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March 16, 2019


Whatever happens in the years to come, American politics can never return to what they were before November 8, 2016.  A brash TV celebrity businessman from Queens broke the media, broke Washington D.C., and broke the self-appointed “elite” on both coasts.  The stake he drove through their hearts will endure no matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  First, they laughed at Donald Trump the candidate, at his appearance, at his demeanor, at his outré stump speeches.  When he wiped the floor with the 16 establishment Republican candidates they panicked.  The Clinton criminal machine hired a former British intelligence officer to generate a “dossier” of outlandish and false opposition research that was used by Obama’s thoroughly corrupt Justice Department and FBI to gain under bogus pretenses a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance warrant to spy on her opponent’s campaign, but they failed.  That is when the coup plot was hatched.  Rosenstein and McCabe had never been elected to any public office, let alone the cabinet of the United States.  Yet by McCabe’s own admission, they plotted to use the 25th Amendment to our Constitution to remove the duly elected president, an amendment that was designed for the incumbent president’s cabinet to employ in the dire scenario that their superior was incapacitated and unable to perform his duties as commander-in-chief.  This is exactly what a coup d’etat looks like, albeit a failed coup d’etat.  The point here is that Rosenstein, McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and the rest of the corrupt bureaucrats failed and Trump remains president.  Not only that, but beyond all rational expectations of standard political calculation and despite the overwhelming bias of the media.  Coverage of Trump is estimated at 90% negative in just the last year while his popularity stands by at a remarkable 52%, which is significantly higher than for Obama at the same time in his first term.  This is the dispositive proof that Donald J. Trump has changed America in ways that no “expert” ever could imagine.  They spied on him and tried to subvert his campaign for election to the highest office.  Once installed in the White House, they plotted to remove him.  All the while the media and the establishment as a whole either was not on his side or actively working against him.  Yet Trump is winning more than ever.  For more than 30 years, America has been held hostage by a political, economic, media and cultural elite which has been wrong on every major issue you can imagine. From foreign adventurism to trade policies; national sovereignty versus globalization; love of country to hatred of the principles upon which our nation was built, one man has broken the stranglehold of a morally bankrupt “elite” and he isn’t even a politician.

(“How President Trump Broke the Left” by Sabastian Gorka dated February 20, 2019 published by Amerrican Greatness at https://amgreatness.com/2019/02/20/how-president-trump-broke-the-left/ )


Everybody thinks that President Trump is going to get reelected.  If you informally survey your friends outside the Beltway, they think that the president will win again, whether they like him or not.  The reason is that the Democrats have lost their minds.  The Democrats have lost their minds on things big and small.  According to a new Harris poll, fully 49.6% of the millennials and Generation Z’ers polled would prefer to live in a socialist country.  That attitude is why we have such support from the Democrat base for the “Green New Deal.”  For young millennials, their No. 1 issue is protecting the environment, and they will go to any lengths, vote for any candidate, and support any cause that will achieve that goal.  It was young, white millennials who voted out Joe Crowley in favor of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, who recently called President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the closest thing to socialism this country has ever had, a racist.  New York City, under the progressive leadership of Bill De Blasio, is on the road to financial disaster.  Rich people are fleeing, because the taxes are too damn high, while the middle class can’t stay because the rent is too damn high.  We all know how Ocasio-Cortez chased Amazon out of the Big Apple, so who knows what company will want to locate there in the future?  Not any company that will create any middle-class jobs, is my guess.  I am a Chicago native, so this all sounds so familiar.  High taxes, liberal corruption, out of control spending, and in Chicago, it’s all going to get a lot worse.  The two mayoral candidates who made the run-off are so far to the left that they make Bill De Blasio look like Ronald Reagan.  House Democrats just passed legislation that creates a tax-payer slush fund that can be used by politicians to pay for their political campaigns.  You think most voters want their tax dollars to pay for more campaign commercials?  Those are kind of policies that only a socialist can really appreciate.  If you want to know why your friends think that Donald Trump will win reelection, just take a look at the Democrats at the local, state and national level, and I think you will find your answer.     

(“Dems’ embrace of socialism makes a Trump reelection look inevitable” by John Feehery dated March 11, 2019 published by The Hill at https://thehill.com/opinion/campaign/433582-feehery-dems-embrace-of-socialism-makes-a-trump-reelection-look-inevitable )

The concepts of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are dear, or once were dear, to the hearts of all Americans.  These are the sacred rights of all human beings, “sacred” because they are God-given and are not derived from government.  Due to decades of twisted school curricula, postmodern, and a subjective journalism, we’ve arrived at a place where a sizable percentage of our population finds equality, immorality, and environmentalism superior concepts.  The left finds these ideas so compelling that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of us all to impose widespread adherence to these new gods.  Equality alone is deadly.  Despite its description as “leveling the playing field” there is nothing level, nothing honest about it.  The left openly wants to redistribute wealth as if a cosmic unfairness had declared some rich and some poor and government’s job is to rectify that.  That attitude might have made sense back in feudal times, when upward mobility was close to impossible, but it makes no sense at all in a society where millions have manufactured their own wealth and the door of possibilities stands wide open.  What’s worse is the audacity of some to think that they are the ones with the right to decide who gets what and that becomes even more audacious when you realize what wealth actually is.  Whether we talk about the 1% or the middle class, wealth and property are bought with one’s time, effort, and talents.  Once a person has convinced himself that he has a right to my life in that sense, it doesn’t take long to assume that he has the right to also take the life of my body.  Perhaps this explains the cavalier attitude of the left toward life in general.  Leftists appear to be quite comfortable with killing infants.  They’re generally in favor of euthanasia, and many have expressed the willingness to erase the elderly a la Brave New World.  The left stomps about claiming that “Black Lives Matter,” but their policies, from welfare and abortion to gun laws and lousy schools, have caused the loss of tens of millions of black lives.  God not only gave us each life, but He also gave us free will, liberty.  It is necessary that we have untrammeled volition so that we can be free to choose Him.  Along with life and liberty, God has given each of us amazing gifts, and freedom is necessary for us to realize our potential.  We know from Thomas Maslow’s work that we can’t reach our inbred capabilities,  self-realization, until our basic animal necessities are met.  We have many rock-bottom needs in order to just survive at an animal level, but a society must be able to provide the structure for us to rise above that or our humanity dies.  It isn’t enough for our society to give us food, clothing, and shelter; human beings are designed to hunt for happiness.  Happiness and the pursuit thereof is the last of the triune purpose for America.  Work, meaningful work, makes us happy.  People in Venezuela right now are not only lacking the basic necessities of survival, but they have no opportunity for fulfilling work.  Note that our American dream is not happiness, but the pursuit of happiness.  We want to go after it; we know it can’t just be handed to us.  Some part of our souls needs the struggle.  The new left is not at all interested in our individual need for fulfillment.  The left is not really even aware of the rest of us as human.  These “Justice Democrats” will beat us all into an homogenized, manageable mass all in the name of equality, which is ridiculous on its face since none of us is like the other.  They appear to be on the side of pedophilia, of human trafficking, of terrorism, and playing fast and loose with immigration and campaign finance laws.  They are willing to falsify votes in a dozen different ways and they don’t mind being complicit in America’s slavery 2.0 of illegal immigration.  Their biggest idol is the environment (Mother Earth, Gaia) their mighty goddess, a goddess so fragile that she’ll self-combust if cattle don’t stop digesting and they believe that all of us –- not them -- but all of us should be sacrificed at its altar.  Life be damned; liberty be damned; and the pursuit of happiness has no place in this budding dystopia.  Earth only has room for the power-hungry to wallow in their useless, miserable might.  In some way, at some time in the future all this will be rectified.  God, the author of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, will wipe the grins off the faces of the evil and Earth will again be what she once was and we’ll all become what He designed us to become, blessedly happy.

(“The Left vs. Life in General” by Deana Chadwell dated March 9, 2019 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/03/the_left_vs_life_in_general.html )


Socialism is breath-shortening, palm-sweatingly, heart-poundingly sexy.  Like most of what comes out the mouths of Democrats, socialism is formidable precisely because there is zero logic or fact buttressing the ideology.  It's no coincidence that an alarmingly large segment of the American electorate, especially our youth, is now going steady with socialism.  Socialist donkey dung sells well in a low-or no-thinking population.  It's not our youth's fault; it's our fault.  We've got millions of socially engineered useful idiot dupe-dopes whose brains have been turned to mush by Ludovico-esque indoctrination in our culture, the DMIC, and especially education.  The shaping of malleable minds doesn't begin in college; it begins in elementary school and continues in middle and high school.  Higher education is just the higher-priced socialism re-education camp.  The "free college" ploy is evil genius; college debt hovers around $1.5 trillion, in large part due to the fallacy of "college as a right."  Once something becomes a "right," our tax dollars are thrown at it ad infinitum; inflation sets in, and costs surge.  It's not budget cuts that have resulted in millions of Americans in hock; it's a deliberate, unsustainable excess of public monies, which have driven public and private college expenditures upward and upward and upward.  The Democrat scam was, and is, brilliant: use Americans' hard earned dollars to "transform" our youth into Che Guevera T-shirt–wearing idol-worshipers; then, when the collegiate tab exceeds the price of a single-family house, sell "free" college which is just another tax that will most burden the middle class and working families.  Americans aged 18 to 29 are as positive about socialism (51%) as they are about capitalism (45%).  This represents a 12-point decline in young adults' positive views of capitalism in just the past two years, a marked shift since 2010, when 68% viewed it favorably.  Factor in the projected demographics of the next three decades, and the insatiable socialist hydra is poised to keep growing.  The GOP is also at fault for the burgeoning love affair our young have with socialism.  Other than Presidents Reagan and Trump, and Speaker Newt Gingrich, name me another elected Republican in the last five decades who unequivocally drew a red and yellow, hammer-and-sickle line in the sand opposing socialism.  Hell, go back to Eisenhower; he fought a world war against socialism, and not even he drew a red and yellow line.  To defeat socialism, may I suggest that we immediately cease labeling Millennials and Generation Zers as "stupid"?  They're actually quite intelligent, and while I'm not fully letting them off the hook for being the dumbest group of smart people ever, now's the time for those who give a damn about the well-being of our youth to have our "come to Jesus" moment and recognize that Democrats always prey upon our kids.  If we're willing to engage them, ask them specific questions that nakedly expose socialist hypocrisies, as well as the history of mass-murdering and mass-suffering socialist regimes, something pleasantly surprising will happen, I predict: our youth will again learn to love capitalism, liberty, and realistic solutions to our many challenges, and that's re-education I am willing to support.    

(“Socialists Don’t Really Believe in Socialism” by Rich Logis dated March 9, 2019 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/03/socialists_dont_really_believe_in_socialism.html )

When one observes the modern political scene, one observes nothing but modern-day Marxism.  When one observes the modern-day college campus, one observes nothing but the Marxist-leftist indoctrination of America's youth.  When Marxism is considered, it is often viewed through an economic lens.  Marx's ideas of historical materialism, exploitation of the proletariat by the bourgeoisie, and class-based division are staples of American collegiate academia.  Any second-year university student, no matter his degree path, has already been taught from the enlightened minds of Marx and Engels.  While socialist and Marxist-influenced ideas have spread throughout the corridors of America and thus led to the election of such prominent democratic socialists as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib, many Americans don't realize how deep an impact Marxist ideas have made culturally, namely on college campuses.  The Frankfurt School was a movement of far-left European philosophers who sought to apply the ideas of Marx in a social context.  What developed from this school was Critical Theory, which is ultimately a re-envisioning of the way the world is seen.  The Frankfurt School rejected objective truth and the historical records of humanity and objected to any form of objective knowledge.  There is no longer objectivity in the sciences or arts, and everything becomes an element of interpretation.  Knowledge, according to Marxist thought, can be manipulated to serve a purpose, and that is what the left is actively doing.  While this idea that objective knowledge is no longer accepted might seem like nonsense, these ideas are prominent in far-ranging academic subjects from the arts to the sciences.  These ideas are captivating campuses and infecting students everywhere.  Throughout Western history, society has been rooted in the principles of objective truth.  The great philosophers like Plato, Aristotle, and Locke all believed in some form of objective truth that guided society and established principles to be followed.  Much of the modern Western world is based on the ideas produced by Judeo-Christian thought.  Judeo-Christian thought is based deeply in objective truth and objective reality.  Objective truth or reality of any kind is no longer the fad.   Any course that attempts to induce guilt for one's ethnicity is undeniably subjective in nature.  Consider the debates on sex, sexuality, and human physiology.  There is arguably mainstream societal acceptance that there are more than two "genders" and that sex and sexuality are in no way linked.  Furthermore, if one even questions the eligibility of male athletes in female-only sports, he will often be labeled a bigot, or at the very least old-fashioned.  No empirical research is needed to realize that much of American history is now scrutinized rather than honored.  American military involvement is commonly preached as oppression rather than liberation.  Everything from the nuclear family to supporting ICE is under scrutiny.  There is a systematic dismantling of American values that were once accepted as objectively good and now maligned as evil.  When objective truth and reality no longer exist, the Left can rewrite the rules to society, and it has.  The Frankfurt School's rejection of objective truth has led to the creation of leftist ideologies that demonize all forms of conservatism while praising intersectionality.  Once an idea is preached into impressionable minds, reiterated throughout the echo chambers of social media, and proselytized to the masses, these ideas became mainstays of mainstream culture.  If objectivity continues to be rejected on college campuses and throughout much of our society, it will be a lonely world for conservatives and free-thinkers.  There's no telling where the promulgators of Marxism and the Frankfurt School will go from here.

(“Marxism, the Frankfurt School, and the Leftist Takeover of the College Campus” by Andrew Cunningham dated march 8, 2019 published by American Thinker at https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/03/marxism_the_frankfurt_school_and_the_leftist_takeover_of_the_college_campus.html )

Crazy times give rise to crazy notions, e.g., that socialism's the ticket for modern America.  Socialism today is not Lenin’s economic pistons rising or falling in response to signals from the central government.  Socialism 2019-style is really a policy grab bag, generally presented as compatible with capitalism.  Socialism comes into the picture when you translate specific policies, such as "Medicare for All" or the breakup of the tech companies into economic terms.  You find freedom isn't the big consideration here, but rather power is, making people do as the wielder of power has determined they should do.  For some reason, the idea of empowering government even more than it's presently empowered appeals in the abstract to younger voters.  The farmers used to think government control of the railroads would ease their plights.  Many a Democrat in the late 19th century cried out for the free and unlimited coinage of silver at the ratio of 16 to 1.  Henry George advocated a single tax on land.  Someone always has an idea for channeling economic forces in a particular direction, adoption of which idea would fix everything!  The point can't be that socialist policies ever worked anywhere, inasmuch as such policies, see Venezuela, never have worked anywhere.  "Medicare for All" makes a good war cry, but even the biggest wars eventually end, and their costs must be reckoned up.  No "Medicare for All" proponent has ever explained how to achieve this shimmering goal without bankrupting the middle classes.  The New York Times, in its own helpful way, notes that numerous Democrats are agog and aghast at the prospect of a running a hard-left national campaign next year, a campaign overflowing with plans for universal health coverage and free college and the extinction of fossil fuels.  No wonder the word, the accusation, "socialism," has been flowing freely from Donald Trump's lips as he lashes the Democratic field of prospective candidates.  The power sought by all the socialists and quasi-socialists making goo-goo eyes at the voters, just plain isn't consonant with life in a land of liberty, which is what this land of ours is, contrary to Democrat campaign talk.

(“’Democratic’ Socialism and Other Daydreams” by Bill Murchison dated March 12, 2019 published by Town Hall at https://townhall.com/columnists/billmurchison/2019/03/12/democratic-socialism-and-other-daydreams-n2542956 )


The GOP is the true home of black America.  The African-American community has, like the prodigal son, gotten lost out in the world for a while, but they’ll be coming home soon.  Under Republican leadership, economically black unemployment is at historic low levels; poverty rates at historic low levels; black academic achievement is at highest levels; and black wealth at its peak.  On social issues, the majority of black Americans agree with the Republican Party when it comes to marriage, abortion, and God.  On education, it’s Republicans and African-Americans leading the charge on school choice and vouchers.  On prison reform, it’s Republican states and Republican politicians who have engaged the black community and embraced this issue as one of great importance.  The reality is that black Americans are Republican, they just don’t know it yet.  At CPAC 2019 Candace Owens did a masterful job explaining why America would soon be seeing a mass #BLEXIT from the Democrat Party.  Owens derided leftwing America for promoting rappers and basketball stars, instead of teaching young black Americans to value education and community.  The heroes we should be promoting are Condoleeza Rice and  Dr. Ben Carson, not Beyonce or LeBron.  She also pummeled the left for promoting a “victim mentality” in the black community.  Owens then delivered “four truths” about America:

·    First, the USA is NOT a racist country.  Yes, racism still exists, but it is not as prevalent or as pernicious as the Left likes to pretend.

·    Second, abortion is murder.  Black women make up less than 7% of the population but account for almost half of the abortions that take place in America.  In New York City, more black babies are murdered than are born each year. 18 million black babies have been aborted since 1973, meaning without abortion the black population would be double what it is today.

·    Third, the “epidemic” of police brutality against young black men is a myth.  Life is hard in America’s black communities because 74% of black homes are run by single mothers.  This breakdown in the fabric of our families can be traced back to Democrat policies.

·    Fourth, the reality is that there are about 4 million Black children and another 3 million Hispanic children living in poverty.  For some reason, Democrats want to put illegal immigrants first.  Instead, Owens argues, we should “build the wall!

That’s all good stuff, and she’s right about it all.    

(“Black Americans Should Vote Republican, and They Soon Will” by Marcus Kadesh dated March 13, 2019 published by iPatriot at https://ipatriot.com/black-americans-should-vote-republican-and-they-soon-will/ )


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David Coughlin

Hawthorne, NY