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 March 11, 2017


The “Russian connection” thing is the Democrats’ and liberals’ most concerted effort to date to embarrass President Trump, and to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign.  The liberals are looking for a victory, and they are depending on the stupidity and gullibility of the American people to help them get that unwarranted resignation.  Despite all of the media noise, no new information or facts have emerged.  President Trump threw wire tapping into the pot, and Congress is now going to do a full investigation.  Sessions even recused himself from the investigation to show there’s no there there, but the Democrats and liberal media are still screaming for blood before the investigation is complete. That’s what Democrats do, because they don’t care about the facts.  It’s not true under any Republican scenario, but as I have said often, liberals don’t care about the truth. It’s all about them and power over people.  Then there’s the chorus of prominent Democrat and liberal media voices who continue to say how divided we are as a nation because Trump was elected president.  First, we are divided in their eyes and the lens of the liberal media, because that’s what they want gullible people to believe, but that’s not what people are experiencing in their lives, and most of them don’t believe it.  Many people are calling my radio show and admitting they voted Democrat, but saying they are sick and tired of the divisive rhetoric.  They are saying let’s give this president a chance to do his job.  Second, the loudest voices against bringing this nation together are Democrat and liberal voices.  Representative Maxine Waters has said publicly she will not meet or sit down with President Trump.  She and other Democrats did not attend President Trump’s first speech to a joint session of Congress, because they did not even want to hear what he had to say.  President Trump had a lot to say, which is positively resonating with people who want the best for this country and its people.  Maybe Representative Waters and others forgot it’s not about them; it’s about the nation.  Name calling, negative narratives, false and fake news by Democrats and liberals are not going to stop, because that’s all they have to try to stop President Trump and his administration from making this a better America.  Sadly, those same liberals believe the last eight years were the new normal, while most of us believe otherwise.  Most people are just tuning out the negative liberal propaganda, because they’re focused on the positive results that are unfolding.  

(“Liberal media’s propaganda isn’t working, because normal people aren’t influenced by it” by Herman Cain dated March 8, 2017 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/article/liberal-medias-propaganda-isnt-working-because-normal-people-arent-influenc )

With Trump, the media is tripping all over themselves, falling flat on their faces in the process.  They seem to finally understand that Twitter is where they’re going to get their “sound bites” instead of directly from the mouth of the President.  This is the only positive in the eyes of the media to having Trump as President.  Everything else makes their jobs not only harder but potentially dangerous.  We’ve seen disinformation coming from the administration that essentially puts the media on notice.  They fell for reports that the National Guard would be turned into a deportation force.  Only after reporting the memo did the administration come out and say it was false despite attempts to verify it before the report.  This was done to promote the administration’s narrative that mainstream media posts fake news.  I mention his penchant for disinformation first because it’s not new to the office.  Every President tries with various degrees of success to manipulate the narrative.  Some say Obama was great at it, but let’s remember that the press were willing victims in many cases when the administration wanted to shift perspectives.  Bush43 was awful at it Bill Clinton was masterful.  Bush41 barely even tried.  Ronald Reagan was arguably the best in modern history… until Trump.  This is part of the game that must be played in Washington DC.  The press knows it.  Their thirst for a scoop often supersedes their desire for the truth, so they’ve always played the game and hoped to come out on top as often as possible.  With Trump, they’re quickly being taught that his administration has the upper hand.  Most pundits are aware that President Trump is pushing the narrative of mainstream media being loaded with fake news because he doesn’t like them.  That’s only half the story; the other half is more nefarious and must be watched carefully by both sides of the political aisle.  Trump doesn’t just want the media to look bad, he wants them eliminated.  He wants them replaced.  The easiest way for his agenda to be successful and his next term to be secured is if he can make the people disenchanted with the press itself.  Trump realizes they will never be on his side.  The leftists press aren’t as concerned with his policies as much as they’re concerned with the man.  They hate him.  As a result, he’s going to eliminate them as much as possible.  Past presidents have had contentious relationships with the media, but Trump is going to continue to push the bounds far beyond anything we’ve ever seen.  He’s making the relationship personal and relying on their unhinged desire to destroy him so he can paint them as dishonest and “enemies of the American people,” as he once declared.  What the press doesn’t seem to understand is that he’s winning this war.  They’re still playing the game as if it’s them versus him.  He’s playing the game as if it’s them versus America.  Over time, he’s going to win this battle.  Every day, the media loses credibility.  Every day, Trump gains new sympathizers who are sick of how mainstream media paints the administration and anything associated with Trump. Even the left is starting to notice the bias.  Trump’s war with the press is going to pay off, because their hatred for him will demonize them in the eyes of the people.  

(“The Useful Idiots of Mainstream Media and why they’ll Lose to Trump” by JD Rucker dated March 6, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/useless-idiots-mainstream-media-theyll-lose-trump/ )

Democrats, one of America's two major political parties, have devolved into a gang of thugs.  So bent on avenging their loss to Donald Trump, they are willing to descend into the depths of Hell to take him and his team down and out.  The other party, the Republicans, the ones who supposedly believe in smaller government and individual liberty,  the ones who control all three branches of government now, have become so afraid of their own shadows that they behave like a minority party, like losers.  The question of the day is can Trump save them from themselves?  Can Trump weather the non-stop attacks by venal Democrats like Senator Charles Schumer and his coterie of henchmen who are only too happy to go on every news program available to accuse Trump, Jeff Sessions, Mike Pence, etc. of every crime against the country they can invent and then exaggerate?  There are no rules, no honor, when it comes to taking out a Republican; the only rules are Alinsky rules.  The Democrats have a long and storied history of the personal destruction of opponents of their Marxist agenda.  They leave no stone unturned to get their way.  So far they have claimed two good men so they are emboldened and doubling down for more.  Their current group effort is to take down Jeff Sessions, one of the finest men ever to serve his state and the nation, for doing what all senators do, meeting with a foreign ambassador and forgetting to mention it to the odious Senator Al Franken.  It's beginning to look like a carefully crafted set-up.  Obama, in the waning days of his administration began surveilling, illegally, numerous people with the Trump campaign and sharing the information gathered, like transcripts of private phone conversations, with numerous agencies previously not privy to classified material of this type.  The plan to leak these classified documents to the press was then executed.   It does not matter if the leaked info is fake; it just has to get out to the gullible public.  The people they believe are so stupid they will swallow it hook, line and sinker.  The Democrats know it is a fabricated sandal, unlike the oh-so-numerous real scandals of the Obama administration, but not one of them has the guts or the ethical sense to call it off.  They are all in on the plan, all willing to lie, cheat and to destroy a man's reputation if it serves their purpose.  For the left, calculated innuendo can become "fact."  This is the very essence of "fake news."   It's the "seriousness of the charge" and the Democrats love to come up with charges.  The New York Times and the Washington Post set out to take Trump down and now that their scheme failed, they are ramping up their hideous campaign to destroy the new presidency.  Their contempt for his supporters is infinite.  They will manufacture any story necessary if it is a means to their desired end, to drive Trump from the office he was just elected to serve.  The cowardly party, the Republicans had better get their collective act up and running.  Our two parties are both flawed.  The Republicans suffer from an abject fear of the press.  This fear immobilizes them, keeps them from fighting back when they know they should.  The Democrats are no longer liberals; they are Alinsky-ite progressives which means they hope to destroy America as founded and turn it into their version of a socialist Utopia.  There is no such thing.  It's a warped pipe dream.  Venezuelans can attest to that.   Unlike the Democrats, the Republicans are the ethical party, the one with a moral sense.  This is why they won this time around.  Eight years of Obama was a "winter of despair" for millions of Americans who cherish their traditional values.  Now the Republicans of Congress need to unite behind Trump and work harder than ever to help him fulfill his promises to the public whether they like every detail of his agenda or not.  

(“A Tale of Two Parties” by Patricia McCarthy dated March 4, 2017 published by American thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2017/03/a_tale_of_two_parties.html )


It was operatives of the Obama administration who used these leaks allegedly procured through this illegal wiretapping that have been creating this entire Russian false story in an attempt to turn the American people against Trump.  This is the same administration that brought the American people the lies about Fast and Furious, the IRS, and many others. This is an administration that had one attorney General found in contempt of Congress, and another taking the Fifth Amendment.  Now this same administration is asking the American people to believe MORE lies about our present President.  What is even more appalling than the illegal wiretapping that, if not done by Obama, was directed by him to the NSC and FBI is the fact top Republicans and Democrats knew about this surveillance and said nothing.  In concert with the media it is being claimed that there is no proof that the wiretapping actually occurred.  These are the same low life’s that are pushing a false narrative about Trumps Russian connections, even though the FBI has already stated there is no proof.  It is a concerted effort by all those involved to hide the truth and ignoring the fundamental freedom of the American people to know what traitors to this country are doing.  There were multiple attempts by the FBI to obtain a warrant through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, (FISA) over the summer to monitor four member of the Trump campaign because of what they felt was inappropriate contact between these men and Russian officials.  This original attempt to gain a warrant was turned down.  The second FISA request, once again done by the FBI on Obama’s orders, led to the wiretapping of Trump.  In the request it clearly states, “No evidence was found- but the wiretaps continue”  The media, both local and national have already tried to make this story disappear while continuing to push a false “The Russians did it” storyline to do all they can to delegitimize our President.  The concluded investigation into the Russians subverting our election has already be made known to the media and everyone in both parties, but the Democrats and the sycophants in the media can’t let go because they don’t have anything else and they are still hoping that the low information voters who barely watch much less comprehend local news will continue to believe it.  Couple Obama’s changing of the rules to allow the NSA to share “evidence” with all other intelligence agencies just before leaving office, and it shows that Obama holdouts in intelligence can put out any false story they want, label it intelligence and not have to divulge where the “information” came from, putting even private citizens under the yoke of Obama infiltrated intelligence agencies.  They used this intel to take down Flynn and intended to do the same to Sessions until it came out that one of the meeting that everyone has been whining about was actually an event arranged by the Obama administration.  Sessions did answer the question that Franken asked, he did not talk to any Russians about the campaign.  Looking at the FISA court and why the warrant was ever issued is just another reason why the American people do not trust government.  An affidavit was required by the FISA court to apply for the warrant.  That affidavit was written and attested to by the Obama administration.  It has been proven that although the main target was Donald Trump, his name in never mentioned in the warrant that FISA allowed.  That is perjury and a serious violation, along with the dissemination of information on an American citizen from an investigation that in all instances should remain confidential.  It can’t be denied that the Obama administration used surveillance information and sent it to the mainstream media in leaks that are prosecutable.  The American people will no longer turn a blind eye to the socialists, globalists and media that continue to feel we must follow what they feel is best for us.  Obama and the members of his administration need to go to jail, those Obama holdovers in this administration need to be gone, and those reporters who willingly spout lies and fake news need to find that the American people will no longer follow and will in the long term run them out of town on a rail as it should be.  

(“Obama’s Shadow Government Belongs in Jail” by John Velisek dated March 5, 2017 published by iPatriot at http://ipatriot.com/obamas-shadow-government-belongs-jail/ )

While traditional political labels- liberal, conservative, moderate- simply won’t adhere to the Trump Administration, it is clear that Trump is an effective disruptive reformer.  The Trump Administration employs actions and policies designed to disrupt the establishment and render useless the traditional tools used to keep and maintain the establishment.  Disruptive Reform is change that removes the competitive advantage of incumbent or establishment institutions and tools, thereby permitting competing insurgents or reform an opportunity to survive.  Disruptive means that reform is accomplished by replacing the traditional tools and institutions that normally support and sustain the establishment with those that challenge, change, and ultimately replace or reform the establishment.  The effectiveness of disruptive reform is increasingly demonstrated in a rapidly changing technological world that is less cohesive and more personal.  Disruptive reform has revolutionized the computer, telecommunications, and automotive industries.  Disruptive reform is the driving force behind recent rapid changes in the use of social media and to secondary education.  It is natural for someone like Donald Trump, whose experience is in the business sector, to reject the traditional tools of politicians in favor of effective tools from the business sector.  There are many examples of the Trump Administration engaging in disruptive reform.  The Trump Administration immigration policy implementation intends to bypass traditional media information sources, and generate effective alternate narratives thereby threatening establishment immigration policy values.  Traditional establishment politics values finely tuned, disciplined, discreet messages designed to find the greatest support and least opposition possible (whether or not true or accurate, by the way).  Traditional political communication reinforces the establishment, and discourages reform by relying upon scripted talking points suggesting broad and enduring consensus, whether or not these exist, and threatening catastrophic consequences with alternatives, whether or not these consequences are true or likely.  Traditional political communication values the use of surrogates to initiate communication, and values highly repetitive recitation of messages across a variety of media to reinforce the message thereby suggesting consensus.  Traditional political communication values trial balloons and nuance that allows politicians and institutions to distance themselves from positions or ideas that later prove controversial or unpopular.  Discourse leading to reform is rendered difficult as those upholding the traditional establishment reject real debate or discussion as threatening established consensus and enduring underlying values.  Disruptive reform rejects and abandons these restraints on discourse as tools of the establishment, and so only utilizes the tool of traditional political communication to engage opponents and achieve discreet objectives.  The Trump Administration’s reliance upon “direct to citizenry” communication while decried by the establishment as “dangerous,” “unprofessional,” and “inexperienced,” continues to reinforce Trump’s affiliation with those “outside” the establishment.  Direct to citizenry content bypasses the establishment filters that would render the message less volatile, and less effective at challenging establishment ideas and institutions.  Whatever the content, by communicating in an anti-establishment manner, any suggestion that Trump is co-opted by the establishment is likely to ring false.  Disruptive communication, unlike traditional political communication, can encourage and value vehement opposition; particularly where the opposition reveals opponents, bias, and weakness, or expends energy or resources that otherwise might be marshaled to actually frustrate reform.  Opposition invites consideration, and generates publicity.  Opposition communication and discourse under a campaign of disruptive reform reveals in time that the establishment threats of adverse consequences are untrue or unlikely, thereby blunting the effectiveness of reform opponents.  It undermines trust and confidence in establishment values, institutions, and structures, replacing traditional communication mechanisms that support the establishment with those that threaten the establishment.  The Trump Administration’s mistrust of traditional media outlets is not new; its unrelenting full-throated attack, coupled with non-traditional means of communicating narratives is new.  The ability of the establishment to reject by monolithic opposition and by repetition through various media outlets is muted as consumers of information find effective, inexpensive, and convenient alternatives.  Once confronted, the establishment predictably threatens extreme, outrageous, and unthinkable consequence.  The establishment attack becomes unbelievable and increasingly lacking credibility as people realize that reform is not dangerous.  As the establishment becomes more desperate, its agents and operatives become “useful idiots,” unwittingly revealing the true face of the establishment, and the need for reform.  The establishment opposing the Trump Administration is revealed as less concerned with the lives of real people, and more with keeping and maintaining power and influence. It will be interesting to see whether establishment Republicans accept or reject these changes and whether, if they side with the establishment against the Administration, there will be a political cost that enhances or diminishes the Administration’s authority.  

(“The Trump Administration’s Disruptive Reform of Political Communications” by Monty L. Donohew dated March 5, 2017 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/03/the_trump_administrations_disruptive_reform_of_political_communication.html )


In early 2009, conservative activists starting meeting across the country to organize the first Tea Party rallies and express their opposition to the liberal agenda of President Barack Obama.  Activists were most concerned about the biggest component of the President's agenda: the socialized healthcare plan formally known as the Affordable Care Act, but referred to as ObamaCare.  Almost every Republican congressman or candidate for U.S. Congress that appeared at a Tea Party event promised to fight back against ObamaCare if it was enacted.  Unfortunately, one year later, it passed without the support of one Republican member of Congress and was signed into law by the President.  Ever since then, Republican Party leaders have been vowing to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  When Americans became disgusted with Obama's big government plans, they helped elect a GOP controlled House of Representatives in 2010.  Republicans said they could not implement the changes they needed with control of only one half of Congress.  Voters delivered the U.S. Senate to the GOP in 2014.  Once they had control of the entire legislative branch of government, Republicans were still unable to deliver on long cherished goals such as ending ObamaCare, limiting amnesty for illegal aliens, stopping out of control federal spending, securing the border, limiting the negative impact of oppressive regulations or reversing the dismantling of our military.  Congressional Republicans lamented that nothing could be done to roll back the Obama programs and regulations without a Republican President, and amazingly, their wish was granted on November 8, 2016 and the American people elected a Republican President and bona fide change agent, Donald Trump.  The GOP faithful helped deliver remarkable victories for candidates who have been making promises for years.  However, the time for promises is over and, as President Trump noted in the inaugural speech, “now arrives the hour of action.”  Americans are still waiting for real congressional action.  There should be no more excuses for congressional Republicans, but, incredibly, after eight long years, Republicans have still not agreed on a replacement plan for ObamaCare.  This drama is ridiculous and shows the failure of House GOP leadership to reach consensus on a repeal and replacement of ObamaCare.  Many conservatives worry that the final replacement plan will amount to little more than “ObamaCare lite.”  The problem with this plan is that Republicans were not elected on a platform to keep ObamaCare or even tinker with it; they were elected to completely dismantle it.  From the outset, GOP voters have consistently been vocal in their distaste of ObamaCare, which was sold to the American people as a lie.  The overwhelming majority of polls have shown that most Americans dislike ObamaCare, a plan that has led to higher healthcare premiums, higher deductibles, fewer health insurance choices and an individual mandate that force millions of Americans to buy health insurance, that they do not want.  Republicans in Congress were elected in November to work with President Trump and enact changes such as repealing ObamaCare.  While the President has delivered on his promises with strong executive orders and excellent cabinet appointments, the GOP Congress has been a major disappointment.  The GOP failures during the George W. Bush years contributed to the victory of the most liberal President of all-time, Barack Obama.  Republicans need to deliver on their mandate or they will be sent packing by the American people once again.  

(“The Clock is Ticking on GOP Congress” by Jeff Crouere dated March 4, 2017 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/jeffcrouere/2017/03/04/the-clock-is-ticking-on-gop-congress-n2293927 )

We are the most prosperous country in the history of the world.  We have many of the best hospitals, doctors, nurses, and medicines available.  We also have hundreds of insurers that take risk, for profit, to insure us.  But the truth is, we have a very badly broken health-care system.  We are losing doctors by the thousands.  Health-care costs have been skyrocketing and insurance premiums are increasingly flat-out unaffordable. Insurance companies are no longer serving vast swaths of our country, leaving people with no choices and reduced access to care.  Americans, in short, are no longer able to get the health care of their choosing from the doctor of their choosing at an affordable cost.  Very few people dispute these facts or the need to reform health care.  We have the opportunity to do something different, to acknowledge the failures of ObamaCare, which are massive, and then do a very un-Washington thing and honor commitments made to fully repeal it, and actually roll back a federal mistake.  Then, we can make a fresh start, with two simple steps.  First, freeze Medicaid enrollment immediately and send Medicaid dollars to states with zero strings attached to allow them to innovate and be more effective.  Second, increase portability and decrease costs through increased competition, by equalizing the tax treatment between employers and individuals.  The benefit is that we will, in essence, be saying: Let competitive markets and the states clean up the mess Washington created.  Drive down costs through unfettered competition, and increase the number of doctors competing for our business.  We should give states maximum flexibility to create programs for the poor and those lacking access to care as well as to create innovations such as high-risk pools and targeted health-savings accounts for those without insurance.  A second alternative is business-as-usual, in which we listen to Washington insiders tell us how to repair our critically flawed health-care system.  This option is essentially what we were given this week by the House Republican leadership.  That bill, as has been widely observed, is ObamaCare 2.0, in which the subsidies, regulations, and Medicaid expansion of ObamaCare have been “replaced” with different, but same, system of subsidies, regulations, and Medicaid expansion.  These same Washington-minded folks will come out and tell you, “but we can’t repeal all of ObamaCare in the Senate,” but this is simply false.  The idea is that the Senate will rule that repealing ObamaCare regulations in ObamaCare cannot be done under the “reconciliation” process  (i.e., with just 51 votes) because the regulations do not have a budget impact.  There is no doubt that the fruit of the poisonous tree, the regulations spawned by ObamaCare’s passage do, in fact, have an impact on the budget.  The Senate has the power to fully repeal; it just needs to find the will.  Remember the Constitution leaves all powers not expressly enumerated to Washington in the hands of the people and the states.  Let states and the American people fix the mess Washington created. Let the laboratories of democracy work. Let free markets actually work. The solution to the health-care problem begins with full, 100% repeal of ObamaCare and ends with Americans getting affordable health care of their choosing without interference from Washington.

(“Repeal Obamacare” by Chip Roy dated March 10, 2017 published by National Review Online at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/445654/obamacare-repeal-trust-states-people )


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David Coughlin

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