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 February 25, 2017


War has been declared on President Trump.  It’s a war against those of us who work for a living, pay taxes, don’t collect a government handout, pay for our own health insurance and don’t have lobbyists on the payroll.  Since the election, it has been a nonstop barrage of hate from the Democrats and the mainstream media.  Not for one moment have they given our new president a honeymoon or one ounce of cooperation.  Some of these hyper­-partisans even suggested impeachment before he was sworn into office.  At first, you probably thought the crybaby routine was due to them being sore losers, but that’s not the case.  The main reason is that we elected an outsider with a mandate to drain the swamp.  That’s why this war now has a new front: government bureaucrats whom we pay with our hard-earned tax dollars.  The first shot fired was from acting Attorney General Sally Yates. Democrats held up the confirmation of senator Jeff Sessions as attorney general so Trump was forced to rely on an Obama holdover.  Like a conniving Clinton, Yates refused to defend the president’s travel ban, so Trump had to fire her.  Yates’ actions were nothing more than grandstanding.  If she was truly principled, Yates would have quit in protest, but she wanted to give the mainstream media the political headline they so desperately desired — you’re fired!  Remaining true to his word, Trump has nominated numerous Cabinet secretaries from the private sector who know about customer service and keeping overhead low.  This management capability is extremely dangerous for federal bureaucrats.  If Trump succeeds, these bureaucrats will lose their jobs and lose the power over our lives, with the result being a streamlined federal bureaucracy costing taxpayers less.  Like the movie “Terminator,” in which the machines rise up against the people who built them, our government is rising up against Trump and the American people who want a smaller, less intrusive government.  They are trying to destroy our President instead of respecting our electoral wishes of a government that works for us, not against us.  The recent leaks prove that the federal government is too big and too powerful.  Any self-respecting federal bureaucrat who doesn’t like the new administration should stop taking our tax dollars and resign.  The direction of the new government belongs to Trump, not career bureaucrats, not RINOs, not the mainstream media and not Democrats. 

(“Election of outsider Trump rankles federal bureaucrats” by Holly Robichaud dated February 20, 2017 published by Boston Herald at http://www.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/holly_robichaud/2017/02/robichaud_election_of_outsider_trump_rankles_federal )

For the last eight years the nation underwent what was sometimes called fundamental transformation.  I call it the deconstruction of America, a process that actually began over a hundred years ago, but was rapidly accelerated by the mass influx of leftist socialists into all levels of government during the Obama administration. It had even progressed, digressed actually, to the point where the Republican establishment had essentially signed on to it.  After his November 8 election, Donald Trump began dismantling the framework of the systemic deconstruction of our Constitutional system.  Meanwhile, as the Left protests the existence of a non-Leftist government, they are showing us that they consider the Constitutional process optional.  As long as their Party gets elected, our Constitutional system is commendable, but put them out of power in a major way and the goal becomes shutting down the Constitutional process and imposing their will on the rest of us.  Making Trump unable to govern is their goal.  The Left is freaking out because they’ve lost control in their effort to make this a nation run by a Party and not a Constitution.  We see now, in their opposition to everything Trump, that if things aren’t run according to the Left-Democrat platform then they cannot support the government at all.  As the EPA is stopped from their unconstitutional lawmaking-through-regulations then the actions of the new EPA administrator are to be disrupted.  If immigration can’t become, in effect, open immigration, then all efforts to crack down on illegal immigration are considered opposition to all immigrants and must be fiercely opposed.  Everything on President Trump’s agenda must be opposed, so come up with an argument why each item will cause untold evil, and boycott, protest and disrupt wherever and whenever possible.  Some say a coup is in progress.  I call it the Cold Civil War.  The forces of destruction have been deposed by the election of Donald Trump and are trying everything short of armed revolt.  The Cold Coup D’etat had taken place under Obama.  However it was unable to consolidate its hold by turning the military into the armed forces of the Left and by stopping the election of a Republican President for the third consecutive time.  Now, facing defeat, all they can do is try to sabotage the restoration of our republic and multi-party government.  It meant our President would lead the nation in foreign and domestic policies not based on the needs of the situation but based on an ideological virtual reality.  We saw early on in Obama’s presidency, in the Gulf Oil Spill, that his responses would be based on virtual reality.  If oil was supposed to be bad then we must stop all oil drilling in the Gulf off Mexico and add new layers of regulation on the oil industry.  Instead of immediately mobilizing all resources available to helping BP to deal with the oil spreading into the Gulf and figuring out ways to plug the flow of oil, the Obama administration got to work primarily trying to figure out ways to use the disaster to promote an ideological agenda.  If there was a mass shooting, go to the gun-control file to promote the agenda of limiting gun rights. If there was a riot, go to the blame-whitey and the blame-the-police files for a response to tragedy.  A false scenario would be painted by President Obama and then a compliant media would help to imprint on the minds of the people the desired virtual reality scenario.  Each incident would take a comatose nation further from what made America great and deeper into the virtual reality of a false Utopia.  Enter President Donald J. Trump: A comatose nation has been revived and is undergoing physical therapy in preparation for return to a normal life.  Once we get beyond the boycott of Trump administration nominees we can get back to functioning as a great nation.  The Democrat Party-induced protests will fade, as did the anti-Tea Party protests, Operation Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter.  ISIS will be put on the run, illegal immigration will be brought under control, and the shackles will be taken off of economic growth.  It’s going to be quite a ride, America, so fasten your seatbelt and prepare for takeoff! 

(“Deconstruction of America has stopped” by Rolf Yungclas dated February 22, 2017 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/deconstruction-of-america-has-stopped )


Conservatives have long held respect for our nation’s Founders based on self-governance, natural rights, (historic) liberalism, and the free exchange of commerce and ideas all using “reason" to advance the tenets set forth in establishing our new nation.  Make no mistake: passions were high, but all sides (Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists) used reason to make the case for their ideals.  The Federalists (James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and others) wrote 85 essays (The Federalist Papers) to explain the provisions of the Constitution and to make the case for its adoption.  The Anti-Federalists (James Wilson, Samuel Bryan, Robert Yates, George Clinton, Patrick Henry and others) made their case in opposition to the Constitution's adoption in writings into corresponding with the 85 Federalists Papers.  At the end of debate, all parties determined that the cause of liberty, leading to the adoption of our Constitution and the formation of the United States of America, was greater than their respective viewpoints.  These great men came together to form a more perfect union.  Not a perfect union, but one that, through thick and thin, has stood the test of time.  Sadly, we appear to have entered a new time – a time of emotion.  The progressive Left have abandoned reason.  They are determined to have America ruled by emotion.  Nothing symbolizes this new era more than the attempts by the left to quash free speech.  Their insistence on accepting only thought that comports with their viewpoint is bordering on apoplectic.  The media, celebrities, the NFL, academia, congressional Democrats, radical protest groups (but I repeat myself) have formed a storm front against opposing viewpoints.  Their use of inflammatory adjectives (racist, bigot, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, Nazi, fascist, etc.) to describe their opponents is nothing but an attempt to shut down debate (reason).  The left have made holding a viewpoint not consistent with their own progressive dogma tantamount to murder.  Under this environment, finding common ground will be difficult, if not impossible.  Make no mistake: what the left fears most is not that conservative ideas will fail, but that they'll succeed.  They can't abide the thought that liberty and self-determination might supplant the nanny state and centralized control.  For our part, we must continue to debate big ideas and, under a Trump presidency, continue to advance our principles.  We must do a better job of mapping said principles to benefits in service to the American people.  Republicans have historically done a poor job of this.  Subsequently, we'll also need to isolate the radical left, to show them for what they are: radicals.  We'll then need to work to reason with what used to be Kennedy/Reagan Democrats.  The radical left represent a small segment of Democrats.  We must not confuse their tantrums with those of Middle America.  We are in the midst of a battle of ideas.  We have lived under Progressive rule for much of a generation.  We must not allow the radical left to keep us from reasoning a path forward.  One wouldn't give into a child's emotional tantrum.  We must not give in to the left's emotional meltdown.  Let's reason our way to making America great again.  

(“The left’s emotion versus the right’s reason” by Earick Ward dated February 19, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/02/the_lefts_emotion_versus_the_rights_reason.html )

The original Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Parties were a reality felt by people who had long seen their tax dollars wasted, squandered or embezzled by government. Examples include public schools that spend twice that of private schools, but produce the worst students in the country; city executives of small towns making ten times the median income while doing one-fourth the work; and public employees making three to five times private industry while doing half the work. T hey saw nepotism and patronage in expensive and unproductive local and state government, and bureaucratic waste, incompetence and frustration in an expensive and counter-productive federal government.  The watchdog groups that seeded the TEA parties existed long before 2009.  They would occasionally bend the ears of politicians, but the ones profiting from government would never listen.  Strangely enough, the press that proclaimed itself "the watchdog of government" never gave these watchdog groups much attention, except when the most scandalous activity was exposed, and maybe not even then. These groups were largely ignored.  Contrary to the media narrative, Obama had little to do with it, other than dragging a coattail full of tax-and-spend, nepotic, and patronizing Democrats.  Rising tax bills with declining incomes and property values formed a cattle prod.  Everyone experienced the pain of excessive taxation, and when people sought answers and became wise to the causes, their blood didn't boil, it exploded.  These groups became known as TEA parties.  Their meetings routinely involved presentations by policy experts and reports on government activities. The name of Jesus was invoked, and many palms slapped into faces, yet everything they heard was sourced, cited, and real. Government was a nightmare, and they had discovered that the hard way.  The TEA parties organized rallies, for which people took time off and paid their own way to attend.  About two-thirds of Republicans heeded the TEA parties, while only 15% of Democrats gave them some consideration.  The other third of Republicans made excuses for maintaining the establishment, while the vast majority of Democrats openly laughed at the TEA parties' concerns.  The response of the Democrats was particularly confounding. They simultaneously proclaimed the TEA parties "Republican AstroTurf", while they expressed concern that these anti-establishment outsiders were taking over the Republican Party.  About 20% of TEA party attendees had routinely voted Democrat, and many had been politically inactive for decades. The TEA parties protested Republicans and Democrats, but the Democrats gave the wrong answer.  Democrats implicitly or explicitly embraced everything that people saw as wrong in government, mocked their concerns, and lost.  By 2016, the TEA parties had secured management of many local and state Republican organizations, and the local governments they influenced were addressing their concerns; however, this was more the ideal than the norm.  Their struggles had been met with opposition from establishment Republicans, the vast majority of Democrats, and strangely enough, a news media that had become propagandists for establishment and Democrat-controlled governments. In most places, the cattle prod was still the reality, and the cause of the TEA parties was still strong; and so Donald Trump was elected president.  No sooner was Trump inaugurated than the organized protests began.  First came marches for women's rights, where the protesters expressed their concerns by repeatedly chanting, "Hey, hey! Ho, ho! Donald Trump has got to go!"  Not a single one of these groups, among their leadership or their members, has expressed any substantive policy position.  On the occasions that they have attempted to do so, their statements are based more on slander and debunked fallacies than knowledge and reason.  Unlike the TEA parties, whose participants addressed substantive issues from positions of knowledge and reason, these new protesters do nothing but decry Republicans and disrupt communication. You might say that they are a Tantrum at Every Action of Republicans (TEAR) party.  The protesters brought juvenile and teenage children to inflate their ranks, and the media cameramen used optical illusions that increased their apparent numbers.  Not all of the protesters were Democrat partisans, but this was an event orchestrated by the Democrat Party and enhanced by the media.  The TEAR parties bear little resemblance to the TEA parties. The TEA parties grew as people experienced the pain of excessive government, informed themselves and addressed their concerns to both political parties. The TEA parties will be long-lived, as the sword of bad government perpetually hangs above our heads. The TEAR parties are organized by Democrats, and consist of partisans and misinformed masses whose grievances are based mostly on slander and deception, and are aimed at Republicans alone.  Those who honestly care about policy are acting separately from and more productively than the TEAR parties.  The pool of gimmes and misinformed is also perpetual, but always in flux. Lacking any substance, the TEAR parties cry and disrupt, and rather than argue the issues, the Democrats have chosen to throw a tantrum.  

(“The Rise of the TEAR Parties” by Anthony J. Ciani dated February 21, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/the_rise_of_the_tear_parties.html )


The liberal media have awakened from their eight years of slumber.  The Trump presidency has turned dozing Obama lapdogs into insanely rabid Trump attack dogs.  Over the past few weeks, the media has been involved in a feeding frenzy trying to harm the new administration by focusing on one “fake news” scandal after another.  The most recent controversy involves the resignation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and his conversations with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador to the United States.  After giving Vice President Pence false information, Flynn had to resign, but he seemingly did not break any laws when he discussed sanctions or other issues with the Russian ambassador.  Fortunately, our new President is not a shrinking violet and can return fire to the media. Yesterday, in his first post inaugural news conference, President Trump held court for 77 minutes and enjoyed himself while scolding the media for their “dishonest” practices.  To understand the reason for new aggressive attitude toward the Trump administration, it is vital to recognize that the media is overwhelmingly liberal. This has been the case for decades and it is getting worse, not better.  The Center for Public Integrity investigated all 2016 presidential campaign donations linked to journalists, and found an astounding 96% of all journalist contributions were given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign, whereas only 4% of donations benefited the Trump campaign.  Trump’s meager fundraising haul was on par with his almost non-existent positive media coverage, no wonder he feels hostility toward the Fourth Estate.  The media’s relationship to the President was much different during the Obama years. While Barack Obama was President, most reporters acted like cheerleaders advocating his agenda, not tough investigators probing controversies in his administration. There could have been investigations galore on Obama administration scandals such as Fast and Furious, Benghazi, IRS targeting of Tea Party groups, and many more.  Instead, President Obama was asked plenty of softball questions during his eight years in office.  While they attempt to taint Trump with accusations of “Watergate” and other ridiculous hyperbole, millions of Americans have stopped watching their programs or reading their drivel in print and online. A recent Gallup poll showed that “trust in press reporting accurately and fairly is at an all-time low.”  This intense attack on our new president just reaffirms why the public has such a low regard for the media.  In the battle of Trump versus the media, it would be a good idea to bet on the President who already defeated his political opponents and the media to get elected.  If President Trump can make speeches, conduct news conferences and go on social media to communicate directly with the American people, he can get his unfiltered message to the public without the bias and negativity of the media.   

(“Media Lapdogs Become Rabid Attack Dogs” by Jeff Crouere dated February 18, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffcrouere/2017/02/18/media-lapdogs-become-rabid-attack-dogs-n2287569 )

The inevitable conflict between the mainstream media and Donald Trump has come to boil just four weeks into his presidency.  The media are beside themselves that someone would castigate them at every opportunity and use hyperbole such as “enemy of the American people” and purveyors of “very fake news” to get under their skin, as their narcissism and sense of self-importance knows no bounds.  They fail to understand why they are held in such disregard -- polling has revealed only 32% of Americans trust the media (down from 55% in 2000) and why so many cheer Trump’s visceral attacks.  Over the past half-century, the mainstream media in the United States have evolved into the Praetorian Guard of the Ruling Class.  They constitute a segment of society which is overwhelmingly Liberal, wealthy, self-centered, isolated, and brimming with disdain for the rabble that lives in fly-over country.   What passes for journalism by the mass media is essentially a defense of the ideology, lifestyle and supremacy of their fellow travelers in the Ruling Class.  Nothing more reflects this mindset than the coverage of the Obama years.  While anger with the media has been gradually building for the past fifty years, the Obama presidency more than amply explains why the current overwhelming level of disgust and mistrust of the media exists, and why a Donald Trump was elected President.  In January of 2009 the national debt of the United States stood at $10.6 Trillion, today it is $20.0 Trillion -- an increase of 90% (and projected to reach $29.0 Trillion by 2026).  Meanwhile the nation’s Gross Domestic Product grew by an anemic average of 1.4% per year (inflation adjusted) since 2008 the worst 8-year performance since the Great Depression.  Yet Obama was given an eight-year pass, as the media chose to not question the administration’s blaming George W. Bush for all the economic ills of Obama’s two terms.  Further, they willfully ignored or glossed over why the economy was not growing, while nearly every year of the Obama presidency claiming that the economy was on an significant upswing, and that mountainous budget deficits were not a concern.  In essence they assumed the American people were gullible dupes when many were not.  Since the end of 2008, the working age population has increased by over 20 million, but the number of those employed has increased just 8.9 million.  Meanwhile the number of those unemployed and no longer in the work force has jumped to a staggering total of 102 million -- or 41.2% of the working age population.  The American public was deliberately kept in the dark about the extent of the real unemployment situation as the media chose to ignore the negative data and instead focused on whatever positive news, real or imagined, they could find to protect Barack Obama and blame others for his failed policies.  Nonetheless, the people knew the rest of the story – because they were living it.  In 1988 there were 16 million immigrants (including fewer than 1 million illegal aliens) living in the United States.  Today, that number has skyrocketed to 42.4 million (including an estimated 12 million illegal aliens).  This enormous increase (165%) in the immigrant population (while the overall population growth was just 29%) has not only put pressure on a stagnant job market, but also has been a major factor in the decline of median income in the country as well as skyrocketing public spending.  Rather than report the facts, the media chose instead to highlight human-interest stories about the plight of an illegal immigrant family whenever one could be found, to extensively and sympathetically cover immigrant marches and demonstrations, to highlight accusations of alleged xenophobia and intolerance, and generally be an ombudsman for the immigrant population.  Since 2008, the Obama cabal has added over 19,000 pages to the Code of Federal Regulations.  It is estimated that complying with federal regulations costs the economy over $2 Trillion per year and is, along with taxes and innumerable mandates, one of the principal reasons for the lack of new business start-ups and loss of jobs to other countries.  Instead of informing the American people of the devastating impact of an out-of-control regulatory state, the media chose to constantly promote the false narrative of global warming and other hot button Leftist issues, all of which required more stringent regulations.  The upshot of all the above is that since 2008 (adjusted for inflation) the household income of the top 5% has risen 12.0% and the income of the bottom 60% has fallen by 2.0%.  While there has been coverage of income inequality, it has been solely to blame capitalism as the culprit.  The real underlying factors have received little to no coverage by the mainstream media, as it would have harmed the narrative of the day that the Obama policies were working when a clear majority of the citizenry knew they were not.  In 2013 American 15 year olds ranked 32nd among industrialized countries in math, 20th in reading and 24th in science.  In 1988 this same age group ranked among the top 5-10 nations in the world in these same categories.  The mainstream media, the vast majority of whom send their children to private schools and are thus unaffected, have become the megaphone for the teachers’ unions and other entrenched special interests through their ties to the Democrat Party.  The media have, apparently, chosen to be oblivious to the reality of the nation’s education system as they defend the status quo created by their Democrat Party allies in the Ruling Class.  As for the issue of freedom: in a recent analysis, it was determined that the United States now ranks 12th among the nations of the world in economic freedom (8th in 2008) but a dismal 31st in personal freedom (16th in 2008).  The media have never bothered to expose this headlong rush toward authoritarianism, as they, for the most part agree with it, but the common folks have a gut understanding as to what is happening and why.  Beyond the boundaries of the Washington-New York axis, a significant majority of the people are fully cognizant that a leviathan encompassing the entertainment complex, the education establishment and the Democrat Party, has successfully inculcated a plurality of the American people into believing there are no moral absolutes and that the state can grant any rights it so chooses to whomever they choose.  Further, the nation’s founding documents are arcane, racially insensitive, and unsuitable for today.  Thus, religious liberty, property rights and freedom of speech are under aggressive assault.  The mainstream media have chosen sides and their reporting reflects their alliance with this leviathan, whether it is gay marriage, the second amendment, transgender bathrooms, abortion on demand, limits on free speech and assembly or public expression of religion.  There is virtually no balance in media coverage and to the average citizen there is no doubt that the media has an agenda.  The anger with the mainstream media has been building for years.  The fury reached a boiling point over the past four years and was instrumental in the election of Donald Trump.  To many, the media are the enemy, as they have been the tip of the spear in the attempted transformation of the nation into a failed Euro-Socialist secular state.  The citizenry sees that these same media, obeisant to Obama, are now determined by any means possible to destroy Donald Trump, regardless of any cost to their credibility.  The perception is growing that the media have relied on more anonymous sources in Trump’s first four weeks than they did in Obama’s first four years.  While some of Trump’s comments are over the top and the media are protected under the Constitution, there is no obligation for the citizenry to pay heed to or have any respect for the mainstream media as they are constituted today.  A majority of the American people are contemptuous of the media and will remain so, a distinction unquestionably earned by the Fourth Estate. 

(“The Mainstream Media Have Forfeited All Respect” by Steve McCann dated February 21, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/the_mainstream_media_has_forfeited_all_respect.html )


Viet Nam was a war won on the battlefield but lost in Congress.  Viet Nam is a melancholy episode in a long string of modern strategic failures that continue to plague us, because something is wrong with our current thinking about war.  There are seven wars: Germany, Japan, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan,  and Libya: three long-term successes and four failures.  These wars do not seem to fit Colin Powell's Doctrine for War Decision:

·   Is a vital national security interest threatened?

·   Do we have a clear attainable objective?

·   Have the risks and cost been fully and frankly analyzed?

·   Have all other nonviolent policy means been fully exhausted?

·   Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement?

·   Have the consequences of our action been fully considered?

·   Is the action supported by the American people?

·   Do we have genuine broad international support?

Colin Powell's record of wisdom is not perfect.  He talked President George H.W. Bush into suspending the First Gulf War after a symbolic one hundred hours.  Many recognized that this premature suspension of combat would inevitably lead to a second Gulf war, and so it transpired.  Nevertheless, three of Powell's dictums are obviously correct.  These are the first, second, and seventh.  The rest provide useless, or even flat wrong, advice.  The essential three points involve long-term national survival and not something we have much to say about.  The Second World War and the Korean War were forced upon us.  We had no choice in the matter.  These were defensive wars.  Two of them involved immediate national survival.  The Korean War was a serious threat to the long-term survival of America.  Our objective in these wars was simply the permanent defeat of the enemy.  In these wars, the objective was obvious to Americans right from the start.  Any cost necessary to achieve total victory would be borne.  The Korean War required presidential leadership to explain the war's significance and long-term objective: stop Communist aggression.  Americans accepted the reason but required the war to be won as expeditiously as possible.  We have two radically different outcomes of these various wars.  Some of the wars produced permanent victory; other wars produced defeat and chaos.   In three cases, we stayed after the fighting was done.  We still have military forces in Germany, Japan, and South Korea.  In the other four cases, we immediately left (or are leaving) the arena after the full combat victory.  The result has been instability and the resumption of conflict even before our withdrawal.  We stayed after the fighting was done.  Any nation that has been a battleground is in a state of chaos.  Its native civil institutions have failed or been obliterated.  Leadership is lacking.  Crime is rampant.  Trust is broken.  There is widespread physical destruction, with ordinary civil services badly disrupted.  The situation is a mess.  Declaring an exit date, as we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, is a declaration that we have lost the war.  Our enemy needs only to wait us out to win.  In order for the society to re-establish itself, a scaffolding of security and stability is required.  We stay, however long it takes, until the new society can stand, securely, on its own.  There must not be an exit strategy.  Our entanglement must be endless.  In the course of time, the battleground nation matures and becomes strong, and our entanglement changes its nature from a supporting and protective scaffold to friendship and alliance, as it has in Japan, Germany, and Korea.  It is simple pragmatism and wisdom.  Our constitutional philosophy has little room for real colonialism.  Nonetheless, we must look after the survival and prosperity interests of the United States first and last and always.  If this means foreign occupation for an extended time, so be it.  Occupation is not something we like to do.  Historically, we have not engaged in forced occupation for long periods.  The Filipinos are free.  Cuba has long had its independence.  Various other Central American countries we once occupied are independent.  Japan, Germany, and South Korea are allies where we are invited guests for mutual defense.  There are key messages that we take from this:

·   First, go to war only when the national security is clearly threatened.  War should be a response only to foreign aggression that threatens our survival or our key national interests.

·   Second, win decisively and as quickly as possible.  Victory means the enemy no longer exists.  As a corollary to swift victory, accept that there will be innocent casualties.  Minimize these, but make sure everyone understands that the aggressor enemy has the real responsibility for any civilian casualties.

·   Third, make sure the American people fully understand, and continue to understand, why we fight, and why their sacrifice in this war is essential.  Leadership is the key to success.

Finally, stay until we no longer need stay

(“How to Win Wars” by Chet Richards dated February 22, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/02/how_to_win_wars.html )


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