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 February 11, 2017


The Constitution was not only a work of pure genius, it was also a document of practical compromise.  Severe differences existed between Federalists and Anti-Federalists, North and South, slaveowners and non-slaveowners.  Yet the Americans of the Founding generation were able to agree upon a basic set of principles agreeable to all: limited government, separation of powers, enumerated powers of the Congress and the executive, limits on the powers of states, and a method for amending the document. In 1791, a Bill of Rights was added.  The Constitution made the U.S. a creedal” nation: agree with its principles, and anyone could become an American.  Unfortunately the Constitution of 1787 no longer articulates a set of shared principles. For practical purposes, today there are two separate and unrelated constitutions: a constitution of the Left, and a constitution of the Right.  The Leftist constitution includes the rights to abortion, anal intercourse, and gay marriage.  The Right, reading the “supreme law of the land” as it was actually written, sees no such rights anywhere in the U.S. Constitution.  For the Right, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says.  The Left believes that government has complete authority to ban any and all guns and ammunition from anyone not a member of the military or the National Guard.  The Right believes that the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment was written to extend civil rights to freed blacks after the Civil War.  The Left believes that the Fourteenth Amendment allows discrimination against white men and preferential treatment for women, blacks, and Hispanics, and that it requires that 50-year old male-to-female “transgenders” share public bathrooms with third-grade girls.  The constitution of the Right says that the candidate with a majority of the electoral vote becomes president. The constitution of the Left says that unless a candidate wins the “popular vote,” he is “illegitimate” and is “not my president.”  The constitution of the Right grants Congress the authority to “regulate Commerce with foreign nations,” “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization” and “repel Invasions;” therefore, the government has the power to secure the border and halt illegal entry. The constitution of the Left, articulated by Emma Lazarus, insists that the U.S. must accept “the wretched refuse” and the “homeless” of the world.  These two constitutions reflect two distinct and unassimilable cultures.  The culture of the Left is urban, agnostic, socialist, gay and queer. It fancies itself intellectually and morally superior to the culture of the Right, which is rural, traditionalist, Christian and heterosexual.  The Right regards America’s Founders as men of achievement, morality, and virtue. They see our European heritage as praiseworthy, for it gave us the Enlightenment, Industrial Revolution, electricity, medicine, clean water, automobiles, powered flight, and landed men on the moon.  The Left sees the Founders as wicked, greedy men who cheated innocent Indians and enslaved innocent blacks. Whites of European descent raped and destroyed the pristine environment with global warming, imposed monogamy and heterosexuality upon women, and subordinated the “peaceful” cultures (like Islam) of black and brown people.  Leftists regard conservative, rural America as the land of snake-handling, gun-toting Klansmen, lying in wait to lynch innocent blacks for infractions as innocuous as jaywalking.  Conservatives cannot fathom how any sane person could attend the Folsom Street Fair, the orgy tent at Burning Man, or promote late-term abortion.  Some liberal Jews believe that the U.S. has actually elected a neo-Hitler; they fear hiring conservative, Southern plumbers to fix their pipes. Pro-life Christians were elated to have Vice-President Pence address their annual march on Washington, D.C.  There is not, and cannot be, any dialogue between these two groups.  The Founders at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 established the federal system, under which a narrow set of national powers would be agreed to by everybody, and state governments would have wide discretion to create policies suited to their local cultures.  It was a “live and let live” philosophy.  Unfortunately, federalism failed, first over slavery, and later over abortion, busing, affirmative action, gay rights, and so on.  The Left insisted on nationalizing as many policies as possible, destroying the government of limited and enumerated powers, and replaced it with a Leviathan, powerful enough to force its perceived moral superiority down the throats of its opponents.  Now that Trump is in office and the Left no longer controls Leviathan, they are in a panic and in the streets.  Every campaign promise fulfilled by President Trump will be enthusiastically received by the Right, but will only serve to further enrage the left-wing freaks, dressed as giant labia, shrieking obscenities, smashing windows, and burning cars in the streets. Violence and lawlessness will increasingly be seen as a badge of honor.  The present situation is untenable.  The nation is like a car careening down the road, with two people fighting over the wheel, with one pulling the car left, and the other pulling to the right, and sooner or later, a crash is inevitable. 

(“The United States Cannot Survive as Presently Constituted” by Michael Filazof dated February 6, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/the_united_states_cannot_survive_as_presently_constituted.html )

Leftists don’t merely disagree with you; they hate us.  They don’t merely feel you are misguided; they don’t think you are merely wrong; they hate you.  They want you enslaved and obedient, if not dead.  Once you get that, everything that is happening now will make sense.  You are normal, and therefore a heretic.  You refuse to bow to their idols, to subscribe to their twisted catechisms, to praise their false gods; this is unforgivable; you must burn.  Go ahead; go on social media; find a leftist.  Just say something positive about America or Jesus and they’ll come swarming like locusts.  Engage them and very quickly they will drop their masks and tell you what they really think.  They will tell you that Christians are idiots and vets are scum; that normals are subhumans whose role is to labor as serfs to subsidize the progressive elite and its clients; that you should die to make way for the New Progressive Man/Woman/Other.  Understand that when they call Donald Trump “illegitimate,” what they are really saying is that our desire to govern ourselves is illegitimate.  Their beef isn’t with him, it’s with us, the normal people who dared rise up and demand their right to participate in the rule of this country and this culture.  They hate you, because by defying them you have prevented them from living up to the dictates of their false religion.  Our rebelliousness has denied them the state of grace they seek, exercising their divine right to dictate every aspect of our puny lives. Their sick faith gives meaning to these secular weirdos, giving them something that fills their empty lives with a messianic fervor to go out and conquer and convert the heathens, and the heathens are us.  There are different leftist sects:

·    There are the social justice warriors who have manufactured a bizarre mythology and scripture of oppression, privilege, and intersectionality.  Instead of robes, they dress up as genitals and kill babies as a blasphemous sacrament.

·    Then there are the pagan weather religion oddballs convinced that the end is near and that we must repent by turning in our SUVs. Of course, the “we” is really “us” because high priests of the global warming cult like Leonardo DiCaprio will still jet around the world with supermodels while we do the ritual sacrificing of our modern comforts.

·    Then there are the ones who simply worship themselves, the elitists who believe that all wisdom and morality has been invested in them merely because they went to the right college, think the right thoughts, and sneer at anyone living between I-5 and I-95.

All the leftist sects agree that they have found the revealed truth, and imposing it upon the benighted normals like us is so transcendently important that they are relieved of any moral limitations.  They are the hashtag ISIS, committed to the establishment of a leftist caliphate.  They ignore the rule of law, then switch on a dime from screaming at Trump for refusing to preemptively legitimize a Hillary win and then scream that he is illegitimate the moment she lost.  Their only principle is what helps the left win today.  They are fanatics, and by not surrendering, by not kneeling, and by not obeying, you have committed an unpardonable sin.  You have defied the Left, and you must be broken. They will take your job, slander your name, even beat or kill you – whatever it takes to break you and terrify others by making you an example. Your defiance cannot stand; they cannot allow this whole Trump/GOP majority thing to get out of control.  We’ve seen them burn UC Berkeley and how the police controlled by the leftist state government of California stood by and watched as Americans were beaten by the mob.  The Left won’t say it out loud but make no mistake, if violence is what it takes for the Left to prevail, then violence we will have.  You saw it, and you were meant to.  Berkeley was a message about the price of dissent where leftist hold sway, and they seek to hold sway everywhere.  How to we respond? 

·    The first step is to end the denial.  Open your eyes.  See what is happening.  Don’t allow yourself to be deluded by false nostalgia for a past period of cultural peace that existed only because, at that time, the Left was winning. They hate you.  Look at Twitter.  Look at Facebook.  Stop fooling yourself.

·    Understand that this must get much worse before it can get better. We may wish to stop the cultural/political struggle, but they can’t stop.  Their religion tells them we are greedy, racist, sexist, homophobe morons who hate science and love Hitler.  They will never tolerate us.  They will never share power.

·    So the only outcome is that one side wins and the other loses. There’s no truce to be had, no possibility of a tie. And the frightening thing is that the Left is so foolish, so stuck in its bubble that it has no understanding that it can only push so far before the people with all the guns and all the training push back.

Understand your enemy. Understand that the Left will exploit your principles and morals to make you disarm yourself – figuratively and literally. Don’t play their game; don’t fall for their manufactured outrages.  Never concede their lies, and never take their side against the people defending your liberty.  Most of all, accept the truth that if we let them win we will spend the rest of our lives on our backs with a giant Birkenstock pressed into our collective face.  They hate us, and however they come at us, we need to be prepared to fight. 

(“The Left Hates You. Act Accordingly” by Kurt Schlichter dated February 6, 2017 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2017/02/06/the-left-hates-you-act-accordingly-n2281602 )

Democrats used to predict the imminent decline of the GOP.  Donald Trump’s victory has put an end to this fantasy, and now it’s the Democrats who are facing their own “doomsday” scenario.  A recent analysis conducted by Third Way, a “centrist” think tank, argues that Democrats are evolving into a “coastal” party.  They have strong bases in California, New York and Massachusetts but are slowly ceding the rest of the country to Republicans.  In California, New York and Massachusetts, home to roughly 24 million voters, voters chose Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump by a large margin, 65% to 35%.  In the remaining 47 states, home to 105 million voters, voters broke for Trump by a decisive 52% to 48% margin.  The geographic concentration of the pro-Hillary vote is one reason Clinton’s supposed popular vote “victory” rings so hollow.  Clinton ran up the score in a liberal state like California, where she bested Trump by some 4.3 million votes.  That single-state advantage is not reflective of the broader national pattern, which favored Trump, Third Way found.  Democrats have a 3-1 lead over the GOP in California, New York and Massachusetts and a 3-1 lead in the Pacific Northwest and the Mid-Atlantic (also known as the “Acela Corridor”).  However, those regions account for less than 20% of the total numbers of House members.  If you focus on the American South, the Heartland, and the Southwest, about 80% of the country, the GOP leads Democrats by more than 2-1.  Overall, that translates into a decisive GOP advantage in the House of Representatives, one that is not likely to shift anytime soon.  There are other powerful signs that the Democrats are losing their grip on power.  The vast majority of state legislatures, 32, are in GOP hands, as are a majority of the state houses.  Democrats face enormous challenges in the U.S. Senate in 2018 because they must defend at least 10 seats in states that Trump won in 2016, while the GOP occupies virtually none that are considered vulnerable to reversal.  Another major quandary for Democrats is their national leadership.  Without Obama at the helm, the party has fallen prey to fierce ideological, gender and ethnic divisions.  Nancy Pelosi managed to impose herself as party leader yet again.  Since then, the party has found itself increasingly divided over the nomination of Keith Ellison, a Muslim, to become Democrat National Committee chair.  It is a race to the bottom.  Ellison and his emerging rival Tom Perez, Obama’s former labor secretary, are virtual unknowns outside the party.  Sanders and Biden, who might have fared better against Trump than Clinton, are too old to lead the Democrats moving forward.  Warren herself will be 71 in 2024.  The party may not have a viable White House challenger to Trump in 2020.  Then there’s the Supreme Court.  Trump seleccted his candidate to replace Judge Antonin Scalia, Neil Gorsuch.  A staunch conservative who clerked for Anthony Kennedy, the leading “swing” vote on the Court, he’s hard to pigeon-hole politically.  Despite threats to block Gorsuch, the Democrats have become victims of their own hubris.  Under Obama, they altered the rules so that only 51 Senate votes were needed to confirm a judicial appointee. The Republicans now have 52, making Gorsuch a shoo-in.  For the GOP, regaining a 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court would amount to a political crown jewel: The party will dominate every branch and level of government for the first time in modern history.  For Democrats, who’ve grown accustomed to having their way in national politics, it’s like staring into the abyss. 

(“Democrats May Be on the Verge of Becoming a ‘Permanent Minority’ Party” by Stewart Lawrence dated February 6, 2017 published by The Daily Caller at http://dailycaller.com/2017/02/06/democrats-may-be-on-the-verge-of-becoming-a-permanent-minority-party/ )


The President has already sent the opposition into hysteria, which started before the inauguration and hasn’t quit.  Donald Trump’s new cabinet and his executive orders may have given them plenty to oppose, but clumsy, poorly executed executive orders and boorish tweets are not the burning of the Reichstag.  The Democrats risk exhausting their outrage, and if Trump is as evil as they think, they may want to pace themselves.  The election was not about Trump, and it should be important for the left to realize this.  It is about the decay of progressive government ideology; a rupture, but it is a failure of great proportion.  There have been three phases of progressivism since its appearance on the American political scene, each punctuated by exhaustion and reaction.

·   The first Progressive Era lasted from Theodore Roosevelt through Woodrow Wilson.  It brought us the administrative and regulatory state, the income tax (Sixteenth Amendment) the Federal Reserve, and greater power in the hands of the federal government.  It ended in exhaustion when a physically weakened Wilson lost his political capital trying and failing to persuade the U.S. to enter the League of Nations.  The first reactive period lasted from Harding through Hoover but was best exemplified by Coolidge, who confidently rejected the progressivism of the past. 

·   The second phase of progressivism lasted from Franklin Roosevelt through Jimmy Carter.  This period was extended by the Great Depression, World War II, and the ensuing Cold War.  When the devastated countries of the world recovered, we found our limits.  Expensive social programs and costly foreign engagements strained our resources and left us with the stagnation of the 1970s.  This second phase ended with Reagan, whose anti-progressive posture exposed government as the problem rather than the solution.  This reactive period lasted through Bill Clinton, who announced that the era of big government was over.

·   George W. Bush and his compassionate conservatism tried to restore government as a solution but with conservative hands on the controls.  Obama went full bore, attaining the golden ring of progressivism: national health care.  But Obama overreached with his mythical mandate.  After the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the Democrats’ political control steadily deteriorated with losses of the House and then the Senate, but more importantly, the states’ governorships and legislatures.  

The decay is most visible on examination at the county level.  In 1992 and 1996, Bill Clinton won with just over 1,500 counties, only slightly fewer counties than the GOP opposition.  The Democrats controlled the areas with greater electoral votes and easily won the elections.  From 2000 on, the Democrats never won 1,000 counties.  Even though Obama won in 2008 with a record number of votes, he won only 873 counties against 2,238 counties for the GOP.  He won again in 2012 with only 693 counties, the fewest ever to win a presidential election.  This erosion made Democrats vulnerable to any change in a constituent group, which is precisely what battered them when the Midwestern union blue collars abandoned ship.  This election was the Republicans’ to lose, and it the Republicans nominated the only candidate who could lose to Hillary Clinton, but the opposite proved true.  The Democrats nominated possibly the only person who could lose to Donald Trump.  Trump’s populist appeal may have excited the “forgotten man,” but the voters spoke loudest in their rejection of the progressivism that Hillary wore with pride.  While Trump’s outrageousness may have attracted the attention of the press and pundits, his election was more of a continuation of a trend in place than a revolutionary break.  The current mutation of progressivism included identity politics, which is just a liberal form of racism, and political correctness driven to an intolerant extreme, a liberal form of sharia law or McCarthyism.  Today’s progressivism is illiberal, anti-individual, and as economically stagnant as the other progressive periods eventually became.  If the voices that so loudly denounce Trump fail to reject the failed progressivism that elected him, then they will only empower him. 

(“It’s not about Trump” by Henry Oliner dated February 4, 2-17 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/its_not_about_trump.html )


Students in American universities are being ginned up to protest against President Trump on the basis of lies about his policies.  As they conduct their protests, violent agitators show up to cause wanton destruction in an attempt to terrorize the people.  Democrat governors, mayors, police chiefs, and college deans stand back and watch without arresting anyone, then demand Trump supporters pay for the destruction because it happened in response to their actions.  This is right out of Mein Kampf, Hitler’s playbook of how to overthrow the rightfully elected government and seize power.  Leftists lie, terrorize, and blame the victims:

·    Convince fools that Trump is doing horrible things.

·    Organize a protest against him.

·    Hijack the event of useful idiots with violent criminals.

·    Blame Trump for civil unrest.

·    Declare themselves righteous.

It starts by their declaration that Trump’s EO restricting travel from terrorist nations is a ban on Moslems.  Then they say it’s not right and it’s not constitutional.  First off, these people who want to overthrow the Constitution don’t know what is or is not constitutional.  Trump should ban all Moslems because most of them want to overthrow the Constitution.  They are not coming to America to become Americans.  They are coming to subvert Americans.  Two, it is constitutional because it is against the law, i.e. the Constitution, to preach sedition in order to subvert the Constitution!  We banned Nazis and Communists for insurgency against the American government in their attempts to overthrow the will of the people in order to establish their tyrannical dictatorships.  Why should Islam be any different because it claims to be a religion, but is brainwashed ideology of a hateful fanatic death cult?  Muhammad’s words from the Koran preach peace among Muslims, but preaches waging war and warring against anyone who do not submit to Allah in accordance with the dictates of Muhammad!  80% of Moslems desire to impose Sharia on all peoples and enslave the world.  I do not care if America alienates Moslems by banning Islam, because we don’t want the savage Dark Age ravings of tyrannical warmongering pedophile to rule the world. 

(“Leftist Professional Rioters Make Useful Idiots” by Dustin Koelihoffer dated February 4, 2017 published by Patriot at http://ipatriot.com/obamas-professional-rioters-make-useful-idiots-protesters/ )

The actions triggered by President Trump's temporary ban on people from seven countries in the Middle East are evidence that America is unprepared for the ideological conflict with the Third Jihad.  Those who oppose Trump's order see it as a violation of the constitutional guarantee of freedom of religion, but they do not recognize that the threat Trump hopes to counter is not the religion of Islam; it is from the ideology of Islam.  The Islamists have openly stated that they plan to use America's ideas of freedom of religion, social justice, diversity, and compassion to weaken the Great Satan from within so that the "way of the Prophet" will finally dominate the world.  They know they do not have the military strength to win in a war, but they believe they can achieve their goal through ideological conflict.  Americans must make a distinction between ideology and religion.  The ideology of Islam was used by Mohammad for eight years as he conquered Medina.  His actions are now being followed by Islamists.  There is a distinction between Islamists and modern Muslims.  All Islamists are Muslims, but not all Muslims are Islamists.  The first are an existential threat to America, and the second are essential allies.  One wants to erode and destroy Western culture, and the other wants to become part of Western culture.  One wants to impose the authoritarian sociopolitical outer jihad of Mohammad, and the other wants the benefits of religion as understood by our founders.  An ideology is a body of doctrine and myth used to achieve submission.  A religion is a set of beliefs that allow individuals to shape their inner beliefs so they can make judgment between right and wrong, virtue and sin.  America cannot survive if this distinction is not understood.  Although Mohammad did not practice it, he did recognize the religion of Islam; he referred to it as the inner jihad and saw it as a struggle by an individual to overcome the baser instincts and become acceptable to Allah.  Modern Muslims follow this religion of Islam, while they oppose the ideology of Islam.  America is in an ideological conflict with a worldwide movement of Islamists, which they refer to as the Third Jihad.  The Third Jihad is an existential threat to Western culture.  It uses the means of warfare, not the military action of war or the accepted ways of peace.  Islamists are those who believe in an ideology of supremacy practiced by Mohammad, which he referred to as the outer jihad.  This movement includes Islamist militants who use violence and terror, but also Islamist "moderates," who claim that Islam is a religion of peace yet are actually a fifth column, wolves in sheep's clothing.  This would include the Muslim Brotherhood, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Islamic Society of North America, the Muslim American Society, Muslim Student Association chapters, and the Holy Land Foundation.  Americans must open their eyes and do what is necessary to achieve success in warfare against the Islamists of the Third Jihad.  Americans need to recognize that the ideology of Islam violates the U.S. Constitution, while the religion of Islam is protected by the Constitution.  To defeat the Third Jihad, Americans need to be more skillful in the use of sanctions, covert operations, deceptions, strategic communication, human intelligence, organizing and motivating, 48-hour tribunals, insurrection, assassination, satisfying aspirations, and network-building.  

(“Ideological conflict with the third jihad” by Sam Holiday dated February 6, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/ideological_conflict_with_the_third_jihad.html )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY