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March 21, 2015


The only people who should be afraid of Hillary Clinton running in 2016 are her fellow Democrats, and the only thing they should fear more than her running and losing is her running and winning.  Hillary has degenerated into a punchline in overly-sensible shoes and a passion-quelling pantsuit.  It's not the email scandal itself.  Everyone absolutely knows that nothing is going to change if she gets back in the White House.  It will be scandal after scandal after mortifyingly tacky scandal for four solid years.  Even the mainstream media will find itself compelled by the sheer weight of her venality to shout, "The Emperor has no clothes," while the rest of us plead, "Please put some on!"  Barack Obama has already done untold damage to the Democrat brand.  You can't win as a Democrat unless you can drive to the coast in under 15 minutes or you live in Madison, Austin, or a few other besieged commie outposts in Red America.  The country has Barack Obama to thank for the rebirth of the Republican Party, which is the only good thing that Marxist disaster has done for America.  So with the Democrat brand about as popular as chlamydia, Hillary will come in and finish it off.  What's the name of one person who thinks Hilary has any qualification be President beyond the absence of testicles? What was her greatest achievement as Secretary of State - raising awareness of Burma?  A victory for Hillary would be a catastrophe for the country in general and the Democrats in particular, and the Democrats know it.  She's an unprincipled creep and a crony capitalist concerned about one thing - lining the pockets of her tacky pantsuits.  Americans are going to see right through her lies to the undistinguished, unlikeable nobody behind the curtain.  Hillary's inexplicably counting on young people who were walking around in Huggies back when she was in the White House to vote for someone on the verge of walking around in Depends in 2016.  No, she's not going to run, because she knows if she runs she's going to lose, and even someone who can endure being the "wife" of Bill Clinton can only endure so much humiliation.  There is never going to be a President Hillary Clinton, and we should all rejoice, including Democrats.

(“Hillary Will be President of Nothing” by Kurt Schlichter dated March 16, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/kurtschlichter/2015/03/16/hillary-will-be-president-of-nothing-n1970711 )

The candidate who wins the Presidency in 2016 will be the one who vows to wage all-out war on a bloated, inefficient, corrupt government in need of a top-to-bottom, budget-cutting revolution.  After the underperforming economy, the problem that concerns most Americans is the government's $18 trillion debt, fueled by six years of budget deficits saturated in red ink (including four consecutive years of trillion dollar plus deficits), and spending scandals as far as the eye can see.  I think we've reached the tipping point when angry voters are ready to rally behind a complete overhaul of government spending practices that calls for the end of waste-ridden, unworkable, needless programs that shrinks total expenditures down to a more manageable, affordable size.  The candidate who seizes this issue has to level with voters about how bad things have gotten in the past six years: Social Security paying out millions to dead people; the Veterans Administration's lengthy medical delays for ailing veterans who died waiting; and the IRS deceitfully using its powers to fight conservative groups opposed to the Obama administration's policies.  Wasteful spending has soared this decade, somewhere between $500 billion and $1 trillion in waste, fraud and inefficiency in hundreds of forgotten, outdated, unworkable agencies that need to be abolished.  This is an issue that cries out for someone to rescue our country and future generations from job-killing taxation and runaway debt eating away at the foundations of our once-mighty economy.  Entitlement programs, from Medicare to the earned-income tax credit, are rife with fraud at every level, according to Government Accountability Office audits.  The government is drowning in duplication with hundreds of programs performing the same work in welfare, job training and dozens of other objectives.  Ronald Reagan ran for President by focusing on a long laundry list of wasteful, inefficient, fraud-ridden government programs, promising to do something about them.  Reagan appointed an army of inspector generals who were "meaner than junk-yard dogs," who attacked waste, fraud and abuse with a vengeance, and saved taxpayers a lot of money.  He appointed the Grace Commission whose budget-cutting recommendations led to many needed reforms and spending cuts.  It's going to take a supremely confident, credible candidate to make the next election all about creating a fiscally responsible, balanced-budget government that's smaller, smarter, stronger and, eventually, debt-free.

(“Wanted: A Candidate Who Will Wage War on Government Spending, Budget Deficits, and a Crushing $18 Trillion Debt” by Donald Lambro dated March 18, 2015 published by Town Hall at http://townhall.com/columnists/donaldlambro/2015/03/18/wanted-a-candidate-who-will-wage-war-on-government-spending-budget-deficits-and-a-crushing-17-trillion-debt-n1972116 )


This country’s true enemy is statism.  We can argue ideology, liberalism versus conservativism, Democrat vs. Republican, or left versus right all we want, but in the end “big government,” especially in a manner that is in direct opposition to the rule of law, and the United States Constitution, is the enemy.  Every issue has its surface arguments, but the argument always comes down to if the issue is a local or central authority, and how it is being shoved down the throats of the American public.  People like Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams and James Madison warned against the excesses of democracy (mob-rule), the schemes of leveling (redistribution of wealth), and communal systems (socialism).  The Slaughterhouse cases began the damaging process of “Incorporating the Bill of Rights to the States,” and in 1913 the creation of the Federal Reserve, direct taxation (16th Amendment), and the elimination of the States’ voice in the lawmaking process (17th Amendment), sped up the downward spiral this nation was experiencing as the purveyors of statism worked to fundamentally change this country into something the framers of the United States Constitution never  intended.  The steps towards serfdom under the watching and controlling eyes of a ruling elite have been incremental, but the frequency of injections have increased a hundred-fold in recent times.  The leftists, the proponents of “big government”, believe that America has turned the corner, and has turned left towards the totalitarian state of collectivism.  We are told that the FCC can seize control of the internet without Congressional say, and despite the courts telling Obama it is an overreach of executive power.  The federal government has seized control of health care, seeks to disarm the public, and recently tried to do so with an “executive” attempt to ban certain types of ammunition.  Obama has altered immigration law through executive fiat, despite the fact that Article I, Section 1 of the United States grants all legislative powers to Congress, and no such powers to the President.  The useful idiots that vote for people like Obama don’t even realize that they are nothing but pawns in a much larger game that is designed to eventually enslave everyone under the name of a “safety net,” but is nothing more than government dependence and government control over the population through the expansion of governmental powers.  The Obama administration, as revealed by Louis Lerner’s emails, Hillary Clinton’s secret email servers, Eric Holder’s abuse of email, other unlawful uses of technology and email by numerous members of the Democrat Party in Congress and the executive branch, and the constant unconstitutional actions by Obama, have revealed that the members of Obama’s team and minions believe they are above the law, and can carry whatever double-standard they.  Communist leaders during the twentieth century continuously told us that they had infiltrated America, that the American System would be defeated, and that the people of the United States would raise the red flag of socialism themselves.  The reality is, the true enemy is hiding behind a wall of deception and lies.  The hidden truth is that the true enemy is statism and the ideology of statism is being implemented in a fashion of creeping incrementalism

(“Hidden Truth: The Poison of Statismby Douglas V. Gibbs dated March 14, 2015 published by Canada Free Press at http://canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/70438 )

The broken correlation of improvements in unemployment and decreased welfare dependency shattered confidence in social salvation through economic growth and reduced barriers to individual striving.  The assumption that the condition of the poor must improve as macroeconomic conditions improve was to be refuted by a deepened understanding of the crucial role of the family as the primary transmitter of the social capital essential for self-reliance and betterment.  Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote a report in 1965, “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.”  The crisis he discerned was that 23.6% of African American births were to unmarried women.  Among the “tangle” of pathologies he associated with the absence of fathers was a continually renewed cohort of inadequately socialized adolescent males.  This meant dangerous neighborhoods and schools where disciplining displaced teaching.  Academic sensitivity enforcers and race-mongers denounced him as a racist who was “blaming the victim.” Today, 72% of African American children are born to single women, 48% of first births of all races and ethnicities are to unmarried women, and more than 3million mothers under 30 are not living with the fathers of their children.  A nation dismayed by inequality and the intergenerational transmission of poverty must face the truth that political scientist Lawrence Mead enunciated nearly 25 years ago: “The inequalities that stem from the workplace are now trivial in comparison to those stemming from family structure. What matters for success is less whether your father was rich or poor than whether you knew your father at all.”  Some welfare policies provided perverse incentives for absent fathers. But the longer Moynihan lived, the more he believed that culture controls more than incentives do.  The role of social science, lies not in the formulation of social policy, but in the measurement of its results; not in postulating what will work but in demonstrating what does work; and, increasingly, what does not work.

(“What Patrick Moynihan knew about the importance of two parents” by George F. Will dated March 13, 2015 published by The Washington Post at http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/what-patrick-moynihan-knew-about-the-importance-of-two-parents/2015/03/13/2cdf9bae-c9a4-11e4-aa1a-86135599fb0f_story.html )


America’s economy resembles the propped-up false fronts of an old Western movie set; it seems unlikely to support a middle class anymore.  The existential issue is simple, though insufficiently discussed: technology, demographics, and government policy are collaborating to impose economic decline.  The evaporating middle class is taking the erstwhile American worker and his employer with it as it fades.  Contrary to some folk, the government isn’t going to support everybody; the government has only the money it takes from citizens.  Unemployed and minimum-wage Americans offer little to take, and the Labor Force Participation Rate is declining.  Those growing numbers of non-working people have to be housed, fed, and watered by those still working.  Government SNAP (food stamps), disability, and/or other benefits are presently paid to 49% of Americans.  While the work participation is going down, the population is going up, and those newbies need support, too.  However, the young are becoming fewer; the U.S. fertility rate is declining for whites, blacks, and Hispanics, with the latter two declining less.  In world rankings, U.S. education has declined among advanced countries from first rank to the middle of the pile in math and science, so we have a proportionately smaller workforce with more people to support that is not keeping up with world education standards.  The size of this growing dependent population is significant.  It seems that the unemployed kids under 25 plus the presumed mostly retired folk over 65 are almost as many as the labor force that supports them.  With the rapidly retiring baby boomers meeting the declining birth rates of new workers, this is discouraging enough, but the seniors are now living longer.  A declining workforce must face an increasing burden.  Much of U.S. manufacturing has moved offshore, much work has been assumed by machines, and government provides both educated and less qualified foreigners to compete with citizens.  The H-1B visa program provides educated foreigners to work in America, particularly in high-tech positions.  The government combines foreign-born workers legally and illegally present in reports.  Foreign-born U.S. workers of all types amount to 15.3% of the labor force, a percentage that has risen.   Some say that economics is simply equalizing world wage levels… with a little help from the politicians.  All the workers face both the emigration of work and the replacement of human labor.  Labor costs have been sending manufacturers to China, India, and other places for decades, as most know by now; G.M. sells more cars in China than in the U.S.  By 2010, U.S. factory work had fallen to 1941 levels.  Such employment has risen a bit since, but nothing that justifies hopes for a recovery; the situation is largely stagnant.  U.S. productivity is declining, and labor costs are rising.  Less attention has been paid to the increasing emigration from the U.S. tax structure; that seems myopic.  Economic prosperity requires capital as much as labor.  Manufacturing is the past, we’re told now; services are the future.  Let’s add this up.  Fewer, less prepared workers with more people to support face foreigners and machines competing for proportionately fewer jobs.  North America and Europe remain high-cost producers in an increasingly competitive world; we’re told that Google’s next smartphone may be made by a Chinese tech company.  Government policy is the capstone: government regulation of labor, business, and markets has driven costs well above natural market levels and opened the door to foreign competition.  Government holds the borders open, encouraging illegal and H-1B immigrants.  A 2014 study by the Center for Immigration Studies said that all the new jobs since 2000 have gone to immigrants.  America and Europe, too, are replacing their middles with new proletarians in reversion to the historic economic pattern.  Politicians can’t keep their hands from an economy, but political decisions are economic poison.  The world’s once most productive economies have hollowed to old Western movie sets, propped up by welfare, cheap money, media, and politicians hoping that few citizens will enter the swinging doors of the fake saloon for a real drink…or a real job.  

(“America’s False-Front, Movie-Set Economy” by Jack Curtis dated March 14, 2015 published by American Thinker at http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/03/americas_falsefront_movieset_economy.html )


Countries that have the rule of law (including honest and competent judges), protect private property, have free markets and free trade, have relatively low tax rates and government spending, avoid destructive economic regulation, and have sound money tend to grow at much faster rates than those countries that don't.  Chile, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Estonia and the Cayman Islands all become relatively prosperous in recent decades for these reasons.  For years, many economists have been doing studies that prove the above assertions and have been writing about these basic factors of success.  Chile was ranked as a poor country 35 years ago, and now the World Bank ranks it as a "developed country."  Argentina had the highest per capita income in South America until 1983, with almost twice the per capita income of Chile at that time, yet by 2002 Chile had overtaken Argentina on a per-income basis, and Chile continues to grow faster than Argentina.  Venezuela also was wealthy because of its enormous oil production and reserves, but the socialist governments of recent years have squandered and destroyed the wealth, and incomes are now falling rapidly.  It is easy to understand why countries and individuals are poor, and why the destructive behaviors of Venezuela and Argentina make them or keep them poor.  What is harder to understand is how countries and individuals become wealthy.  Good policies and practices are often hard to see.  The overall effect of corruption on economic growth and job creation is less well understood.  One major reason for Chile's success in recent decades is that it has the least amount of corruption in Latin America.  Foreign investors are not fearful of having their investments stolen by corrupt judges or government officials. Hence, Chile has received considerable foreign investment and its resulting job creation.  Chile has had a free-trade agreement with the United States since 2004, and that, coupled with low-cost, high-speed transportation, enables Americans to have fresh berries and grapes during our winters.  Chile has one of the freest trade regimes in the world and continues to negotiate free-trade agreements.  Chile has been a stable democracy since 1990 with governments shifting back and forth between the moderate right and left.  None of these governments have undone the basic economic reforms put in place three decades ago. Chile also has the world's first privatized and most successful social security system, now adopted by 30 other countries.  Chile still benefits from a low level of debt and relatively low levels of taxes, regulations and government spending.  Chile, being a 2,000-mile long, but only a 100-mile wide ribbon along the South Pacific, with many Andean snow-capped peaks rising over 20,000 feet, provides tourists with some of the best scenery on the planet and endless opportunities for adventure along with all the conveniences of a very modern, prosperous economy.  Chile is likely to continue its success as the shining star of Latin America.

(“Chile, where freedom nurtures success” by Richard W. Rahn dated March 16, 2015 published by The Washington Times at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/mar/16/richard-rahn-chile-thrives-under-limited-governmen/ )


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