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 February 18, 2017


When Barack Obama was elected, conservatives didn’t cry like the liberals.  We didn’t need therapy.  We didn’t start wailing that he was Hitler or demand safe spaces. Instead, we said, “That sucks. This guy is going to be terrible for the country,” and by the way, we were right.  But still, we got up and we went to work.  Then when the time came, we went to Tea Parties. We obeyed the law at those Tea Parties.  We paid for our permits.  We were polite to the police.  We cleaned up behind ourselves.  Then we organized and we took control of the House and the Senate along with the majority of state legislatures and governorships.  What we didn’t do was put on masks and riot in D.C. because we didn’t like the candidate who was elected. What we didn’t do was tear up Berkeley because we were upset that a pro-Trump gay guy was invited to give a speech.  We didn’t smash any windows at Starbucks. We didn’t squirt pepper spray in people’s faces because they wore hats we didn’t like.  The rationale was that having people say things students don’t like on their campus is the same as committing violence against them and therefore, their violent outbursts represented “self-defense” against fascism… or something.  As you can imagine, if the “responsible people” in the Democrat Party are behaving like loons, the left-wing celebrities who are not the most stable people to begin with, are really off the rails.  These people sound like they belong in a mental institution.  Even if you don’t love Trump, he does at least seem to be a few cuts above crazy people screaming about coups while they smash windows and assault random passers-by in Make America Great hats. The Left has descended so far that when you see Death to America trending on Twitter or Facebook, you have to check to see whether it's in Iran or Berkeley. If fascism, violence, hatred, crying and crazy are all liberals have to offer, they should prepare themselves for eight years of Trump. 

(“Donald Trump Has Caused the Left to Lose Its Mind” by John Hawkins dated February 11, 2017 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/johnhawkins/2017/02/11/donald-trump-has-caused-the-left-to-lose-its-mind-n2284545 )

Even as they encircled Trump, pouring scorn on him from their commanding heights in the arts, academia, and media, the most entitled members of the elite cast Trump during the presidential campaign as a “bully,” but the claim fell flat.  Most Americans didn’t see Trump in that light; they saw him more as an underdog and a fearless spokesman for underdogs viewed by Hillary Clinton as “deplorables.  Just a few weeks into his presidency, all the same elitist hue and cry of the campaign reappears: a cavalcade of celebrities, pampered pols, and arrogant academics, all of whom ludicrously conceive of  themselves as victims, try to hector the people into seeing Trump as a bully; out-of-touch journalists speak gravely of a “presidency in crisis”; glib pundits and pollsters who discredited  themselves with cocky predictions of Trump’s demise during the primaries and general election now pretend to ponder if his “presidency can be saved”; effete Republicans, who won on his coattails or line up for jobs in his administration, gossip about his “mental health” and second-guess his every move.  This nonstop gibbering plays into Trump’s hands, making him into a perpetual underdog.  An elite that calls him a “bully,” then blesses the bullies of the left, only makes him look sympathetic.  An elite that calls him “crazy,” then laughs at sick parodies of Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live, only looks unhinged.  An elite that calls him “extreme,” then treats common sense as controversial and rudimentary nationalism as fascism, looks unserious.  The irresponsibility and vulgarity of the elite seem to grow in proportion to their lectures on statesmanship and temperament.  Hillary Clinton “3.0” is joining in the immature glee of the anti-Trump frenzy, tweeted out about the most liberal courts in the country rejecting his pause on immigration from seven terrorist countries.  It is that kind of fist-pumping over chic and frivolous causes that cost her the election. Her political instincts remain as defective as ever.  Trump is somberly instructed by the self-proclaimed great and good to waive the white flag and timidly return to the status quo.  He should welcome this fight: The longer it continues, the more it draws the Democrats deeper and deeper into an insane identification with foreigners at the expense of basic American interests.  Let the Democrats become the party that invents rights for foreigners while abolishing rights for Americans, and it sets them up for an even bigger loss in 2020.  As usual, elites assume the people share their sanctimony and outrage over “disrespected” judges.  They obviously did not notice that Trump won in large part because he ran against activist liberal judges.  Here, too, Trump looks like an underdog, as the judicial branch blatantly usurps the authority of the executive branch on a matter as fundamental as the entry of foreigners from dangerous countries into the country.  The Democrats and media are digging a hole for Trump into which they will fall.  By treating this controversy as a fight for “American values,” they render that phrase meaningless and expose themselves as untrustworthy guardians of them.  Long victimized by insular ideologues disdainful of the most obvious imperatives of American sovereignty, the people will not punish Trump politically.  After the din of easy denunciation fades, they will see him as a protector against an elitist party that puts America last. 

(“Trump, the Perpetual Underdog” by George Neumayr dated February 13, 2017 published by The American Spectator at https://spectator.org/trump-the-perpetual-underdog/ )

The left and its echo chamber are convinced they are taking out Trump.  It's their "narrative" and they actually believe their own PR.  They don’t see how they have driven themselves over the edge of reason and can no longer convince others.  The only people they have convinced are themselves of their own righteousness, and they actually believe they have succeeded.  This echo chamber once held great power.  They used to be able to form "narratives," (activist storylines to decide and interpret news), persuade the powerful, and terrorize the right.  They could make most Republicans quake just by pulling out the race card or the half dozen other narrative cards they have used for so long.  The chamber was constructed over decades.  Leftist educators and pols used this Alinskyite playbook to ascend to power, and damn, they were good at using it.   One of their pols, or media stars would say something, often perfectly false, and voila! the media, and their fellow Democrat Party pols would echo it and repeat it so much, it would literally become true in the minds of the majority of the public.   The ideas that Republicans were racist, or against science, or had brazenly ruined the environment, are great examples of what they accomplished.  Now, the echo chamber is losing its power.   The tricks the left used to nominate and elect a man who literally had no business running for any office (see President Obama, who had no qualifications for the office) no longer work.  These same tricks were used to try to elect Hillary, they even doubled and tripled their usage of the echo chamber.  Yet Trump is now President instead of Clinton.   However, we now have a more sinister power rearing its ugly head in the out-of-control leftists embedded deep in the heart of our intelligence agencies, and bureaucracies.  Trump is now fighting a multiple-front war for his transformative agenda.  He is facing an unhinged left, some remaining obstructionist fools in the GOP establishment, and a malevolently powerful deep state itself.  Just because the Democrat/media complex is in full, swashbuckling, we’ve-stormed the castle, we’re-going-to-impeach him-mode is no reason to panic.  No one should be pleased with the ousting of General Flynn, but let’s recognize that we don’t really know the story of what happened, or why.  We can be relatively certain that the media doesn’t either, and that they have it out of proportion.  The left is blowing its own opportunity by hyper-exaggerating their case.  Put their yelping together with the clear and obvious intent to have Trump impeached so early in his Presidency, impeached for virtually anything he does, for anything they disagree with, and it’s clear that this will go nowhere.   Literally all of them are over the top with shrieking.  Patience… because they’re discrediting themselves daily.  It may not be fun watching how hysterical they act, but they’re not going to win this.  There are several reasons the left's capacity to take out Trump will not work.  First, the echo chamber is out of gas, its hyperbole is way beyond believable, and their petulance and anger is obvious.   Like in the Wizard of Oz, they don’t realize Toto has torn the curtain away, and we’re seeing who is behind that curtain.  Second, the Trump team is implementing its agenda one step at a time.   The administration is actually doing what they promised they would during the campaign.  In spite of the Democrats' obstruction, Trump has done more in a month than most thought was possible.  Judging from their resolve, they aren’t going to stop.  They are not cowed, they are not dissuaded from what they see as their mission to bring America back.  Third,  the Trump voter is still engaged.  Not only are they engaged, they are doubly thrilled that he isn’t backing down to these people.  They aren’t so much seeing the bumps in the road or the obstacles the left is throwing out, they are just seeing an administration that is fighting for them, and it energizes their own determination to fight, too.  Because the Trump administration is serious about its promises, it is earning the loyalty of those who have supported them.  This is a movement of principle, and the principles stood for are being followed, they are being implemented.  So take heart, because against such formidable principles and resolve, a shrieking left and hyperbolic left will not prevail. 

(“The Left’s Once Mighty Echo Chamber is Losing Power” by David Prentice dated February 17, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/the_lefts_oncemighty_echo_chamber_is_losing_power_.html )


The same people in the media and the Democrat Party leadership who applauded then-senator Obama's world diplomatic tours in 2008 managed to take their first Trump administration scalp: that of General Michael Flynn, and based on little more than rumor and innuendo at that.  Meanwhile Obama is said to be plotting leftist resistance to Trump, the media is encouraging hate and violence against Republicans, thousands are publicly weighing a Trump assassination, and an activist judiciary seems to be gearing up to partner with the bureaucracy to resist and reverse every policy and every initiative the American people want the federal government to act on.  This is inappropriate, untenable, and likely to get worse, the ridiculous title of this rant is going to be Accepted Truth on major media outlets from CNN and the Washington Post to Salon and the Economist.  Sometimes enough is already too much, and this is one of those cases.  Somehow, Congress and the administration have to act before there's significant bloodshed and the rifts the far left is trying to shred into the culture become permanent.  There are those who wish to turn the other cheek, to do nothing in the belief that the left will rebalance itself, but I disagree.  This isn't going to get better until Dresden and Hiroshima burn, until the people now in control of the Democrat Party are so weakened that saner voices can make themselves heard.  To lance the boil, here's what I'd like to see:

·    Total Obamacare repeal.  Pick a timeframe and legislate complete reversion to the status quo ante as of some future date with no ifs, buts, or maybes.

·    The funding implications for Medicaid and Medicare, the problems at the VA, and conservative alternatives for health care insurance can be worked out and handled in separate bills, but pick an Obamacare drop-dead date, legislate it, and stick to it.

·    Immediate full repeal of Dodd-Frank: complete status quo ante, no exceptions and no promises.

·    Initiate a congressional investigation into politically motivated wrongdoing at the IRS, EPA, DOJ, SEC, and numerous other agencies or departments.  Think of this as a truth and reconciliation commission whose job is to restore trust in government – while destroying trust in the media and those "Democrats" now running that party.

·    Appoint a special prosecutor to direct and act on the FBI's investigations into the Clinton Foundation and the allegations about Hillary Clinton's national security and trust (pay to play) abuses while secretary of state.  Publish everything.

·    Initiate a congressional investigation into all forms of electoral fraud,` including into candidate eligibility and malfeasance at the DOJ, into various PACs and related organizations, and among secretaries of state.  Publish everything.

Basically, what the Democrat leadership is doing today is deeply offensive.  The same political views that led people at The Economist, the New York Times, and CBS News to treasure Hitler, Uncle Joe, and Chairman Mao for their progressive beliefs and commitments to human rights now motivate their hatred for Trump.  We can show everybody by hanging the corruptocrats out in public and shining a bright light on everything from data falsification at the NOAA to Obama administration links to Hitler's Muslim Brotherhood, domestic terrorist groups like the Weathermen, and the mad mullahs in Iran.  

(“The scandal-plagued Trump regime” by Paul Murphy dated February 15, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/the_scandalplagued_trump_regime.html )

new spectrum

Communism and fascism both comprise totalitarianism and both are derived from the left.  They arose out of promises of everyone (who agrees, i.e. party members and supporters) enjoying the benefits of the State, which includes the consolidation of others’ accumulated wealth.  Each of these regimes established power by enflaming and organizing the “disenfranchised,” the “proletariat,” and the “common man” with lies about something better.  Although the mobs were endemic in all the examples throughout history, it is not of these nations that it speaks, every one of them a failure for not securing its promise.  This new fascism is rising in America’s streets and pouring from its colleges and its ghettoes, in the two arenas of easily swayed minds, the underemployed and the overeducated.  Fascism was originally coined and defined by its founder Benito Mussolini.  The foundation of Fascism is the conception of the State, its character, its duty, and its aim.  Fascism conceives of the State as an absolute, in comparison with which all individuals or groups are relative, only to be conceived of in their relation to the State.  The Fascist State organizes the nation, but leaves a sufficient margin of liberty to the individual; the latter is deprived of all useless and possibly harmful freedom, but retains what is essential; the deciding power in this question cannot be the individual, but the State alone.  This is the opposite of the individual as sovereign upon which the Constitution of the United States is based.  Although Mussolini attempted to draw dividing lines between Marxist Socialism, which he followed, and Fascism, they cannot be separated as both are ruled by the State in that the State distributes privileges and status, which encompasses goods and services.  What is most fascinating about the so-called antifa (antifascist) movement is their sameness in touting diversity.  They call themselves diverse according to skin color, ethnicity, sexual proclivities and identities or religious preferences yet they are unified in one thing, despising anyone who upholds the Law of the Land, the Constitution which is to protect this nation from threats to its people or their commerce.  Thus, should an individual claim fealty to the unadulterated Constitution or belief in the Bible, they are ostracized by the so-called diverse as being outside the “norm.”  The “norm” is defined as agreeing to believe as they believe, and no quarter is given for Christianity, observant Judaism, some other religions, creeds or pro-life.  None of these faiths or philosophies is tolerated.  However, totalitarian religious legal systems, such as sharia, are touted as acceptable within the antifascist fold as being part of the diversity.  It is problematic that the education system has taught people to believe that there is only one way of thinking and that forcing that opinion on all is proper and normal.  Education and media have become arms of the State to instill a certain morality among the general populace and that they are guided by promises of personal freedom only to be restricted by the State that defines that freedom.  The constitutional republic that is the United States was not designed to empower any group over others, especially not the State; it was designed to avoid mob-rule which engages a dictatorial State in the end for the simple reason that mobs have no head, leaving the vacuum to be filled by the State.  The Founders fully understood that promising anything beyond the freedom to pursue one’s individual destiny of wealth and happiness was to promise too much. The mobs promise that the State can provide for all their diverse needs whatever their level of production, but the State then promises too much.  That is why every fascist, communist or theocratic state is doomed; it can’t deliver on its promises.  America can if left to follow the Constitution, because it promises that you can seek wealth and happiness without restricted, regulated, prescribed thoughts and words forced upon you by a clueless mob manipulated by those who would institute the State.  Fascism is this: being compelled to conform, or suffer the rage of a mob or State that burns, destroys and kills.  Constitutionalism is giving everyone the freedom to operate within their individual, God-given right to disagree without threat of harm or death.  The hypocrisy of antifascist crowds roving the cities demanding that everyone adopt their PC concept of freedom while accusing those who ascribe to true individualism as fascists, is the essence of Fascism. 

(“Let’s talk real fascism” by Dru Kristenev dated February 10, 2017 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/lets-talk-emreal-em-fascism )


The socialists’ main tool is words.  They weaponize them by redefining concepts,Your money or your life.”  They take a privilege and say it is a right. A socialist redefines himself as a “liberal” to confuse liberty with socialism.  They redefine “tolerance” to confuse mercy and impunity and brand justice as “intolerant.” Now they redefine perversion as “sexual preference” so that soon pedophilia, necrophilia and animalism will be as “acceptable” as homosexuality. They have converted emasculation into “sensitivity” and masculinity into monstrosity, but in their insane rebellion against truth, the most “feminist” of “feminism” go to the most antifeminists of beliefs, Islam.  In recent cases they are trying to convert immigration, a privilege by any sane standard, into a “right” for the purpose of eliminating nationality and thus national defense, sovereignty and patriotism. Socialists in judicial power will continue to do so until executive power stops their abuse and enforces constitutional law.  Globalists say they’ll take your money and kill you (wage external war or internal strife) if you don’t accept their debt based money, or accept their conditions of interest and political policy (like “human rights,” “social justice,” “tolerance,” “political correctness” and, eventually “global government and the New World Order.”)  They will use the money they created from our future to wage street protests and make nations fight each other Russia or China if you reject their money, their debt or their conditions, like not “bailing out” their banks with our future and the future of our future generations. Your money or your life — same concept different words.  In the “Affordable Health Care” plan, the globalists are, saying that they’ll keep you from even getting into a hospital if you don’t pay a big and ever increasing deductible or accept an unpayable debt. Same concept different words.  Communists say we’ll take your productive facilities or we’ll kill or throw you out.  So they do, and the only thing they prove is that bureaucrats and politicians can’t produce, because they only know how to steal.  When the leaders only know how to steal, the people can’t learn how to produce.  But they do learn how to steal from each other, so parasites eat parasites. In the early stages people have to wait in long lines to get bread, soap or toilet paper. In later stages, they hunt and eat each other. Same concept different words.  You need to buy our protection from competition with higher taxes or we’ll tax you to death and send criminal elements to shut you down.  The net effect is big, inefficient, corporations that produce goods of less value for more costs, because of their overhead to government and banks.  Honest, hardworking, creative competition dies out, and so does the morality of exchanging value for value.  Same concept different words.  Sovereignty dies, for the individual and the nation.  With the loss of sovereignty comes the loss of freedom.  It is a gradual loss of values which comes at a gradual increase in price. This is what religion calls selling your soul to the devil. The bigger the religion, the more formalized is the acceptance and “tolerance” of the average bad.  Now, Marxism is the biggest religion.  The same concept — Your Money or Your Life! 

(“Your Money or Your Life” by Paul Gazort dated Februaryt 11, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/your-money-or-your-life/ )

After eight years of Barack Hussein Obama as commander-in-chief, the U.S. military is once again gasping for air and the only thing that is collapsing is our ability to resist rearming old enemies like China and Russia, rogue states like Iran and North Korea, and terrorist groups like the Islamic State and al-Qaida. That much was made clear as top officials from all the branches of the military warned Congress that the once-feared “arsenal of democracy” was rusting away into oblivion.  As China builds military bases on man-made islands in the South China Sea, the staggering decline in U.S. naval readiness was made clear when a group of Navy captains testified earlier before an unusual joint hearing of the House Armed Services Committee’s seapower and readiness subcommittees. This sad decline accomplished what the Japanese Imperial Navy could not, defeat the U.S. Navy and leave the seas increasingly open to hostile adversaries and leaving us increasingly unable to come to the aid of our remaining allies.  Not only the Navy is affected; the Army, Air Force, and Marines are all in precarious states.  Obama left an Army that as it is cannot meet its military readiness requirements, according to retired Army Major General Bob Scales.  Obama’s reckless disregard for military readiness has put America’s readiness and national security in dire peril.  President Trump was right when he said during the 2016 campaign Obama has reduced the U.S. military to rubble.  He has pledged to eliminate the defense sequestration and reinitiate a policy of peace through strength.  It comes not a moment too soon as our adversaries rush to fill the military and strategic vacuum Obama left behind.  We have to sharpen our swords, because beating them into plowshares will have to wait. 

(“Trump Must Return to ‘Peace Through Strength’” by Daniel John Sobieski dated February 13, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/trump_must_return_to_peace_through_strength.html )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY