernaut so beloved of the media, the insulated superrich and the dependent class.  That all changed on November 8th when Donald Trump was elected President.  Of course, they’ve reacted to the upending of their fantasy world with petulance, threats, marches, actual violence and lawfare.  Even for some conservatives, the vigorous pace at which Trump is taking action is disorienting.  George H. W. Bush squandered the fruits of the Reagan revolution and the end of the Cold War in his pursuit of a “new world order” and a duel with Saddam Hussein.  His son, George W. Bush, talked a good game about immigration and terrorism but finished neither the fence Congress explicitly authorized in 2006 nor the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Even Reagan never abolished the education or energy departments, as he promised.  While Trump’s actions so far are mainly symbolic, he still has to flesh out his Cabinet, push Congress to appropriate monies to begin construction and hire the diggers and masons for the wall, he’s already given his supporters hope that this time, things just might be different.  After 65 years of government by the congressional Permanent Bipartisan Fusion Party, Americans now confront the brave new world of a President who will cut through the red tape and make change happen.  Half of America, the coasts and the big cities, is apparently shocked by Trump’s eagerness to start delivering on the promises that got him elected in the first place. They’re not used to a politician who not only means what he said on the campaign trail, but also is not dissuaded by the usual recalcitrant Washington bureaucracy, media nitpickers and congressional back-scratchers.  The game is usually to wink at the rubes who make up your base, then quickly join the insider’s game.  After all, Republicans like the horse-trading majority leader Mitch McConnell and senator John McCain have fashioned entire careers out of promising their constituents one thing and delivering their big donors something altogether different.  Surely, D.C. will try to corrupt Trump the way it has most everybody else.  Worst of all, they can’t believe the other half of America is actually cheering Trump on as, on one hot-button issue after another, he’s giving them exactly what they voted for, at warp speed.  Decisiveness has always been a prized quality; a recent Rasmussen poll put Trump’s approval rating at 59% and rising.  The cries of “You can’t do that!” are beginning to abate as Americans realize that, in fact, yes we can.  Look for the new Pentagon chief to quickly begin hitting ISIS harder.  Look for a humane but effective evaluation of Obama’s permissive policy toward “Dreamers,” children of illegal aliens whose sob stories have passed their sell-by date.  Look for sanctuary cities to come to heel as Trump’s threats to cut federal funds start to bite. Look for more housecleaning at State and elsewhere as the swamp drains and the number of undersecretaries dwindles.  Maybe, just maybe, look for a new attitude from the media if it wants to stay relevant: tough but fair… we’ll see. 

(“The real shocker: Trump is a politician who delivers on his promises” by Michael Walsh dated January 28, 2017 published by NY Post at http://nypost.com/2017/01/28/trump-is-a-politician-who-delivers-on-his-promises/ )


Barack Obama and his minions perfected the art of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals – thirteen tactics devised to disrupt, disorganize, and demoralize proponents of conservative society.  There are two new rules to Alinsky's list, demonstrating how leftists had modernized and effectively utilize these tactics today:

·    RULE 14: "Confound the enemy with allegations he cannot possibly disprove."  Whenever possible, turn the enemy in on himself.  Look for ways to increase insecurity, anxiety, and confusion.  (Watch how organizations flail helplessly when blindsided by irrelevant arguments they cannot refute.)

·    RULE 15: "Push the enemy so hard with outrageous situations and allegations that he is forced to push back."  Whenever possible, cause the enemy to respond, and when he does, hold him up for ridicule; then push harder.  (By threatening his security and way of life, you will always elicit a reaction that can be turned against him.)

We know how often and effectively these tactics were (and are) used on conservatives.  Rule 14 was applied whenever Republicans disapproved of Obama.  We were labeled as racist, an allegation nearly impossible to refute.  Rule 15 came into its own when the left pushed conservatives so hard that the Tea Party emerged, which was then attacked by the IRS and labeled as a terrorist threat.  Take the most recent frothing from leftists regarding presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway's "alternatives facts" defense of White House press secretary Sean Spicer's claim that "this was the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration."  The discussion of Trump's "crowd size lies," is important to liberals because Trump is fighting, with stunning effectiveness, their heretofore unchallenged and Orwellian dissemination of "fake news."  Derisive laughter has abounded from all corners of leftist-esteemed newsrooms and ivory towers at the notion of "alternative facts."  Cries of the Trump administration's "pure lunacy" are being made in article after article, in newscast after newscast.  It's as if leftists cannot stop themselves, seemingly taken over by some outside power, like a flu bug that persistently convulses the stomach, forcing them to vomit all manner of liberal diatribe.  That is, precisely, the genius of Saul Alinsky's tactics, by which conservatives have been fantastically tormented for decades.  Now the left is concerned with Trump's "illegal voter lies."  Calling it "rank baloney" like Trump's "whoppers about his inaugural crowds," the left are nearly unhinged on this one, for good reason, as this issue drives deeply to the heart of their power base, security, and way of life (Rule 15).  Leftists are none too willing to recall or admit that Obama toiled insidiously to bring illegal immigrants into the country for the specific purpose of bolstering votes for Democrats.  President Trump is using the left's playbook to stunning effect.  Again and again we see leftists flailing helplessly, shouting their own coarse vulgarities.  Just as Alinsky foretold, behavior such as this deeply undermines claims to sanity and legitimacy and simultaneously forces its believers to consume precious time and energy defending their way of life.  The left’s anxiety is demonstrated when it published these words: "It's hard to know when Trump is just being Trump and when he's fundamentally transforming the American experiment."  Whether or not the president knows it, he is giving Alinsky a run for his money. 

(“Saul Alinsky in the White House… Still?” by Cameron Reddy dated January 31, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/01/saul_alinsky_in_the_white_housestill.html )


How ironic that the unhinged Democrats are fueling, not paralyzing, President Donald Trump and energizing, not intimidating, his supporters, whose numbers are growing.  The entire liberal establishment, from the cultural crybabies to the lefty campus snowflakes to the mainstream media to the leading Democratic politicians, is having a nervous breakdown, and it is ugly and self-defeating.  These bullies have been doing for years what they're now falsely accusing Trump and the Republicans of doing.  They are the ones who try to suppress speech, who act lawlessly and tyrannically, who undermine the democratic process, who breach the peace and who disrupt our domestic tranquility.  I told them they had nothing to fear from Trump regarding any of that and that this was all manufactured madness from liberals who were merely projecting.  If they wanted to be vigilant against any group, I said, they ought to watch the left, which was just getting warmed up for a four-year sustained temper tantrum.  It's just a beautifully simplistic plan: The left goes ballistic over Trump's election, warning of impending doom; No sooner has he been sworn in than they try to fulfill their own prophecy by staging phony protests about the horrors Trump is supposedly already visiting on the nation.   They are behaving like petulant children, unwilling even to accept the legitimacy of the election, much less give Trump a chance to prove them wrong.  Their conduct, across the board, is inexcusable. Just consider their outrages so far, and notice how they are guilty of precisely the behavior they are condemning:

·    The Women's March on Washington was ostensibly to protest Trump's vulgarity and policy noxiousness, but it actually pitted women against men, celebrated and glorified the killing of innocent unborn children, and provided a forum for morally and mentally disturbed celebrities, such as Madonna, to utter their own vulgarities and thoughts of violent acts. Their hypocrisy is embarrassing promoting and committing violence in the name of protesting violence from the right, as paranoid and unwarranted as their fear is.

·    There were violent protests over a speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California, Berkeley.  His message, which ridicules and condemns leftist duplicity on free speech, incites violence, but the only violence it incites is from them.

·    Acting Attorney General Sally Yates showed audacity and impropriety in refusing to enforce a legal order of the president's designed to protect American citizens.

·    Militant loony Sarah Silverman, during the Berkeley riots, tweeted, in effect, that the military should overthrow President Trump.

·    A woman interrupted the confirmation vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the nominee for attorney general, Jeff Sessions, with this outburst: "You have furthered the nomination of a man who will not protect the vulnerable."

·    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says Trump's Supreme Court justice nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has hostility toward children in school and children with autism. "It's a very hostile appointment… as far as your family is concerned, and if you breathe air, drink water, eat food, take medicine or in any other way interact with the courts."

·    Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren says Gorsuch is the reward to powerful interests who have tried "to turn the Supreme Court into one more rigged game that works only for the rich and the powerful." This is the thanks Gorsuch gets for his commitment to honoring the Constitution and the rule of law instead of imposing an ideological agenda.

These are but a few of the myriad examples of unhinged liberals who are living in, and trying to spread, their false reality.  Law-abiding citizens, however, have nothing to fear from these people because their actions are backfiring.  Their goal is to demonize, delegitimize and emasculate President Trump, Republicans and conservatives, but they are making them stronger and more popular.  The crazier these liberals become the more people will realize just who represents a threat in America, and it's not Trump and the Republicans.  Primarily because of Trump's refreshing and bold actions so far, but also because of liberal irrationality and bad faith, even formerly tentative and squishy Republicans are getting behind Trump to advance a long-overdue remedial agenda to restore America's greatness.  I hope liberals keep it up, showing every day exactly who they are and how out of the mainstream they are, because it will further marginalize them and facilitate the advance of pro-growth and pro-security conservative policies. 

(“Let’s Hope the Loony Left Keeps Exposing Itself” by David Limbaugh dated February 3, 2017 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/davidlimbaugh/2017/02/03/lets-hope-the-loony-left-keeps-exposing-itself-n2280551 )

One of the great unsolved mysteries of politics that routinely perplexes pseudo-intellectuals and academics is why has the American working class refused to embrace socialism to the same extent as their European and Latin American brethren?  In the typical fashion of the ivory tower intelligentsia, scapegoats were conceived.  They claim the proletariat revolution never spread to these shores not because of the economic and political destitution of socialism, but because the American working class bought into the great and evil capitalist lie.  American author and alleged communist sympathizer, John Steinbeck, said, "Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires."  This is the patronizing progressive mindset that in modern parlance characterizes working class voters as "too stupid to know what's good for them" and, thus, its members must be told what to think and believe.  For generations, the Left has paraded this line of thought as an excuse for their own failure to win over the hearts and minds of the American public.  Leftism in this country did not spring out organically from the working poor themselves. Instead, it was imported into the halls of coastal academia via successive waves of primarily German emigres fleeing their own failed socialist revolutions in Europe.  This is the real reason leftism was held at bay in this country for so long.  The notion of "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" is not some fantasy of a blue collar carpenter, it was at one point a reality.  Climbing the economic ladder was not only possible, it was the norm.  This massive wealth generation, brought about by our free enterprise system, was always a thorn in the side of would be socialist central planners.  They realized, unlike the serfdoms and monarchies of Europe, the American free market was too resilient and prosperous to take down in one fell swoop.  They instead opted for a more 'centrist' approach to their ends.  They would successively corrode the foundation of American capitalism from the inside with an endless series of new taxes, regulations, and bureaucracy, with the aim of stifling industry into submission.  These initiatives were always presented to the people as a way not to replace the system, but instead to "improve" it.  These "fixes" ended up destroying the industrial heartland of this country.  As the factories left for more hospitable shores, the infrastructure decayed, cities crumbled, and the American worker was left gutted both economically and spiritually.  Now, the Left has given up all pretense of being the champions of the working class.  The Left all but abandoned the "deplorables," voters who worry about their jobs leaving and their communities dying.  That job loss, the Left claimed, was a consequence of the times, and backwards Middle America ought to get used to it, along with 71 new gender options.  It was from this political vacuum that Trump was able to win the White House.  An inspiring and uplifting message of jobs and return of industry is what won the blue collar voter, over the Democrats' promises of more EPA regulations and mass migration.  Trump's simple embrace of down-to-earth mannerisms and speech rather than lecturing from a pedestal was a resonating change of tune from years of out of touch Republican candidates.  This new breed of working-class conservatism is the only path forward for Republicans, so they can embrace it and continue to win "big league," or they can scoff at it as nothing more than a one-cycle anomaly, but only one of those paths will lead to electoral and ideological victory. 

(“Why the American working class is more conservative than the rest of the world” by Gavin Wax dated January 29, 2017 published by Washington Examiner at http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/why-the-american-working-class-is-more-conservative-than-the-rest-of-the-world/article/2613227 )

Given the daily liberal head explosions occurring because of President Trump’s immigration policies, one might think Trump demolished the Statue of Liberty, or worse, reintroduced school prayer, when all he did is take executive action to protect Americans.  The White House owes no apology for wanting to keep America safe.  The executive order temporarily bans immigration for those coming from jihadi-infested countries like Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iran and Iraq until better security screening is in place.  The order puts an indefinite ban on those coming from Syria because ISIS is extremely active there.  We didn’t hear anything from leftists when former President Obama did something similar regarding Iraq in 2011.  Leftists might be thanking Trump for his actions if they weren’t so drunk with hatred for anyone or anything that even hints of American values.  The same ISIS who vowed to import terrorists disguised as refugees doesn’t care about which side of the political aisle a person sits.  America experienced an unprecedented number of domestic terrorist attacks committed by Muslim immigrants or children of immigrants during Obama’s tenure.  We are a nation governed by the rule of law, but you’d never know it from leaders standing in defiance over Trump’s stance on immigration and sanctuary cities. Sanctuary cities are illegal and in a civil society, those who break the law are punished.  They should be held personally liable for lives lost and havoc wreaked by illegals living within their jurisdictions.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott leads the way, promising to pursue legislation to remove sheriffs and mayors breaking immigration laws.  Miami Mayor Carlos Gimenez also denounced Miami-Dade’s previous stance as a sanctuary county on January 27th.  It’s obvious that America has suffered from a significant shortage of alpha male leadership in families, based on the number of people losing their minds over a true leader occupying the White House.  Leftists can chuck bricks, throw rocks, and start fires all they want, but Trump will still be President when they wake the next morning.  Their actions hurt their cause because it helps normal people see Democrats don’t really care about anyone but themselves.  There’s a new sheriff in town who likes law and order.  Sorry, snowflakes, all those “free spaces” to destroy other people’s stuff are no longer available.  That’s why 230 Inauguration Day anarchists were charged with felony rioting and face fines of up to $25,000 and 10 years in prison which should be time enough to keep them off the streets while Trump cleans up America.  All the fit-throwing reminds me this is going to be a long eight years, but then I smile because I know liberals are thinking the same thing. 

(“Leftists’ Heads Explode in Response to Keeping America Safe” by Susan Stamper Brown dated January 30, 2017 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/susanstamperbrown/2017/01/30/leftists-heads-explode-in-response-to-keeping-america-safe-n2278443 )


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